PART 2: Follow Your Path

2007: Hang Gliding Over Rio. Tyler said it was too dangerous… fuck it

Here's a couple questions I've been asking myself lately. See if you can relate: "Am I completely selfish?" and if so, "I am wrong for it?". I think I am to a degree, but I don't think that's necessarily bad. I always go after what I want and I always have. It's not always obvious, but as sure as the sun rises every day, I do. People continually in my life have broken themselves upon me. Ultimately, I may bend, but will never break.

How can I freely admit this to you and myself?" I have no fear; I *know* beyond a doubt that my ultimate goal will be for the greater benefit to anyone. I have to serve myself first. It's not just, "Hey man, I'm following my path. Fuck off. Leave me alone". I HAVE to do this. I HAVE to do what I do. How else can someone trade a lucrative investment banking job to make the pittance I do now.


I’ve spoken to Tyler about this and there will be a time when we will move on from the dating biz (me much sooner). That's because we EVOLVE and we get a higher form of understanding of OURSELVES. We will undoubtedly be doing something along these lines for when we do move on (experiences like this always leave imprints on our lives), but it won't be anything quite like what we're doing now. We can't. We must evolve and grow.... No worries, I don't think it will happen anytime too soon.

My purpose that has taken me here. To help people. There is beauty in simplicity.

In order to do this, I had to know my strengths and weakness'. I'm a firm believer in leading by example. Everybody hates a poseur. That was a core reason for all the things I've done in my life. I always put myself out there and pushed myself. I broke rules and did what scared me. I learned that the times I listened to society, family, or friends it consistently only hurt me. You have to think for yourself. Because of what I've learned and experienced, I am a vastly different person and better man than I was when I was 20 or 25 or 29 for that matter-- mostly for the better .

Here’s some training wheels for taking the right action ALL the time and doing the right thing for YOU, the only person that will make you happy, and lead you to a lifetime of fulfillment.

Tyler and a lot of other people have gotten a lot out of what I'm gonna do my best to articulate via the written word (not as easy said than done). The first time Tyler asked me to publicly speak about this was in Rio the spring of 2007. So, here it goes...

Even Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within YOU”

I heard someone say once, "You are what you do". I think that says a lot if you're trying to find out what you should be doing with your time.

Otherwise, I stand by my prior statements that all answers people seek in life they already know. They just need to recognize it and have the courage and strength to go after it. Nobody can tell you what you should do, so you are right to not listen to the people around you, though, they probably have the best intentions. None-the-less, in my experience, it's a recipe for bad consequences.

In January, as I was wondering about a question I had in my own life (seriously, I think it was after I picked up and fucked a TV host that l kinda freaked about how to handle expectations) and I had somewhat of a great--if not the greatest--realization in my life (epiphanies are only for religious experiences).

The summation of it all was this, "Be whom you are meant to be". That was it. I typed it up and posted it on my wall. I realized every answer I could ever have in life was in that statement. I already *knew* in my mind who I saw myself as. I already *knew* inside my own potential. It was only up to *me* to live up to it. It was a profound realization.

You see, there are times when, as a man and (as I'm told) an very well balanced put together person, that my judgments can get clouded by an emotion. In these times it can be difficult to be sure of what to do or think, but if you rear back and really ask yourself that question, "Who am I meant to be?"--the answer WILL become clear.

SITUATION: You are sitting there watching CSI: Miami

REALITY: It's a Thursday night and you *know* there are loads of hot women out tonight at Club Tightshirt that you could meet... if not just for practice

MIND FUCK: You are fucking tired, scared to meet women, need to wash your clothes, and have social anxiety disorder

ANSWER: Be whom you're meant to be. You have to ask and find that answer. In your mind you don't see yourself as a fat ass watching TV, but someone who has women in your life. You can see it and know that God didn't put you on this Earth to not have women or good people in your life. You know truly that you must take action and do the steps to be the person that you *know* you should be. Get up and do it because you have no choice. This is who you *know* you are and right now you are FAILING at your own expectations of yourself. Catch up and start to take those actions that you need to do to get there. You have no choice.

ACTION: Go to club Shinyshirt and meet some women.

As a side note: if you keep failing your own vision of yourself you will be that man at 40 with no life, no women, a career you hate, and no social skills.

Call this preemptive midlife crisis treatment. This is true self actualization.

Left - 2004: The Eyes of Sadness. Wallstreet Days, World Financial Center of Corporate Doom
Right - 2002: Running with the Bulls across from where Ernest Hemingway stayed while in Pamplona

To Be Continued...

Live with Passion. Make yourself proud. Be Whom You're Meant To Be.

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"Ain’t No Good Life, But It’s My Life" –Willie Nelson

I originally wrote this in response to an old Tyler blog post before I started professionally coaching. Mainly for myself because I found as time went on I tended to forget more and more. More than once people had told me I should write a book about my life and things I’d done and seen, so I contributed in order to work on my writing as well. These next 6 articles or so will be meant to be read in whole, so keep reading.

These articles basically say a lot about me and how I’ve lived my life. They should display how "being good with women" is more of a byproduct of who you are than what you do. I think you realize the old days of guys in this industry hoping to seduce a girl and drag her down to your World of Warcraft dungeon basement are over.

Anyway, many people have found inspiration (and challenged the possibility of all this) and asked me to elaborate and write more. So I’ve made some updates and will write about what’s gone on since I originally wrote this article. Many have said it's just as mind-blowing. Funny, I just see it as how I've chosen to live compounded over the years. Live and learn. I’ve included some pictures I’ve found in a shoe box and scanned, but understand I just bought my first digital camera maybe only a few years ago (and still not really a big photo guy).

 Nathan and Willie Nelson
2001: Me and Willie on stage for the Annual 4th of July Picnic. Luckenbach, Texas
A true poet, original Outlaw, and inspiration in my life

By the way, so you understand, when I originally wrote this I was at another crossroad in my life and about to make a choice whether to continue with RSD and this industry or help start another business with my brother-in-law back in Texas. At the time I’d learned just about all I could from "the community" and was about to move on and leave it forever. Not much longer, two days before I was moving, I got the call to become a full instructor. And the New Natural Game as we know it today was ushered in. A year later the Blueprint was released.

… Thank you for writing a biography about my life... goodbye investment banking... goodbye search and rescue... goodbye 3 countries... goodbye MTV & Jerry Bruckheimer... I'm working with RSD and UCLA now... solely passionately and intrinsically motivated... Sometimes I miss the money, but I had to figure out the hard way that the way I was doing it wasn't worth it. Internally it was like slowly dying when I wasn't doing what I knew I needed to do. You have to follow your path.

I look back now at all my many life experiences, hard and good, as awesome social and cultural experiences that I LEARNED from. Trust me, some lessons really hurt. But, they all gave me depth and wisdom beyond belief. I feel I can relate to anybody on almost any level because I've been there in one way or another. From hanging and fighting in the streets of Baltimore, to corn husking in the fields of Iowa, to picking my neighbor’s grape harvest in Italy, to riding camels in the sands of Oman, to red carpet events and the social elite of Hollywood. They’ve all expanded my reality to the point where nothing surprises or intimidates me. I’ve made all this my reality.

Here’s just a few other crazy things that’s possible in reality: I’m also a decorated war veteran, been recognized on national TV, was adopted Chinese (I’m white), dated Playboy, Hawaiian Tropic, and Budweiser models, have been kidnapped, worked for the US Embassy in Central America actively fighting Colombian drug traffickers, modeled, was a top ranked wrestler, helped write porn scripts for a friend in Budapest, started businesses, saved a man's life, am an expert pistol shot, cliff dove in 2 countries, managed over $300 million dollars, played stickball in Brooklyn, hang glided over Brazilian rain forest, written my own TV show, graduated from a #1 ranked program in the world, hiked mountains, ATTACKED BY A GANG OF WILD MONKEYS, lived on a boat for 3 years, partied for Carnival in Rio, Venice, and New Orleans, been arrested and put in jail (a couple times--I was found innocent), traveled to over 30 countries (lived in 4), am fluent in renaissance art, broken too many bones to remember, speak parts of 5 languages, was actually kicked out of a country once and made to fly home (again, innocent), was almost a father and engaged, ran a black market, had sex in 2000 year old plazas where saints were once burned on a stake, thoroughly well read in classical and contemporary literature, met, partied and am friends with famous Spanish bullfighters, been questioned by the CIA, taught at 2 renowned university, stowed away on a train once out of desperation, camped in complete wilderness, traveled to East Germany while under Soviet Union’s control (it was as crazy and depressing as the movies portray it), ran with the bulls in Pamplona, been part of a pit crew in the Mexican Baja 500 twice, been courted by the Russian Mafia (long story), won ski races in the Alps, promoted parties, and also kicked the tree of life. I just turned 30 and have been completely independent since I was 18. Funny thing is, is that I need my friends to really remember some of the crazy shit that’s gone on.       Nathan1998: Life saving days, U.S. Navy                          
2001(?): Someone actually took a picture as the first monkey started attacking me in Gibraltar

I guess the only thing left is to own a monkey, be in a heist, and get shot. Seriously, these are my goals for the next 5-20 years... climb a mountain, write a couple books, start a philanthropic organization, motorcycle around S. America, go on safari, visit the North Pole (before it's gone), buy a home in Europe and in the great state of Texas, get married and have kids, and finally put an end to the mystery and hunt down the Loch Ness monster. Anything’s possible when you’re living your own legend. What's yours?

That said, file this under an experience I wouldn't trade ANYTHING for--college. I don't think it's necessary for everyone to go, but for people who don't know who they are or what they're doing--then GO. When you don't know who you are or what you want, experiencing new cultures is one of the best ways to find out... that's what college is and why it was so awesome for me. Make sure, so you make all the memorized-learning tests bearable, study things that piques your intellectual curiosity!

 Nathan in Germany
1989?: Brandenburg Gate, East Germany. This is a COMPLETELY different place today.
This is for the guy who emailed me saying that it was not possible that I had been to communist East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down. I own a piece of that wall and clearly remember having submachine guns pointed at me. Now, I hear they now have gay pride parades here

Live with Passion. Make yourself proud. Be Whom You're Meant To Be


Visit to get all of Nathan's updates and how to become the person you were meant to be
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First of all I have many variations of long term relationships. I even consider "fuck buddies", to an extent, a long term relationship dependent on time (unless we're just doing business-which again I could write another whole post on because these situations rarely last without them wanting more).

I have different "girlfriends" that I date for a while with sex. This is newer because for most of my life I held out on ever giving any 'titles' to any form of "relationship"--I always felt like they ruined good things when you did. So, I think that’s true to being a really good with women. You can either give many girls the titles of "girlfriend", or, like me, be honest and tell her that you just enjoy being with her and don’t want to change it (open ended).

What I used to do through college was explain why it’s wrong to change our dynamic and how becoming strictly boyfriend-girlfriend will ruin our relationship. Titles seemed to give people entitlements that were unnecessary and only fucked things up.

I changed toward the end of college because of one "girlfriend" though. I didn’t change for a couple years afterwards, but she was the catalyst because I didn’t forget the impression she with left me. She told me, and at the time I ignored, that “some girls with low self esteem (her) need to hear that you’re her boyfriend”. What happened was I ignored her and eventually lost her so she could go bang a bunch of dodes while studying abroad in Spain (I don’t really know, she suddenly just stopped talking to me before she left).

Being Myself

The real point here after a LOT of experience is that ALL girls are low self esteem. If you are THE MAN, then they ALL will want more from you after a period of time no matter what (assuming sex from the beginning). By her hearing you are her boyfriend VALIDATES them because relationships of all types are what they are put on this earth for.

Otherwise, she will only feel like she is being "used", regardless of how much fun you are having together. The only exception might be porn stars who are a more detached from sex. But really it’s not the sex that’s causing this-it’s the commitment and investment of time and energy that they are giving you that needs validating.

What’s the difference here? Well, I couldn’t change because I strongly believed that "labels" were wrong for what I wanted. What I realized later after a few of these experiences (lots of them) was that I needed to change something. Too many girls were walking away mad. I was already extremely honest and upfront with them about how I feel, but I wasn’t empathetic enough to relate it to them and how THEY are hard wired to be.

Now, I may be older (30) and less crazed than when I was 20, but I was born to be and still am great with women. It’s in my blood. If girls I’m hooking up with force the issue and I feel they deserve my commitment to be their boyfriend (in short, putting up with my shit for a period of time that impressed me), then I will make them my girlfriend.

Right now, I have two girls that I rotate. Two is all the time I can afford to be honest. I think this is best because, as Kahlil Gibran from the classic book of poetry, “The Prophet” says, “Let there be spaces in your relationships”. I think that is key to keeps things fresh and growing proportionately as you get to know each other more and more. If over time we find ourselves wanting to spend more time together to the point that we think we’ve found our "soul mates" then I will know then that she’s the one.

Important: I DO NOT FORCE RELATIONSHIPS. Like meeting women, my rule is: I pursue, but do not chase. They know my value and it's their choice, and duty, to at least try to make a relationship happen. It is inevitable and in their core of their being a woman.

Getting back to your first question in how often I keep in touch with my girlfriend/s, sometimes I’m extensively in touch with her over a few days or a week and will be very committed to this "relationship". Then, I will give it a break because I normally have to catch up with time consuming important things that I need to focus on. We will have short chats in between, sometimes a long one, and they will normally always text or Facebook me throughout.

But normally, when I am focused on something, I really don’t have much else time to go into long ordeals unless it’s important. Sometimes I won’t say a thing for a few days. Normally, just to let them know I’m not blowing them off, I will text them something like, “I was just thinking of you…” and then go back to work or whatever I’m doing (Ie. I just did that because I’ve been working on buying a new business lately). A lot of this is very much a dynamic. Just a lot of flowing and going with how things go.

If we get a good text thing going on, I’ll stop and do that. Or if there’s something I really want to tell a girl, I’ll call her and talk about it. There’s no rules to anything. I can’t even tell you that in the beginning of relationships we start out seeing each other massively and then let things tail off. I’ve done it that way, and other times, it’s been where I fuck her the first night and I don’t see her for months afterwards. A lot of getting with a girl is just about timing for both of you. It happens. Anyway, that’s a pretty good rough personal look at how I am and some of my evolution.

My preference is actually one solid girl (I'm lazy and one amazing girl is better and easier than the hassle of screwing four crazy LA bitches). That is my ideal. But, when I don't have that one girl I want to go solo with, then I like to double dip (I don't see either girl I'm with as long term options. Right now, I'm actually always lurking for possible "that one" girl). The only difference that allows me to do what I do is just one principle and I believe it:

A girl will let you treat her as good or bad as she will let you (and vice versa).


Therefore, with every girl I test compliances randomly as I see fit (ie. push the envelope). You MUST have foresight for this for both of ya'lls future expectations. You need to know where she stands and how much value she holds for herself. It's so important to do this EARLY while you BOTH are setting future expectations of who you really are and a how you value yourself.

If you do not set things up correctly or lead expectations at the beginning of the relationship, then it will most likely not work out in the long run. If it does go on, then you and consequently her, will not be happy or fulfilled. If you decide to tell her later about "this other girl" or this other "sexual fetish" (ie. threesomes) that you can't go on living without, it will not work or will get ugly. Period. Complete honesty up front is key and she will respect you for it--and find you a fascinating breath of fresh air and instantly massively attractive.

EDIT: You know what? It just hit me that I'm like a chick who's a 10, except when I date multiple girls, I tell them directly. I think that's how everybody should be actually. I think if you're dating only one person then there had better be a reason (like she and you guys together are pretty special). If not, then fuck it. You got keep persisting and experiencing as much as possible.

If you like what I write, do me a favor and write comments telling me what you’ve learned, what you like, or just what you want to hear more about. There's more to be learned on my blog as well at Be sure to go there and sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when it goes 'live'.

Be passionate.

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Before I was an instructor I was actually just a guy who loved women and "the game".

To kick things off for my blog, I am bringing back a lot of things I wrote before I was a coach in 2007 while living in Hollywood and living that crazy awesome lifestyle. I wrote much of these articles for my own remembrance purposes and to help other guys (I had no plans to professionally coach then).

As for what I write about "game", my philosophy and "tactics", they really haven’t changed and there’s nothing I don't believe to be as true as the day I wrote it. The only thing different about me today is that I know myself and can identify and teach things 1000 times better. With that, my game and abilities have only gotten tighter and my longer term relationship ideas, philosophy, and experience (6 months+) have evolved exponentially. I see a proper relationship article series in my future....


Here's what I've found from my life. Call it my own practical field experience and life philosophy:

The big keys to life and relationships are laid out in being a man. Never be reactive. Move with purpose. Following your path as your #1 priority is extremely attractive. Girls are drawn to no end to a man of purpose and passion. Women understand that is part of your being a man. They want that. As an emotional being she will do everything in her power on an almost daily basis to distract you from that path. These distractions are nothing more than congruence tests and she will like/love you more for being true to yourself. Allow/encourage her to fulfill her life to be as good a woman as she is hardwired to be.

To elaborate, I encourage a woman to be the best person that she thinks she can be and how she knows she can be. You have to know womens' core directives: love, family, relationships, community, and somewhat, status among peers (relationships).

The latest example is with my current Playboy model girlfriend. If I cared or wasn't strong enough she could be with and fuck ANYBODY (and she's reminded me of this). With all the glamour and Hollywood lights, I got her with my realness. I showed her my core values and got her to express hers. That alone was enough to have sex with her the day I met her. From there, I haven't changed. I stuck with who I am. I am working on my own life goals-ish things. I don't pressure her, but I expect her to be a certain way. I have told her I need a strong independent woman because I can be tough to be with and expect a lot. As I say, I am a simple man, but not easy.

I expect her to be everything a woman is--loving, caring, sweet, honest, and to follow and trust me (the latter is solely based on me fulfilling my obligation to be a man). I know and understand when she isn't that way then she IS or will be unhappy. She has to be redirected back to those core values at some time or she will hate you or her life (I don't want either). This is difficult, guys. Just know first and foremost, you must LEAD yourself as a man before you can lead her to be a glorious joyous fulfilled woman.

When she's not who I think she should be (that is acting in a way that detracts her from who she should be--a joyous fulfilled woman), then I will her call her on it. No, I'm not an asshole and tell her to shut the fuck up and do something (unless that rare time when she needs it--i.e. express dominance), but I will talk to her about things in an emotionally related manner. A lot of times it comes down to realness again. I will tell her or emotionally charge her to show her what is really important to her, or me, or us personally or as a whole unit--what a relationship is at it's core. I will often just leave her alone to come back to me for guidance as they often default to. She understands and knows. I do lead a lot, but I am also very loose-like because I do give her freedoms to do what she thinks is good--If I think it's not right I will again call her on it and tell her to cut it out (very easy for her). It's tough for a women that is almost completely led by her emotions. I can't tell you how many times I tell girls to stop thinking so much. It just works. blah, blah, this is too much for me to do justice to. This is just more of how I do things and I can't say I'm the best. Relationships can be hard man. I just have a lot of faith in the direction I'm going and give her the choice to be a part of it. No pressure, it's her choice. Attractive women have options and they also remember what it's like to be with an immature purposeless man.

Lastly, give her the best sex of her life. She will ALWAYS come back for it because you give her the earth shattering emotions that she never feels normally or gets anywhere else. In the end she can be as powerful outside the bedroom (CEO, president or whatever), but when she is there she KNOWS she is YOUR woman. Very little is as comforting to a woman in my experience. She needs this and will always remember it (it will be in the back of her mind somewhere always).

I am personally known to be not just a great lover, but can also, when I want to, be very dominant. I do that not just because I love how it makes me feel as a core man, but also feel there are times I have to show her my dominance. They want that. They respond on core primal levels to it. It's like they want to know that you are ultimately in charge.

For example, sometimes I will literally make her say it to me--I stumbled upon this in college from a cutie I used to hook up with from my favorite bar Cain and Abels on West Campus. At first I did it because I didn't really care for anything long term with her, it was cheesy as hell, and thought it would be hilarious. Anyway, as I was fucking her I kept telling her, "WHO'S YOUR DADDY? WHO'S YOUR DADDY?" At first she was reluctant, and then she screamed, “YOU ARE, YOU ARE” and it was all over for her. It was like a big compliance test and once she gave up all power to me she knew I was THE FUCKING MAN. She had probably never known what it was truly like to feel like a woman in her life until that moment. She's probably still dreaming about me somewhere--from what I hear anyway. Lastly, I don't go to that extreme that often and, when I do, less degradingly--I used to be such an asshole.


If you like what I write, do me a favor and write comments telling me what you’ve learned, what more you want to hear about, and/or what you like. You can also check out more on my new blog at Lot's to come on there.

Be passionate.

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Here’s my introduction: Nathan, the man and instructor you know probably the least about. That is unless you’ve taken a program with me, and then you know everything. Because in everything I do, I am. If you think I’m the coolest motherfucker you’ve ever met, I am. If you think I’m a biggest asshole you’ve ever met, I am. Trust me, I’m both; it’s who I am. If it were ever just one way or the other, then you’d know, and I’d know, something is fraudulent. Life isn’t all clouds, moonbeams and ‘glory pulls’ and neither is it all death, despair, and STDs. It has elements of both—and if you’re smart (or lucky) enough to engineer your life—then it’s mostly excellent. Mine is mostly excellent, but at times it has definitely been the former. I am an open book: past and present. Besides, as the famed psychologist Sigmund Freud once coined, “The self is always coming through” and I won’t try to pump or persuade you of one way or the other. So there is little for you I won’t answer. In the military we called it leading by example.

Entertaining picture to keep your attention span

I stand by myself and my words and actions. I am a man of integrity. The hardest job on the planet. The .01% man. Integrity to self is the most attractive quality in a man. A man of integrity IS and ‘does’ little. He speaks through action. He has no choice. And women are drawn to it.

I am abnormal. I am not like you, you, or YOU. Everything about my life is a contradiction to what people see their lives as. I am not talking just women. I am definitely NOT talking ‘pick up’ (possibly the last time you will hear me use that term). Yet, in everything I am, it is completely normal.

I have an abnormal IQ (top 5%), EQ (top 3%), and ZQ (?) (but that doesn’t comfort me at night and possibly by stating this probably puts me in the bottom 5% of all of them)

I have an abnormal sense of humor (but in high school I entertained the thoughts of being a comedian)

I am abnormally freaky good with women (personally the best I’ve ever known for whatever that means)

I’ve traveled to an abnormal amount of countries (but still yearn for more adventure)

I’ve had an abnormal amount of jobs and CAREERS (but, few passions in those categories)

I am abnormally passionate about helping others and myself (obsessive may be the best term)

I’ve broken an abnormal amount of bones (but loved everything I was doing when I broke them)

I’m abnormally strong (and I have great genes to help thank)

As Alexander~ once said, I have an abnormally strong sense of reality (though it wasn’t necessarily under the greatest of circumstances. lol)

I have an abnormal sense of entitlement (but, I earned that through a lifetime of hard work and not compromising myself)

I have abnormal beliefs (but all of them are based in love, faith and overall good for people)

I can be abnormally abrasive/cutting/confrontational

Above all, I’m abnormally honest. ‘The truth’ is the one and only code I live for and by. God I hate clichés, but, to me this is me and to me the truth is Love and it’s why I’m here.

Indiana StayPuff and my excellent coffee stain

This is normal. Because I am the product of a lifelong process and vision. Therefore, with everything I do, it’s all normal. Being bored or excelling is normal. Egoless Eckhart Tolle in action without all the wimpy soft stuff I suppose.

When the guys at RSD asked me to start writing I was more than reluctant knowing that this is a task that could take up more time than I can dedicate (that, and I'm not a fan of the over-the-top dating marketing). I am a purposeful writer and take time with my craft and what represents me. Sometimes when I write I look back and wish I could be more concise, but rarely do I write something that in the future I wish I could take back. I write and ‘do’ like my interactions and life with women. I speak and move with purpose. I am an energy optimist.

“To me, there’s only one form of human depravity—the man without purpose” Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged pg148

Welcome to my abnormal life. In it everything is normal. Being really good with women? Trust me, it’s normal. It’s whom I’m meant to be. That all. Considering you’re reading this, there’s a chance it’s whom you’re meant to be. I won’t be able to tell you that, but you know. Anyway…

I want to ask you. I’ve had many mentors in my life. Who are yours? What do they represent? Do you have people who inspire you in your life? I do. Are you, or can you be, an inspiration to yourself? I think you can. Remember that.

Appreciate those people in your life that have a positive effect in your life. You can love them, but don’t worship them as idols. Be your own guru. Understand many of the people that inspire, motivate, and create greatness in the world were not born that way and had many teachers inspiring, motivating and guiding them. Know before they became ‘gurus’ they had to diverge paths to become who they knew they were meant to become. That path wasn’t always the same as their mentors. Do me a favor and today, completely unattached to outcome, thank people who have had positive affects in your life. When the time is right, know that you will eventually have to, not leave, but move on with whom you’re meant to be.

So, that’s the Nathan introduction. Do me another favor and write comments telling me what you’ve learned, what you like and/or what more you want to hear about. There’s a LOT to come and I hope you can reflect and get whatever lessons I’ve learned from my life onto yours.

Be Passionate. Make me proud.

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