January 17th, 2019
5 Quick Things To Immediately Improve Your Life & Bikini Maid Follow up
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Rough night on the town...sitting in the Apartment with an adderall buzz and some freshness for you guys to digest. This post is rough, uncensored, and unedited.

1. If you are serious about running the Bikini Maid biz you should get a website. Make your clients pay by CC and get them on a recurring billing plan. Then run an ad for drivers and interview them. Actually, you might want to do a criminal background check on them.

2. You can find web designers on Craigs or Elance. Don't pay more then 500 dollars.

3. Experiment w/ dropping the price to 50-75 per hour. In retrospect 100 bones might be pushing it when they can score a hooker for the same price.

4. No need to set up interviews. Have chicks send you a pic. Ask them what hours they can work. Tell them you will call them when a job opens up.

Now for the real stuff....

5 tips on how to immediately improve your live.
These are things that you can quickly implement and see immediate improvements in the quality of your life. No theory. No fluff. Just things I do to pimp out life.


As I've mentioned before. I'm currently outsourcing 90 percent of my business overseas for 450 dollars a month. This guy has a college degree and is really on the ball. Infact he just Skyped me to update me on the latest project.  I plan on bringing more people on board in the next few months to really ramp things up. I got my guy from the Phillipines where they love Americans and have a culture of serving.

You don't have to be a business man to Outsource.

You can outsource your College Work, Online Dating profiles, Job searching, Stock investing, Market Research on Housing...etc.

Basically...this is real simple..I didn't invent it. But I think almost anyone can benefit from in instantly.


If you focus on nothing more but creating ULTIMATE VALUE in everything you do..You will become successful in anything and literally get whatever you want.

It's that simple.

Like...I really want everyone to focus on just shoving VALUE down the throat of everything you do.

I was a taker for so long. All my failures can be attributed to me taking more then giving.

Think about that ONE thing you can say to a chick that will really BRING some value into her life.


This is the stuff of Gods.

Heres the quick and dirty on this.

Mentality is - Wake up, drink water, workout. Monday through Friday. No exceptions. No Bullshit.

I used to workout late at night..but would often put it off. Get tired. etc.

Workout first thing in the morning. It starts your day off in a positive way and gives you an endorphine rush.

I like to run for 2 miles and life weights 3 times a week. Sometimes If I'm burned out..I'll take a day off during the week but always make up for it on Saturday.

If you want a good workout plan by a guy that forgot more about Bodybuilding then you will ever know goto

Bonus points for practicing of the best things I've ever done.

4. Drink Green Smoothies.

Want to Get more nutrition in one day then most people get in a month?

Take 2 handfuls of Spinach or Kale

Then take some blueberries, a banana, strawberries, and any fruit you like and toss it in a blender. throw in about a cup of water to help blend better.

I won't get to scientific..but this is the best combination of things you can put in your body. Period. end of discussion.


I was kind of blessed and cursed as a kid.

I was raised by my Grandma and she was constantly being laid off or fired. I mean..maybe not constantly..but like 2-3 times by jobs she had worked at loyally for many years. My Grandma and I had like this sixth sense connection. She was all I really every wanted to be around. Even more then my Mom. I'll never forget the day when she came home from work one day and said..."I got fired" after 15 years of busting her ass for low wages.

I didn't know it then......But It really instilled in me that working for "The Man" was the wrong way to go.

Now it's even more prevelant with the economic situation.

It affords me the lifestyle that I love. I don't have to get up to work, don't have to have pre-determined wages, no office politics, and best of all..When I want a raise...I ask myself ONE SIMPLE QUESTION..

How Can I Create More Value In Other Peoples Lives?

Someone asked me the other day after I had given a presentation at a Chamber of Commerce meeting......Some condescending dude with a business degree... "What makes you such an authority on business" To which I said... "You can strip away everything I have right now, and in 6 months..I'll have it all back" But that guy...He can't.

See..he is busy filing paperwork, fetching coffee, and being forced to laugh at some douche bags jokes that he works for.

And I'm far from having the "perfect life" but I've got the freedom to do almost anything I want.

That's all I got man...I guess I don't really have a "code" I live my life by..Because I'm constantly evolving..but these 5 things can quickly better your life.
All the hustlers happy that one of us made it.
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Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

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hey man, I enjoy reading your posts, even though at this moment in my life I'm a medical student and I'm not really thinking about how I'm going to arrange my financial situation since I'll be in uni for another 5 years and I don't see the work I''ll be doing after that as corporate slaving. Still I think it's pretty interesting what you have to say, you seem to be thinking really outside the box and you're willing to take big risks. I think that's the thing with the west, everything is so secure when you grow up, there's a plan laid out for you, you go to school, university, get a job and get paid. it's secure, but you aren't afraid to lose that to find out what else is there. at least, from what I gather from your posts.

I was wondering how old you are, how you got this mindset. What are the things that taught you how to be 'smart' with money. certain books, life experience?

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Awesome post, most of it. Once I return to my homeland, I intend to follow your business advice to the fullest. For now though, it's studying and becoming a bartender that are my main priorities. The gym is not even a priority, it's a part of who I am.
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Very cool man, yup I'm definetly doing something like this. Gonna be funny like 39878 bikini businesses all over the world...You wanna build a franchise?
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Propz, great stuff as usual smile
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MAD RESPECT which I didn't manage to post up in your other thread. Now you've offered even more value. You clearly practice what you preach.

So where are you at now? What's your current project? Any way the hoardes of RSDN can help, ask. I can't speak for others but I'll do what I can.

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Thank you for the kind words..

I'm 27. I explained a little bit in the post where I got my mentality..It is really just about life experience for me. I get inspiration from almost everything around me...I really think you can find it just by opening up the front door. Like look at Geese. They fly thousands of miles to mate and get out of the cold weather so they don't die. Yet, some people can't workout because they "don't have the time" or won't talk to hot chicks because they might get "rejected"...

I've had almost any job you can think of, have failed at tons of stuff, been laughed at, rejected, fell on my face...etc. But ..

Fall down seven, Get up eight

Just come to terms that there is no failure in anything unless you give up.

Then one day..You'll be standing in some club, bar, at work..or wherever and it will just kind hit you like... "I'm the coolest motherfucker in the whole world"  It's hard to put into words...but when it happens it's magical. You'll just look up and see all these people kind of running around playing the game, leading the cookie cutter ass lives society has structured for them and realize you can just kind of make your own rules if you really want to. Then it's like a movie plays in your head of all the blood, sweat, tears it took you to get to THIS exact moment in time.

For me, I was just sitting there in a dive bar in some town I'd never been to..sipping on a glass of water and all of a sudden I get these images in my head playing like a movie starring me, and all the crazy shit I've been through...LIke for just about 4-5 minutes I just kind zoned out and all these crazy memories came flooding in....Trust me it's kinda bizzare..but you'll look around the room and you'll probably realize that no one in the place is even coming close to leading the life you lead. I'm not big on comparing myself to anyone else..but for me it was just this little reference point that I immediately had.

It was like...I looked around and just kinda could see these people were running the same game, working the same jobs, and living the same lives, and sitting in the same bar that their parents did 20 years previous. It's like the faces change...but the game remains the same. The path of least resistence. Playing it safe.

You don't get any of this by reading books, watching TV, or playing video games. It's really about just getting out there and putting yourself on the line and holding yourself accountable. It sucks sometimes. Living your life without a safety net so to speak.

Like my friend said....When we were discussing working out and taking our bodies to the next level...It's just about saying "Fuck it"  It just kinda resonated with me. Like..Really that's all there is to it. Not really getting into the conversations of "What if" and just saying "Fuck it" and driving on.

Dude was eating raw cranberries mixed with tuna, running like 8 miles on the treadmill, doing weight training...and The way he explained it was "Yah, eating all this healthy shit and working out like a maniac kinda sucks...but I just say fuck it and do it anyways..because I'm tired of being good...I want to be great"
All the hustlers happy that one of us made it.
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Reno Valentine

Reno Valentine

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 I'm not getting too many reply's from craigs, or kijiji. Anyone know of any other good advertising website?
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Your Own Website
Partner With Concierge Services Like
Make Youtube Vids of the Girls cleaning and have a link to your website at the bottom of the video
Get some local publicity by contacting local newspapers, blogs, television shows, etc

PS - Great post Scumbag!
All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
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 Thanks for the post. Inspiring stuff.
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 Whats outsource means?
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