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Hey what's up guys?

I am just want to write a quick post about my 2009 so far and where it has been headed. I've set forth a lot of goals and continued reaching them and creating new ones. Not being detered even when there are certain challenges or obstacles. This is a process I pretty much started in 2006 (after getting actively involved in the game in 2002/2003 and dealing with those "dark times" that most of us here have probably experienced).

Some of those goals included:

- Improving my overall quality of life
- Increasing my social circle
- Meeting and interacting with high quality people (men and women)
- Pushing my comfort zones further
- Strengthen my core and really establish a new identity
- Travel and increase my awareness of the world around me
- Make peace with my family members and literally get passed a lot of dumb shit that kept us apart.
- Really explore my musical interests

This year has really been great, looking back at the tough times before and all the changes I've made in myself for the better. I can say that just like every year before this, things are always getting better and more exciting. I have an extrodinary social circle, I have a great career, I live in beautiful Downtown Manhattan, I've dated lots of very intelligent and beautiful women, I am currently in a relationship with a very positive, intelligent, and passionate woman whom I adore.

As far as just pure game, it is just fluid now. Just straight up me being me and nothing else. I've met/meet  girls in the day time, night time, ordering coffee, lines at clubs, going up stairs, going to take a leak, online, at work. I've don't deal with Approach Anxiety, I don't really "warm up".. I just go in. PERIOD. Shit tests and "hoops" or whatever don't even register with me. My BEING pretty much handles all that on it's on. It is not even a thought. I am truly at peace with myself. I'm loving life, I love myself, and I am always ready for the next adventure.

Until Next Time,
--Tek (Frank)
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Here is a quick video I put together from my travels in 2008. 

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Hey Guys,

I had another crazy glorious weekend... This week I saw my good friends band play live... met some new awesome people, lost my G-phone....met up with some awesome friends, gamed up tons of girls, glorious makeouts, numbers, fucking, and going down on a girl on the dance floor (don't worry her pants were on... lol... even I have limits)...

I write this not as a field report (so to speak) more of something I noticed which occured friday night/saturday morning. Basically what occured was when I noticed a fatty in the a lounge who wasn't having a lot of fun and her hotter friends were being hit on by some of friends. Something inside me said... "Give this girl the night of her life..." which is what I did. I didn't treat fatty as an obstacle or a gateway to her hot friends, I genuinely wanted to not only lift her spirits and get to know her a little more... When we were on the dance floor we really
cut loose, I moved her around, serious grinding , we started kissing, and she desperately wanted to be pulled (I didn't because I already had this hot chick coming over,,, and I typically don't dig bigger girls... although a few slipped in here and there)... but the most amazing thing is that in the middle of the dance floor, her positive energy permeated throughout the room, soon all these obvious players rolled up and wanted to get in on fatty... it was a surreal experience... they just started ignoring the other hotter girls in favor of fatty... it was glorious... she was having the night of her life.... there was even an "AMOG Battle" for fatty (I am usually tuned out to this nonsense... but I was very aware of this going on in this particular set)... I came and of course owned those players and got my fatty back... and even funnier they congratulated me on a game well played (lol... that was funny)...

All in all, it really felt good to give someone like that the night of her life. Again, lots of amazing things (some which I am keeping quite about... :P) but that was surely the highlight.

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Hey Guys,

Just a quick posting about this past week. A lot of things have happen, specifically me being BACK into going back out and pushing myself hardcore. This year I am pushing my comfort zones even more than 2008 (which was a big year for me).

Last year, I was going out about 5 days a week, tons of women, hardcore glory times, literally up to December. Then a lot of things started happening, first I moved from an outer borough (Staten Island) into Lower Manhattan which was a big change for me, as well as getting into a "serious" relationship towards the end of the year, and lots of careful monitoring of the economy and penny pinching due to the possible financial impact the recession would have on my current life. Now SPRING has SPRUNG, I'm settled into my new apartment, my girlfriend and I have broken up (this was long overdue), my once good friend and "wingman" has somewhat reverted into the anti-social person he once was, new friends have emerged, my relationship with my family is better than ever before, and the fears of being laid off has subsided. I am not back on my purpose and loving every moment of it. I am no longer affected by the rollercoaster called LIFE, I am EMBRACING it as I once did. This week alone was proof of this. I am back to going out 4 nights a week, I enjoyed my first St. Patty's day in an Irish pub, I explored new clubs and hung out with tons of women, hooking up at least 3-4 times a week, new in-field first have occured (even after 5+ years of doing this) this past saturday I got punched in the the eye by this girl, then I grab her, k-close, and #-close The machine has been restarted. The adventure continues...

Until Next time...


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Hello All,

This is my first blog posting here and I want to introduce myself and give some background to this blog posting before I proceed. Firstly, I having been in the game for 5+ years now and have undergone a serious transformation from an young and hostile individual to a well-rounded positive person with genuine self-esteem and a very positive outlook on life. I started out the game (just like most people here) in a very unnatural and into "value based" game. And as of early last year, I have transitioned into straight up natural game and focused very much on self-awareness and "being" instead of "doing".

With all that said, I spent the weekend reflecting about the amazing adventures of the last five or so years I
wanted to quickly touch on something I noticed recently. In this game, one thing is very consistent and that is OFF nights. Now, regardless of how much of a pimp or player you are days like this are going to happen. ACCEPTANCE of this into your reality is a VERY good thing, however, the EXPECTATION of this is very bad and can be your undoing in-field and in life. This realization came about somewhat recently when I noticed that I started thinking "This is going to be one of those bad nights". This mindset poisons your game and when talking to girls you are subcommunicating the negative feelings associated with that mindset.

Off nights or Bad nights should only be identified in retrospect and not in the moment. I sometimes catch myself or my buddies throwing in the towel and labeling the night as a bad night prematurely. This usually occurs when those few initial approaches that I have done in that evening didn't go over well, and I would sometimes let those bad sets set the tone for the rest of my evening. My advice in those situations is to understand that this is your (as Tim would say) "YUCK" state. If you are out for two hours and all your sets bombed, it is ok, give yourself time to get out of that yuck state, keep positive, stay social, stop trying to game and have some fucking fun and BOOM... The GLORY will come. And if nothing hooks that single night, you still can have an amazing night. And remember "Your bad nights get better!".
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