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Yay, already back in the sadel totally. So on tuesday 15:30 the interview will be. I am going to leave Motala 11:33. Damn I will need to have good focus for this one :*

Now in Grab her by the Trumps! corner we have blackwater meetings with Russia to set relations for trump, fireing Comey and a wh*re pissing on a bed. 

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The peace meeting game / Dirty Tricks from managment second level
Now there is a second level to the dirty managment card game and that is the peace treaty game, the rules is the same but this time a third party is involved.
The third party is to be neutral towards the other players, his job is to help both party's get to an agreement and interven if needed to move things forward.
Almost like a judge in a court. Good soon you will be ready to go help bringing peace and education to the third world.


So more ugly tricks, getting a person of balance is to get on top of the frame or getting the other person in a defence postion.
These are the way your opponet will actually freez internally (the ship of Souron metaphore). His cognotive process will stop functioning in a good manor.
He will live in reaction to what was said and not being present. You can break out of it by using universal love as I teach about it and seeing thougt and feelings as an ocean that you plow thru.
You can start advicing your opponent without him asking, that puts you on top of the frame since you take a position of a teacher.
That is whats called playing the good sameratin.
Questioning the opponents actions, way of thinking and being.
Comment on you oppenets moves and behavior, try to force him in to a state where he highten the bar of his behavior. Dont tolerate mistake, comment on language if so have to.


I need to evolve the mind experiment here and say that the constitution was a document writen by the people for the people and in that sence it was not flawed as other socitys was from the start.
But then the rothchilds came in to the picture and possible ordered assasinated Abraham Lincon. Becouse Abe did created his own banking system.
Now the current banking system devolve democracy to something that looks alot like the fedoal system, just that supposedly any one can become a fedoal lord in the sence of riches.
But we are all in dept to the banking system even the riches assh*les out there. Now I like the idea of a system that everyone should start from zero.
But to devolve even more in to anarchy, syndicalism or nationalism dose not work either, becouse that way those who follow ways of better organzing people as with kings we would end up in the dark ages.
I see a flaw in the banking system and in the system of how humans play with each other. I had a friend, that choose to look him self from further evolving psychogicaly due to mistakes made in that system of being.
He simply could not live with the guilt. He is now a paw (or more knight) to someone else (a modern king). Now I believ it is far better if all the players on the board was king's/queens.
But power structures is some how still needed in order for a speedy evolution of sociaty, so we need leaders. Leaders who understands the importance of relations in a system that is not coruptble (or rather close to).
So a good constitution is close to uncoruptble in guarding the freedom of the people and its rights. But with a system with a flawed and corupt economical system it does not work.
Now we the people have the right to a sustainble future, how would you guide humanity to solve these issues?


Now here is the chessboard with only kings, the Kingsmen.

… I remember the last thing she talked about, hmm. Yeah, that thing. But I have a clearer picture now. I would say from this post that I am close to that point where Monica could not affect me, around 2014/12/26

The memories coming back now is from a young age around 10 years old.

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O yeah Mobius I am back at it already. I just brush of and then I search for work. Already in contact with a woman on Linkedin.
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So, more dreams. This morning I wake up. Only one pair of clean pants. No dely there I walk down and book a laudry time.
This is an behavior I got when I was around 19 years old. In the dream I meet up with an really old girlfriend at the airport.
That being where I left dess. Now from here I guess that will be reaccuring, the air port I mean. I have been doing more research on how rationalizations affect memory.
Johan told me that he needed to avoid sertain subjects that was conflicting with his reality. He said else other thing would come back. He has sacrificed his creativity for a peace of mind.

Now, the parents have had a lot of wishes of how things should have been, that in self can have emptied my memory if a push with drugs to instil total belief that what they said where true.
I am going to add the new things to the analysis today. Then search for work.

Dirty managment card game
So in the Dirty trick from managment post I put up different bullets each bullet is a guide for a situation. Now each bullet could be seen as card.
Now just a war have objectives in a zero zum game set to reach them while you opponet trys to hinder you from reaching them while guarding other possible other points objectives, negotiations have the same.
Now, lets add the art of war to the eqation here and say know thy self and know thy enemy becouse else for each victory you will suffer a loss.
Now, the objective is to setup a cooperation with the opponent while also securing as much resources from the opponent while some are valued more then others by the "mission" objective.
Your opponents objective are the same.
If not a cooperation is set with in a given time, mission objective will fail leaving out two ticket less players. 

Let the game begin! Your objective on the monopoly bord is to secure the bullevard, one of your opponents hotells from your opponents the most higly paying streed street. 
And to spice the mix he has that car his possetion and the hat, these are also mission objectives to secure. 
The game is two players only and you start of with half playboard each, the streets are lottoed out in the begining of the game. 
Now, income from possible street rent can be used from a possible share situation. Each objective will give an extra 20.000 a month revenue the one in the end of the game with the most revenue will win.
It can be seen as unfair that one player can have more revenue just from the lottery but that is how reality works and the end of the game the revenue can have really changed; based on how many of the objectives you have taken.

Now here is a trick for you if you see your opponent being tens, he listens better. Your chance to shape him goes up, the reason why sargents have their men stand hut is to make the men tens to listen better.

Some kicks need to be worked out.

Let the game begin!

Oh, I almost did not see you this morning. Lucky for you I did! :*
Damn I feel good today.
Energy levels are up, everthing feels better.  But library is closed for some reason.
Later this day I dreamt of space, zero gravity feels weird in the sleep, alot like just laying down.

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Well, fuck. I really did my best and in good time. Gonna need to see his motivation for what he wrote.
Seems to me like they want a person that have both gone in deep on CSS/HTML (Frontend) and backend. I am what they call fullstack, I go in back end and make the connection from database all the way to frontend.
Not frontend in deept that you have a Frontend designer for .(!)
There, I am going in and out of pains in the chest, painbody attacks. Not heart problems. Still now the rasberry leaf has some potency, so I always have that.

That also explain why I have had dreams with dess in them. Back to applying for work again, focus backend then. I like to have graphical conformetion when I work. :(
I am still greatful for what dess provide me with, not much but still I always send my thanks. Hop, bitches will have to wait then, I can accept that since dreams of dess has come.

I remember her saying I would be angry at her, I now know why. Yeah I am peved. This no made me feel like shit, I did it for Mob damn. Well, I have found a good substitute cat in the naiborhood.
Its a social bit of love demanding male cat (early on castrated, so he is tiny) he reminds me of Moby but he looks totaly different.


I have an mind experiment here for who ever reads, so we have a zoo with humans. How would you set up the enviroment in a way that the humans don't fight, live good and are happy.
Now we have an the experiment where the humans are now wild and live in a free habitat with everything needed without need to fear predators. How do you think they would behave?

Both these are on the precursor that they are identified with being human (the flesh) not consiusness or soul if you so will.

Now what is sociaty? Is it a zoo, the wild, a ranch or a farm? 
The reason for why I want you to see them as people identified with being human, is becouse they are just animals.
The reason we make a destinction seperating humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is becouse humans are aware of awareness.
All the other animals are aware of cource but we can not interview them so we live with the idea that we are uniqe in that sence.
So in this expereiment we have to remove the idea tha humans are aware of awareness. They are like the rest of the animals.

Now imagen you where a president over a big country and you are idententified with being consiussness while you see all the others for what they are, animals. How would you structure that sociaty?
Now imagen yourself being god, looking down on planet earth. What is needed to be done with the humans?

The reason for why I ask you to answer these question is becouse that is how the world has been run and built since the building of the pyramids.
A small group of individuals (the elit) have been seeing themself above everything and they was the desiders over how sociaty should have been run.
Can you see the fundamental error in how sociaty has been built.

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All my best work has been done in the name of Moby, since Moby I have only done 4 month with out him in tought of my work. There...
So this Comey thing, Trump firering him after only 4 years in the position of leading FBI. This was said to be about his handling of the Clinton mail, but Comey is the one who happen to investigate Trumps possible Russian contacts. Swedish profesor in north american studies Erik Åsard are pulling assotions with how the Watergate scandal.

The watergate business was in the USA between 1972 and 1974.
It was a political scandal centered around President Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign as a result of the scandal. He is hitherto the only American president to resign.
As a result of a burglary in the Watergate office building, several cases of abuse of power were revealed by the Nixon Administration. Among other things, Nixon's staff had intercepted political opponents and used the FBI and CIA to harass activists and politicians.

Grab her by the trump is trying to hide his Golden Shower moment and cordination in disrupt the american election.

Building 7.. ;|

Dess have started to show of some of the future changes seems possitive, she also showed her self. She must have leveled up or something. I recognize some of the places, the appartment seems to be new, but I thought it would be bigger. ;)
Damn, the reply I got from the work test was that my work at the back-end was satifying but the wanted a person that had a couple of more years experince in frontend development.
Swedish news reports that only a fourth of the Swedish people will fit the bomb shelters if war comes.

I feel a bit panic for not getting the position at sublime, but to be fair they most have set a really high bar for a person with my number of years experince.
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I am satisfied with my reslut with the assignment or the test, it looked good. Now, I should not take out victory in advance but I belive he will feel satifide. So, yay Moby I did it for you.

Now I have been having weird sex dreams the last time that happen dess gave me visions, I am crossing my fingers. Now if I get this job I will get back to Stockholm, that all is fine, back to Stockholm before August then back to game. For some reason that feel really good. 
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Yeah, Teir 3. This one is a how far can you come in 4 hours. A test in working speed and a test in css. Okay, Moby I am doing this for you now. Smulan can take care of her self.
All energy in. I feel ready, I feel set to fucking own this test. Okay, this will happen, failure is not an option. Sthlm here I will come!

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What a starring look you have. That was how it startet, focus what on putting me in a state of self consiussness. 

Here, is how management make sure to have the upper hand in negotiations and how mikeal got his postion at spotify.

1. What role does expectations play in negotiations
“the higher the expectations, the better the results”. but this doesn't mean that
negotiators with highest expectation nessacirily win,but those with higher and
maximum aspiration and desire are more possible to win,they don't fall back and not
ready to settle for soemthing they donä't want..
2. When should I present the difficult proposals first and when shall present the difficult
proposals last when I plan to structure my negotiation - You should present your difficult
proposal first whenever you feel that you have more knowledge in the negotiation, than the
counter-party. This way the opponents might underestimate the importance/weight of your
proposal, and foolishly accept. (Dropping an anchor in a negotiation where you have the
upper hand when it comes to knowledge on the subject). The opposite: to present the
difficult proposals last in the negotiation, should be done when you feel that the other party is
pleased with the result of (some of) their previously presented proposals. If the opponent
feels content and happy about what they've just achieved, they're more likely to accept and
compromise on your difficult proposal.
3. When is the best time to to take a “time-out” from the negotiationWhen you are the
angry person, one way handle it is to take a "time-out" and cool off. A cool glass of
water can help literally lower your temperature.Another time for a break i s when you
need to have a conversation with your colleugues and you feel that you are falling
behind,you need to change technique and come up with new ideas
4. Describe at least two important roles in the negotiation the team leader as a chief
negotiator( this can change if the leader is not a good negotitor).the cheif negotiator
should be articulate,a good team player and posses good presence of mind...Team
members with following qualities.: technical knowledge,relationship
skilss,patience,observational skills,behavior analysing skills
5. When and why would you let go of a pilot balloon (simulating an important proposal in
a secure setting) - When you wish to gain knowledge about the subject and how it will be
countered by the other party. Can be used to discover the opponents counter-proposals and
perhaps also weaknesses in your own proposals that needs refinement. (After observing
what effects the proposal caused in the secure environment?! MISINTERPRETED?)
6. Why should you never say yes too early? - Not only does it sabotage/undermine the
current negotiation (from your point of view), but it also reflects weakness in negotiation for
future situations aswell.
7. Explain why should you be hard to the hard and soft to the soft? Most of the
negotiation literature focuses on two strategies, although they call them by different
names. One strategy is interest-based (or integrative, or cooperative) bargaining,
while the other is positional (or distributive or competitive) bargaining. In their bestselling
book on negotiation, Getting to Yes, Roger Fisher and William Ury argue that
there are three approaches: hard, soft, and what they call "principled negotiation."
Hard is essentially extremely competitive bargaining, soft extremely integrative
bargaining (so integrative that one gives up one's own interests in the hopes of
meeting the other person's interests) and principled negotiation is supposed to be
somewhere in between, but closer to soft, certainly, than hard. All of these topics are
discussed in this section.
8. Why should you be emotional when somebody is too factual - Emotions make us care
for our own interests and about people. Empathy can improve understanding, facilitate
communication and also be used as an investment in logn term relationships (business/
personal). Legitimately expressed anger may communicate the party's sincerity and
9. Why should you be factual when somebody is too emotional - Law 39 - Stir up waters
to catch fish - Stay calm and objective to stir up emotions and therefore gain advantage by
putting enemies off-balance.Law 10 - Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky -
Emotional states are infectious and someone else misery can bring you down.
10. When is it a good argument to propose that you will meet in the middle - The obvious
situation is when the lower boundaries of the negotiation has actually surpassed your
minimum expectations of your goals.That way, meeting in the middle means reaching even
better results than you expected, and although it is sort of a compromise both parties will feel
pleased by the halfway solution.
11. Why are negotiations often considered as expensive? Can be very resource heavy when
it comes to people and time. If the negotiations get stuck in a deadlock the whole process
halts and no profit is made at all, on the contrary all resources tied to the negotiation is
increasing the costs while producing nothing.
12. Why should you always have a second best alternative when you negotiate? - If no
progress is beeing made and the other parties won't budge on some points/topics. If the
efficiency of the second alternative surpasses the possibility of further success in the
negotiation, one can compromise in order to reach an agreement before it becomes too
expensive to move on.
13. What can you do when you get stuck in a disagreement in a negotiation? - "One
direction for stuck negotiations would be to pay particular attention to emotional/relational
issues, negotiating the relationship between the adversaries. In relationship mediation, one
would appropriately acknowledge the suffering of the parties in such a way that might allow
both sides to feel deeply heard. This kind of mediation could lead to an immediate change in
the mood of the negotiation." -
14. Describe the process of how to impose a suitable revenge on somebody? - First you'll
have to evaluate how "hurt" you got by the persons action/accusation, in order to form a
proportional revenge. Then it would be good to focus on the other party's weaknesses and
somehow highlight them and bring them out into the light.
15. Why should you always contain your anger until the time is fit to display it? - "Anger
disrupts negotiations in at least three ways: it clouds our objectivity because we lose trust in
the other side; it narrows our focus from broader topics to the anger-producing behavior; and
it misdirects our goals from reaching agreement to retaliating against the offender."(p. 169
- Emotions in Negotiation: How to Manage Fear and Anger," Robert S. Adler, Benson Rosen,
and Elliot M. Silverstein)
16. Why should you initially assume responsibility for your negative feelings and when
should you blame others for your negative feelings? - Emotions have the potential to
play either a positive or negative role in negotiation, so it is imperative to control your
feelings and look at them in an objective light. You should only blame others for your
negative feelings when you are sure that you're legitimately blaming the other party, as this
will be an effective way to show one's commitment, sincerity, and needs.
17. Describe why it may pay to be cold when you are considering to deliberately hurt
people? - Because you don't want to feel remorse or sorry for what you are doing, you
are hurting them deliberately for a reason. If you feel remorse or sorry for the other
part the chance of you conceding more in a negotiation will be higher.
18. Why is it necessary to flatter people after you have deliberately hurt them -
the person may forget that he was hurt at the first place and to aviod future revenges
Describe which types of intellectual and emotional resources you use when you are
negotiating! Empathy is a great resource to understand the opposition situation and this can
give you the upper hand in understanding their needs, law 27 Play on peoples needs: can be
used to make the opposition makeing sacrefices for you. The most important intellectual-resource is your party's knowledge/experience within the subject. Fear, if the opposition feels fear it can hasten the negotiations "While an opponent's fear can motivate them to make a hasty agreement, it can also paralyze them, turn into anger, or block development of a relationship. Deal with the other side's fear by being alert for emotional buildups. Empathizing with their fears or sharing your own fears can build trust and provide reassurance."

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So Teir 3 starts to morrow, I am not going to like this assignment but any how. It is a HTML/CSS FrontEnd test. I really don't like HTML/CSS assignments but I will succed in the venture that I am sure. What is my motivation, Moby, I am doing this for Mobster. This is a have to succed that is why I will succed.

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