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September 23, 2012
(San Diego, CA)

I’ve been doing a bit of reflection on a famous RSD quote: “There is no reason why you are not enough.” There’s a ton of interpretations to take from it. You can even take a left turn on this and pervert the fuck out of this quote, and use it as an excuse to not take action. You know, to grow into a total  Simpson's Comic Book Guy type of guy. Which isn't growth at all. It means being okay with Anime marathons being the focus of your life. You know, the type of guy who regularly wakes up with last nights dry jizz and Cheeto dust all over his Coldplay concert T-shirt. There's a few of these dudes who might watch an Alex Attitude video inside of Mommy's basement, dust the Cheeto dust off their hands, and agree, "Hell yeah, there is no reason why I am not enough!" ***proceeds to try to suck his own dick for the next 4 hours to fill up his day*** #Winning!

No it doesn’t work that way. But you know what? As unbelievable as it sounds, sluggish, ****boring*** dipshits get laid by cute, even hot girls, everyday. Yes, errday. Gotta see it to believe it, son.

I saw this example Saturday. My roomie invited his girlfriend and her friend over for lunch. She wasn’t stunning by any means, but relatively fuckable: Skinny, 20 years old, sandy blonde hair, with a cute face. I start chatting with her- not gaming or anything- but I was magnetizing the fuck out of this with my positive energy. Not bragging here (brushing off shoulder). Then I see this spitting image of Comic Book Guy roll through the doors. I’m chatting with both of them, and man…was this dude lame. Really polite, but a total slob, loser. If you’ve ever seen Carl from Aqua Teem Hunger Force, this kid looks like the 25 year old version of the man.

Turns out this was his girlfriend. It’s pretty awesome to see the both of them. Shatters your ass limiting beliefs right away. They met each other through a mutual friend (social circle), had been friends for a while, and eventually became girlfriend and boyfriend. They’ve been hibernating in their little love shack, watching endless YouTube and Netflix videos. Awwww love ;-). They’ve been together for four years now.

So when I see these examples in real life, as rare as they are, I come to the conclusion right away, “Hell yeah! There’s no reason why I am not enough.” These examples don’t even piss me off. Quite the opposite. I get a big fat Gilbert Grape retard smile all over my face when I see them. In My head I’m like, “If this dude is getting some decent poonani , I can get away with so much more!” I deserve it…

To the good life,
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Saturday February 4 2012 (San Diego, CA)
Note this post will be gramtically fucked beyond belief. It was written in a hurry. Cheers!

After getting a bit rowdy with 'Pinapple' and his pick-up instructor friend we decided to hit up JBar- which is notoriously cougar-ific. Its funny with some of these older broads are more open to getting fucked because they crave the attention they used to get in their 20’s- and ironically wished they have opened their legs up to guys like us in their prime. Oh well, just a funny thought.

It was pretty dead, so I spot these “meh” looking cougars and approach. I got very bored very quickly and decided to act a little retarded(literally) and loud, so I threw a ‘fake’ little tantrum to get in state. I’m also kinda buzzed in a good way. The milfy chick I was chatting up said she worked with special-ed children and that wasn’t cool. I laughed it up even more & this old man tried to get in on the conversation, and said something stupid like “You’re messing up your chance”. So I tell this grey-haired 60 something year old, “Alright playboy, dazzle-up. Show me how it’s done, and I’ll consider making you my new seduction coach”. I laughed it up even more and knew there was better to be found that night so I dipped for the streets. [Note: I could have been playful about the situation with the to avoid any awkwardness, but I wanted to get incredibly pumped.]

Pinapple’s pick-up friend met up with Sasha DayGame guy, but got distracted pretty quick and hollered at this cute brunette along the way. I stopped her with some gay shit about how awesome her outfit was, and started groping right away. She digs! So I pick her up and carry her toward a lamp post. I go in for a mini-make-out and pull her toward me to feel my pecker(at that point about half-mast) against her thighs. I harden fully! I was also slowly caressing her back near the waste(her back was turned away from her friends, so it’s easier for her to go with it without feeling all judged by her girl-crew). Her friends pull her away, but by this point I’m like a fucking distracted pigeon and know I’m in just the right state to beast.

We enter this other joint where the music was loud so went in for some Dance shit. Starred girl in the eye fiercly, and started dancing with her. Pulled her forward and pretty soon went for a kiss near the neck. She wasn’t being receptive so we kept dancing, and slowly kept pecking at her neck again, and again, again, till she let me suck on it for a second. I try putting my leg between hers during the flowy songs to get her wet, but she got fed up and took off. So I beasted on her friends and opened with some shit like
“ You look like you’re from North Park(*The Shitty Hipster/Hippy part of San Diego*)… or Chico.”
“I bet you’ve planted a shit ton of trees in your life”
Her: laughs. Blah, blah, blah, blah I’m from [somewhere irrelevant]
Didn’t quite hook so I left the place.

This hot euro-looking girl with big blue eyes came up from the stairs so I started blabbing some awesome non-sense and she was really digging. I hold her by the hand. I keep vibing, but she tells me her boyfriend is with her. I normally assume this is bullshit auto-pilot stuff from chicks, so I said “it’s okay, this moment is just VIP for you and me”. She giggles and says, ”Seriously, he’s coming up the stairs”. And it was true, this buff-ass dude walks up and takes her by the hand, and maddogs me and blabs,”That’s my girlfriend. Blah, blah, blah” basically telling me to get off his girl

I diffuse the situation by saying, “yeah I know, isn’t she awesome dude!” High Five. And he kept being a fucking frowny face, so to cheer him the fuck up and keep me in state I say, “Smile man, smile man, its Saturday! Who can be possibly pissed off on a Saturday?”[Credit here to 'MyNameIsJosh' when he said the something similar to a group of grumpy military wankers on a Friday after acting gloriously beastly]

The dude starts cheering the fuck up, I Keep yappin and tell him he should be happy I was hitting on his girl, cause that means he has a hot girlfriend. I give them both a hug and head out to a different venue.
Outside I saw these three cuties.
I open with a loud fucking roaring “YOU!!!!!!!!!”
Then softly said, “I found you. I found you-Waldo”- because she had a red stripped top. She laughs it up.
I give her a big hug and double kiss on the cheek, and greet the friends.

Waldo girl was really fucking cute like that chick from New Girl that was married to that “Death Cab For Cutie” faggot. I keep running my rap, kino-ing slowly since the pace felt right, but the girl that seemed most DTF was her friend. By this point Pineapple’s Seattle friend was winging outside so I let him take the dirty blond who was talking about a “BOP”---which is a girl who gives head to hip-hop stars in their cars because they bop up and down as they drive. Hahaha. I wanted to order her to show me how she BOPs, but my dick was set on New Girl.... To be continued on Part 2

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