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So Teir 3 starts to morrow, I am not going to like this assignment but any how. It is a HTML/CSS FrontEnd test. I really don't like HTML/CSS assignments but I will succed in the venture that I am sure. What is my motivation, Moby, I am doing this for Mobster. This is a have to succed that is why I will succed.

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Yes, treir 2 done. Now waiting for the frontend and css part of the test. I am so fucking hot right now. I am hotter the a wood hungry beaver. :P

Now Merkel won the election in france, that is good the right wing forces have not reached that high in popularity here in Europe. I dont want to scream ghost or anything but this have all happend before in europe with that filth Adolf Hitler. I just wanted to point that out for you all as you are comming back from post election syndrome.
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What is happening now in Europe is scary, its like Putin has desided to take the throne of Europe. By pushing for a right winged politics maybe he is a Brevik fan.
So I am thinking of an design with "earth lights" people all over the world who have desided to take stand for freedom and prosperity under the earth flag to humanity.
Values of the right to human desinsy of not having to having to worry about the safety of housing, food, education, freedom to live a prosupous contribution to earth as a functioning home for all humanity.
This is humanitys last stand. I have found my magic wand towards these goals, I have set a foundation for future generations of studie geniuses and hopefully scientists, profesors and doctors.
We have to all face the fact that freedom is under attack on the planet again and more then Trumps U.S deserves freedom and democracy. 
Only by constitutional law and right's democracy work functionaly only it is put up in and fasion that it has to be respected. 

Now as for Supreme court judge Goudy are not willing to take up the accusations against the president having relations with Trump before and during the president candacy is to question his right the posion he is in.

And if a cartel Dimonds blood sheed should have any worth to a human sacrifice it should be to human rights. I can not burn a dimond of great worth, not in this economy. Money has to be shaken loose for progress.

I start to feel like a formula 1 car again. The dream of moby put some breath in me sort of speak. I am just securing absolut best of posiblities.

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These senarios need to be taking to account also.
Now, if Moby is alive and for some reason needs to be put down that should be done in a good fashion.
If Moby is alive and well, good. But if Mikeal has catnaped one of Moby's siblings just to fuck with my head and beaten that cat. 
Then matter is needed to take care of since animal abuse is a crime in Sweden.

Their that feelt better to get of the chest. I am at second tier on the work test my mail where I explained how I had thought through out the code and what function in visual studio I have used he felt satified and humbeled :D.

.. .... ... Trump is a global disaster..
He can not be seen as a sain individual denign global warming, insted he put his fist up towards the world. Fuck I need to hit the field soon. I start to become really socialy adjusted.
I just wished that I could dress up as Joe Dirt and hit the streets becouse that would warm up the loins of the women around me. But that would not be seen as a socialy well adjusted outfit.
But a really like my jock coft with the jeans west, it is humours to see a girls vigania take desions while the women is drunk, bitches can't walk straigt. But now its office world, time for a hair cut for a balding man. 
I am thinking an army hair cut. Later on maybe a beard. Damn, back to the Stockholm Club Life... Yay, onwards to a world worthy of reproduction from their, becouse with strong proof of what I teach.

Monica has been changing clothing style in all this, she have had some sort of break though in all this. It sort of added to the pile of changing things around me right now. 
It's all so positive, I feel so powerfull right now. I know I can do this. With this and back to track in making something for myself and others.

And in a world of coinsedence.

Al Gore is in both video's!?!!
And I had a dream of Moby
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So, things are starting to work again, I will have to start to recreate data in the database tomorrow. So shit has been hard to process for me, this Putin giving a push for right wing extrem parties. And he with the helping of assad creating more refugees in a world where ISIS is getting crushed. Living in a part of he world with Nazi's prepared to take to weapons for their political motives this feels fucked up. It seems like their will not open up a new war in the world any time soon. Still it feels good to have a webpage up on the internet that is to continue growth to the spiral. So, RSD is clearly something I refer in all books and the work I have been creating. - Your home for integral dating, personal development and global change.
This is a tempory site until the database issues I have been having are resolved. 
Our generation sees the need to bridge the gap in social communication between the sexes, human rights can not be built on gender. For this to happen men and women need to find means to communicate with good understanding of how both can live without the cost of the other. In the day and age, we live in as humanity faces the need of a global government as we are going to fight, the global catastrophes (environmental, poverty, starvation and famine), humanity have put on to this world. The importance of a global constitution with rights for the people of the earth. To ensure a free world it needs to be written under the value of Liberty and justice indivisible for all. With laws for the leaders and rights for the people. I want to define here what the word of Liberty to me means: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." and Justice: "The nature of justice as both a moral virtue of character and a desirable quality of political society, as well as how it applies to ethical and social decision-making." For deeper understanding of these philosofical values check out the Post-Rawls works of: the globalist one of Thomas Pogge, the feminist one of Martha Nussbaum, and the rights-based one of Michael Boylan. Peace is strength for human evolution. The human condtion is that of 1 year of peace on every 14 years of war. - Dr. Ken Wilber 
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Oh, I am going to need a think tank and all the things I said needed at hornstull church. I found some on the walk in still have pains. :*

Since its a game I get to choose the members of the think tank for the movement.
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So, results now I shall wait and see if answers will come to me or not. I have found raspberry leafs, they are not strong enough yet but I can wait. To surrender to the now is to accept that all power are outside of you, that you are powerless. All power is the now. The other thing called power is an illusion, people lose them self to it.

I just want to stay here in the bed but I will follow will where it shows me.

So if Moby got lost by being catnapped and killed in a tortures way. Iva might hold shame but she shouldn't. It's not her fault she most likely arrange one of history's most advanced search party to find him. She also might have forgotten having to see him being killed. Since that's an option with poisoning.

But why Facebook? Other accounts might be going through the same but all secured. I found a small agent only have a small buzz still :*
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So, it just came to me. In year 2 on the university something started, guys from school tried to break me. It was with clear intent. So Mikeal call's him self the picking-chick (hackkycklingen) this was due to some bad trait he had (sadism). Then it was the game with Johan, Mia and Ludvig. Johan was to best me in pick-up. He failed at that, even thoe he had me as a teacher. Then later Juha got jumped in to it all, he had romatisised dreams from the movie ”Cruel intetions”. He was burned fastest. Since I surrender when I come close to the point of breaking moments of clearity comes to me. I just wont break.

From the zen game manifesto
”This is good to know because when people wish to break you and you are certain of your things or standing firm on the grown defending your believes and map they in frustration will say: Damn I will break you. (GTFO or if not possible get a journal it will help you when you make your escape.) ”

After the university more and more people got involved in this game created, the liers lair came in to be and also the KTH, mock. There is a betting stack on who can break me. It have started to get more advance and given a show of how rotten sweden is. But it started by mikeal selecting me as the one he wanted to break, in year on at the universtiy of Stockholm.

For all to be fair, I have the right to the stack.

Today was my day of the surrender to what is.

Now another possible senario is that the stack is what Tom called ”byttan” (the pott). Tom and Mikeal being the earliest contenders against me. Both these should be consider being the once starting this. Now, the money stack is most likly in bitcoin. With the intrest on that there is the risk of the contenders being tierd of having to wait and wanting to have their share of the money back. A senario of sudden death (money from the pot goes to a ”hitman”) so I come out of the picutre and the contenders get their share of the money back.

Now the biggest loser in this game goes to Juha, he get squat of the share because he had zero to go in with, that little pawn.

I will eat McD and sleep now, I will try to catch a train to night. :*

Oh yeah, this is some fucking gutanama bay shit, but that was what made it all click. Gutanama.
Now it's time to kick out the over generalization's and no not all sweds are like this.

Now it would proffit the political movement I am trying to start with a global constitution, to start to push for the Autobiogrophy. Now there was a diamond and I want back to Stockholm.

Early analysis:
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While I have girls almost falling over drooling over me, Russia makes an cyber attack agianst macron. Seems like Putin prefer right wing forces that is a clear move towards tyrrany. Just a heads up say's Don Forcaster. Now these painbody attacks as Eckhart calls them is really bad. I found the other one :* . But I really need more and it would be good to have a supply at home. It hurts in the skin after it has gone away. But better in the skin, I will walk around the Town a bit today. Fuck, my time away from coding has taken it's toll. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. He did not like how I put together the solution. I have written a motivation now to why the solution looks at is does. Apperently I had broken the conventional strukture to MVC. But no, I do belive that one view are allowd to call another view. ?! :S .. That is just bullshit. Yeah well I will not give up any how. Gone wait for a reply from this dude. I will keep on trying good here, I am just going to hope this shitty game I have been involved in is based on time duriation, becouse this have nothing fair to it. Well, it all looks so fucking clear from here, Mikeal. I am bleeding for this, you killed Moby you sick fuck.

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I remember this faze last time was in the garage all the things tumbling back in the mind. Dark shit, there is so much I like to remember and so much I like to forget. The alcohol on Monica's breath helped kick in some pain yesterday. But with a clear memory I have better means to do correct analysis to make decisions from. The visions dess have sent me gives some hope for the future thoe. Just a small ray of hope this morning thank you :* .. but this burning chest needs more.
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