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How To Talk to Girls at Parties
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While meeting girls at parties is far easier than virtually any other environment, most guys are still clueless as to how to go about it. Becoming proficient at it, however, can make your dating life exponentially easier.

The first thing to be aware of, although it might seem self-evident is that girls WANT to meet guys. If you haven't quite figured out the dating game yet, it can often seem like girls are resistent to talking to guys they don't know. The idea that you can meet a girl at midnight and be fucking her an hour later seems hard to comprehend -- but it happens ALL THE TIME.

Take some time to learn how to talk to girls at parties and that can easily be you.

First things first.

While the basics of talking to girls at parties is pretty much the same wherever you go, it's still very important to adjust your game to the situation.

Talking to Girls at Small Parties

At a small party, especially where everyone knows everyone, it's best to start things off slow. You have all night to work, and there might be only a couple of your girls you're interested in. Say hi to people you know and introduce yourself to anyone you don't. Do this right when you get there. You just have to meet everyone so it's natural to talk to them later.

Once you've settled in for a few minutes, pick out a girl you like and start up a conversation. It doesn't particularly matter what you talk about, just as long as it's clear you're interested. Just getting her 1 on 1 will usually be enough to accomplish this. Make eye contact and talk about things you find amusing. One of the biggest problems most inexperienced guys run into is they let (or need) the girl lead the direction of the conversation and following along. As a man, you need to dictate where it's going. You need to be able to lead, because you're going to have to take it from strangers meeting to sex or a date.

Other than that, just focus on being fun and not getting too attached how she reacts. Girls don't like men who crumble at any sign of a bump in the road.

At small parties the bar is very low. She doesn't have a lot to distract her and there aren't usually a ton of other cool guys to compete with. 

How to Talk to Girls at Big Parties

Meeting girls at big parties is a little different. There's a lot more going on, a lot more to distract them, and most likely a lot more people you don't know.

If you know people at the party, you want to get introductions to all the girls you're into. Just join groups where you know one or two of the people and meet everyone else, then stick on the girl you want.

Sometimes you won't be able to get an easy introduction, so you'll just have to play it more like bar/club game. Fortunately most girls at parties are very open to meeting people and it's likely you have some mutual friends -- or at least something in common that makes you not a complete stranger.

For this reason, something very simple will work.

Just go up, tap her or get her attention some other way, then introduce yourself. Get in front of her, then start talking about virtually anything -- just talk. Again, the bar is very low for most parties. Just getting in there and doing it is more than half the battle. You really can talk about just about anything.

For really attractive girls, sometimes you'll have to have more game. When she's with friends and there's a bunch of other guys who want her attention, asking her about her major and her grandmother probably won't do the trick -- remember she's there to HAVE FUN. Talking to you has to be more enjoyable than whatever else she could be doing.

Unfortunately the only way to get better at this is to get experience. The more girls you talk to, the more you'll learn about what works and what doesn't. There's absolutely no subsitute for first hand experience.

Still, just like with small parties, the key is to get her one on one, and slowly start to get more physical until it moves towards sex or a date.

Wrapping it All Up

As mentioned, parties are perhaps the easiest place to meet girls. The most important thing is just having the balls to try, and you'll quickly start to figure out what works and what doesn't.

And most of all, remember that girls WANT to meet guys. They spend hours dressing up and doing their makeup so some cool guy will be more likely to talk to them, charm their socks off and have sex with them.

Be that guy.

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 I wrote a pretty good article on this myself ;) Read it at how to talk to girls, it's got a lot more info on the topic. 
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