Soul Bourne

The submarine nicknamed "The Doomsday machine" it has to travel on surface level together with a battle destroyer in to the baltic sea. Politicians calls it a power display, but nothing to worry about.

Max you are rocking it out at the right place in the world.
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Yeah, so the Imprtance of your rights and the constitution as well listen to the veteran's.. It feels good when things play out as they should.

At the current moment it's hard to have a clear image of the global geopolitical situation with the news outlet I can connect to. So things is just really fuzzy.

Now, Johan guided me in to worse and worse situations but still Mikael and Tom was the once's that made things go in the wrong direction for me in the starts. Well, I got all their balls now anyhow.
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The Discovery, a movie addressing mass suicide in the case of a discovered after life. It is interesting issue we are going to have to face as we go deeper in to the science of consciousness.
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Today was the day I took my first bath, water pleasant 22 C it was fantastic.

To bad I was alone and could not film it. I jumped in dry, first time in the blue in one year from 5 meters.  That grew hair on my bals as I walked home I got the comment a whining, Oh my God as I passed a woman. I am ready to infest myself with cudies any how I feel awsome.

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Yeah, I have started to put more focus on using this new camera that I borrowed. It makes a better impression, if you can see how I look. The 4 a clock shadow is almost always there, I cant avoid it.

Oh, yaeh and have you heard of flash, the fastest sloth in Zootropia. The word fart's as eeeh, comes from me being aroud people who interupt me alot.
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Here we have the a sun clock that we can possibly use to time dess visions, here we can have a Unified look at time together with God. We can better pinpoint her warnings in time.

Though construction of this giant obelisk began in 1848 when James Polk was President of the United States, it was not until 1888 that the monument was inaugurated and opened to the public. It took twenty-five years to finally cap the memorial with the tribute Laus Deo! Praise be to God!

Wow, coinsedent? Yes.
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Yeah, it's going to be really important to unite the world as we got waked up by Al Gore. Time to shape up world! Fuck yeah Tara Reid, you was on the best American got tallent show ever!

I am doing the no jerk off challenge affter that sexual energy conversion. It's amazing work out.

2pac makes things better!

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What can be seen as socialy disaccepted by the public can be cut of the public picture.

Because the world can be unfair when you dance on the table as a cat..

What a card!?

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Yeah, so Mia and Ludwig. These two I want to reflect on how they have failed as role model's for their child in pulling in as much people as possible to their game just becouse Mia wanted a stain free record. Just to reflect. The appolegies are to be recorded, I dont want to be in any of these sorry pieces of shit as their appolgies comes out. Johan your already pardoned. 

There is still the factor of economical replacment for all the others.

I picked up the pen 3 years ago or so, I used my skill analyzing the shit out of it. I pushed for human evolution. What have they done?

Sweden have leaked really sensitive information to a foreign nation... Big fuck up.
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To add to the apology from those of the bad, shitty, small minded and evil side of the Reach system. Not only shall they say how I bested them the are also going to explain to how I bested them by telling me how they did not measured up besides to me.

Oh, yeah. Tai's house look fucking awesome, I just had to say.

I understand that it is a stressful situation in the U.S at the current moment with the white house in utter chaos as Sean Spicer and others are abandoning the ship.

I am's a Hindu Cow....

I am a dyslectic genius, victim to repeated poisoning from a system that is driven by small minded people. Who had bad circumstances as I grow up but still I have bloomed and have been close to prosperity many times. Brother to a murdered cat and teared down dreams.

I am a survior and I will be a success. Hmm, I am ready to repack all my teachings. It is going to be needed.
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