I am

I have just come back from a total psychological break down, after my mother was at my place and learn me how to look from here eyes.
I came to the conclusion that she comes from a total beta mind set, as do all females. So the whole thing came down to her to make a lot of ground rules that actually rocked my foundation out of place but. Shit happens she is my mother I still love her. No she wants me out of the game of pickup witch will never happen. But now when I am coming back from this I want to share my way out of it.
It will always come down to your self prophecies of what will happen.
What if everything you wanted to happened, just happened?
What if you did not need to think about the law and just be?
What if you could be whoever you wanted to be?
What if money was not an issue, what would you do with your life? (thx Tyler)

So you can use this for most things, take the sun and flame nimbus exercise and state to your self before an approch what you want to happen or in a jobb intervjue it's all the same.
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