January 21st, 2019
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Awesome pull.

LOL... I told you two years ago, hot girls is all about location, location, location.  You gotta move to LA, Vegas or New York.  Wait till you visit LA and New York.

Anyway, lot of guys say approaching girls in Seattle is like trying to run with 50 pound backpack, compared to approaching girls in better cities.  Girls are hotter and they are more open to approaches.  But, on the other hand, if you can approach girls in Seattle and get results, then you'll do way, way better in better cities.  So, you'll do awesome.

I'll laugh when you end up moving to Vegas permanently, it's happened several times to guys I know.  They visit and the hot girls are like crack cocaine, guys can't get that shit out of their minds and they end up moving.

Matt281 wrote:
Saturday - Vegas Day 1 of 8


Hot girls fucking everywhere. 

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Sunday - Las Vegas round 2 of 8

Today was the first day of summit. So far I'm much more impressed with summit than bootcamp, hotseat or any other RSD's other products. Tyler's spoke first, which was general but interesting. Then Julien for the rest of the day. We got to see some great infield footage (along with some very weird random/creepy stuff lol) and his speech was good. The footage was waaaay better than Tyler's hotseat last year, partially because Julien's game is sick but mostly because it felt substantially more targetting. It was like "here, look at this. Here's an example of what I'm talking about". 

My main takeaway from Julien's speech was the importance of PUSH in the push/pull dynamic, getting the girl to chase validation and getting her to invest. I think this is a bit of a sticking point of mine, since I'm often just pulling pulling pulling all the way to the close and there's often not that much investment on the girl's part. I think that's one of the main reasons I get LMR or girls leaving at the end of the night.

So I decide to work on push/pull.


On to the night. XS again. Massive pool party.

My night starts off pretty well. Not quite as well as last night, but I hit it up pretty hard and hook pretty consistently. Julien, Brad, Jeffy and Todd are all there. Saw Tyler later.

No joke, I probably did 30 or 40 sets. 

Had some interesting experiences with the push/pull stuff.

Me: "Who are you!?"
Her: I'm good! how are you?
Me: No WHO are you? I don't care HOW you are
Her: OMG
*hooks hard* blah blah
Her: I'm a dancer 
Me: I hate dancers. You're done. You can go.
Her: no no I'm actually a dance teacher
Me: That's even worse. That means you create tons of other dancers

Anyway this was one of the better sets of the night, but she wouldn't give me her number for some reason. Seemed ridiculously solid, but early. 

>>The main things I noticed (as did Brother and Knoxville) when experimenting with push/pull is that we didn't really know how to get back into the flow of the conversation after a hard push. I definitely saw the girls get a huge spike in attraction, but then I didn't know how to continue the flow of the conversation from there. 


Midway through the night I get a few numbers from really hot girls. Off the top of my head I remember a hot white bartender in a black bikini, a sexy black girl dressed in all white and a hot indian girl who I proposed to.

I re-approach some later in the night. End up making out with the hot indian girl on the dance floor and try to pull her. She says she has to drop her friend off but she'll meet me right afterwards. She seems serious, but I should know better. Shouldn't have let her out of sight. I txt her and call her to try to get her to meet up, but it doesn't end up going through. LIke everyone, she's leaving the next morning.

It starts to get late and I start to get tired.

I see a few of the girls I'd hit up and done well with getting pulled. That's really one of those tough lessons. 

>> Second big lesson for me is to stick in there and burn it to the ground. I feel like it could have easily been me pulling these girls.

I open a gorgeous, skinny half black girl in a bikini. Get her number and txt her.

Me: Matt aka blah blah blah
Her: I have aids

Turns out she was kidding but weird nevertheless.

I hook a stunner and we're hugging and trying to figure out logistics (another mistake I made tonight was I was going for the pull/number way too early in set -- like I didn't trust that the girl would stay and like me. Gotta work on that). Jeffy wings the friend. Mine seems pretty solid, or as solid as a 5 minute set can be, but Jeffy's girl has a boyfriend and she pulls my girl away after a few minutes. 


It's about 3:30 now and I'm fucking exhausted. I wander around in a haze. I do a couple more but I'm way too tired to be charismatic. 

We leave around 4. Run into another summit guy (JMULV's old roommate) who show's us a video of him jizzing on a girl's face that he just pulled tonight. 

We call it a night.


1. Game wise, I learned a lot. Need more work on push/pull, need to stay in set and burn it down more. Also trusting that time = attraction. 

2. Strangely I felt a bit weird about last night. We'll see how it goes as this week continues. It just felt pretty far removed from what I actually wanted when I got into this. Maybe it's just the fact there there are a lot of hot girls, but it just didn't have the intrigue I'm used to feeling. It's like this: I feel like I could move here or something (highly unlikely) and pull relatively often just by virtue of being there and hitting it up a lot (and obviously quite a bit of experience in game so far). There's no doubt in my mind that if I lived in a city like this and hit it up often, I could pull stunners relatively consistently. Strangely, that sounds surprisingly unappealing. 

Obviously I love stunning girls and have worked really hard to have them in my life, but I couldn't imagine this being a consistent lifestyle for me. It almost feels like a simulation I'm playing. 

But then again, like Tyler said, you can't "wish" the game were different. This is how it is. So fuck it. I'm here. I'm gonna enjoy the fuck out of myself, rack up some crazy stories, take my game to the next level, and put off thinking about all this shit until later.

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 "[bgcolor=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]>>The main things I noticed (as did Brother and Knoxville) when experimenting with push/pull is that we didn't really know how to get back into the flow of the conversation after a hard push. I definitely saw the girls get a huge spike in attraction, but then I didn't know how to continue the flow of the conversation from there."

"Just kidding, just kidding. (Pull her in) "You're not gonna fight for me?"

Building an attractive lifestyle of abundance through finance, women, and personal development. 
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richie rich

richie rich

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 you're in vegas too? goddamn.
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Monday - Las Vegas Round 3 of 8

2 Stunners 1 cup.

We leave summit early to go to Marquee. Didn't miss much -- Ozzie's portion sucked.

We get in, chill for a bit, then start hitting things up. I don't really remember much from the first hour or so.


Sometime around 11:30 I see Harrah dragging a hot drunk girl, behind Knoxville who's dragging her friend, and a 3rd hot girl hanging on to the back fucking up their shit. I decide to play superhero wingman and try to keep the other girl from ruining their shit, which looks solid.

I grab her and walk with them. Me: "you're looking at me like I"m crazy." ... "I am, by the way". I walk with them to the other side of the bar and surprisingly my girl warms up to me and I can stop her from trying to fuck Knoxville and Harrah up. They're all Austrian and it turns out my girl is Harrah's girl older sister.

My girl is hot and sober and she's the responsible one in the group.

I spit game but I'm mostly just trying to keep her off her/my friends. Strangely enough, a funny things happens. My girl really starts to like me. Like a lot. We go outside and take pictures and shit with all of us. Harrah's girl is really drunk but DTF. Didn't really talk to Knoxville's. 

My girl and I have some deep deep connection shit. It wasn't quite as good as watching Julien make himself cry for infield footage, but it was pretty fucking close to that good. 

My girl's sister (Harrah's girl) blabs that my girl has a boyfriend, and my girl completely disqualifies it. "No no let me explain it's not really like that". My set goes from being the hail-marry wing to the most solid of the 3 of us.

This one is fucking on.


So right as my girl and I are welding our fucking souls together, Harrah's girl pukes EVERYWHERE. A few seconds later she's basically passed out. Security is all around us. Knoxille and Harrah leave. I stay and help out for a minute, then they leave. They're leaving in the morning so I can't follow up. I move on.

For some unexplicable reason, I hit state harder than I EVER have before.


I can't even describe how I feel.

I walk into set after set and I'm just so fucking present and on point it's unreal. It's like the most intense meditation state you could imagine.

I grab a stunner with huge fake tits, hook it hard and her friend drags her away. I do maybe a dozen more. I had some of the most amazing sets. Literally every girl I grabbed would stop. There's this twinkle in their eyes as they ping for whether you're a fucking boss or not. They know in the first half a second. 

I also walk into some really tough ones and fucking kill it. I walk through a group of 5 girls and tell the hottest one "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL CAN I BUY YOU FLOWERS". Hooked. Friends drag her away eventually.

I wander around, expecting to lose state at some point, but I don't. It just keeps going and going. 


I see the stunner with the huge fake tits again and grab her. So fucking on. We go inside to dance. She gets my cock hard with her tight little ass then turns around and rubs her tits and her on me. I just relax and enjoy.

We go over to their bottle service table and her friends sit down. I lean against the edge and she grinds on me. I love watching how much she enjoys trying to turn me on. She presses her perfect tits against my chest and rubs her against my leg. 

This girl is ready to fuck me. She talks to her friend and her friend her number in my phone, so my girl can all her friend from my phone after I pull her and fuck her brains out. 

At this point it seems so solid that I've decided to just let it happen. I'm still in state and enjoying myself. My girl doesn't seem quite ready to leave yet, I figure I'll just wait it out. Her friend wants to dance with her, so she tells me to take her number and txt her in a little bit. Cool. I'm skeptical about letting her out of my sight, but I can't really stop her from going to dance with her girlfriend.

I'm still in state.

I go outside and hit up some other girls. Find Brother. We have a fucking blast.

15 minutes later I go to look for my fake tit Vegas stunner again. Can't find her. I'm still feeling fucking amazing but I can feel myself start to get outcome dependent. Fortunately I'm pretty good at brainwashing myself. I'm quoting Kanye in my head. "Bitch I don't need yo I'm on my own dick". Yeah, that's pretty much what state feels like.

...except I really fucking want this girl's pussy.

I finally find her and she's dancing with one of the guys from her table. I hit up a few other girls for a few minutes then go in and get her. The other guy in the group tells me she's staying with them. I go grab her anyway. 

Her: "ill txt you".


This is one really fucking painful lesson that I keep getting but still haven't learned. No matter how into you a girl is, if you leave her alone fucking anything can happen. I don't want to follow her around the club like a needy little bitch, but as soon as she leaves your sight, all bets are off. I may ask the instructors about this during the presentations tomorrow. I just don't know what the solution is here. And OH MY GOD IT BURNS!

I'll txt this girl tomorrow and see if I can pull something out of my ass. Still can't stop thinking about having my way with her tight little body...


Believe it or not, even this doesn't really phase me. I'm still in state. I've been in state for like an hour... sober in one of the loudest most intense clubs in the world. Brother and I jump around and have a blast. 

I see a stunning black girl who looks almost exactly like Rhianna. She's about 6 feet tall in her 5 in heels and wearing a pink one-piece dress. 

She looks intimidating as fuck but I grab her and some how hook pretty hard. I have to actively avoid mentioning Rhianna, because I'm sure she's got it from every guy who's talked to her.


Anyway, she's leaving the club without her friends.


I offer to walk her out and give her my arm. 

We start walking back towards her hotel and we chat. I find out she has two friends that are already in her room, so that's not going to work. I tell her there's a 24 hour Chipotle near my hotel and tell her we'll get food. Suprisingly she doesn't actively object.

I flag down a taxi and we get in. We go back to our hotel and over to the Chipotle, which isnt' 24 hours but I just needed an excuse. I tell her oh well, that sucks and walk her over to the elevator. I make her to get her on a particularly probing subject while I press the button and take her up to my room so she doesn't object.

I'm still kind of surprised this is working. This girl is smoking hot.


We sit down on the bed, chat for a sec and I kiss her. She doesn't kiss back much, but slowly starts to make out with me. 

Then she stops me: "I can't do this".

I try to play it smooth but she says she has to go. Shit. I tell her I'll walk her out, then try again as we get to the elevator. She won't stay. I decide there's nothing I can do. I take her down to the lobby and we kiss goodbye.

And that's all she wrote!


1. I need to find a solution for girls who want to fuck me but have their buying temperature spiked and can easily be taken away if I lose sight of them. I need to find a way to keep them without following them around like a little puppy. If I had, I would have fucked the hottest girl of my life tonight.

2. The state I got in tonight was unreal. I felt like I could do anything. Have no idea how to replicate it, but wow. On one hand I think it's really important to learn how to game without state. On the other, I think it's literally impossible to reach the highest levels of pimping without state. It's like anything is possible.

3. I really enjoyed tonight. Totally different from yesterday. I still don't think I'd want to make this my lifestyle, but being able to do this is ridiculously fun and extremely rewarding. I was a little bit jaded last night, but tonight reminded me how much I want to jam my penis into gorgeous sluts :)

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 Fuck guys, you are wrecking it in vegas....leave no hole unfucked :D
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Matt281 wrote:
Sunday - Las Vegas round 2 of 8

The main things I noticed (as did Brother and Knoxville) when experimenting with push/pull is that we didn't really know how to get back into the flow of the conversation after a hard push. I definitely saw the girls get a huge spike in attraction, but then I didn't know how to continue the flow of the conversation from there. 

Julien has an explanation:
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 Maybe I wasn't clear with the push/pull thing. 

It works great and the girl stays. I know how to calibrate if I go to far. The girls seem to love it. Only problem is that it's sometimes it's hard to switch back to comfort/normal convo after a really invense push. I don't think it'll be a problem though. Just something I noticed with a couple sets on Sunday. 
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hey OP how long are you in vegas for?
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Till the 11th
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