January 21st, 2019
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Knoxville wrote:
 Dude you've been killin it in Vegas. It may seem like a numbers game, but your game has a huge thing to do with it. 
Yeah I can attest to what Knoxville is saying. I've been going out a lot here with two 10 day challenges and haven't had near the success at pulling as you. My wing either.

It's not just Vegas, your game is better than you give it credit for. Sure you lead the girl to your room... but it wasn't "inconvient" for her. She could've left at any time but chose not to.

"I guess what I'm saying is that the game as a sport doesn't intrigue me. I want to build real relationships with people, consistently have girls in my life who really like me as a person, fuck stunningly hot sluts and at some point end up in a relationship."

The best way to meet stunningly hot sluts is going out in a place like Vegas.. unless you get into a model social circle or something like that. But even that would still be a city like LA or Miami.

lol Basically I'm just trying to get you and Knox to move here.
Max is the Christ child that was conceived from the love Tyler and Julien both shared. A bond so deep and true, it could only fabricate the saviour of our cause. Together they made this marvelous modern miracle Max, and finally after enough time he has grown to realise his destiny - Messiah of RSD - saving us from scandal and attack.
He is paying for our sins by taking jabs to the face by angry feminists -- and so it was,  so it shall be.
Praise Tyler, Amen.
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Matt281 wrote:
 Friday - Las Vegas Round 7 of 8


1. Well, I guess I pulled another hottie. It was fun, but also got me thinking more about game and what I want. Some of these last few nights have made game feel much less like a journey and much more like something you invest time in to produce a expected result. There's no doubt in my mind that I could go out in a place like Vegas and consistently pull once a week. The real question is... why? Don't get me wrong, I love fucking hot girls and the game is fucking fun. But this isn't really what I want out of the game. 

What I want is to become the kind of guy that super hot/amazing girls really want, and pull based on that. What I don't want is to simply put myself in a situation where a lot of girls are willing to have sex, and manipulate logistics until it makes it inconvenient for them not to fuck me. That's pretty much what I did tonight.

I guess what I'm saying is that the game as a sport doesn't intrigue me. I want to build real relationships with people, consistently have girls in my life who really like me as a person, fuck stunningly hot sluts and at some point end up in a relationship. I don't care if I fuck 11 girls in a week or some shit.

That being said, I also need to accept things for how they are to some extent. Honestly probably the best way to fuck really gorgeous women is to go out and hammer is hard and pull tons of women in general. I don't want to delude myself into trying to live in an imaginary reality (like convention wisdom on dating), but I also want to avoid being sucked into this vortex of pickup mentality as well. 

Something to think about.

2. Anyway, really enjoying killing it down here nevertheless. Hot young vagina is always nice. I've learned so much in the past 7 days. I'll have a lot of thinking to do after this is all over.



VERY good point. I feel the same way. I think in a place like vegas anyone can get laid if the logistics are good enough. Pick up or no pick up. I think with pick up you increase your chances of pulling the hottest of the hottest or just pulling in general. I think in vegas most girls buying temperature is already high, so all it takes is some logistics, and some escalation, and a condom to fuck the girl.

Just my opnion. Not taking credit away from you or anyone else in vegas for having tight game but just stating the obvious. Everyone goes to vegas to have fun and have a lifetime experience.

Enjoying reading about your journey. Keep it up.

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 Thanks everyone.

@kenny - Honestly don't think I could handle living in Vegas. I'm completely wrecked after just 8 days. I think I need to find some sort of balance that works for me. 

Saturday - Las Vegas Round 8 of 8

Strangely enough, tonight was the only non-crazy night I've had here. I hit up a few girls and then ran into the girl I fucked Friday night. She was tired, sober and being boring. Her friend wanted to fuck Brother but fortunately he was smart enough to stay out of it and go hit it up instead. 

I leave them intermittently to go hit up other girls, but don't end up doing much. I did throw myself into a couple sets that really intimidated me though, which was great.

Anyway, I get bored and pull them around 2. It's almost 3 by the time we get back to their place but they have separate rooms and I fucked this girl last night, so I figure it'll be easy. Despite the fact that everyone's a bit tired and no one's really having that much fun sitting around, the friend won't leave us. She sits out in the living room with us being awkward for a good 45 minutes. 

Finally she goes to sleep and I start making out with my girl. She's not very receptive and says she's tired. I pull her to the bedroom and she doesn't want to have sex. I'm thinking "WHAT?!". I'm pretty irritated. I spent my entire Saturday night with this girl despite her being boring, and taxied 2 miles away from my hotel... for this?? I wasn't even pissed about not having sex; just that I spent my last night in Vegas doing this.

I sit for a minute thinking about what my boundaries are with this stuff, how much I want to get laid and whether I'm being irrational. I decide to get up and leave. 


1. Big lesson for tonight was not to fall into scarcity or throw away your night for a girl you don't really care about. She was hot, but pretty immature and boring. Unless you're trying to build/maintain a relationship, forfieting a night out for some girl you just fucked sucks. Next time I'll just hit it up hard and let the chips fall where they may.

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Matt281 wrote:
1. Big lesson for tonight was not to fall into scarcity or throw away your night for a girl you don't really care about. She was hot, but pretty immature and boring. Unless you're trying to build/maintain a relationship, forfieting a night out for some girl you just fucked sucks. Next time I'll just hit it up hard and let the chips fall where they may.


Hey man, I totally feel you on this and I'm glad you were able to articulate it cause it reaffirms the idea for me. i always find myself in this same spot and forget it in the moment. I think Tyler recently had a post about it, but it's like you can't assume shit when it comes to pulling because girls are crazy/emotional.

Some great progress here, inspiring stuff!
Be you.
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-Pulled 7 of 8 nights
-Fucked 2 new girls
-Got a handjob in a handicap access/mechanical room.
-I was inches away from having a threesome
-Hit up 30+ girls most nights
-Blew a sure pull with the hottest girl of my life
-Improved tremendously in game


For the most part, Summit was amazing. From what I've seen, I think it's a far better investment than bootcamp and I'd recommend it to just about anyone -- or at least staying in Vegas for a week and going out with guys from Summit.

Julien's presentations were by far the most helpful because there was a lot of infiend footage. I found myself using some of Julien's lines and taking on some of the concepts he emphasized. Tyler's speeches weren't really about pickup, but they were great nevertheless.

The other instructors were great too, but it was a bit unfocused and incohesive. Most of the presentations started 20-30 minutes late and most of the content I'd heard before. Still good though. It was interesting to see the extent to which completely different styles of game can work equally well.

The best part was definitely going out and winging with the other guys though.


Vegas clubs make me feel like I'm in a rap video. The venues are good enough that I'm genuinely excited to be there, and I have never in my life seen so many hot girls in one place.

In one sense, the venues can be tough because the environment is very intense and almost half the club space is devoted to bottle service tables. On the other hand, if you're good and/or feeling on, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. At any given club there are dozens of hot girls open to getting fucked by a stranger. You just have to be the right guy in the right place at the right time.


1. The biggest epiphany for me was redefining what game is/can be, and starting the process of rethinking what I want out of this. I realized that my game is already pretty good and that in an environment like Vegas, it wouldn't be too hard to pull a hot girl once or twice a week if you went out enough. That's 50 to 100 girls A YEAR.

After living this lifestyle for 8 days though, I realize that's not really what I want. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I don't like "game as a sport". And as much as I like sexual variety, I still don't care about fucking several new girls every week.

What I do care about is consistently having breathtakingly gorgeous, cool girls in my life.

What this means for me is that the game needs to be a tool for me, not a permanent lifestyle. It needs to be something that enriches my life, not the focus of my life.

So I'm going to take the game as it is and not try to pretend it's some other way. If I decide that banging 200 girls is the best way to get what I want, I'll do it. But what I want isn't a number to brag to my friends about or ridiculous sexual variety. I just want amazing/beautiful girls in my life, and I'll make that happen however I need to.

2. Game + tactics are there for when you need them. Sometimes you don't. While I got some of my pulls and near-pulls from really solid game, both girls I fucked just liked me and were open to having sex. Sometimes you need to just let everything go and let it happen.

3. Logistics are king. I really don't like this fact, but it's true. You could be the most self-actualized motherfucker on the planet, but if you don't actively put yourself/girls in a place where sex can happen, it doesn't matter. All of my pulls this week were from being creative with logistics. I think that a lot of guys think that game is about being so attractive that the girl just jumps on your dick. Not the case. Most pulls happen from being attractive ENOUGH and just getting her alone.

On the same note, the venue, the city and the situation change everything. Improving your game 100% won't have as much of an impact is putting yourself in a situation with 3000% more hot girls and good logistics.

4. Overall Vegas/Summit was an absolutely amazing experience. Much like finding the game in the first place, or going to free tour and meeting some of the guys 2 years ago, I think this last week will have a significant impact on the trajectory of my life.

Cheers :)
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 I'm there next year, dude!!!!! very inspiring, and you sound very excited and happy.
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Ya you killed it bro, it was fun winging, and thx for the buffet I'm still feeling it ;)
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 It's been an interesting week.

Vegas left me with the opposite feeling my friends had. Brother and Knoxville were psyched to hit it up during the week and follow up hard. I felt like I needed a few days off. Seeing my main cherish the evening I got back also reminded me of how much I enjoy the intimacy and being with a girl I really like as a person. As much as I love banging hot sluts, it's only half the picture for me. 

Wrapping up in Vegas also marked the first time where I've really felt no sense of anxiousness about getting this handled. I know I can do this, and while I still want to push things further, I'm no longer at all afraid that I'll end up being unhappy with my options in 10 years. I can get to whatever level I want to with this. It's not a question of how far I can go, but how far I want to go down this path. 

I do like making a habit of fucking gorgeous girls, but like I mentioned in my last post, I don't want to make clubbing/pimping the focus of my life. 

Something to think more about.

For now I'm going to keep going out twice a week and hitting it up. 

For the rest of the time, I'm putting a lot of focus into other areas of my life. I'm also really falling for my primary cherish. Fucking amazing girl. 

She's definitely girlfriend material. Very smart, funny, high self-esteem, loves sex, non-needy, etc. But I'm not ready to be exclusive at this point in my life. Although it's been unspoken, I think on some level she knows what's going on. But it's possible she doesn't. Maybe it'll blow up in my face, or maybe she'll go along with it. Hard to say. I think the dilemma for girls like her is that the alternative to dating a guy like me fucking sucks. I don't want to say she'll never find someone who can give her what I give her, but that's quite possible. 

There really aren't a lot of guys who have a foundation of being thoughtful, introspective and caring, but can still fucking pimp hard and really sweep a girl off her feet. I think if you do this whole process right, that's what you become. And I guess it's hard for girls, because even if they know you're seeing other people... there's really no one else like you. 

Anyway, I'm going to try to have an amazing non-exclusive relationship with this girl, but if that doesn't work for her and she wants to call it off, I'll have to be okay with that.

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Fun night. Went out with Brother and Knoxville, then ran off to meet up with Dave7, Utopia5 and Cat.

We head out a little before 11 and fuck around some. First set I'm really in my head. Utopia5 word vomits, Dave7 and I are pretty quite. I felt great though because I realized two things:

1. I have absolutely no outcome here. I don't need or even necessarily want this girl to like me.

2. It's not me she's responding to, it's my approach. The same girl would probably be all over my dick in a different situation (which would be bad, cause she's not hot lol).

It's interesting having a chode conversation with a girl, realizing it's not going anywhere and she doesn't like you, and being fine with that. It's really good.


We hit it up more. Have some good sets at another bar.

I hit on a stunner when we first walk into the next bar. She loves me but gets dragged away.

We all fuck around more. I tell girls SexyMachine is my dad.

Some swedish girl gets all up on my dick. Keeps telling me I'm hot and she wants to get fucked. #donothingmethod

I see the stunner from when I walked in walking by and pawn off the swedish girl for her. We hit it off for a few more seconds.

Uptopia5 is trying to wing the friend and gets shoved into me. Her boyfriend thingy is really pissed. I hit on my girl a bit more through the drama and get her facebook as she's getting dragged away.

Hit on a few more and then go cherish.


1. Girls reject your approach/current state, not you

2. Having no outcome is key

3. Sometimes found myself going over the top with girls who already liked me. Just need to let them be comfortable and keep liking me.
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 Seattle Hotseat + Saturday night + Bootcamp debrief 

Good times. 

I head to hotseat around 5 and it gets started around 6. Tyler talks for a bit and we get to the videos. The first few are the same, everything else is new (this is my second hotseat). 

The videos are great, and I think Tyler did a good job of trying to cater to both newer and more experienced guys. There was definitely a lot of introductory content, but unlikely last year, I felt like Tyler spent some time on subjects that were particular relevant to us "guys in the back of the room". Also, I do think it's true that you get something completely new/different out of hotseat if you've been going out a lot and reached new levels in your game. Even if some of the content is the same, the meaning changes as you change. 

I think the video that will stick with me the most was a video of Tyler picking up an NY stunner who's with her mom. For me this one really hammered home the importance of playing to win. The second you get attached to keeping her or start getting worried about blowing it out, you're done. Same as Tyler said, I've had enough tough reference experiences with gorgeous girls where to know that "good enough" is never enough. You either need to fail miserably or succeed fantastically.

There's much less of a safe in between with really hot girls. Watching Tyler constantly open other girls in front of her and really go over the top in general really hammered that home for me.

The seminar bits are really helpful as well.


Cat and I decide to get going around 11 so we can get a full night out. We have a quick chat with Tyler outside the room while a video is playing. Tyler tells me how to create massive drama with my primary cherish and make her cry a bunch so we can have threesomes lol. While it's not worth it to me to fuck up our relationship to do that, it reminded me of another reason that I really like the live events: they're way more raw than anything you'll see online. 

Cat and I go out and hit up some girls in the first basement bar. I mostly just wing for a while.

A little while later a Brother and a few other guys show up and we start looking for other girls. I find a diamond in the rough and grab my two friends to 3 way sandwich her as she's walking by. She laughs and pushes past, and I grab her and stop her for a chat. She's a little stunner. We txt for the rest of the night.

We bounce around to other bars, hit it up more and cause some mayhem. I start feeling good and doing pretty well.


Around 12:30 I see a really hot girl who I dated briefly in college (and fucked it up royally). She's really drunk and almost punches Cat in the face hahaha. I get thrown in my head and don't go in there.

A few minutes later I see a stunner who I fucked a few times in July, who apparently got back with her ex. I get more stuck in my head. I go talk to her for a bit and it's good though.

State has completely crashed. I wander around for a few minutes, open a girl on the phone and pull myself out of it.


We start yelling at some hot girls walking across the street towards us and they walk straight into us and I start rollplaying/shit talking with the one in front. "why the fuck did you leave me?" "I missed you so much!" Her friend comes up from and smiles and grabs me "I really do know you! do you remember me?!" 

I do a double take. It's the stunner girl from last night who got dragged away after her guy friend tried to fight Utopia5. 

Her friends are trying to get her in a cab but I drag her about for a minute and telling her my friend Owen is leaving the next day and she has to meet him before she goes hahaha. I run over and introduce her to Tyler and hope some of the bootcamp will occupy the friends, but no luck. I get a number and she gets dragged off again.


Cat txts me and I go meet up with him to help wing his pull. He's got a cutie in tow :)

Julien throws a bootcamp student on us to wing the 3rd girl and we head up to cat's place. Her friend's really aren't having it. I do what I can to wing, but there's not much I can do. Cat's girl is in love with him though so it's fine. I think with this one I would have had to come over the top and essentially "do my own approach" on the friend, rather than being chill and just assuming it. I didn't want to risk fucking up Cat's set though. 

I wing until we all leave to go to an afterhours club. Cat ends up fucking his like a boss.

We hit up a few more girls but pickings are slim. We run down to a shitty afterhours place downtown but there's not much there. 


Julien has to crash at my place so Cat can fuck his girl, so I go meet them at debrief at 4am. It lasts until about 6:30am.

I was actually really impressed with the level of individual feedback. Sometimes watching bootcamp it seems like the students aren't getting very much individual attention, but Jeffy and Jullien and Tyler all seemed very genuine at the end and gave some non-generic advice that the students really needed to hear. 

I have a quick chat with Tyler and then drive Julien back. It's funny, Tyler often talks about the fact that he's just a regular guy like anyone else, but it didn't really hit me until I chatted with him and Julien in person for a couple minutes. I remember the first time I saw Tyler in person I definitely got a bit of the celebrity feel, but Tyler and Julien are just normal, nice people who spent an abnormal amount of time picking up girls. 


1. I learned a lot this weekend, but the much more than learning anything new was just hammering in old lessons at a much deeper level. Playing to win (hotseat videos). No one is cut from from a different cloth (instructors are normal people). Abundance + bootstrapping positive emotions (seeing hot girls I'd dated/fucked). Those were some of the big ones. But there were lots of others. Just little things, but understood at a slightly deeper level. Densifying.

2. I'm pretty happy/non-stressed right now. Gotta give myself a little kick in the ass to keep pushing to the next level. 

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