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Work interview was awsome. I will be presented to a company. He wanted me to put the books on the CV and also remove any dead link's from possible bad URL's. So, ha.. Now to market strategy?! Yeah, I need to put the better foot forward on that. I am so close to back guys... OMG OMG , desss!!!

I felt inspired by their web page. To have fresh shoes on work interview and other like highly valued places. Don't walk in with your farm shoes to the king's castle, if you're not there to challenge him. Observance of the cloth code law.... Hmm, a better format for the style guide is evolving.

I am back to feeling like a pro at what I do. I am eager to get to work again. Stockholm is the city I love at the current moment.
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So, researchers is currently taking a hugh step towards trying to figure out if we living things are consciousness connected to each other or not, findings from 9/11 shows that you could emotionaly could messure a global catastrophe. I belive it's really important for us as humantiy to understand as we are facing global terrorism. Like if I fucking raindear starts attacking and killing humans with its horns, we would have some understaning how much we humans are really capeble of controling, by just conscious awarnes striding towards a possible peace after this is over.
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Lucky for me :* already set to go of, I will go a bit earlier to Lkpg to get the small town out of me.

So, Fredrik Jönsson is one of the early collaborators with Tom. Around the subject if Fredrik had been pushed by Tom in to create a situation where Nina got raped.

Okay, now the President of United State have leaked information to Russia, is this not Treason. Trump, is going to hang! Becouse that is the punishment. 

Yeah I just relized, the pizza gate picuture could be a dubble edged sword in terms of creating silence.
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Björn studied at linköping university the same time I studied at Stockholm university Tom could have used him to put out bad reputation about me.
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Since I am just at the library to do my usal shit, here is some good informational videos to the world. The anti-trump informational music video and also a bit short of the President Vladimir. Some new opptions have started to apper in my life as it is, I need to explore these more before writing about them.

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Regarding the Pizza gate scandal, that boy that is tajped to a table. Well, it is to scare the boy in to silence. In poltics it is used to silence boys who have heard to much.
Now after the photo was taken all they need to do is to say to say to the boy that thay will leave him like that. As the boy laughes becouse he either dont belive them or don't understand the consiqenses. The adult would then say that, yes that is how it is now we are going to leave you hear and how are you going to eat then? When the boy realise that he can not come loose the adult will raise to walk away. The child will then become terrified.
They will walk up to the boy and say that they are only kidding but if he talks about what he have heard they are going to do it for real and if he says anything about what have happend.
This is a consept called, mouth shakles. That photo can be used to remind the boy of the insident, fear have great power long after. But there is icecream for those who is good and do as they have promised.

Are you chocked? That is some dark Frank Underwood shit I know.

Juha, flushed down my poker system in the toilet because I had all my shit fixed due to it. He broke his promis.

I helped my neigbor the other day, he is old so he had troubles going to the store, I went shopping food for him.

So I am longing to be able to allow myself: to be inperfect, to do mistakes, to be free to express myself, to be adventures, to be rough around the edge's.
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So, the last post open up the possibility that Mikael only needed to keep such a reputation alive. But still he is a sick sadist.
That I was a walking STD, being the reputation. I have found my clearity. Now I also have the source of the political effect called, the Rainfelt effect here in Sweden.
Dirty as that shit is from the Reach analysis, we now have a source of how a sociaty comes to decline.

Now that was a braidal of 10 years or so, now it was needed to go into eremit and celabacy mode to be able to have good focus an all things.
Clearity, I have the analysis and method of how too clear things out. I have a political scandal as leverage and the reputation of those involved.
Now all that is neede is an autobiogophy and a movie contract, so Jeff. Hehe, I get it now and it would be a fucking awsome movie.
Sex, Drugs, Violence, Betrayl, Pain, Sadness and mystery with it's resolve. It would be a classic chick flick.

Now negotion should start I belive. Any how this is a good position to push trough a Social Democratic agenda since sadism, rasism, extortion and terrorism does not exist on the green meme level.

Question is if Jonas was involved to, he studied at Linköpings University, but hmm I can't confirm any thing from that since I have no connections there.

Now as the far right extrem is raising here in europe dess shows here cordination ability.

Our generation sees the need to bridge the gap in social communication between the sexes, human rights can not be built on gender. For this to happen men and women need to find means to communicate with good understanding of how both can live without the cost of the other.
In the day and age, we live in as humanity faces the need of a global government as we are going to fight, the global catastrophes (environmental, poverty, starvation and famine), humanity have put on to this world. The importance of a global constitution with rights for the people of the earth. To ensure a free world it needs to be written under the value of Liberty and justice indivisible for all. With laws for the leaders and rights for the people.
I want to define here what the word of Liberty to me means: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." and Justice: "The nature of justice as both a moral virtue of character and a desirable quality of political society, as well as how it applies to ethical and social decision-making."
For deeper understanding of these philosofical values check out the Post-Rawls works of: the globalist one of Thomas Pogge, the feminist one of Martha Nussbaum, and the rights-based one of Michael Boylan.
Peace is strength for human evolution, the human condtion is that of 1 year of peace on every 14 years of war.

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Early at the school there is a start drill/kick off at the university, people who was not invited succeded to come to the University pub.
Chilianos, Toms friends being there starting off rumors at the school. I remembered no Chilianos i the class, but they could have been in the game class, Azra could confirm if she remember any Chilianos in her class.
This is a possible early senario, Iva remembers them to. How Tom planted illseeds in my life before.
From here Mikael might have got involved, I don't remember if Mikael was there, but I never spoted Mikael at those events.
Tom was always jealus of me, he never dared to do anything. He just wanted everything I had. He was jealus of Nina to, he and Jösse said once we have to do something with things going so well for me.
Nina, got raped.

Mia and Ludvig i have them on photo

The false rumor being that I had have a lot venereal sicknesses would have been enough to create a hoard of cock blockers. I never had an STD but Juha have had clamps more times than he could count, that explains his late involvement.

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That last post did take long time to push out. I really don't want anything soon to come out of me. That last one should really say alot if you understand women.
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Dirty management card game
So in the Dirty trick from management post I put up different bullets each bullet is a guide for a situation. Now each bullet could be seen as card.
Now just a war have objectives in a zero zum game set to reach them while you opponent try's to hinder you from reaching them while guarding other possible other points objectives, negotiations have the same.
Now, lets add the art of war to the equation here and say know thy self and know thy enemy because else for each victory you will suffer a loss.
Now, the objective is to setup a cooperation with the opponent while also securing as much resources from the opponent while some are valued more then others by the "mission" objective.
Your opponents objective are the same.
If not a cooperation is set with in a one hour, mission objective will fail leaving out two ticket less players.

Each player can call for a 10 minutes break once anytime during the game, during break the “time” of the game pause. Resuming as the game starts again.

Players get to have access to how much revenue each streets revenue before the game starts as intelligence but as soon the game start its “hands off”.

Your objective on the monopoly board is to secure the boulevard, one of your opponents hotels from your opponents the most highly paying street.

And to spice the mix he has that car his possession and the hat, these are also mission objectives to secure.
The game is two players only and you start of with half play board each, the streets are lottoed out in the beginning of the game. Both players have 100.000 to use for negation.
Now, income from possible street rent can be used from a possible share situation. Each objective will give an extra 20.000 a month revenue the one in the end of the game with the most revenue will win.
It can be seen as unfair that one player can have more revenue just from the lottery but that is how reality works and the end of the game the revenue can have really changed; based on how many of the objectives you have taken. A building can be put on a opponents street if come to some agreement can be established. The revenue from the building is surplus created from having a building on a street.

Now here is a trick for you if you see your opponent being tens, he listens better. Your chance to shape him goes up, the reason why sargents have their men stand hut is to make the men tens to listen better.

Some ticks need to be worked out. In the game on how hotel's and buildings are to be placed out from the start of the game and also the players and how objectives are to be given out.

Let the game begin!

The peace meeting game
Now there is a second level to the dirty management card game and that is the peace treaty game, the rules is the same but this time a third party is involved.
The third party is to be neutral towards the other players, his job is to help both party's get to an agreement and intervene if needed to move things forward. The other players are not totally sustainable, they both need 100.000 tons oil a year and the third party wants to build school and provide with education, something only the third party can provide. That is your advantage in helping creating peace. The opponents will loose revenue in the end of the game in a 1:1 relation of how much less then a 100.000 tons they have in the end of the game.
Almost like a judge in a court. Good soon you will be ready to go help bringing peace and education to the third world.

The forth level the observer, hidden form the others
This player should be a woman but can be a man, she is not to say her role until the game is over and the end result has provided, she are not allowed to intervene in the game at all it would be best if she was not in the room just observing from a screen. She has the role of the Universal consciousness. She is to see each player as part of her self and her creation. While each player have a individual mind she is what stands behind them, her role is to want peace and to be able to effect the game, something that can only be done if each player learn to see that they are all and the same and a willing to share everything equal. In the end her job is to give feedback from that place and to express how she felt as she observed the game to each and every player as they did their moves. She well end with taking the position of goddess being the one setting forward this creation, waiting for intelligent life to be, finding it and seeing what just had happened. She who love all her creation but want all to be one.

This game is not about winning but I am sure that it would be fun to play, the design is to teach the players to play with the end in mind. This is the End game.

Now for this to work, there have to be a play leader that can setup the game in away that the end game is not revealed until its over. The ugly tricks can be presented before the game, the play leader chooses how he distribute but both players must at least have one ugly trick each, that is so this can represent reality. Now the strategy part of this document is also to be showed to both players they will have 20 minutes to learn what they can from this document.

Future leaders have to have all perspective and be able to play all roles, with the end game in mind.
To play again, one opponent have to be new to the game. The goddess can be told about then, but she is not to reveal her self or show her self until the end of the game. The end game objective if told will be cause for disqualification.

Ugly tricks
So more ugly tricks, getting a person of balance is to get on top of the frame or getting the other person in a defense position.
These are the way your opponent will actually freeze internally (the ship of Souron metaphor). His cognitive process will stop functioning in a good manor.
He will live in reaction to what was said and not being present. You can break out of it by using universal love as I teach about it and seeing thought and feelings as an ocean that you plow thru.
You can start advising your opponent without him asking, that puts you on top of the frame since you take a position of a teacher.
That is whats called playing the good semeratin.
Questioning the opponents actions, way of thinking and being.
Comment on you opponents moves and behavior, try to force him in to a state where he heighten the bar of his behavior. Don't tolerate mistake, comment on language if so have to.
I am sure the players can find more ways to manipulate to get the result they want than I have provided with.

1. What role does expectations play in negotiations
“the higher the expectations, the better the results”. but this doesn't mean that
negotiators with highest expectation necessarily win,but those with higher and
maximum aspiration and desire are more possible to win,they don't fall back and not
ready to settle for something they don't want..
2. When should I present the difficult proposals first and when shall present the difficult
proposals last when I plan to structure my negotiation - You should present your difficult
proposal first whenever you feel that you have more knowledge in the negotiation, than the
counter-party. This way the opponents might underestimate the importance/weight of your
proposal, and foolishly accept. (Dropping an anchor in a negotiation where you have the
upper hand when it comes to knowledge on the subject). The opposite: to present the
difficult proposals last in the negotiation, should be done when you feel that the other party is
pleased with the result of (some of) their previously presented proposals. If the opponent
feels content and happy about what they've just achieved, they're more likely to accept and
compromise on your difficult proposal.
3. When is the best time to to take a “time-out” from the negotiation
When you are the angry person, one way handle it is to take a "time-out" and cool off. A cool glass of
water can help literally lower your temperature. Another time for a break i s when you
need to have a conversation with your colleagues and you feel that you are falling
behind,you need to change technique and come up with new ideas
4. Describe at least two important roles in the negotiation the team leader as a chief
negotiator( this can change if the leader is not a good negotiator).the chief negotiator
should be articulate,a good team player and posses good presence of mind...Team
members with following qualities.: technical knowledge,relationship
skils ,patience,observational skills,behavior analyzing skills
5. When and why would you let go of a pilot balloon (simulating an important proposal in
a secure setting) - When you wish to gain knowledge about the subject and how it will be
countered by the other party. Can be used to discover the opponents counter-proposals and
perhaps also weaknesses in your own proposals that needs refinement. (After observing
what effects the proposal caused in the secure environment?! MISINTERPRETED?)
6. Why should you never say yes too early? - Not only does it sabotage/undermine the
current negotiation (from your point of view), but it also reflects weakness in negotiation for
future situations as well.
7. Explain why should you be hard to the hard and soft to the soft? Most of the
negotiation literature focuses on two strategies, although they call them by different
names. One strategy is interest-based (or integrative, or cooperative) bargaining,
while the other is positional (or distributive or competitive) bargaining. In their bestselling
book on negotiation, Getting to Yes, Roger Fisher and William Ury argue that
there are three approaches: hard, soft, and what they call "principled negotiation."
Hard is essentially extremely competitive bargaining, soft extremely integrative
bargaining (so integrative that one gives up one's own interests in the hopes of
meeting the other person's interests) and principled negotiation is supposed to be
somewhere in between, but closer to soft, certainly, than hard. All of these topics are
discussed in this section.
8. Why should you be emotional when somebody is too factual - Emotions make us care
for our own interests and about people. Empathy can improve understanding, facilitate
communication and also be used as an investment in logn term relationships (business/
personal). Legitimately expressed anger may communicate the party's sincerity and
9. Why should you be factual when somebody is too emotional - Law 39 - Stir up waters
to catch fish - Stay calm and objective to stir up emotions and therefore gain advantage by
putting enemies off-balance.Law 10 - Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky -
Emotional states are infectious and someone else misery can bring you down.
10. When is it a good argument to propose that you will meet in the middle - The obvious
situation is when the lower boundaries of the negotiation has actually surpassed your
minimum expectations of your goals.That way, meeting in the middle means reaching even
better results than you expected, and although it is sort of a compromise both parties will feel
pleased by the halfway solution.
11. Why are negotiations often considered as expensive? Can be very resource heavy when
it comes to people and time. If the negotiations get stuck in a deadlock the whole process
halts and no profit is made at all, on the contrary all resources tied to the negotiation is
increasing the costs while producing nothing.
12. Why should you always have a second best alternative when you negotiate? - If no
progress is beeing made and the other parties won't budge on some points/topics. If the
efficiency of the second alternative surpasses the possibility of further success in the
negotiation, one can compromise in order to reach an agreement before it becomes too
expensive to move on.
13. What can you do when you get stuck in a disagreement in a negotiation? - "One
direction for stuck negotiations would be to pay particular attention to emotional/relational
issues, negotiating the relationship between the adversaries. In relationship mediation, one
would appropriately acknowledge the suffering of the parties in such a way that might allow
both sides to feel deeply heard. This kind of mediation could lead to an immediate change in
the mood of the negotiation." -
14. Describe the process of how to impose a suitable revenge on somebody? - First you'll
have to evaluate how "hurt" you got by the persons action/accusation, in order to form a
proportional revenge. Then it would be good to focus on the other party's weaknesses and
somehow highlight them and bring them out into the light.
15. Why should you always contain your anger until the time is fit to display it? - "Anger
disrupts negotiations in at least three ways: it clouds our objectivity because we lose trust in
the other side; it narrows our focus from broader topics to the anger-producing behavior; and
it misdirects our goals from reaching agreement to retaliating against the offender."(p. 169
- Emotions in Negotiation: How to Manage Fear and Anger," Robert S. Adler, Benson Rosen,
and Elliot M. Silverstein)
16. Why should you initially assume responsibility for your negative feelings and when
should you blame others for your negative feelings? - Emotions have the potential to
play either a positive or negative role in negotiation, so it is imperative to control your
feelings and look at them in an objective light. You should only blame others for your
negative feelings when you are sure that you're legitimately blaming the other party, as this
will be an effective way to show one's commitment, sincerity, and needs.
17. Describe why it may pay to be cold when you are considering to deliberately hurt
people? - Because you don't want to feel remorse or sorry for what you are doing, you
are hurting them deliberately for a reason. If you feel remorse or sorry for the other
part the chance of you conceding more in a negotiation will be higher.
18. Why is it necessary to flatter people after you have deliberately hurt them -
the person may forget that he was hurt at the first place and to aviod future revenges
Describe which types of intellectual and emotional resources you use when you are
negotiating! Empathy is a great resource to understand the opposition situation and this can
give you the upper hand in understanding their needs, law 27 Play on peoples needs: can be
used to make the opposition making sacrifices for you. The most important intellectual-resource is your party's knowledge/experience within the subject. Fear, if the opposition feels fear it can hasten the negotiations "While an opponent's fear can motivate them to make a hasty agreement, it can also paralyze them, turn into anger, or block development of a relationship. Deal with the other side's fear by being alert for emotional buildups. Empathizing with their fears or sharing your own fears can build trust and provide reassurance."

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