Soul Bourne

I wish to be in Stockholm for julien freetour.
I wish to meet Moby.
I wish the money to come before the 13 October.
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Well pension mode still on this framework.

The shades
Well let's point out who you are, Soul. I hope you don't mind me calling you that, Soul. You are the thing that stands outside the manifested world. Behind all these thoughts, feelings, colors and sounds. Now if you where to feel the need to address yourself into hat space you have that is called the mind, what would that be Soul? That's right Soul, Soul is what you are there is no who to it. Just Soul as the pointing address to what has attracted it self from God's head down/up (there's really no direction that can describe it) to this thing called a human. Hello Soul. How far out is this man.
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Hillary is the right candidate.

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I feel I have for filled my higher purpose in a sense there is nothing more to give other then to myself. Moby is a world star, my cat. I love you buddy. Zen game manifesto really turned anonymous around making them take on the values of divine love: Humanity, nature and care with that a snow ball effect towards a more positive end for humanity. Today sitting in the car listening to the news feeling content with thinking. Well I leave this up to others. With the latest book came, we will not be a cancer on this earth. All hope now is that my money comes in for the train ticket to Stockholm before the 13/10-16. Now I am in a massive contraction on my life journey, but Monica is backing off.

We will not be a manulis cancer on this earth.....
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Hehe okay this framework is going to be different.

The white horse: I shall not hand myself out to anyone. Instead I shall play all my cards carefully.

The white robe of the dude
First think like from the perspective of the soul, as consiusness. From there everything is fucking cake. More so it is Hakkuna mattata. All just is, put some Eckhart Tolle on that and hold the manors of eladija from the TV series of the originals and all opposition should show their full rot. Now they will try to get in a cheap shot at you don't go to hard on them, that meaning don't escalate the violence you use to quickly. Don't put a break on how far you are willing to go. That would mean that your willing to go as far needed to win but to carry a civil tone till the sweet end of victory. Your at the cause end of your mind. There for your always at the cause of things there is just a manner of strutting, retreating or charging, all things you do in a battle for love.
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So you as a soul or consiussness is at the cause side of the mind.
If you find the mind acting out in it's own fashion use come eden or all is cake. Now all is cake in the mind to just so you know. These guys always start of in the loosing end of the game. Continue being at the cause end of things till the sweet end. Stop trying to please those in the environment or at least stop trying not to displeased others to. Act from where you are. They come from a having paradigm not from a will paradigm. That makes them essentially needy people, now I am being targeted again. Fucking Tom with is little ego.
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So these AIK supporters was really skilled at doing one thing, sharing the feeling of hate. Rotten as the where it seems like they have learned from the pua community of sharing emotions and incorporated it into there culture. The hate culture, this is needed to be dealt with on a massive scale if you don't want to wake up watching russia today on your television during your morning routine. Hate is what is easiest to control and the masses under the influence of hate gets to be a heard of cattle. If this starts to spread it will become a question of how the future of Europe and the world will come to be shaped. Fear is the root of hate and those who feel fear find it easy to lie and swallow others lies like truth like I eat chocolate. I don't care about Sweden or sweds question if I even care about humanity at all when most people succumb to negative emotions and behaviour so easy. Now in the end of the night it became a debate between me and the other dudes of intellect where they where trying to trash me. I came of good in fact I came of to good, leaving the woman of the night feeling unworthy. It makes me sick to my stomach, it's not as bad as crazy day with the black watching other blacks being tortured. That was a different feeling of hate entirely but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The root of their fear is the fear of coming of as less than others. Can that be used against them.
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So as usal as soon as I start to go out value comes back out thru me. This time how to express yourself in a way where confidence is convayed. This is shows how you just by changing focus you can change your tonality and body language.

Well here is something sweaty for you.
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So first off, the small town jungle is an odd thing. The long legged female bartender started to spatsed around proud after me checking her empty ring finger out. Later a 2 set of girls approach me, after talking with them both and me hooking the cuter of the two girls I have her alone. She gets in to full stiff position, she says that she feels tested by me a told her. No I am just trying to get a sense of who you are. I do kino and a number close. Her friend pulls us over to a group of guys, 3 AIK soccer supporters. A rancid wave of hate filled the air, I keept sharing the feeling of LUVE, the target girl now sat and drank water. I feel tiered and the beer a ship full of IPA is not a great long drinking beer. So I have a small amount of of beer left in the glass two over drunk girls and 3 guys hating on me. I told the girl that she will be hearing from me on the phone and headed home.

Small towns twii *spit*

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To thank for bringing the strong spirit of jesus christ in to my life. Now I just have learned that there is church politics to from a video I will not post here (putin friendly video). I happen to favor ortodox girls before Catholic. Now that might come from me not meeting that many Catholic girls. But since I write about Jimmy who is a Catholic in my book, does that mean that I have sided with what an orthodox girl would consider a follower of anti-christ?

Either how to day is beer day as a cat-oholic would say. I hope there are going to hot girls out to day or bang worthy at least. Cat or not cat friendly....
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