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December 12th, 2018


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About Me: 
Came from: The Dark Newbie Hardcase.
Currently just a Newbie
Could not sustain conversations for more than 2-5 sentences.
Knowing about game since 2010-12
in 2014 Needed to reach "state" to be able to talk to ANY PERSON for more than 5 minutes
But only started taking half ass action in 2015. Got a little bit more serious in 2016 when I did a whole month non stop going out. Then went crazy now in 2017. Currently doing a Year going out challenge.
Live in my parent's basemeant, in an under developed country called Brazil.
Aspire to move myself to america, and work there. my long therm goal is to move myself to Vegas and do game for a living.
I like Rock and Electro. I play Violin and Cello, Also
Favorite Books: 
The Power of Now

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