I am

I think it's over... But, I am still here.
I remember a dude puking, screaming Damn, (as a good sign for me). Nail was in the coffin there sort of speak.
The bisexual dude kicking a dude in the ass hole, the dude that got kicked shit himself.

My ability to keep collected as shit hit's the fan, is high as fu*k.

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I keep having flashbacks from being out in linköping. I manuvered a situation, two where I was around, "the right people". Boom goes the dynamite or how the expression goes as I pass the finnish line in the movie player one.... But before I got punshed in the face. It was to complex to be anything like a dream. Some bisexual dude involved, that really complexed the night out.

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I keep visititng the mirror, it's me I see. Just newer, better and stronger.... Being a strong initive taker, as I am... I have been having this girl on my head from earlier this week. She found me threatening... Luckely I have been going through that as a subject way back.
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On my journey of self development I have come to learn that not giving out more f*cks then nessesary. Empower you, it gives you focus on what matter, to put shit not relevent to your current situation out from your thought process.

As with that I see an american in the mirror, for real now.
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More and more I see Jeff's manorism and attitudes in my way of being. And after watching the "Can Prostitutes Help Your Game? Jeffy Reveals the Controversial "Hookers & Cocaine" Method" I must say that he and I have a simelar mind set around time.

How was it now, 1 in five that hate's you, or how was it.

Time to move over to an really old subject.

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I have fallen in love with myself. What can I say, this last video really show the change I have been doing just comapring 1 year and 2 months ago.

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I start to feel it, tha awsomeness that is getting awakened inside the core of the being that I used to be... With the zero fuck's given, the agile strategic life planing metodology, I have come back to a state of full detachment from all outcome's.

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Well, as I find this new freedom of rediscovering how to create life plans I will furth depthen myself in that subject. With this I suddenly relize there is no reason for people to be sad for my sake, because I have an agile planing metodology. With that the static plan I have been following, is about to be finnished.

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As I trump my hair situation, I say as president Trump. Laidies don't go on the toilet before bed time, save it for the bed. I tip extra and give the mirror a wink.... I just listened to the a Swedish social scientist on the possible effect of femeles taking down Trump. Don't listen to that gentelmen, let's show ém what we got, eeey.

You just have to ride the second wave that comes on this one...

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