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Express kidnapping has started to occur in Kista (university location), close to Rinkby, Husby and Tensta. The Heronist that previously made streets unsecure for people in Stockholm have moved to Uppsala instead. In Kista last night 2 Persons have been shot in the head. Hmm's, nothing really to comment on that most likely this is gangwar releated.


O yeah, more memories are flooding back fucking love it.

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6 Months after last analysis this has changed.

Gangwars have started to spill outside current problem areas as Rikeby, Husby and Tensta to close neiboring areas. Prostitution has started to take shape in an increas of human trafficing.

The gangwars seems to be more an affect of the social economical segrigation brought on by the last rulling parties poltic, Rainfelt. Then by russian effected forces but the increas of weapons as AK-47 shows that there is an Russian presence to these crimes. 

Rape has started to increas, outside assults rapes on women around Sweden.


On other things the Indian lady just gave me I want to eat you look and again one more woman passed me with but with a come eat me look. 

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I been having alot of weir dreams latly but two really good once involving really hot girls.
But one I go up a ladder/elevator jet propelled on the out side of a sky-scraper landing on the roof where there is a fucking awsome party going on. 
The last dream was about a girl telling me what her friend was saying she wanted to do with me.. Hmm, that usally happens in real life.

Ladder means reaching goals.

I am currentlly having trust in that hings out side of my control will fall out as the should.

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I discoverd a wierd affermation/command and it gave me back every memory, what was blocking my access to the sub-consiussnes. Well all better now! (Thumbs up)

Now give me
Give me your language's, it's not your's
If your not a parent give me your relationships, they are not your's

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So I am writing this just becouse this dose make me worried.I have people that go in pairs that I worry about, the location is just one station away from Kista University. Sweden is getting more f*ck up everyday.

Sitting in the audience jeffy pointed at me, that man over there's book has profoundly changed rsd.
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My biggest self sabotage was when I left my things in the garage during Jeff's free tour preformance, it contained the bottle with the cofee that was possible containg the poison. The source of that sabotage was fear of not being taken serius. I feared being laughed and to be frown out of the group. Once it stood clear that so was not the cas it was to late. I had been robbed of all my stuff once I came back to the garage where I had hid it.
Now, Jeff had been poisoned that was something I knew. So with all likelihood he would have belived me (wich he did). But an idea of people thinking or not beliving me had been planted by the same person who knew where I left it. Still the well smithen liers came to the event and could have sabotaged it. The name of that person and likely back stabber is Johan Rörs.

I rembember more now Jeff, Julien :)

Yeah I just had to put this in here. I know i said I would not publish mor work but I have done so much more already.
Stillness, meditation and godlike
Consciously with drawl thoughts now thought can rise but silence is more pleasurable. Scan thru your body and accept whatever you feel. Now sink away behind the mind. Try to find the edges of the mind, rest here and let the body do the breathing for you.
Now imagine in your mind a big white light void, like the "Construct" in the matrix. All that is there is you the consciousness. In here you speak with out hearing your voice. For there to be something there you have to create it or by the "Cloud Koopa". In here you are God, now "Cloud Koopa's" ass is yours.
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I just read that some individuals in the Marine coure had posted nudies on female college on facebook where some of them had made coments involving targeted at the females. Now this is bad behavior from soldiers. But lets not forgett.

U.S. and it's NATO alias is here to assure a free and safe world for the civil populus. They go against warcriminals, crimes against humanity. There is a saying B-NICE it stands for Biological, Nuklear, Incendiary, Chemical, and Explosive agents (splitter in form of glass, plastic and wood). These are weapon agreed up on the geneva convention that should not be used. In the convention there is treaty on how the civil population is to be treated. Now there might come a time in your life that you have no other choice to take up on arm's and fight with U.S and it's NATO alias or by their side. To protect all that you have dear, know that it is something great to be part of, fighting with the greatest forces against anyone that oppose freedom and justice for all. Fighting for a future world worth living in.

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So 3000 word's 7000 left to go this is who much I will publish here on a the public domain after all this is going to become a book.

Stress is due to the flight in the fight or flight response. If you’re not running from something or in a hurry to reach something, then fucking take your time. Your brain will function better that way. No one is going to thank you for falling dead in a heart attack. If others are stressed that’s their problem. If they run up to you hitting your shoulder trying to stress you up so they will feel more comfortable, turn towards them and say in a calm and orderly fashion that it’s not okay to hit a person. If that person loses his/hers head again it’s their problem. Take your time, because they are wasting theirs. If a boss says we have to hurry or must hurry now it’s a question of preferring to hurry for whatever reason it might be.
Who you are
Who you are in the eye’s of others don’t tell you who you are but it can be used as a way of deflecting other’s trying to get an identity out of you or others trying to get you to identifying with something.
You are the thing reading this text deeper on it, you are the one hearing the words being read in the head. That is labeled as consciousness.
So a score in PUA as I see it is a well served. What that means is that you as a man serves women of your choosing with great consensual SEX. Not your little ego.
The magic 8-ball of memory
So, in moments when not remembering or not sure asking the mind a question. Wait for it to arise as in a magic 8-ball. Of course, you don't always get an answer, but that only means that you will have to find other means of getting the answer. Digging in the head will lead to nothing but disarray.
Steering a snowboard metaphor
You're out of control! In snowboarding, you have to let go of control to even start. You put on ski on and throw yourself down a hill. The by the technique of moving your body weight you steer depending on what type of snow you have under you at the current moment are going to be how well you are going to turn. This here is how steering yourself in life and in mind works.
Hakuna matta the fat Buddha
So, you think you have problems?
Ha, as it implies you think you have a problem the fat Buddha laugh. It’s all in your head well problems can exist you should own them if you can do anything about them else let go.
Cloud Koopa an ego metaphor
I am going to explain the ego thru a Super Mario metaphor. More, specifically Mario’s relationship with Cloud Koopa. Now first you need to learn to hear the voice from you the consciousness. So, you are the voice of love and concern, not fear. Fear, anger, and worry are the voice of the ego. When you learn to find your own voice you might start to notice that there is another entity that produces thought or words in the mind. It’s the voice of the conditioned mind, Cloud Koopa. Cloud Koopa is like a heckler in your mind wanting you to be afraid of him/her and other things as well. It will try to fool you into believing you are him/her and eventually he/she wants you to stop trusting yourself to let him/her take over. To silence him you need to have star power, how that works is you think as you the consciousness like and live in non-reaction in what the other voices in your mind talk about.
The problem machine
The ego is a problem creating machine in the mind. It make's problems for you. If you just stop caring about the problems, it makes just continuing doing what you are doing. What you are doing essentially is driving over the problems it shoots out. Just affirm to yourself as the rise, it's the problem making machine.
Standards for oneself
So, standards set your daily routines. These standards and routines are what's going to set how well adjusted you are going to be perceived to be. These are going to be set in groups of hygiene, health, home, food, girls and your behavior. These will help you with having an automated response instead of having to make a diction every moment.
Rewards and results
Reward for succeeding, what are you a dog? Good doggy, here is a candy for you... NO.
Here's a good attitude for you, the reward is the result. You can spoil yourself instead of giving rewards. I, for example, spoil myself every day. I have wheat cookies to my Turkish yogurt. Am I a hard ass? Well, this body’s buns are made of steel if you ask me.
Laying shit off
So, you want to quit cigarettes? Easy, just start to procrastinate taking that cigarette stop buying cigarettes, throw out that ashtray. Now cravings, there the problem machine is again. ​For there to even possible for you to take or receive a cigarette you have to give yourself permission to smoke and a cigarette. What do you blame your smoking for? Ha! Did you think it would be hard? No! It’s in your head. Now with drawl symptoms. That we have meditation for, that I will write about later about in the book.
Don’t try
You don't try, you do and see what happens. Tryer is people that have a half ass approach to what they do. It is as with focus you can't try to focus either you do focus or you don't.
What was it he/she said?
What others have said does not matter. If it’s not about a current project what do you care? Others can shove their opinion about you up their hairy asses if you don’t do that for them.
To develop as a person and with what you wishes to succeed with you need to have feedback. Seek out people who are good and honest that you can trust in other terms to befriend. Whom you can befriend in the purpose to exchange feedback.
A method I have learned from Stockholm University is the sandwich model. Good, bad and good again. So you ask for what you have done good and then poorly and what you should continue doing.
Turning frustration, anger, boredom and stress into a resource
The feelings of frustrating, anger, boredom and stress are locked up resources. You can unlock them by physical work. It’s a great opportunity to do pushup’s sit-ups, squats or jumping squats. Not only will these feeling disappear you will also have had a good workout.
Malice can be good and correct feeling, for example when an evil man/woman gets put to justice and you feel good about him/her falling down crying. It can be badly put in, for example, I am happy because that dude that I hate because he is a better snowboarder, just fall and broke his arm. “Repay kindness with kindness, but evil with justice.”  said Confucius, now where is the Justice in the snowboarder breaking his arm?
The American dream
The American dream is the right job, the right house in the right location with the right spouse to raise children in a free nation. If money, time or resources was not an issue how would you like to have it with these things?
Want’s and don’t wants
Want's as it is just the will to manifest, to have? That you don't really, have. I mean having just mean that things are under your care. When it comes to wanting to have it is more in a matter of in a world of have's and have not’s it is about what is the better to have and better to not have. Things either come into your life or the don't. There is really no working towards but there is a moving towards. But still, chance is involved. Now the flesh, it should not matter that much you are after all consciousness. Order works like this, there are many different orders here on this planet, but it’s just one that is real and rules all, the order of the universe.
Let yourself out
So, here come’s how I teach authenticity. For you to be able to do this you need to put your focus on the body’s center chest area, let it go.
Open up, let the true you out. Don’t think about it just do it already. You will notice in a while, if you succeeded you will hear it in your voice and feel it in your body and others will notice it in your mannerism. Your body is the result of a process of selection called evolution, your body have been taken forward as one of the survivors thru countless of generations. The soul that you are is forever. Your set free, this is why you call it, speaking from the heart. I can’t hear you…
Complying without supplicating
Can you go get your clothes? My girlfriend called her daughter.
-          Okay, I am going to go get my clothes. Can you take care of dolly for me? She replied.
-          Yes, I just need to finish with this first. My girlfriend replied.
-          Okay then, don’t forget her.
-          I won’t.
I smiled in the sofa, got damn what an independent kid I thought and what a manor.
Now, you need to learn to own what is being requested of you as if it was your own decision because it is in fact. If someone asks you to do something don’t just say. I will or yes. That way you will come off as that person’s bitch. So what you do is. Affirm that you have heard say okay or yes. Then continue on saying what you are about to do. If it means that you need to let go off something within your responsibility make sure that it is known as well.
Being in power vs. being empowered
There is a difference in being in power and being empowered. Being in power can make you feel empowered but having power over others does not mean that you are self-reliable in many cases it means the opposite. Many times people in power just follow whatever their advisors tell them to and if it goes bad the advisor gets it. It takes all empowerment away from the person in power. Being empowered is to be well enough educated to take decisions and with taking full responsibility for those decisions. It means that you have self-trust and trust in synergy, that I will take up in the next paragraph. Being self-empowered means that you know yourself and your skills so that you can be confident that if shit hit’s the fan you can work it all out anyways.
"Creation as a whole is greater than the sum of its part's"So, I started with that a quote from Wikipedia. From each part of a whole, there is a possibility to exchange parts. If one part fails or is lacking in a whole part of a bigger system there will be other parts to replace or fill what has failed or is missing. It can show that what has failed or what was missing created an opportunity to something better. There is also an opportunity for learning when things fail so things can improve in the future. It is an opportunity that masks itself as chaos that can help things move forward.
Choose your words carefully
When answering questions, make sure to formulate your sentences well and choose your words carefully. Sometimes people just look for ways to misinterpret you just to make you look stupid, this to attack your confidence. This should make that not possible. Also, make speak as clear as possible that way people can feel your sincerity and honesty.
Don't rationalize away regrets
Sometimes in life opportunity comes into being and we see it but don't go for it. Then afterward we look at it and try to smudge the opportunity down to something less than what it was. Just so we can feel better about it. Don't do that. The pain will shape you into a person who goes for opportunities that come into your life. That is what you want in the end.
Lower the bar, lift the roof
"Hands in the air like we really don't care!"Lift the roof of energy wise and lower the bar for success. Life in itself is worth celebrating. You come into a party people stand in the corners with drinks in their hands looking at what's to be the dance floor. Let's get this party started! Put your energy out there make it so others want to join the party you bring with you. That way you will attract more people into your life. Talk with strangers, talk with anyone talk with hot woman/men that you want to have fun together with and you will feel alive. In work and in project's it's preferred to have a high bar for success, otherwise who cares.
Well, coming to talk with superiors and cop's you need to portray another image. What you need to do then is lower the roof and heighten the bar for success in speech and behavior but only till that person goes away.
"If I only could, make a deal with god, to get him to swap our place's" - Placebo
This here I also come from the  RSD coach Julien Blanc. Think of a behavior or habit that you wish to change. Now think about how you currently feel about having it as it is right now. Great, now imagine another person stepping into your shoes as you think about the current thing you wish to change. How do you think that person would feel. This is you can be honest about how you really are feeling about having it as it is now. This will former leverage on yourself in changing what you want to be changed. Now imagine how it would feel having made the change.
Always keep your eyes open for opportunities. Lady luck can be twerking her ass right in front of your face but if you keep your eyes closed for her you will miss the chance of sticking your nose into those peach smelling buns.
Be mindful about your resource
This here is something any strategist need to have his/hers mind on when making a decision. What is first to be considered is what can be won vs. what can be lost. What is the chance of succeeding/failing and the time to recover what is lost. This is to ensure that you don't shoot yourself in the foot taking on a commitment to for fill. It's preferred to not take risks with too big of a chance of failing with high cost for future endeavors.
Know your strengths and your weaknesses
Knowing yourself is important when facing challenges you need to be aware of your skills, what are your strength what are your weaknesses. Nourish your strengths and work on your weaknesses. If life was a war, what would your best resources be what would be your possible demise? You are to be a great man/woman you probably already are, actually but these things might be known by others about you. Should you not have a clear picture of who you are? Know thyself the lady in the matrix said and so did Sun Tzu.
Shame and fear
This here I learned from the RSD coach Julien Blanc. Shame is a social feeling it's there to help ups survive. It's used to set behaviors group wise if we in the back at the stone age would have been shut out from the group it would most likely have lead to death. Today it is used as a tool of parenting, it is used in for example, have you washed your hands after being on the toilet. If you haven't you will get shamed. That's an example of good use. But let's say that you get shamed by your friends in a young age for not smoking, so you start smoking. In later years the reason for why you started smoked may have been forgotten. But it's still there, you smoke to stay in the group. Your subconscious tells you that otherwise, you might die. You need to find these moments where it all started and break it down with logic and reason. The same goes with fear, shame and fear are essentially the same feelings.
Fear, insanity
So, in the movie After Earth, there is a profound description of what fear is. In the movie the protagonist describe fear. I am going to quote here: "Fear is not real. The only place fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.
It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is real but fear is a choice."So, what you focus on is what gets energy in your mind making what you fear bigger. In many ways that make it so you aim towards what you fear. What is needed for you to change your aim is to center yourself in the now. From there create an image where you want to go. This gives you the power to take out your direction to where you want to end up.
Tender love
Tender love is what you give a woman that have been emotional hurt. It's like that Tenacious D song fuck her gently. Women are emotional creatures sex help relieve emotional hurt. Do it, soft, warm and with a lot of kisses. Not so much oral sex, warm close.

I am going to add some note's in the end of the book about U.S and its NATO alias and the importance of having them on the planet.
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So I am back in have even progressed from before the retro grade amnesia. The weird thing was my English got better from the amnesia.

FYI the shit head I got into it fight with I still waiting in the garage in kista he messed with a female friend of mine. She was looking for me.
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This last realisation really pulled me back the energy I had locked in now flows through. I had a waked ass dream of meeting a hugh storm at an airport then later I came to the ocean. After dipping my toe in the cold water I head for a pizza.

Now I just shot a video that I will post later here where I really come of good. Inner game ftw.

Well, coming to talk with superiors and cop's you need to portray another image. What you need to do then is lower the roof and heighten the bar for success in speech and behaviour but only till that person goes away.
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