November 16th, 2018
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Took your advice and started a field report. Btw thx for pointing out the girl I approached earlier girl making out with that dude, that was great! lol
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Seattle crew is back in business!

Met up with Cat around 9:30 and Utopia5 is already there (he just moved in nearby). It's pride weekend so the streets are crawling... mostly with lesbians ;) 

We head out around 10:30 and start hitting it up. I start off pretty good and get 2 numbers from some pretty damn hot girls. With the street sets though, I feel like you need a wing to hook a lot of the time. It's just too fast and disorganized for a solid number unless the friends are occupied.

Anyway, Cat and his civilian friend (Atown?) disappear into the night and I don't see them again. 

Knoxville is out but doing his own thing. The other guys come and go.

I see Utopia5 open some relatively unattractive girls and go wing. I pump my state and say some pretty funny shit. My girl likes me... I think... I mean I think Knoxville came out of nowhere at one point and made out with her, but that's beside the point hahahaha.

Anyway, Utopia5 decides to try to pull this one so I just go with it. Hold hands with my girl and we lead them toward his place.


My girl is like a 6 and his is like a 4. I'm not really sure who's winging who lol.

We get to his place and I tell him I'm not going through with it but I'll play wingman. 

We take them upstairs on the roof, get yelled at, then go down to his appartment. I start making out with my girl to start things off, then once Utopia gets going with his, I tell my girl I have to take off but to come with me for a little bit. Surprised she leaves her friend actually.

I take her out into the park and buy Utopia some time. By this time she figures her friend will be fine and just goes home, so Utopia is home free. Almost too easy... why don't hot girls ever do this?? haha


Anyway, this whole ordeal took about an hour and I've basically wasted the best part of the night (12-1). I run back to the strip and start hitting it up a little. I'm dead tired though. 

Not much else to speak of. Hooked one hot girl at the end and she seemed into it, then dropped the boyfriend thing like 15 minutes in. Fuck... 


1. Really happy to have a solid crew going again up here. Just in time for mid summer.

2. Good going through the motions on the pull, although I do feel bad for the girl haha. But hey, I've been LMR'd like 50 times so I havev a lot of karma credit in this department :P

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Epic night.

Kind of a late start. I don't make it out till 11:30 and neither do most of the other guys. I wing with Sunshine for a bit, who I haven't seen in a few weeks. Good times. Harrah and I hook this these two asian girls pretty hard but mine turns out to be married. 

A little after midnight I run into Cat again and we go hit it up.

We go to a small, crowded bar and I open a hot brunette girl with shoulder length hair. Goes pretty well from the start.


Cat wings the not-so-hot friend and we all go to the bar and get drinks. 

After starting off really well, I stall out a little bit and things slow down between us. Cat hits up the girls next to us, then comes back. We sit down with our girls and chat more.

Mine's still pretty good, and my girl is really pretty damn hot, but I'm feeling like it's not going to be on. Honestly at this point if Cat had wanted to bounce out and find other girls, I would have done it.

We talk a bit more then suggest going to Cat's place to grab a drink. As usual, the best part about having a wing is that you don't really 100% need permission from the girls to make things happen. 

Me: so let's grab a drink at your place?
Cat: yeah let's do it
Me: okay let's go


Okay this is where things get fun.

We get up to Cat's place and I still don't feel like mine is that solid. My girl won't kiss me because she ate something with garlic earlier. Cat doesn't like his girl. 

Fortunately Cat sees it differently and keeps winging like a champ.

After sitting down and talking with my girl for a bit more, she gets up and talk to Cat. Then she runs to the bathroom and USES HIS TOOTHBRUSH so she can make out with me. 


Things are looking up.... sort of.

In the mean time, I proceed to snort a shot of rum infront of her friend and give myself brain damage. I literally can't talk for a full minute. Never had this happen before. I literally feel like I ate a mouthful of wasabi.

Cat's girl sees me spew the shot all over the floor. She's clearly impressed.


Anyway, my girl comes back out and once my vision returns to normal we make out. She's still a bit timid. Cat's girl is basically mouth him.

This goes on for a few minutes and we suggest that her and I bounce to her place. It's interesting how often the pull will work when you just try it, regardless of whether it seems that solid or not. 

We bounce out and leave Cat with his girl. 

On the way, we run into some of her friends and stop to play a quick game of street pingpong. Good times.


Back to her place.

We go straight to the bed and start making out again. Shirts come off.

I'm not sure if I emphasized this (or really knew this) earlier, but this girl is mad hot. Gorgeous skinny little body. 

She starts up with the LMR. 

For some reason I'm really outcome independent right now... couldn't tell you why. I just stay amused and let it happen, never getting so attached to fucking her that I'm not having fun. 

She still seems hesitant, but we're laughing and making out.

This goes on for a few more minutes and as I'm laying on my back, I look in her eyes and take my boxers off.

This is honestly like my favorite thing in game:

I see her flip the switch in her head to "Okay, this is happening. Fuck me".

She goes down on me. Super fucking hot. 

Her: "there's no way that's going inside me" hahahahaha

I eat her out for a minute and she's ready to go. 

She's on her back and I push her knees up against her shoulders and fuck her. So hot when she whines and moans.


We're both really into it. I think I mentioned that first-time sex for me lately has often just felt like "getting it out of the way", so that it's not an issue and that we can fuck later. This was nothing like that. Just pure enjoyment of the moment.

There's really something special about a really hot girl fully giving in and letting you have your way with her the first time. Seriously. 

I turn her over and fuck her from behind and bust hard.



At this point it's 4:30 in the morning and Brother has been txting/calling me for a while. Basically our whole crew pulled and he got stuck on the hill :(

I try to explain this to my girl, but I think she thought I was just fucking with her and wanting to bang and bail. 

Unfortunately we can't find my shirt. 

So as if this situation needed to be any stranger, she goes into the closet and fishes out one of her ex-boyfriend's shirts for me to go home in. 

Her: "he probably wouldn't be too happy about me giving his shirt to someone I just hooked up with"

Guess my ex wouldn't be too happy either, since the one I lost was one she bought me. How's that for ironic?


I head over to Utopia5's place, pick Brother up and take him home. 


Me: *my name* 
Her: I thought we wouldn't talk after you bailed like a bitch
Her: did you really have to leave or are you just a dick. Clarification please.

Hahahaha I feel bad. We are hopefully hanging out again tonight.

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Cat: Giving Uglies Blue Every Weekend

Jealous homie she was gorgeous.

Let's do it again next weekend. But this time they both have to be doable.

Ps. Call her and she'll flip back to totally in love. I promise.
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Well done bud seems like you're having some breakthrough times
Max is the Christ child that was conceived from the love Tyler and Julien both shared. A bond so deep and true, it could only fabricate the saviour of our cause. Together they made this marvelous modern miracle Max, and finally after enough time he has grown to realise his destiny - Messiah of RSD - saving us from scandal and attack.
He is paying for our sins by taking jabs to the face by angry feminists -- and so it was,  so it shall be.
Praise Tyler, Amen.
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 Little recap of the last few days:

-Went to the beach with Cat and had one of my girls and her friend come meet us. Was good. Tried to hook Cat up with the hot friend, they swapped numbers.

-My girl came over later. Made her come just from sucking on her tits -- never done that before. Apparently neither had she. It was pretty intense. Her: "I wish I could do that myself".lol

-Called the girl from Saturday last night. She was legitimately pissed off that I bailed on her right after sex, but she likes me so we're hanging out tonight. 

-She had added me on facebook the day before. Looks like she used to be some socialite/model girl in NY before coming here. Totally reminded me of all the girls DistantLight posts pics of in his threads. I was like... whoa I just fucked that girl! ;)

-Life is good.

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 Wow, just wow....

That really happened in the sat night??? Damn. Can't imagine how we parted away and had different night on the day. I went home alone LOL. But this is def motivating for me. Everybody starts from where they are. Take fucking action.
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Spent the last two nights at this new girl's house. It's fun; she's a little stunner.

She's very, very direct and open about everything. And she's incredibly comfortable talking about sex. 

It's been interesting because it's made me realize that I'm not as comfortable as I might have thought. It's just that most girls are so uncomfortable and I feel very comfortable by comparison.

In a deadpan manner, we talk about exactly what we each like sexually and she suggest that she'll go back on birth control and get tested so we can go raw. 

I really can't peg this girl, like I can most these days. I've spent about 24 hours with her since we met on Saturday and I still can't really read her. She either likes me A LOT, or doesn't. I don't know. She just doesn't act like anyone I've met before.

Actually, she reminds me of a girl I dated a year and a half ago, who was also incredibly comfortable. 


Anyway, it's been really interesting. These last few days have really illuminated how much I still have to learn myself.

And it's been awesome. She's super hot.

Tonight we're going out for the 4th and I'm spending the night with another girl. This'll be the 5th night in a row...
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Wake up next to the girl from Sat, go home, sleep for like 5 more hours, then get picked up by Cat and Utopia5 to go to Knoxville's BBQ. I invite my cherish and her friends (I know this is going to get confusion for people I don't know. This is my readhead cherish). Trying to hook Cat up with her hot friend, and anyone else up with her other friends.

We kick in for an hour or so on the rooftop, then start walking to the park for the fireworks show.

It's absolutely insane down there. Easily 50,000 people.

My cherish's friend is saving us a spot, and I find her in the middle of the anthill of people (because I am awesome and have vision like a hawk, apparently).

We squeeze in and get comfy.

When we stand up to wave down another friend, Cat slyly scoots over and cuddles up next to the hot friend. Super cute.

The 3rd girl I'm seeing txts me, so I pull the phone out from between my cherish's tits and try to tell her I want to see her, but we'll never find each other in this mess.



Anyway, the fireworks start and we all stand up and watch. It's beautiful.

A few minutes later, Cat taps me. He has a shit eating grin ear to ear. "You guys should kiss. I just kissed [the hot friend]"

I'm super happy for them. Made me smile. I kiss my girl and keep watching the fireworks.

I feel amazing.

I came to this same show two years ago. The deja vu hits me hard and reminds me of how far I've come. Two years ago I'd just gotten out of school with no job, I'd just met Knoxville and Brother and hadn't even met Cat yet, and I'd only been with a few girls. Standing here watching the fireworks, I get a big hit of how happy I am now and the extent to which I've bootstrapped my life.
After the fireworks we walk back, I make an excuse for the girl txting me, and take my readhead cherish back to my place.

Strangely, I'm thinking about the girl I pulled on Saturday. I'm falling for her hard right now.

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I think I'm pretty much in love with two different girls.

I wake up next to this amazing little redhead who I've been seeing for several months now. I'm closer with her than I have been with anyone since I had a girlfriend two years ago.

There's absolutely zero bullshit or drama between us. She's about as non-needy as you could ever expect a girl to be, but sweet and affectionate too. She's never in her head and really doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks -- but in a fun, hilarious way, not an "I hate everybody" way. She's one of the only girls I've ever hung out with who can routinely make me laugh out loud. And she's smart and witty as fuck.

The whole vibe between us is pure fun and incredibly carefree.

She's told me she's okay with me seeing other people, and she's happy not being in a relationship, despite her friends constantly insisting. We're close enough though that I can tell it would really bother her if she knew the extent of my escapades.

We wake up, she sucks me off twice without stopping and I head off to work.


I come home in the afternoon, take a catnap till around 7, and head over to see the girl I met last Saturday. This is the 3rd time I've seen her since we met a week ago, and I'm already falling.

She's 5'8'' and model-thin with a beautiful face. Totally my type.

The thing that blows me away about this girl is how honest and comfortable she is. She has absolutely nothing to hide. Being with her just feels so fucking... real. I feel like she is who she is, and she'd never pretend to be anything else to get something or someone. Spending time with her has really made me realize the extent to which I still to that, and how freeing it is when you have nothing to hide.

I also just love the intimacy. I like just kissing her and looking into her eyes.

We chat for a bit and get into bed.

She licks my cock to get me hard and I fuck her brains out.

We have a nice cuddle session afterward.

I don't really know where I'm going with this post.

I really like these two girls. We'll see what happens.
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