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Internally people trying to oppose the system, are risking the being repremended(by the same attack as me) if current set rules is being questioned. What that has now lead to is, the stealing of equipment and also letting others take and do all the work when it come's to the thesis and afterwards poisoning the one done the work. Since that will lead to memmory loss, it would be kind of hard to question.

This have been put in place by a systemic strategy by Juha and Tom.

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So I have been working more on the team side of my project's. But I also have a new thing to teach here. That is the come finger me look. If a woman look's at you like this, she is so fucking horny for you that she will not be able to restrain her self.

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Now the silver lining to all that has happened is coming up in front of me, With this method I now have packaged the "sight" even better. Industry cities have huge problem with criminality and conflict due to the culture that comes from, the ruler, commander and subordinate of the work line. That being leaders not seeing workers as beings at the cause side what is happening.  
I am still looking for more friction points that stops effective work from happening.

Now, the outside circle you don't even know exist OR strangers.
Outer circle, well there you put zero-zum players, people you don't like or trust, People who have no intresst in communicate. These are never a we, its you and me but not we even if thay say its a we. Looking to command and create compitition, looks to debate. Use opinions and ego as motivation of action's and ethics.
Be at  guard, They should be seen as weme but not we.

Mid-level co-workers, win-win player's, Looks to collaborate.

Inner-circle close friends possible girlfriend, fuck buddy's, people you can put trust in.

O'hana is you, and possible spouse and your possible children or other people you would take a bullet for. 

Your team needs to arrange: 
Speech pattern, Purpous, Ethical arrangement and boundries.

Value word collaberate.

Each team member need to have a set resposiblity.
All team members are to be seen to be at cause side of their resposiblity.

Resolve conflict by communicate and finding the problem but not by debatte, looking for solution, emotional state, from where things came.
Improval of the groups dynamic will be bonus winning from each party taking responsibility to depoy their part of the solution.
In order to have a collabiration, members will follow an approch methology.

Trust, among team members comes when every one keeps to their set path and promises. 
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Yeah, so not only did Juha trew out my Soldier test pin. He also stole my only earned piece of cotton.

R used the munispalities authority to contact me. Since it could be from the social office I  had to answer he only called for M.

Yesterday waas super productive, as soon as I fixed what was wrong in the mirror system.

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Yeah, so today big progress occurred. On a personal level, the window have not opened yet. But now I know where the window. I am back to an old theory around social circle's, I will have to start to work through a paradigm on this.

Now each and every person in your circle does not need to have a corresponding placement of you in his/her's circle's.

The people who fall's in these circle will have different rule's of engagement​, it will fall out in the order on how you are ready to keep to them, if they are important to you emotionally and how much you can trust in them.
O'hana is you, and possible spouse and your possible children or other people you would take a bullet for. 
Now, the outside circle you don't even know exist OR strangers.
Outer circle, well there you put zero-zum players, people you don't like or trust. These are never a we, its you and me but not we. It can be weme but not we.
Mid-level co-workers, win-win player's.
Inner-circle close friends possible, girlfriend, fuck buddy's, people you can put trust in.

With this come's three video's that moved me back or at least closer to the independence I had after 8 month on the streets of Stockholm.

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I have discovered that the ego (and sometime's the painbody) create's imaginary fallout's depending of scenarios one might have been wished for or imagined. It's there to help us, but does not have any real basis to what might happen. It's simply created by belief's that we carry with us. It's the same function that block us from approach or rather give's us AA I would guess.

I am mapping these things up now, since I know that it can be used against me and because knowing of it. It loses the power it has over me.

I came to realize this is just a rediscovery., time for me to document all this all power to the soul that I am.

I know that face.
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Yeah, so Netflix have started to really consume to much time. I have found myself identify with the Character Trevor in Travelers. I have been going through alot of my Audio note's, important stuff on those.

I guess that's because he have qualities I admire and try to have. But it can also be that he is an old soul.

Of the top things the things I can see being monetized from the Conscience discovery. That being able to give/teach an amazing work ethics. The sort of Die HARD work ethics that Tyler has... Maybe...
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I am ready to hit the streets of Stockholm and live on them again. That is how it is... I am to tierd to be in the created situation. The gangs in Stockholm at the current moment does not worry me. I have survived this I can simply do that again. But I am waiting for a court order at the current moment, that requiers an adress. In other words, things falled out as big said it would, the last part is also fixed....

I am sure that I will get the feeling of thriving again.
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What I have discovered here, is something that so much to do with how we portray ourself and controls our subconscious behavior. But you can really mess a person up with this as well fix them up.... We can a strong work force with this, it can be good to understand that female should take care of ethical questions if they have not good set values. Because a woman's values can change depending on her, mensural cycle.

Now this needs to be worked out on every angle, because you can use it to change peoples cognition to, what use can it really have, both positive and negative.

Clearly ISIS use functions as this, Scientology and other cult's (negative).... Also science and Christianity (positive)

Now, Jocke L approached me with trying to become the ethical argurer, as I complied he moved over to talk about the Las Vegas shooting. He also said that he believed that it was done for him to feel good.

I defused the situation with logic. If that felt good where was the Champaign and such in the hotel room. Now, Jocke said he had been promised help from T, in exchange of getting visitation rights with his children.
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So, lets see now....
I have found the source of what have been bugging me and stifled me during my time at the university. It was even in the way of my studies.

Now, question is.... How awsome of a country is Sweden or can Sweden be?
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