I am

For things to start to evolve I need to take the road of self sacrifice. This to tear everything up fully, it will hur everyone involved. While I will also pull all strings.

The idea here is that all the lie's that have been told have an order to them, entropy should up heive the lie's and show the truth.

I know what I remember looking back. It will pull up a lot of emotions, negative emotions.
That moment in time where things was turned up side down as I was back in Motala.
As I will have moved forward with that I also need to take tha path through the UN.
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Bringing some underground feel in the re-introduction of Jesus Christ.

The sounding board discovery really made an epical change in understanding why so much violence take place today in the world. Even if you don't belive in God, there is more to it other than prayer. Also away of functioning with other people.

I am listening to Tony Robbins and have been checking out Disciplin equals freedom by Jocko Willink. Suger is a big thing to give up, for disciplin, so is sleep when you dream quest.
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I am bored out of my mind, enviromental vise I am set to not being able to evolve.
I see that tradgedy that could have been. I am so greatful for it not to have happend.
ABBA's mama mia was a big thing while mother was prego with me.

Sweden with it's strong foot in with the removal of nuklear weapons, can but only loose an arm. But not a chair.
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Now dess have shown me, I will not be able to restrain myself much longer. Next oppertunity for sex that will open here in Motala. I will not jump out the window on this one.

I try to raise tension as Swedens for the first time in xx (yeah, 2 x's) have started to put out crisis preperation panplates. How to ready yourself for war, mud slides and such.

As Christ Enter's

I found this on my puter I dont know how santa did it but wow.
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You know that shit was though... I liked it.

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So, seems like Julien's spirit will carry a generation forward. The scandal is over and RSD have recovered. Still things is though here for me. I need to see what I can do with all my new resources to.

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Wow, that really gave me a good release of pain body. I have found myself alargic against almond. =(

Russia has taken forward a new military plan for the future possible threats against Russia. Seems like we are once more entering a period of cold war.

I can see the conflict I have been in with my parents. How toxic it had become.
All power game's give of a toxic social enviroment.

I know more than I am willing to put out public, of stratigic reasons.
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Let's not forget, my 50 student's. The school is perfect as far as things go. For the think thrust. What type of purpose will the think thrust have?
How to introduce a global pananarchy government, global measurement and goal setting local action and decision making.
How to prevent, terrorism and upheave the global environmental crisis.
A big part of the solution is to put focus on the future leadership program but also on how to build good set team's.

A big focus on how to create a sustainble peacful future.

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So, since the analysis is done. A more clear path has come infront of me. The work of Jordan Petson has clearly made one future option, not to be considered an option. I will not go for a career as a motorcycle club member..

After looking in more to the big five personality test, it seems like I am set in perfect balance that together with the latest video's about the soundingboard. I have finally cleared out the ugly taint of tactics from the dark book of managment.

No risk of kernal panic any more.
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So dess showed me something that I liked. Clearly I am not the programer I once thought myself to be. I find that okay. It was already a know risk in all this.

Still it hurt's. That it would be an effect of dealing with haters.

*edit* I am over it already.
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