January 20th, 2017
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Not sure why things fell through with the girl, but same shit happens to me.  Anyway you come out icier and better for it, so all good.  I think you'll hit a new high after it.
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^Yes on the bright side, getting curb stomped relatively often makes for a strong jaw :)



Went out with Sunshine and a civilian friend. Hmmm what happened?? I think my mind is selectively filtering rejections.

Ran into some people from work. One short girl who I'd like to fool around with but is there with her boyfriend, lol.

We bounce to another bar and I grab a really hot girl who I went on a date with a year and a half ago. We play the "you look kind of familiar game". I could totally fuck this girl if I got her out again. Unfortunately her friends drag her away after a minute. It's really never "over" with any girl. Give it a year or two, and she's just another hottie again.

We bounce to yet another spot and I open this hot half-black girl while she's on the phone. I talk in her ear until she hangs up, then hit on her until some guy who she seems to be with pulls her away.

It's strange that no one seems to go over any sort of "tactics" on RSD. Sometimes game really is just as simple as knowing what to do. I watched one of the recent videos, saw Julien open the girl on the phone, and basically just did that. While I guess it makes sense given the user base, I feel like sometimes everyone's too busy telling each other to go out and approach that we forget how helpful an idea like that can be.

I wing a fat girl with a cool personality for like 25 minutes while Sunshine picks up her hot friend.


I think I do a few more but had trouble finding hot girls that weren't in big mixed groups. Guess I've gotta get used to doing those.


I go cherish around 2. Bust twice in her mouth and once in her pussy. Sometimes good sex is better than new sex.

Wake up in the morning and get a txt from a hot girl I hit on last weekend, saying she's sorry she didn't get back to me and she wants to hang out. Cool.

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Head out to a different part of town. Hot college girls.

I meet up with Knoxville, Big, Rambo and a civilian friend. One of Knoxville's co-workers is out too -- according to Knoxville he found out about the game like a week ago and has been spouting stuff off at work about it non stop. Lol.

Anyway, Knoxville and I wing an easy one, then bounce around to a few different spots. I don't do much.

One thing I was telling Knoxville later in the night is that I really just need to expand my repituar of approaches that I know how to do, if that makes sense. I feel like a lot of my resistance to approaching just comes from situations where I don't know what to do. I have a much easier time time doing approaches I've done a bunch of times before, like a girl standing alone, a girl walking head of me, or a girl walking by in a crowded bar. But things like a girl in a circle with a few dudes, or girls who are hard to get to, I'm not really sure how to go about it. Anyway, just some food for thought. If I can do some of these more often and figure it out, I think it'll be much easier to make myself do them in the future.


We head back to the main bar and do a couple. I wing Knoxville and some girls boyfriend comes over and starts to get mad. He can't take a joke very well lol.
I talk to a hot black girl who ends up being the bouncer's fiance. Somehow I manage to find the impossible ones too often hahaha.

I do a few more and Knoxville wants to leave. I'm torn -- there's 2 really hot girls I want to talk to, but I can see where he's coming from because there's definitely not all that many options we haven't tried. I tell him to wait 5 mins and we'll go.

Funny how putting a time limit on things helps. Then you can't make the excuse "oh, I'll wait for a better opportunity to approach the stunner".

So I hit up the first really hot girl. Sexy brunette girl who just happens to be pushing passed our group. I stop her, introduce myself and get up close. It goes pretty well. I talk shit in her ear and she's into it, but I'm not quite "on" enough to really keep her. Probably would have had this one if I was feeling it. I lose her when she gets engulfed by her friend circle again.

A couple minutes later I see the other stunner I'd noticed earlier. I reach out and gently grab her arm as she's passing and go to pull her in, but she doesn't go for it. I think it might have worked if her friends weren't there.

I have to say, regardless of what happens, it just feels so damn good going after girls you really want.


Knoxville and I bounce up to the hill and it's a little disappointing at first. I chode around a little and run into some civilian friends.
We bounce to another bar and I see a black girl who's number I got a few months ago, but didn't call because I didn't think it was solid... then it bit me in the ass, because I ran into her a few weeks later and she had actually wanted to hang out.

Anyway, I hit on her for about 20 minutes and play damage control. This girl has this look where if her smile was slightly different, she'd be absolutely stunning, but as is she's maybe 8/10. Hell of a body though :)

I promise to call her and we exchange numbers again.


Knoxville and I head outside and start doing loops around the block looking for girls. We both try to open the same girl and he's more persistent, but she gets intimitated and it ruins it for both of us.

Totally bitched out on this hottie with her friends right before last call in another bar. It was one of those ones that looked intimidating, but Knoxville hit up her friends and it split wide open.

Outside again, I see an absolutely stunning half-black girl. She has that exotic look where you have no idea what race she actually is.

I roll up and tap her. Start talking. It's really chill, but not bad.

Me: *tap* "Hi"
Her: *looks startled*
Me: hah you look really surprised. I'm Matt
Her: xxxx
Me: I'm not that scary. I just thought you were cute and wanted to come say hi
Her: white guys don't normally hit on me
Me: hmmm, well you're completely my type so I couldn't help it

Anyway, it turns out she's leave the state tomorrow afternoon. Wasn't solid enough to try to plow for a pull. I might have been able to get a number out of it if she was local, but that's about it.

Like I mentioned earlier, it feels so fucking good just putting yourself out there with really really hot girls. I can't really even describe it. I just feel so congruent to what I actually want. It feels so good just trying.


I see 3 girls across the street that look promising, so Knoxville and I jog over there. It turns out one of them is incredibly hot.

I tap her and stop her, and tell her she's really cute and I wanted to meet her. I think this kind of low energy stuff works really well when you're not "on".

It goes really well. I immediately realize I went to college with her, but don't mention it. Generally, at least for me, letting girls know that I know/recognize them works terribly. I'd way rather be the random dude on the street than some guy they went to school with.

We walk a few blocks together and I talk to her in line waiting for the after hours place. Seems really good.

Then some vagrant guy starts harassing us for money and then decides to stay and talk, which completely fucks up our little bubble.

We get up to the front of the line and he finally fucks off a little bit, and I grab her undivided attention again and tell her I have to go, but that we should hang out some time. We swap numbers and txt once later. Seems relatively solid. Super hot girl.
And that's all she wrote!


1. I think that at times I've been so caught up in getting better at game that sometimes I forget how important it is to just try with the girls I really want. It feels so good. Also, even without getting any better, I can fuck a lot of really hot girls just by playing a numbers game. Talk to 20 stunners, get 5 numbers, get 2 out on dates, fuck one. Realistically, if I could remove all the emotional stuff that goes on when I'm out, that's really about what it's like. Or........ talk to 20 stunners, pull one or two the same night. I think sometimes I'm making this harder than it needs to be.

2. Also just need to get my approach muscles going a little more. I've honestly been kind of lax the last couple weeks. I've been feeling good, enjoying cherishing and doing great with life in general, but I've only been going out 2 nights and haven't been hitting it up hard.

I guess it's kind of a combination then when I really think about it: I want to hit it up much harder and really push to a new level with this, but at the same time, realize that even where I'm at, I can just roll the fucking dice and win.
Cheers :)
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Just me and Rambo tonight.

Things start pretty slow. I get stuck in my head. He rambos into some shit and I follow him in. Goes okay. I'm really becoming more aware of the 10-2 rhythm than before. Girls will respond very differently to the same approach at 10 vs 12.

Anyway, I piggy back for a few. I decide to get a beer and we wing a 2 set at a table for a while, which finally gets me warmed up well by about midnight.

I'm still just amazed by how much my game/personality fluctuates. Other people -- even my wing tonight -- seem to just always be exactly the same person all the time. I tend to fall somewhere between chode and God hahaha.


We run into a girl I'm seeing. We spend about half an hour with them trying to pawn her friends off to Rambo. She's not that helpful.

At one point we're sitting with them and I'm winging a nearby set for Rambo with my cherish's legs draped over me. I'm talking to this other girl about spreading germs or something.

Me: I chewed on a lot of rocks as a kid. I think I have a good immune system. Let's make out... for our health ;)
Her: ummm not while you're holding onto another girl...

Hahahha. I found this funny.


We bounce around a bit more and hit on other girls. Still not nearly enough.

Near the end we barge into a group of 3 or 4 and I isolate a cute black girl.

My game muscle is finally on and kill it. We talk about humans with tails, baby's daddy's and falling in love.

Again my luck sucks and she's leaving to go back to school the next morning. I keep trying to explain to her that I am in love with her. She apparently doesn't quite believe me.

Me: "do you believe in love at 2nd sight?"

Anyway, I can't take this anywhere because of logistics so we decide to get out. I hug her friends goodbye and kiss her. That part was actually kind of interesting, because it totally wasn't appropriate, but why not? Kind of felt like an instant makeout feels. They just go along with it cause it's your show.


We bounce and find the girl I'm seeing at around 2. I pull her home and we have a lot of orgasms.


1. Haven't been going nearly hard enough lately. I kind of feel like a concert pianist who hasn't practiced in a month. I've got that core muscle memory that never really goes away, but all the stuff that can be rusty, is. What seems to happen to me is that that core is always getting better; in other words, I'm always more and more solid on the pull, and always kill it harder and harder when I "catch fire" or smell blood, so to speak. But the part you can lose and regain really seems to ebb and flow. I'm not hitting it up nearly as hard and I'm having more trouble getting in the swing of things on a given night.

It's actually a weird feeling. It's like the athlete who remembers running a 4.1 second 40, then breaks an ankle and has to rebuild and relearn everything. I still remember all the peak points -- actually last night I saw a 9.5/10 girl who I'd made out with, then almost got in a fight with her boyfriend a while back -- and it's weird knowing I can do that but feeling stifled, or at least out of practice.

I keep expecting that momentum to stick, thinking that maybe I'm over getting AA or getting stuck in my head, but it's always back and forth. In this case, that core is something I am, but that momentum is still something I do. I think once I really internalize that, I'll finally be able to maintain a consistent process.

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Out for about an hour with Knoxville. Trying to be more process oriented.

Funny thing about this journal is I'll oscillate between these crazy pulls on some nights, and hammering it out with the most barebone fundamentals the next.

I think that's why I'll eventually have out of this world success with this. No matter what level of success I reach, I know I'm never above the process.

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No internet at home right now.


Tonight was great.

None of the usual crew is going out, so I head out with my civilian friend, who has been out with us enough times that he knows exactly what's up.

Early on I notice myself choding and I make myself approach 2 fat girls. This is actually quite good for me, because approaching unnactractive girls is much harder for me than hot ones. I make the excuse to leave after about 2 minutes.

Upstairs I open a cute brunette and it hooks really hard. We go outside and I get her number before she has to leave with her friends. I almost wasn't ready for this one to hook as hard as it did -- if I had been on I probably could have done an instant makeout and worked towards the pull. Still good though -- I am essentially solo.

Open a cutie walking up the stairs. She's with her mom.

We go to another bar and I open a hot blonde girl in a big mixed group. Actually goes quite well at first, but I have 2 guys and a girl trying to cockblock me. Honestly it was more that they were making my girl feel uncomfortable because they obviously weren't happy with me picking her up. I just needed to be a step ahead of things to handle the cockblocking better.

I think I do one more.

A hot girl I literally haven't seen in 3 months texts me out of the blue. She's in a different part of town but it seems like she wants to hang out.


Earlier on I'd been txting with another girl. She finally makes it out and we meet her at the main bar.

Really pretty black girl with an amazing body. God I love tiny waists + ass.

The rest of the night is pretty chill. I spend a good hour charming the fuck out of this girl and slowly but surely moving things forward.

She's with her sister and she drove, so no pull option for tonight.

We have an ongoing joke about how I didn't call her when we first met, and how she'll never forgive me etc etc.

Her: you lost a bunch cool points when you didn't call me the first time
Me: how do I get more?
Her: I can't tell you that! you've gotta figure it out for yourself!
Me: *slowly pull her an inch closer and makeout with her*
Her: You get +100 for that


She gets girly and starts holding onto me and sitting in my lap. It's closing and the sister says they have to go. It's all good :)


1. I feel really good, which hasn't happened much the last few weekends. Honestly I think it has a lot more to do with my process than making out with a hot girl. I feel good because I did what I told myself I would. I approached when I didn't want to regardless of how I felt, and the process changed how I felt.

After last weekend I came up with a process for myself and gave myself leverage. I think this works well for me. I'm allowing for having fun and doing things naturally, but forcing myself to hit it hard if I'm being a lil' bitch.

Again, I feel great right now. And I think it's just because I did what I needed to do.

Cheers :)
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Cat's Bday party. He's been MIA for a bit -- was really good to kick it again.

I had initially thought we'd all hang out for an hour or two then go out, but we pretty much spend the whole night drinking with around 15 people in his apartment. It was a really nice change of pace. Most of the people there are funny as hell and way too smart for their own good hahaha.

Nevertheless -- true to my nature -- I end up hitting on one of his hot friends (sorry dude I couldn't help it :p). Tall, really pretty, half-mexican girl.

We joke around for a bit, then around 1:00 I rally people and most of us go out. We go to a cool spot just down the street with dancing upstairs.


Cat's locked in with his girl. They're cute together.

I spend the rest of the night with his hot friend. We chat a bit more, then go dance a bit at the end. Was fun.

We leave at lights on and swap numbers.


1. Really nice to just have a relaxed night with friends. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy that stuff.


Coffee date with this girl I haven't seen in like 3 months. Goes really well but kinda feels like starting over from scratch.

We catch up for about 2 hours and then part ways. Hopefully we can set something up at night near my place so I can pull her next time.

Cheers :)
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Date with the main girl from Friday.

We meet up around 9 at a cool little alley bar a few blocks from my place.

Things go well. Dates have felt so much easier lately.

We talk for a good 2 hours, escalate a little, then start walking back towards my place. This is another one of those where I totally had no expectation of pulling -- sometimes even I'm amazed I can pull this off with girls who seem conservative.

Get in and start making out. She immediately says something like she just wants to kiss tonight. I just roll with it.

I press her up against the wall and we go slowly. The easiest way to tell whether a girl is potentially down is how into making out she gets. In my experience, if a girl will make out more intensely (when you two are alone), she's potentially DTF if you play it well enough. If she's really hesitant and shy about making out -- well let's just say you've probably gotta have better endgame than me :)

This girl gives me enough for me to give it a shot.

I pull her over to the bed and we lay down and dry hump a little bit.

...and by a little bit I mean 3 hours...


I pass shit tests, try to stay aloof, play stop and go, etc. I guess this comes from pulling same night/on the first date, but I'm honestly amazed at how tough LMR can be. Maybe it's just that I really am getting a lot of girls who literally "never do this", but man, you can play it REALLY solid and still lose it.

We alternate between me fingering her and her grabbing my dick, to full regression. It's 5 steps forward, 5 steps back.

She has quite a body. Very pretty black girl with a tiny waist and of course, ass.

A couple times we get really close, as in "do you have a condom?" close.

Finally like 3 hours in I'm really just having trouble still being into it. I'm literally just kind of tired and honestly... bored...

Around 3 we call it quits and I walk her back to her car. She wants me to visit her like 45 mins away lol.


1. Interesting how I felt after this one. I'm almost less interested after the giant LMR fest than I was earlier on. Just seems like so much trouble to have sex. It's funny finding myself thinking that, because this was very similar to the date I had with the stunner a few weeks ago (girl from tonight is like 8/10). But rather than feeling estatic from pulling a hottie when I didn't know if I could, I felt... almost a little annoyed. Like, I just had another girl come over the night before, blow me, and go to bed. I don't NEED sex that bad. I don't know, maybe I'm just tired, but after 3 hours of LMR is just feels like I'd rather eat something tasty and go to sleep.

2. Also interesting comparing this one to the last one in terms of how I feel about the girl. As I said, the dates were very, very similar, but a few weeks ago I was like "omg omg best date ever", and this time I'm like "meh". I wonder if that sheds any light on how the girls might feel. Maybe really hot girls who you almost fuck sometimes have a similar feeling to how I did tonight.

3. On the bright side, I had another hands on (very hands on hahaha) 3-hour seminar in LMR tonight. It's quite the interesting balance. Aside from passing shit tests, you have to be detached and let her chase a little, but the second she's actually down you have to snap into gear and make it fucking happen. Recognizing those little fluctuations is the trick.

Cheers <3
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Can't really remember. Went out. Spent a lot of time talking to people I know. Spent an hour talking to this girl who's flaked me like 5 times. She flaked me again, lol.


Went downtown for the first time in quite a while.

Had kind of a tough start. Sat down with this hot Asian girl who was probably DTF. Her frame was stronger than mine so I lost it.

I did like 10 more. Still noticing I give too much of a fuck what happens when a set goes well. Like I'll be worrying about hitting up girls in front of a girl I just had a good interaction with, then go to go back in and she'll be making out with some other dude. Need to worry more about having fun and just see how things unfold.

Near the end I run into a cute co-worker of mine. We dance, get nose to nose and almost end up making out, but I decide it would be a bad idea.


Date with a cutie -- far from my house. Hopefully fuck her next time.


1. Harem is going well. Feeling unmotivated to go out. Almost feeling like I need more "me time" as it is. Hard to read and shit with girls over.

2. Feeling like I either need to make game a #1 priority of just relax and take it easy with it. Honestly leaning towards the latter for now. I think I might just need to chill out, go out on weekends, fuck my girls and focus on other things for a little bit. Maybe in a few months I'll be motivated to jump in head first again and really push to the next level.... inspiring, I know, hahaha.

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lol night.

Out with Knoxville, Brother and Big.

Literally the first girl I talk to is DTF. She's out with a big group on a party bus and she's basically the only single one (other girls brought they're boyfriends). They're all getting ready to go back and she invites me along, so I figure this is a done deal.

She likes me, everyone else is getting fucked or vomiting over the toilet, and she's the odd one out.

I get on the bus with them and head across town. Adventure right?

Anyway, we get there, she flips the switch and randomly decides that she no longer wants to get fucked, and they go into the house frat house and close the door on me.


Funny how I still try not to be a douchebag when girls will pull shit like this haha. I care way too much.


Anyway, $15 and 15 minutes later, I'm back over on the hill.

It's still only a little after midnight. I hit up more girls and have some decent interactions, but no one who seems down.

I run into the stunner girl who I had the date with a few weeks ago. We talk for a minute -- it's a little bit awkward.

I kind of get thrown in my head afterwards. Really had an amazing time with this girl and she just randomly stopped txting back.

Nevertheless, I make myself do a couple and get back in the swing of things. Still nothing too solid.


The night wraps up and we're walking back when we see a group of 3 girls and decide to go back and get them.

Mine is a hot dirty blonde girl... who proceeds to tell me how much she loves jesus and that she wants to be a missionary.




1. There's really no point in getting negative about girls pulling dumb shit. Live and learn.

2. Results have been, let's say, less than optimal lately. My sex life is as good as ever, but nights out have been surprisingly unsuccessful for the most part. Kind of wondering what I'm supposed to learn here. I know that I have a few sticking points, but there are people with a lot more issues that pull way more than I have been.

I feel like a lot of the big sticking points I had a year ago (running out of things to say, dates, pulling) have completely disappeared, but I'm not getting the easy ones like I used to.

It's weird having the mindset I have now, where I keep feeling like getting frustrated, but catching myself and realizing there's no point. Just not quite sure why results haven't been up to par lately, or what the next step is.

Cheers :)
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