I am

So I was walking around outside yesterday and I was really stuck up in my head on something that was said to me by some random dude. 

Anyway I was walking around feeling all butt hurt and sorry about myself then I got all angry realizing this guy was coming from a place of hurt, trying to hurt me.

I realized he was just a fucking dildo, he did not just wanted to hurt me cause he did not dare to go outside his comfort zone. Then I found my self seeing me the whole situation for what it was, I was sort of in the situation the band Deathklok find them so often in.

Any ways that shit was just funny as hell. Butt hurtness is funny as hell if you just learn to see it when it happens.

Badly enough I didn’t find any god video to demonstrate the dildo example for this article but I found something almost as good enough.

Find a way to make your negativity funny and it will go away.

Note: if you read this articel feel free to comment on it.
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