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So I was watching Tylers video about GPF and his talk about self-image and take it from me who have identified myself as a portal for energy that it gives fucking result. But it is probably better to just see myself as pure energy.
I need to learn how to not take the feedback about who I am so seriously.
So my purpose, to start a successful business.
To help others with succeeding in life.
To be a spiritual leader for those who seek to find them self.
To be economically free.
To keep myself grounded I bore myself out of the head by thinking about the color white/black/orange/green/purple to get out of my head and I will let go of my identity.

To feel free I am going to do what I feel that I want and whenever I feel locked up in my mind I am going to do something a bit crazy.
I started out as a natural, I got social conditioned first when I was 20 years old 2 years later after a bad breakup I took my car for a ride DRUNK I was depressed so I was all like fuck it. And I drew right in to a tree in 70 km/h the tree was thin so it broke, I did not hurt or kill any one and that I am happy for.
The interrogation left me psychologically scared, that was cus of that they used suggestive psychology as a method. Five years later I was researching the topic of the Swedish police method of interrogation and what later happened as it showed out that the person who wrote it had made up most of the stuff in the book. One of those things was that hypnosis can recover memory, those who have read NLP knows that is false. But you know that you can create false memory’s. How funny is that the things that was made to create order in sociality was the things that made most disorder and destruction in my life. And it was all based on lies and here I was thought that lying is bad. Any ways the book has been removed now and it was allot about it in the newspaper about it, the credit did not go to me tho but I don’t care. Guess talking shit at the university that was the one that was publishing the book was enough. This is what I call history and I am not that.
I came in to the game when I was around 23 years old, I found out about Tyler thru an article in the Swedish magazine Slitz in an interview with Style. Where he talked about how Tyler was trying some new stuff, JUST GO OUT AND CRASH AND BURN. Ay ay Sir! I found some newsgroup server with the help of altavista don’t remember if it was on news net or whatever. I used the most stupid openers ever like: Hi, was it not you who I met in the little colossal hall, you where sitting on the big dong dong and blewing popcorn thru your nose. You like me! And I had good result with that.
Stole 2 guys girl friends in my little home town of Motala, not so smart if you want to be able to have friends. Any ways after a night out on concerta, alcohol and me behaving like a raging lunatic throwing shot glasses at the wall, the police came and got me in. The beat me at the police station. Once again I was back at square one. This is what I call history and I am not that.
But who am I to complain about society it has also given me so much good as well. But in the end I was the one how made my life work.
I have tried for so long to learn how to really break the chains of the free for so long now and I am there now, maybe.

Breaking out of my prison ones more.
I nerved seen myself as a boat, I am more of a big ass tank but the boat metafore works better.
And I am shrooming right now mother nature was kind enough to let them grow outside my house let’s say that I see that as a sign. Let’s see if this star dust is going to give me magical powers and maybe shutdown my brain. And I give you Samisk jojk it makes me miss winter pure energy just open up your chest and feel.
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