Soul Bourne

So the words of Tyler Durden in the movie fight club rings high in my ears. It is only when we have lost everything we are free to do anything. I have all I need in the analysis to explain what I have been thru and to understand how it happend.

Here is the collection of documents needed to reach Ultra Violett consciousness and the requierd documentation of how the world is of now.

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Well when the whole story is put out a new image appers to the analysis.

2009 Mikael targets me, he has contacts thru the political party Moderaterna he knows about the "justice" system of swedish academia. (Appindex I)
2015 december
My promising career ends with me getting raped by a man call Pouya (Appindex II)
2015 october
Alf first tro to depattern me with an ECT device
Later on he tries to instill a new personality (Appindex IV)
2016 january
Monica tries to de pattern me with poisoning, it almost succed. (Appindex III)
2016 summer
After attepts of depatterning an attempt remove my self-reliance me is done on the street's of stockholm.

Monica and Alf both have engaged in the Student unions or student Nations of Sweden.

Well this is how I cope... I don't really want to go out with this full knowlage to the public, yet it would simply remove to much faith in the current system.

These books are to be read in the following order. It is all based on Dr. Ken Wilber’s spiral dynamics.
Angel blueprint - Daniel "matrim" Johansson (Red)
Foundation: Finding love with Jesus Christ – Daniel “matrim” Johansson (Blue)
The virtue of selfishness – Ayn Rand (Orange)
Zen game manifesto – Daniel “matrim” Johansson (Green to ultra violet)
Then any of the following documents in the folder could be read at any time.
Word.pdf – Daniel “matrim” Johansson under the alias Roman.
Mind control.pdf – Daniel “matrim” Johansson
The 2 analysis document is a show of how the ruling elites children gets to play end learn about power in Sweden.
A situational system analysis
The Video’s
State of Mind
Zeitgeist all 3 documentaries
The Venus project

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The Machiavellian tactic
By creating an artificial problem, the ruling class creates an outcry from the public for the ruling class to intervene. The ruling class enjoys the plunder made possible by the removal of self-reliance by individuals.
So Create problem – wait for outcry – come with a solution.
Most recently Alf called me, it was just to rub it in. It sounded like this, he you know that you can not survive in Stockholm. Look how it was the last time. Ha he he, don’t try to move to Stockholm…. You can make it there.
This here is a continuing of answering the questions that came from the analysis “A situational system analysis” that being the motive, how and why Monica got involved and further in more on the tactics used. And so more of why I got targeted.
The why, the motive
So, the involvement of two control freaks whose agenda always have been to control me, Alf and Monica. With the method of attack against me on the streets give a show of a Machiavellian tactic of removing my self-reliance on the streets of Stockholm. People on the street sells them self for a low price. But Mikael who is a Machiavellian leader have got a hold of a fortune by his software development at Spotify that lead to him getting a contract with a Spotify interface with a TV-brand. Mikael had targeted me as a person to measure himself against the first year at the university that later became a war for his pride. He felt emasculated by hearing the women he liked saying he seems to be a real hot humping pillow. Mikael being a zero-sum game thinker he aggressive action is the strategy he would commit to.
Further data collection is a site that fish for passwords, it is a total replica of the old RSDnation webpage containing my blog articles… Mikael is Polish he is also a eugenics, wish is humorous since his face look like a butt.
Disk KM’s involvement is non. They just got pulled in to my trolley net analytical method but they serve as a messiah for the justice of Moby, it was because I was lead to the golden hall.  DISK KM the group they are and the information I have on them show what a group of organized individuals can do and create. But the system that Mikael used is a system that have been trying to get in a foot in to the world of academia. It seems like that system tries to grip other social systems to use as puppets. DISK has hold them out or at least the KM section.
Method of persuasion
When Mikael approached Monica, he presented to her the Machiavellian tactic it does not look as terrible the way presented would have sounded like this:
-          Monica, you want to be able to control Daniel?
-          Yes.
-          Then I suggest that we create a problem for him. That he can’t solve. That way we can force him back to you. In a way that he feels that he must have your help. Do you want that?
-          Ok, yes.
-          Then all I require is your full cooperation, can you promise me that.
-          Yes.
The creation of the problem was where it all got bad and heinous but Monica did not get to know that in beforehand. Alf would have done it even with knowing the most terrible tactic but by involving him things got easier for me, Alf is the one who wanted to have Moby Killed.
The golden hall
The golden hall was a ruse, it pointed me in so many different directions it was crazy. That building is to mess with your head, a rubrics cube like no other. A vast complex network of puzzles, but it lead me back to the university.
The created problem
This is a game Svenskt näringsliv play every year it seems, when new members get to join the group in the summer when the police take there vacation. Mikael just recently got to join because his Spotify deal where he owns the contract for the software he developed for a big brand tv company. They chased me around the city of Stockholm, they coordinated that with some iPhone software, I caught several people negotiating what they would get if they would get a hold of my where bout’s. That being in the forest besides them while the where looking, once a guy saw me while I was building a hut. He spitted, there the fucker is. They tried to use Pavolian conditioning on me to steer me where to go. Several times they tried to make me go out on trafficked streets. To confuse me more the word psychosis had been tagged all over the city of Stockholm and one night the signs directing towards the city out in Solna had been put so I just kept walking in circles. I solved this by using the moon as a way of taking out direction.
End conclusion
Mikael Andersson is the Machiavellian asshole that is the head of the group of people that have been creating all the bad thing that happened to me in Stockholm. When the Machiavellian tactic of removing self-reliance point straight towards Mikael.
Mikael has Narcissistic personality disorder and in current moment is about to if not already a millioner. Mikael is Machiavellian and a student of the book prince.
I thank the Hells Angels for their help and support.
I want to thank my coordinator dess :*
I also want to thank the Rainbow sisters..

How was it now? A 200 ton press right? :P
Now it's close to done... TunaAzz

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So since this all tie's to the windsor tie analysis...
Swedish news reports today that a Sexual abuse against female students on bording schools, fucking rich kid's.

The management of Lundbergs private school, police reported students for sex crimes.
- It's about several plaintiffs, says Anders Forsman's investigators.
According to unconfirmed information to Aftonbladet's crimes and whether a sneak taken sex tape, partly about sexual abuse against female students.

During the day, left the leadership of the private Lundbergs boarding a report of sex crimes to have occurred at one of the student homes.
- I can confirm that we have received such notification and that it applies to several plaintiffs, says Anders Forsman at police in Värmland.
- It is the school management who made the complaint and the case of incidents that are further back in time, but has been revealed now. There is nothing that has happened this year.
Police initiates an investigation which will be headed by a prosecutor.
- We will carry out interviews with those involved.
Emergency Management
According to the school principal and managing director Johan Harrysson school has been communicated to all students and guardians set up an emergency preparedness.
- You understand that I can not say more about it here. Now we will let the police do their studies in peace and quiet.
We have data that says that it concerns a sneak taken sex video circulated among students.
- I can not speak about.

The information also says that it is about other sexual abuse against female students.
- I can not speak about it, either.
Can you deny the data?
- No, I can not speak at all about what you say.
These are events that occurred in the past and only now come to management's attention?
- It can say, it is something that occurred previously.
How is the atmosphere in the school?
- It is the circumstances calm, says Johan Harrysson.
In an email that went out of Lundbergs and Aftonbladet studied the writing management:
"The school management has today, in accordance with our procedures in cases of suspected crimes, established two police reports. It has been done in consultation with the Police in Värmland, because of events that are said to have occurred at one of the school's dormitory. Notification has nothing to do with former students sent home. "

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So the distance course I have come to start with, some minor hickups in the start nothing there then expected. Still waiting some sign from CSN and so I will know if I am going to be able to get a student appartment.

So I have come far with the anlysis of who and how my misfortune have come to be. Now the system and the method's are sick and heinous. And as of now, women all over Sweden get unprovokedly attacks from men showing the culture of misogyny giving its bloom. The failed state of Sweden is in need of guidence from a better bigger and stronger nation with democratic values to come and shelter us in these times of need. When you read thru the analysises it becomes clear of why Sweden will fall over easy to Russias propaganda.

A method of mind control and a way of breaking out:

A situational analysis (this here show's there being what is called a deep state here in Sweden):

Word, a clean away paradigm from sociaty:

Oh yeah, Alf and Monica is the source of misfortune they work thru the Moderaterna party, it is a national parent?! group. How ever hard this can be to believ but what sociaty calls my parents have been nothing but control freaks only having there own wishes of who I should be. I have lived a life of a one way comunication with these people.

Here we have a 6 month process of me being here in Motala, in the end I am on the new paradigm wich is fucking solid stuff.
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So this here is basically an assay on how mindcontrol is put in to a eprson and how to break out. Yes, this is something I have put thru many times in my life. I just never acted out on what the voices said. My early engagement with meditation tought me how to ignore the voices.
A method of mind control, a way breaking out.
Written by Daniel “matrim” Johansson
Mind control a method. 
How it effects a person.
Forced compliance.
Patriarch paradigm. 
A trapped people.
Removing the inner voice.
Progressive discipline system.. 

The following data comes to show how society’s methods of control over the civil population is the very source of the need of control. Humanity is fragmented, we think we are many different but we are all the same we are ONE planet. The very need of the “others” exists only as a use of having a “big scary wolf” to tell about. Fundamentalist, fascist’s, terrorist, ISIS, Russia and North Korea they all want control over people that is why fear is there weapon. Yet they are the one that creates a need for a control. It is like growing vermin and crying out for more means to kill the vermin.
Humanity divided. It’s madness at its peak. This only serves the dictators, it is to enslave us. But many are all those who have become deeply enslaved by fundamental thoughts. Let’s try to save as many as possible.
We have all read the news about people hearing voices going to attack now recently 3 women has been attacked by men, without any real reason for it. I myself have heard voices in my mind and this work is to show how the method of putting in voices in a person’s head goes about.
Seattle Pacific University in 2014
Aaron Ybarra, 29, testified he thought God wanted to sacrifice and “show others of damage that goes on in the world.” He said he told his brother that a voice of one the Columbine shooters “demanded and commanded me to do a massacre.” He added that he drank so he wouldn’t hear the voices and calm his nerves. Drinking “shut down the plan,” he said.
Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
The suspect believed to have shot five people to death in a rampage at a Florida airport Friday was being treated in Alaska after complaining of hearing voices and had recently claimed to the FBI that the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos, federal officials said.
Mind control a method
This is part of an event happening during me working for Alf. Now this is a terrible way of taking control over a person. Mind control, to create a forging voice inside someone’s head.
Then he started Yelling and ranting. Then he told me to sit down by the table in front of him.
"This is the Traditional Discipline system for correcting an individual". Again, now he wants to assure that he is talking with me as consciousness. He as what’s his name is because I don’t react only responds to his questions and demands. I tell him it’s not a name you can’t talk to it I am shapeless. He starts cursing. Well to you shapeless I want you to know you stand below who I tell Daniel is and you are this and that person and so and so. If you don't want to go home I want, you to do exactly as I say and if you here my voice in your head you do as that one says. Because I stand above you, okay?! (This is why I have the 5th element section in the Angels Ride) I point out that this is psychological abuse, the other two assistants are there. He tells them to tell him I must that this is by agreement. Girls go I don't believe that you are to tell him what to think. Yes, I am he stated. But we... You two work for me! He cut in yelling. Now do you agree? I asked Big heart. Big heart told me to compile + I have the 5th element section from in the Angel Blueprint. The coming days the following happen as my anger kept on growing, but now I had a lot of practice
(Speaking to consciousness could as well be saying to you inside of that head)
I already know Alf and he did not say he would be living in my head, now that could have had a different type of effect on me. He could have painted up a different spirit as well, a paranoid shoot first ask later type of person. This will have importance later in the text.

How it effects a person
First lets go in what consciousness is, fundamentally it is who we are on the deepest level. It is what can observe thoughts in the mind. It is also what creates thoughts. So far science have not been able to exactly explain what consciousness are and in phycology it has been discarded. But if it is what we fundamentally are then in a free society it should rule the mind, not vice versa.
This is from a book that I have written it comes from a Christian paradigm but it explains how putting the mind above you the soul (consciousness) effects a person. It’s original purpose was to be able to explain why these scary events that is brought up in the text to Christian’s.
I want you to know that I have studied the work of Dr. Ken Wilber and consciousness’s is what I call soul to the left. I This seems to have come to me as a mission from god to shed light on a problem that is not visible on an orange or green meme level but you can see on blue meme level and first at a teal level it become visible again. You can see as read on you will have an understanding how human’s souls comes in the hands of the Devil. Fear and shame are the tools of the devil and it seems like the last battle is at hand.
Now to the top left here we have the pentagram representing a person free from the limitations of the mind. It has taken in the spirit of the lord and thus have the Devil (pain body, ref Eckhart Tolle) in the lake of fire sort of speak. Now the pain body (ref Eckhart Tolle) is functioning as Satan on this earth so that is what I will call it here. As we go further down it will be a representation of how far from the light that person has strayed. The star without the encircling is a free human spirit still in close connection with the soul and disconnected from the mind, it can easy stray back to its old ways.
The pentagram being your average Joe or a person that has started to walk with Jesus and to follow his way is still in limitations of the mind, standing closer to Satan.
The inverted pentagram is a representation of a person who has made a barter with the devil to value something in the material above his/hers soul, partially giving up the free will given by god to serve The devil as he comes.
The last one is a person lost in total to the devil; there is no free will only the doings of Satan that being creating pain for him/herself and for others in this world. That being the work of lost prophet’s singer, the Black Panther shooting and most recently the Indian man that raped an 11 month baby for two hours. The devil wants a system where he gets to control humanity; he wants to make earth his new hell.
Forced compliance
2017 January news
MOSCOW, On Wednesday voted in favor of the Russian parliament, the Duma, a law that makes domestic violence should be counted as an "administrative offense" rather than a criminal act, whether the violence is not made more than once during the course of a year. 368 MPs voted for the bill, the MPs voted against it and one abstained.
As it is today, those who abuse their partners or their children in Russia sentenced to imprisonment for up to two years. The background is a law that President Vladimir Putin wrote in the summer of 2016. The Act means that those guilty of violence in close relationships is punished more severely than those who abuse such as a neighbor or any other person, which has created an outcry among many conservatives Politician.
Patriarch paradigm.
So first of the parent children relationship in this paradigm works over several generations given one overhead per family. So, authority is put on to us by our parents and society is used in a way of peer pressure to keep the cogs of the market turning sort of speak. All they need to do is to convince the overhead of the family not to engage in questioning how things are, here propaganda and commercials comes in. We as consciousness get to only feed an ego identity bound to repeat our parent’s behavior of feeling pleased to oversee both them self and others when it's them who is the family overhead. This is the remanence of something old. It becomes like a squid in to society feeding people the views the government/market wants you to view the world. It is to build you in to an insecure little shitty consumer uncappable to make your own decisions, just being feed information on how to be, how to look, how to behave and how to vote. In the end, you will be so helpless without the care from society that you hold on to the addictive bond.
A trapped people
So yesterday I got put thru a management sitting with Monica. Since I knew that I would just read thru my paradigm I mustered thru. It was what a method called Traditional Discipline system for correcting an individual. Monica went thru a tight stringed road on how to think and do as a repeating process of forcing in a cognitive pattern. It felt terrible during still a huge amount of anxiety, anger and cognitive dissonance came to be. Freedom is after all my highest value. Now as a got rid of that running process by reading thru the new paradigm. As I look back this is something I have battling bigger part of my life. Monica calls these dialogs building structures these are not dialogs these are her telling me what do, think and feel. It is her way of taking control, she like to see people as these puppets in the sims or dolls that she plays with. Alf has the exact same way of viewing things I have even found him in the doll cabinet once, while his assistants asked him if he had big plans.
This story I had written by a couple days ago. It fictive I know but it has it’s value in it’s context to give you an understanding of what’s going on.
I have been watching Star Wars, I was watching and questioning what the Imperial troops are fighting for. What is getting a imperial trooper out of the bed in the morning. What would give a imperial trooper a sense of motivation to work on. The can only be living on other by instruction from there peers. The same by these Japanese that die of work, what could a Japanese dream of going to bed other than to have catched up.  A life living out on instruction, a life by work only, live by the work DIE by the work.
What would happen if they got sometime off? Would they have someone instructing them on how to have fun to? Where is the voice of my boss and instructor that I used to have the Imperial trooper ask himself? The rebel sitting by his side says to him: If I was him I would instruct you to kill him.
-          Well your not him!
-          How do you know?  Imagen if I was. The rebel says.
Feeling content with getting the instruction imagen if he was the Imperial trooper soon started to have instruction to kill himself. Now the tug of war inside the Imperial trooper. No I am of great use the trooper argues. Not knowing that if he just would start to do on own freewill rather on his vacation rather just to keep on being under someone else instruction even to ask for it to be so.
Fascist states are states where the civil population only live on instruction, from everyday doing to work from birth to death. The scary thing that is happening now is that society in is whole has a population asking for instructions and there are instructions that comes from bad people out there.
Now Monica had contact with my classmates telling them to carry out instructions from her in this way in exchange of money. That way I could not finish my university exam last time.
This was also used by that fucking NAZI Göran Runfelt on me while I tried to make him change behavior to make him see what he had done wrong, while we were sitting in the room called ‘lekis’. Causing something horrible to happen between me and Iva.
Alf flaunting his power from the death bed.  Causing me pain on purpose trying to make the history of my situation be due to lack of competence. Trying to push me in to give up the idea of living in Stockholm. He is just out to create pain for me which is pleasure for him. He started also to twist current situation and to give me a bad conscious. This would have moved over to him giving me instructions but clearly, he has no understanding of where his life is being lead.
Removing the inner voice
To have a foreign spirit comes from knowing someone and not as static information but in as something living… When this with knowing someone that comes with a relationship this creates a mind ghost. This seems to create what is called schizophrenia. That being having someone as for example a parent talking with you inside your head. This is the scar of my parents, now it has healed. Stan with a magisterial exam with a lot of psychology involved, him sharing information with Sara she doing the same as him. Fighting their enemy, freewill. I don’t know if there is a reward in getting the answer to why schizophrenia but it should be on curing mind control right?
Any how this is a big thing for me… I have found a way to heal myself, finally…
In mind and in belief people are dead to me just static information, living in flesh but never in me. There is a huge violation on a person’s freedom to force his/her spirit to live on in someone. Especially when roles are involved, because then it starts to become mind control.
Sara call’s this trying to create a dialog, to put her spirit in. Stan getting some sense it to me.
So to explain more in detail, your memory is stored on a biological hard drive. On a hard drive information are static for things to change it has to be rewritten. The same goes for your biological hard drive, that being memory. So static things cannot be living things. In the “reality” we live in, living things in this reality is part of the ever-changing flux of things. So, goes with the mind, just because a person live in the reality of things does not mean that that person lives in your memory. The mind or memory does not have anything that is needed to sustain life. The information you have of any person is stored on your static memory, your biological hard drive. Imagination is something that is dynamic and alive, it is important to understand that memory and imagination are different things. Just because you utilize the same inner screen/speakers in your mind does not mean that they are the same. Memory is static, imagination is dynamic.
Imagination is something that is in you the consciousness control, but if you start seeing someone alive in your memory part of imagination gets involved to create the illusion of that person in your mind. It becomes a sort of “mind” AI entity. The memory of someone drives the imagination to create the illusion of something living inside of the mind. It becomes a feed loop or a running process that if believed in becomes something strengthened and if you interact with it lives on. But as soon as you see it for what it is, static information that you changed and treat as something living. But in reality it has no life it only feed on your energy. Static dead information is just like stone...
Progressive discipline system
This here is taken from a webpage where I was looking on how to describe what Alf did to me.
Let me get something off my chest. I think the progressive discipline system in place at the majority of companies is, as an enlightened HR executive friend of mine says, “soul-murdering.”
Humor me for a second while I break this down.
The dictionary defines discipline as a “punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.” Punishment. Inflicted. Let that sink in.
If you spend just five minutes searching the Internet for the term “progressive discipline,” you find the craziest things that even good companies have accepted as standard and added to their employee handbooks, such as “Progressive discipline is the process of using increasingly severe steps or measures when an employee fails to correct a problem.” So let me get this straight — progressive discipline expects employee performance to improve by treating the employee progressively worse. Truly, this is the definition of insanity.
Traditional discipline minimizes communication and employs threatening language at every stage. For those of you not in HR, progressive discipline is often a four-step process (verbal warning, written warning, final written warning or suspension, and termination), and HR professionals are trained to end each step with the not-so-hopeful refrain: “Failure to correct the problem may result in further disciplinary action, up to and including possible termination.” Really encouraging, huh?
The problem is that punishment is not instructive. It cannot teach a new behavior or solve a problem. You may be able to stop a person from doing something or even coerce him to act in a more desirable way, but the desired behavior will never be permanently learned unless the person recognizes the impact of the problem and takes ownership to solve it.
So why do so many companies use this system? The simple answer is that they think they need to have it to avoid legal claims. The truth is that an employee who wants to take unfair advantage of the company will do it whether there are policies in place or not. These “bad apples” will cost you, no matter what you do.
The good news is that there’s a better way — a respectful way — that creates a positive employee response and prompts a commitment to changed behavior. And it’s legally defensible.
This approach requires alignment with two key philosophies:
Remember that 95 percent of employees are responsible adults. If a problem develops and is brought to their attention, they will want to solve it.
By using adult communication, showing confidence and trust, and involving the employee in finding a solution, you will get the desired results.
The approach is simple.
First, use adult communication to describe the specific problem, then state the impact. Stating the impact is important because when people become aware of the impact and see how it affects others, they want to fix it. However, it’s still important to get to the root of the problem.
In manufacturing, leaders are trained to ask “The Five Whys.” By repeatedly asking the question, you can peel away the layers of symptoms and uncover the root cause of a problem. Once you know the cause, it’s much easier to facilitate “the employee’s” solution.
This chart shows the differences between traditional discipline and this employee-focused, counseling approach:
With progressive discipline, the manager and the employee become stuck in a series of escalating steps, ending in threats and documentation. When you use performance counseling, you treat people with respect and the positive assumption that — as responsible adults — they will resolve the problem.
As leaders in our organizations, can’t we take the first step toward creating the kind of workplace that values people, not one that punishes them?
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I will have to live on the street the first time of my university course.. That is how it is right now..

Fuck.. at the current moment it works watching the course's online but not the rest of the time...

Nothing I have not done before.
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So, a new motivation has come to me, the deep state comes from the politcal part and and its youth party Moderaterna. Togheter with the Swedish buisness life. Sweden seems to be a failed democracy. All is set for me to move in the original direction.

Full analysis

Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal", "Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering"... Damn kids. They're all alike. But did you, in your three-piece psychology and 1950's technobrain, ever take a look behind the eyes of the hacker? Did you ever wonder what made him tick, what forces shaped him, what may have molded him? I am a hacker, enter my world... Mine is a world that begins with school... I'm smarter than most of the other kids, this crap they teach us bores me... Damn underachiever. They're all alike. I'm in junior high or high school. I've listened to teachers explain for the fifteenth time how to reduce a fraction. I understand it. "No, Ms. Smith, I didn't show my work. I did it in my head..." Damn kid. Probably copied it. They're all alike. I made a discovery today. I found a computer. Wait a second, this is cool. It does what I want it to. If it makes a mistake, it's because I screwed it up. Not because it doesn't like me... Or feels threatened by me... Or thinks I'm a smart ass... Or doesn't like teaching and shouldn't be here... Damn kid. All he does is play games. They're all alike. And then it happened... a door opened to a world... rushing through the phone line like heroin through an addict's veins, an electronic pulse is sent out, a refuge from the day-to-day incompetencies is sought... a board is found. "This is it... this is where I belong..." I know everyone here... even if I've never met them, never talked to them, may never hear from them again... I know you all... Damn kid. Tying up the phone line again. They're all alike... You bet your ass we're all alike... we've been spoon-fed baby food at school when we hungered for steak... the bits of meat that you did let slip through were pre-chewed and tasteless. We've been dominated by sadists, or ignored by the apathetic. The few that had something to teach found us will- ing pupils, but those few are like drops of water in the desert. This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.
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So I just added Alf red thread to the analysis and a new image of how it looks came to be...

Full analysis

What is left to add is how I got to view Moby got beaten to death by Mikael thru an occulus device's... I have troubles describing that.

With a culture that seems to be shaped by literary books as Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky a black market with in Political Sweden (Appendix IV) comes to surface. A market with sexual services, poisoning and getting the upper hand on the work market. From what comes from Appendix I, it seems like I was more so targeted as a sacrificial lamb, that Mikael portraying me as the black swan (a problem that should not exist). Poisoned thru a black market, because the girl he wanted liked me (Appendix I, page 10). There is not one but several system’s here involved as it seems. Me having many friends in DISK KM I know this organization as something that would not attack me personally even more so Moby would not get hurt by that organization. I do also believe that they would not sink to these low behaviors that that systems give a show of doing. From what I could remember from being around Alf, when I worked for him all seems to point towards the market is run by Swedish political party Moderaterna since most involved have an Orange meme thinking.
Now since I am the writer of the book zen game manifesto, on the leading edge of philosophy with a simulated universe theory (Nick Bostrom) and creating global change. Partaking and in discussions on the Facebook group Origins of Consciousness, lead by Adrian David Nelson Ph.d in connection with Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) I happen to believe that I should not need to get poisoned and just to be brushed under the carpet. And with my skills in analyzing the global political climate an American naval Sea Captain happens to agree to.
To add on to conclusion from undocumented data
This is a game Svenskt näringsliv play every year it seems, when new members get to join the group in the summer when the police take there vacation. Mikael just recently got to join because his Spotify deal where he owns the contract for the software he developed for a big brand tv company. They chased me around the city of Stockholm, they coordinated that with some Iphone software, I caught several people negotiating what they would get if the would get a hold of my where bout’s. That being in the forest besides them while the where looking, once a guy saw me while I was building a hut. He spitted, there the fucker is. They tried to use Pavolian conditioning on me to steer me where to go. Several times they tried to make me go out on trafficked streets. To confuse me more the word psychosis had been tagged all over the city of Stockholm and one night the signs directing towards the city out in Solna had been put so I just kept walking in circles. I solved this by using the moon as a way of taking out direction.
Meeting Bojan
Meeting an old schoolmate in Motala who was out to being the king and realizing I was the one of the targeted one’s for the year’s game. He started to do these hand waves to make me move away. I had already broken down what ever type of Pavolian conditioning they had put in to me stood unaffected. He got scared as hell.
The system I call reach above could be very well be used to put the “right” person in the “right” place for a foreign powers agenda. Infrastructure and politicians can very well be blackmailed to take dictions or to lift a person to fill a position with an agenda fitting that foreign power.
Thru the eyes of a Christian paradigm.
As it seems dreams get shattered so others can live more effective life but still enjoy the fruits of dreams thru a market and as it goes it comes with a dirty price for those who take part and for the rest of society. Whoever the mother of all whore’s is to be concluded. But there is a pit of fire somewhere in the Turkmenistan, it might burn for 1000 years. But anyone can make a fire pit. The reach seems to be what is called the beast in the bible. The system designed for all this seems to have a purpose.
And the sea gave up their dead… The book of revelation.
The rational view:
A market needs it’s runners, its suppliers and its buyers. That being someone close enough to take someone’s dream, it’s runners can move dreams around for the buyers. The buyers get to ruin a dream. Both the buyers and the sellers stands close to the one who had created the dream from the start.
I don’t believe in the bible’s exact version of things. I know that its pre-rational, the rational sees the system hidden in society. It is awful it’s made and designed to look as something from the bible. There is no possibility for “Angel’s” to come riding down on horses from heaven. My eyes are not like burning fires. I have had many of my dreams shattered under my time at Stockholm’s University and now I know why.
People find others like me on the verge to succeed with there dreams for me this has happened many time’s. My poker system that worked was flushed down the toilet by my roommate, most lately it was a work at RSD being destroyed by me being force feed Pouya’s dick and poisoned by Monica, but I can make it live again. I can create new dreams.
Post rational view:
I know the how the reach system marks its servant’s hands.
At an early age a child gets his right thumb cracked making it so it can locked in a weird angel as they grew old, it is to easier hold the thread as the weave. They show it to every new person they expand their social circle and that person if he/she knows any one that can do that. It is to flag to others who bears the mark that they are there, these are the weavers of lie’s. They just ask if you can lock your thumb as they or if you know someone who can. The mark at the for head, I have no idea what that could be. They call them self-things like the son of Lucifer, Satan and his devils. That is just to mess with peoples head to make them look crazy.
Further work on this
The has yet to be found that being the chief of this system, she/he needs to be pointed out.
During my time at the university I answered questions that was directed to me, these where scientific in nature. Focused on consciousness, was there are reward for these?

The reach system (system of structured oppression and psychological holds)
Näringsliv means business world but direct translation would be food life.
näringsherarki means businesses hierarchy but directly it means food chain.
Swedish näringsliv is a Mycorrhiza (Fungi roots) of lies and shame holds and fear of the lies being discovered that hold the Swedish system. What was done when Puaya forced his dick in to my mouth (Appendix. II) was to get a shame holds on me. They wanted to put a shame hold on me for their lair of lies. They see it as a food chain (näringshierarki) with the lies told to cover it up they get trapped or try to trap others in a shame hold from covering up a shameful incident. Now each and every other person gets to do the same to enter the system. With that get better opportunity’s to climb in the order of career opportunities or paid off in bonuses. This is to protect the children of those highest up in the hierarchy, the modern princes. Those see children don't get to develop any creativity they only get to choose between things, good things I might add. Since they don't get any creativity they don't get any dreams and no dreams from god either. But the get those fruits from others in the end they can get the fruit of pain to from stealing and destroying others dreams. Some get a guilty consciousness and that shame gets a hold of them to lies are told in either case. Both to protect those who feel pleasure from the pain they caused and the group who feel shame about it. Now if you do what your told to keep the Mycorrhiza in place you get rewarded with career opportunities involving bonuses. People join on free will to get to enjoy the fruits of this system. Now since it is a tower built on fear.
The ones keeping track of the lies is the ones getting off on others pain and suffering. They have textile cloths with strings attached loose for each person the use when they weave their lie’s. I have seen three of these. Now the one holding the textile cloth doesn’t need to keep track of the lie it is as such. When the one whole got the stolen dream is to enjoy the stolen fruit the keeper of lies goes to the one stolen of the dream and tell him how they destroyed his/her chances of the dream and who at current enjoying the dream and also why it was made so. That makes the one be stolen remember the incident. An all the keeper of lies need to do is to keep track of the color coding of the treads on his/hers string cloth the one given and the one stolen tight tided together. I have seen three of these by the way.
It seems like there is an market to add on it as well.
2016-12-17 News
So the news reported the several of the company Telia’s bosses had been suspended for offering promotions to female employees in exange for sex. It had been something that have been done for several years the news reported but first now it surfaced. Well I suspected that this was something that could occur for the female employees from the system above. One could guess that the female get photo’d and filmed as well. To be kept silenced.
Raped the 16-year-olds together - gets prison
Published December 30, 2016 at 10:48 News
A party organizer in the 25-year-old sentenced to nine years in prison for six rapes and sexual coercion and abusive shooting.
Motion pictures have revealed how the man abuses the eight women.
Moreover sentenced a Gothenburg Restaurateurs in their 50s to six years in prison for two 16 year old girls - along with the younger man.

Two men convicted of a series of rapes. The older man is the owner of several restaurants in Gothenburg and the younger man is a party organizer in the same city.
It was in March 2016 that a young woman reported a that had taken place in central Gothenburg. She had been offered drugs by a party organizer in 25 who then had raped her when she was in a vulnerable situation.
The suspect was arrested and has been detained since March.
First, an examination of the man's mobile phone was found a large quantity of images and videos on various women in vulnerable situations. The police then managed to find additional victims and the acts must have taken place by GPS coordinates. In combination with the hearing of the identified women could Prosecutor prosecute the man for further and sexual coercion.
Moa, Emelie pulling in RSD in to this ugly system
So just coming up to Stockholm spring 2016 I talked with Moa on the phone a lot I had sent her an meditation video that helped her see that she had not changed spite all that had happen. She started talking. Emelie had been so angry over the Julian Blanc scandal that she had decided to take out full revenge on me. The fact that I had used Moa’s body to instill an awareness on inequality while also teaching the art of seduction. Take people of this system in contact, the humiliation of the sickness of it all is all about to unfold. Not only did she drag Moa in to a system of sexual oppression, she got rewarded with a trip with Moa where Moa had to reach over a gift to remember it all by. Moa only sucked a guys dick and they got it on cam, they had created an evening with good food, Champaign and a male stripper. Yeah, guess what happens an event with pushing on social sexual buttons and high arousal makes it so Moa feel to give in to the peer pressure of sucking the strippers dick. What followed was a lot of shaming and calling of wh*re, etc. It was photted. With fear of threat to what might happen socially if the video’s come out, she don’t want to come out. Just one feminist gone rouge. Now Moa has something to remember the incident about, while Emelie is enjoying a lie.
Weaving lie’s
This is a hypothetical scenario.
So lets say I am in this system and far in to my career, I have fantasies of having sex with a woman a university student. I don’t want my wife to know about it. With the help of the “mat board” I can with the help of others weave a lie with false alibies. Setting up false work meeting while sending my wife on a spa weekend. All the people are equally locked in the system with thumb screws and have no other choice and comply. The system in it’s self will make it so it will benefit others. The university student, might in return get to enjoy a weekend or a good work positon in the start of her career.
Now the same goes in the other direction when creating an alibi or getting your story straight with several people. As for example how to get away with causing another student taking his life.
Dream market “Byttan, kak burken, stacken”
Being rid of a dream you have been working hard to get is an emotional experience, knowing who has taken the dream from you is even worse. Having many dreams stolen from you tear’s you apart. I know I have been stolen of dreams in this system by my friends and class mates and most recently my parents. The man who jumped from the fairy (page 6) might just have gotten the news of who had ruined his dreams, to be able to enjoy his dream. Now there is a thumbscrew for all the people who had been stealing dreams.  So for other’s not having to figure out something they would love to do and being able to focus more on studies predatory they seek out people that make’s good dreams.
By stolen means that your about to reach the dream, you have the recipe for achieving your dream or the recipe for success and there is where people come to interfere.
Now Mikael had is own dream (Appendix I) but he put it on me so it would look like he stole and ruined mine. But he only ruined mine.
Data collected for analysis
Disk KM (2011)
Galaxy cruise… (Student kryssning)
The year before this a male student jumped and died from the fairy.
The first student cruise I ever attended had a weird ending as the ship entered international waters Iva and I get lead down thru the living quarters. We get lead, stopped at corners, lead again for so long I lost my bearings.
Eventually Iva get’s to go in to a cabin while I get to continue being lead to outside a cabin, there I get to wait for Iva. Iva comes back they open a cabin and let us in. In the cabin we come in to 4 girls sit’s 2 on each bed while in the center of the room a nude man stands besides a sitting nude woman girl is trying to get his dick hard by sucking him. I ask loudly: So what is happening here then?
-What the fuck I can’t get it up.
-But I cant make it the girl said.
-It dose not work!
All the girls starts to haze him: Yeah, you cant get it up?! Should we get another guy?
-Come on girls encourage him. I said.
The girls start chanting out come on you can do it.
He gets hard and comes in her mouth.
-No, he screams I am sorry. It is against the rules.
The girl sitting said, it does not matter but I would get mine?
-You can get it up again I replied.
Dude, just say to yourself that blood easily flows down and fill your dick.
-Give me a try I might get it up for you. One of the sitting girls said.
He walk over to her she starts to suck his dick. I hypnotically stare at the hole situation. The girl turns to me pointing his now half hard dick at me.
-Do you want to give it a try, if you want to join.
-I pass then I said.
She starts to suck his dick again.
-It is getting hard, he screamed.
Girls go yeah. He comes again.
-No damn it I broke the rules twice.
-Haha, what the fuck dude what was that like twice in like 2 minutes with your little dick. I said.
-Like yours would be any better.
I unzip my pants and pull my dick out. (I had been using my penis pump, bathmate for a while back home)
The girl sitting on the floor now says a bit sad with an open mouth: But what about me.
I smile and take a step forward towards her. 
Iva cries out no! She starts to cry a lot. A person comes in and tells us to go out.
They show me pictures of her having sex with some other dudes in a cabin on the ship.
I get angry on her for stopping me from having sex with another woman when she got to have sex with some other dude’s on the ship.
Iva starts crying on her knees and keeps repeating, I don’t want to remember this I want a new chance. When she looked at me she said I did not know, I did not know. I keep yelling angry, Iva gets something to drink. I become forced to drink the same drink. All is fuzzy around this, but I remembered after they saying what they planned and had done to me, losing my breath repeating. Your not allowed to do this to me. I said repeating then standing up to run for the deck and jump from the reeling. “They” (a group that came) sat down with strings started to discus and move the strings along, telling the others to keep away. While others was holding me.
The cruise the year after had sign of anything like this.
This is a section of the student union DISK it’s the foot out from the university näringsliv (Swedish business world). It is also the foot in to the university for näringsliv (Swedish business world).
All the student unions here in Sweden has a NÄRS section by the way.
Project Management and power games
The summer 2014 I meet up with Johan and his new college’s in Gubbängen, I get to follow them with on a party tour in Stockholm we are to go to the butcher house in the globen district. I get to talk about my book and what I had gone thru the summer and about the book I had been written. Johans and his friends has gotten strong high positions in the Swedish “näringsliv” and one of them also had taken the course project management and power games it was a woman with a genetic trait making it so she could not grow long hair. One of the guys with decides to go white knight on me going in between me and a target. Standing arguing with me about how its wrong to be a player saying I need to stop that or he will come after me with and use his power to put me out of the work market. So I stand there doing a silly gesture with my fist as a drunk sailor he stands looking at me with his arms down. So I give him a light nudge with my left fist, in his face. The guys starts to talk to each other, I have observe this type of behavior from school it is the we are going to take him later on type of thing.
This was also a course Mikael Andersson read with me.
This is something that really can take a hold of people not for anyone to create a real cult.

From my blog under catagory source of my misfortune. 2015 spring (Mikael Appendix. I)
The next time I meet Mikael I am homeless. I had found myself a place to sleep at Rådhuset. I had 5 beers different alés that I really love. Where I slept in wait of a bed at a hostel, Rådhuset. They have a club there as I lay down to sleep. Some havoc start to happen, I don't really remember why but Mikael, his friend and a third guy that I remember robbed me this summer. Suddenly a homeless guy I know comes running screaming "FUCKING NAZIS" seeing me he shouts "Help me Daniel" I scream "Yes got damn it!" as I am already walking to attack these guys. "Super fuzzy section" Hells Angels has come down and says "Now you will get to be karma!" I take a big hit of what looks like a joint, but it was coke, weed and something tasting medicine. Suddenly overthought came out thru the mouth unfiltered. I as why I should have it, take a hit more and keep it in. I do as the say, they grab Mikael hold his head, they tell me to put my mouth over his nose and blow. I do that, afterwards I spit and say yuck. Someone holds Mikaels nose closed to keep the smoke in. One man steps in and says "The well smithen lier," Mikael replies "Smithen his lies well" the man says "Welcome to the liers lair tell me have you lied anytime resently" (this pattern reemerges again at Jeffy Freetour 2). Mikael looks like he is about to panic as he says: "Oh yeahs in the numbers of hundreds" lets start with the first big one what was that: Mikael starts to tell a story about how he started a fire at kindergarten and blamed another boy for it and got away with it as well with some bonus Ice Cream a number of more lies resurfaced.

And now lets say what you had done to Daniel. Mikael tries to pull himself lose and to hold his mouth, a person hold his head and Mikael starts to talk. Apparently he had seen me as a threat since a girl that he had decided to marry in kindergarten was interested in me. He had lied about me both to my parents and classmates. He had decided to also battle me so he could come off even bigger for Lidia. Since he almost succeeded with everything but taken me down.
Mikael spilled secrets about him competing with me since day 1 at school or rather as he put it battling. Weirdly enough he continuing do so after 3 year and school was over. By where he went to Visby to spy on me and my girlfriend at the time and see how it was to be a part of a student festival. Mikael hurt so bad in the chest when he understood what type of party this really is that he KILLED a hedgehog. That is the Visby student unions sprit animal, witch I later on got blamed for! Because I made out with a girl in front of my girlfriend.
Jeffy freetour 2016 Stockholm. (Pouya Appendix. II)
Back in Stockholm Jeffy freetour, after the freetour I stand to talk with Nigel. Jeffy runs by Nigel calls Jeffy over, Daniel wanted to talk with you about people running around face people from behind. I stand to talk with Jeff, Jeff says: Dude why do I recognize you? You dont remember I say? No. Why should I. How was it to have the 4some in the van, did your neck go stale, arms cramping, tiring using your toe caress some a Girls anus? I ask. Jeff say: No the toe part got cut out. I go like: Congrats man for goal fulfillment! High five. Jeffs high fives me, (omg omg, omg). Felix and Dude2 is there, Daniel: Pouya wants to talk with you, its about your father. Some Words get thrown around. I get the a feeling so I say "The well smithen lier," where the Dude 2 replies "Smithen his lies well" I say "Welcome to the liers lair tell me have you lied anytime resently" Dude2 says: O yes! in the numbers of hundreds I did not know you had been initiated!? Wait. It cant be…
Jeff cuts them of there.
Felix pulls out a mobile phone, with a still picture of me having Pouyas dick in my mouth. Jeff ask me is there something you have to say about this.
I say, press play. The video starts to play where I bit down on Pouyas dick, smash my chin upwards to bite even harder. Punching his ball and tearing his anus with my hand. This goes on for over a minute. After this they tried to pull in Jeff in to this focusing on that they where special like him…
from my blog under catagory source of my misfortune (Appendix. IV)
During that time he setup rules for thoughts, what I should think, repeatedly threatening to strangle Moby (My and Iva's friend the cat Moby) with cable stripes that he called "cat strangler" and he locks himself on the toilet to talk on the phone a lot, he calls it the party. Eventually Alf and Warija gets in a fight over that. Alf had by the way also converted to Moderaterna (Orange meme). He uses a lot of prevention focus, I constantly work with reaffirmation to the best of my ability. The two day I am working night shift I had started to have a burning fire so strong in my chest that I was so sure that if I did not leave soon I would kill him. I stole one stilnoc split it on the middle for these two day so I could sleep thru the pain.

The Swedish culture of Svenskt näringsliv
​Jan Guillou ​the Swedish journalist describes his life at a upper-class boarding school here in Sweden. The book tells of structured violence with class heirkey. In news from 4 years back or so they reported that the same school had let school attendee’s an School attendee with a broomstick and after had to close. This was due to their violent punishment system.
I have been observing misogyny and structural mobbing at workplaces in the central Stockholm as I worked there. I bit a guy for trying to me; in an apartment where the neighborhood was a popular upper class district.

So here in Sweden there is a current show of misogyny amongst the orange meme. This is people who have the conflicted selfishness vs. self-destructive equation. It starts like this, what is not found out can't be self-destructive, if it can be silenced it can't be self-destructive, if power can be used to change the public view of things, it can’t be self-destructive.

​Most resent they hit a dead turn when a communicator for the moderaterna party call's a female oppositional party member for "damn wh*re". Now that goes to show how misogyny comes to leading places. As Swedish rapes have sky-rocked this year. The man got fired since all of Sweden now knows it.

Appendix IV, Alf
During my time at the university only visited father (Alf) once. I did not like how he was trashing my brother but we talked a lot on the phone since as a student you need all economical help you can muster. I go up to visit him in northern Sweden somewhere after the 5th term it was Winter.

I got there by airplane and I made sure to be drunk because I was afraid of flying, which I never remember myself to be before. Air bumps was the most fun thing I knew as a child. Coming there we went to visit grandma and live in Haparanda I just laid in the sofa feeling such a menace pain in my chest I wondered what it was as I keep internally feel, was it heartburn? from the booze? these where the question. A guy a couple years younger than me came to visit, we talked a bit the first day. I could feel he had better energy so I tried to be a bit social as he mostly talked and played 1000 questions. That is a big fun game for girls. The pain eventually disappeared I had befriended the guy what I did not know in the moment was that I for the first time faced the pain body. The guy name was Johan, Alf was circulating around Kertu (Grandmother) liking her ass and eating Rise pirogis. More family members showed up for Kertu's birthday and in the North Sweden you drink moon shine. So, me and Johan joins in to drink, I show him that he needs to make 2 cl drinks because the glasses was so small. Then my uncles and fathers starts to about how you should drink 50% moonshine 50% soda, Kertu cuts in on Finnish (I dont speak or understand Finnish) that our uncles should not drink as much. Johan and I decides to go out the night after (in northern Sweden Winter time that is like 14.00 a clock). We drink a bit moonshine and head out to meet a friend of Johan, dude is high on some kratoom or some shit. I ask for weed if they have any. Nope. I drink beer with them talk about girls and fix our self out I help him to choose shirt. Then dude in the sofa wakes to it and ask if we want to go for a "Dukes of hazzard" rally after talking about one of our favorite Movies. We were like yeah!!

Corresponding idiot street rally Music out for a Winter street race thru the industry part of happaranda. OMFG dude could drive, I end up with a fucking booner from all the adrenalin! Mmmm state pump!! Well we drink some wired "friend" to Johan booze at a party after, it really taste like a foxes ass or some shit so I don’t drink more. We head out to the only club in hapranda/haparandii the club was both in Sweden and Finland on the river! Well good party mood there, Johan shows me his girls that I am not that interested in, now I had my chance to do some pickup without Iva. I dance walk around and look for a really hot girl. I finally find me a what I back then would call a nine I walk to approach as Johan yells: No Daniel stop not that girl shes from Finland so what!? I scream back.

I open the set, I honestly dont remember with what but the girl said something your Swedish you should not talk with me. Johan comes up at my right with some friend of him. I hear someone screaming VITTU!! And see one man pushing himself thru the crowd on the dance floor, from the entrance I hear the same. Johan: NOW what?! I was like COCKBLOCKERS!! I tell the big friend to of Johan to stand and face the screaming one. Stand with your arms crossed and leg wide and your back straight I told him. To Johan I said block the other one. I face the girl again. She aske me: why do you want to talk with me. I just saw your Beautiful Eyes. She reply what? I walked closer: I just thought you had really beautiful eyes. Girls jaw drop I go for the kiss. I get pulled away by one of the Finnish guys and more had come. Well the target gets pushed away from us by the guys guard comes to break shit off. Johan tells me to come with him we talk a bit then head out to smoke. We were standing there talking Johan is super exited and talk about how he helped out to keep out the cock blockers while I can see the hot girl looking at me thru the glass door window. While her friend parades in front of her like a wall, lecturing her or something. I still had problems with understanding cockblockers an old man walks up and starts to ask questions eventual the subject HA comes up since they pass thru Happaranda time to time to get over to the Finnish side to buy beer and booze. I lay down the some truth about them to Johan and a bit about the ropes as well. The old man looks over to the girl, he shakes his head. Girl leave's. I remember feeling a small sting then I shrugged my shoulders. Johan and I finish the cigarette and walk in, we hit the dance floor, drink red bull, then again the dance floor. Then we meet up with Johan’s crew, girls and the female driver that will take us home. She’s hot, but Johan’s say he fucks her so, hands of there. Johan starts to look fucking destroyed I comment on that he looks really tired or sick or something funny he said I was about to say the same to you. I hit the bathroom to look in the mirror, yeah fuck I look like shit it must have been that ratchet booze I tasted, Johan by the way look even worse. I present my theory for him, Johan neglect my comment but he ask if I want to go to Karungi to grandmas old hos now Eriks (Unkel) vacation home to ride the snow mobile and maybe I can fix so I could make it so we go there in a BMW M5. I was like YEAH! Johan told me about the girl whom he was fucking at the moment who's husband has the car, he gets to drive it if she can come a long. Hmm why not, what does her husband do? He owns a pizza restaurant. She replied. Well nice to go home to Kerttu in a Luxury car I hit the bed. The morning after father Wakes me up, he tells me to take a pick-me-up I say no to that. Alf state, but you drank yesterday. Yes but Johan and I are going to Karungi today. Johan comes, he is hangover like fuck and keep repeating the statement. O my god! I whisper to him eventually do you think that will make it better? (Back at that time I was an atheist). Father keep on harrazing me after Johan leaves about me not drinking as he does. Later Johan comes back to pick me up so that we could meet the girl with the BMW M5.

We go and wait at Johan’s friends again where we drink 2 beers and talk, I point out that I am thankful for being with Johan so I don’t need to hear all the bullshit about me converting fully to the church and join the political party Christ Democracy. Johan wants to here more about how to be better at getting girls so I teach him a lot about RSA and similar things. Most of the shit I had been carrying around just fell off, I told Johan. I also point out that Johan’s friend seemed to be very passive aggressive as my "friend" Tom is.

The BMW M5 is gray, it has low profile spike tire's. I find myself sitting in the back leather seats, mmhm its warm in here. The girl first needs to go by the pizzeria to ask her husband if its okay if she gives some "friends" a ride to Karungi. Johan and I sits and talks in the car, he talks about his girl and how he likes to fuck here. He ask a lot of questions about my girlfriend and so on. I reply reluctantly, that our relationshit is not good that I for some reason don’t like to fuck her she’s hot but it does not work out for some reason I don’t like to be touch by her. I tell him I don’t like to talk about it I need to have some fun to recharge my battery’s. The girls come back, its okay. Johan and the girl kisses. Lets go to a parking lot and do some drifting Johan says, I want to drive. She says. Okay just let me drive there, I dont like any one to see you drive.

NOW the fun starts! Again the same retarded music on the car stereo. Well coming to a nice parking lot with a lot of shit to go driving around we change places in the car I get to sit up front. Well Johan can really drift on snow, that’s for sure, in that moment it was like all the problems in the World was gone all I could feel was excitement, fuck yeah!

Well afterwards, we stop to take a cigarette Johan ask how I feel and if I trust him now. I was like yeah your driving skills is awesome. Well if I drive even if I am drunk to Karungi just to show you how I can drive. After the girl saying its okay I agreed. Well its a far way to Karungi northern swedes basically grow up in a back seat car, it goes fast Johan wants to really prove himself most of the journey passes around 180 km/h. I told him it starts to feel good and all but maybe he could drop the driving so we could talk in stead he was sure. But do you trust me now? I was like. Mmh Yeah.

Now we first start to talk about zero-zum game's, win-win games, calculating loss minimization in war and also a lot about sex at one moment I was teaching Johan how to nibble a Girls nipple with the help of your thung and upper row teeth. Where's the girl out burst fuck damn it now I fucking horny. I could feel the horn growing out of my head, the devils threesome? I tell myself no, its enough emasculating that we are now out and drive someone else’s M5. Iva calls me on my cell, I watch the phone and Johan ask me who is it, I say Iva. I answered the phone, I tell her how it is in northern Sweden and the current crazy adventure I am on. Johan breaks in. Tell her you love her? I shake my head. Tell her you love her, trust me Daniel. I drop the L-bomb over the phone. (this was a big mistake, Johan was on top of the frame here) After hanging up Johan assured me that it would be okay.
Arriving at Karungi, lets hit the sauna after we have gone away on the snow mobile. Well coming in we are greated with big smile and a big fucking 5L jugg of moonshine and some beer. I drink a small "grogg" 2 cl (soda and moonshine) and then we drink beer. Johan and I are in a really good state. We go out to ready the snow mobiles. There is Johans he said it goes up to 130 km/h and then we have grampas old snow mobile. Really Heavy in the front, you don’t want that when its pouder snow. Now gassed up, everything working as Johan make sure to bring a fresh driving belt , he says its needed the go of really easy. When we come in my uncle announce that they are going to follow with going scooter. We where like well we don’t have really an option here do we. It starts really bad with me plunching the snow mobile right down in some deep snow. My uncle takes over as Johan takes the lead.
I suddenly realize that my uncle were driving towards some tree’s and I was like. Dude there is some trees there and he was I don’t see any trees first I tried to jump of but he was holding me down. So I was like, hmm what is the second best thing to do here and my genius told me well try to aim where you want to land. Snow is every where, so I aimed at an opening and he was like “Joo jävlar det var träd där” (Damn you where right there is trees there). I landed unhurt my uncle damaged his leg a bit but all good.
Johan and I get to pull out the scooter from the meadow, damn. It was heavy, Johan and I screams at the other party to continue as soon as his spirit falter. It must have looked crazy. Well 150 kg of snow mobile in a position to being towed by Johan’s scooter.

Well back at the house we tell the old men to stay so we can go out and Johan can show me how fast his scooter can go. 130 km/h you will see Daniel. I was like. Yeah let’s do this but I want you to tell me where you are going to start to slow down and also show me about the stopping distance on the snow mobile. We head out with the scooter on the road, Johan assures me that no one will drive on the road (Its alot of snow in Sweden, or used to be).  Well scooter well in positon. Are you ready? Johan ask me. YES GOD DAME IT, FUCK GO!! Well in the end all I could hear was the roaring sound of the snow mobile, the road funneled in to a tunnel of snow, all I could feel was the vibrations from the scooter and the wind in my face. I lifted up my head and swallowed a gulp of air. A warm feeling entered the body spreading out. We slow down.
Now how was that?
AMAZING! Whooha. Now I feel like a person again. I replied.
I could feel a wolfish smile grow in my face. All the pain in the body gone, it was like my whole body still was vibrating from the ride. After that we go in to drink some more beer and we hit the souna. Some more rather embracing behavior from my uncle's that I will not write about. I find myself talking with the only woman that was not a relative in the group. She's old, my balls are vibrating. She feels like a gmilf. I hit the bed after that time to sleep. The day after we go out with the snow mobile to look at the havoc created in the medow also photo document it all. I get to drive snow mobile I break the driving belt so we have to crawl over the snow to steal one. 1 km crawling in snow because we dont have snow shoes. Well Worth it, when we come back we look on the other scooter to see what damage it has taken. Later father come, he is pissed off.

Alf is pissed because he wanted me to drive, now I could not because I was drunk the day before. He told me he had wanted to drink, he had plan for it. Now Warija (Alf's wife) was the one who had to carry the 50 L of moonshine in to the car (10 * 5 L) on the ride home father kept telling me I was his flesh and blood. People needed to be able to see that, I needed to look at him and listen to him and think as he wanted. Here is the psychological abuse, father have trying to perfect mind control ever since he was working as branch head in Vadstena. A famous case called Christ bride where a priest had brain washed a woman to kill another person was under his facility’s care (or something like that).
This continued for several days and also he tried to take on care as a thesis subject. He was all about how good he was, he had his exam. And he believed Christ to be his savior. I had to follow him to church. Well every time he saw me get angry he told me to go drink some moonshine. One night I flip.

I walk in to the kitchen get a kitchen knife walk in to him and put it against his throat. You fucking shut up now I say. Alf get on repeating the mantra calm down its the booze. Go to bed. It’s not the booze its him pushing me over the edge to create a problem.

The day after father sit and 1000 yard stare while the village idiots sits around him in a circle he tries to talk and somehow explain some shit I did not care about. The pain in the chest was back. All I had in mind over and over again was why he was doing this, I wanted to get out from there.
The last day father is happy to say that I am going to drive home. He kept hammering on about the church and how he was sooo scientific while also telling me how I should drive and talk and think as him. He was leading me while I was being paced. In the end I was just driving fast as hell to get away from him at one Point almost hitting the snow bank. On the Airport I call Iva I ask her to pick me up at Arlanda, I land in Stockholm a bit tipsy after flying but now I had no fear of flying any more. I feel happy about being back in Stockholm. I knew then I would not like to see that fuck ass fuck hole of a shit pile to meat bag. I come home make out with Iva as soon I penetrate here she comes big.

This later on makes it impossible to do the fucking thesis without creating some sort of hatred level I cant really deal with.

The next time I visit Alf is after my first big release of the book Zen game manifesto with its website. He had been on getting me up ever since he had been in a big accident and was also bribing me with a MacBook. After Monica (mother) and Mo had insisted on me going to visit him I felt like I had to. I had been so fucking cold towards him when he thought he was going to die after the accident and I am so weak for Mo.

I meet Alf, my sisters and his wife at the Airport. I have with me a penguin teddy and a penguin binocular I give to my sisters adapting Deepak's Spiritual laws of success. Father show me a diamond he had been given of the monks. Its big and heavy Alf is all slimy about it, like get greedy now. I succeed but honestly I wanted to throw it away. I hate the diamond cartel. Alf gave me a phone Thai Iphone he called it, android 4.0 with zero cpu and a watch that could not show the correct time, 5 minutes wrong per day. Alf drives his new car more adaptable to the lessening of his leg muscles as well with the nerves damage in the neck. He had a disability with walking before I was born.

Well this time it was a much better visit, I liked to sit and work on masculine grooming book and teach my little sisters that meditation is something that happens to you. Father becomes jealous because I know more and have come further on my Buddhist journey, like i was some sort of monk. I get to Watch Enders Game on a 52 inch display! I stay for 3 Days and soon after I had come home I started to play First person lover on the MacBook.

The next time we meet is after the wild summer in Stockholm, I started with writing Angels Ride soon after coming up to Father with then intent of making this a really good book for Hells Angels. Everything good as they come to pick me up at the airport. Father commented on: "HAVE YOU NOT LOST WEIGHT?!" (I would have been better of growing up on the streets, that having this pile of shit as a father). No I replies calm, I have a goal in set in mind.
Father is angry, because he don't know if I will be at his side. I have said I cant promise anything. I will not sacrifice my chance for a happy life and my dreams for his chance of a happy death. He put a song called "But how fat you have become" clearly he had prepared for another scene. Well 2 days of possible lie's but also one clear lie (this will not affect my welfare check, ooh yes it did negative). The day after I wrote the contract he figured out how to HIJACK my MIND. What he did was put up himself as absolute authority over me as consciousness. Making it so the memory of him would be able to control me after his death or while he was not there.

Here was how he did it:
We where sitting in the Kitchen while I was having a short break watching Batmetal - returns. My sister comes up and want to watch what I am watching. Alf jumps to the conclusion that I am watching porn when my little sister says no he screams: CHILD pornography?
No its much worse batman killed Blunder!
Alf looses his composure for a moment staring blindly up towards my left.
Then he started Yelling and ranting. Then he told me to sit down by the table in front of him.
"This is the Traditional Discipline system for correcting an individual". Again now he wants to assure that he is talking with me as consciousness. He as what’s his name is because I don’t react only responds to his questions and demands. I tell him its not a name you cant talk to it I am shapeless. He starts cursing. Well to you shapeless I want you to know you stand below who I tell Daniel is and you are this and that person and so and so. If you don't want to go home I want you to do exactly as I say and if you here my voice in your head you do as that one says. Because I stand above you, okay?! (this is why I have the 5th element section in the Angels Ride) I point out that this is psychological abuse, the other two assistants is there. He tells them to tell him I have to that this is by agreement. Girls go I don't believe that you are to tell him what to think. Yes I am he stated. But we... You two work for me! He cut in yelling. Now do you agree? I asked Big heart. Big heart told me to compile + I have the 5th element section from in the Angel Blueprint. The coming days the following happen as my anger kept on growing, but now I had a lot of practice. One day for absolutely no reason I cached myself on the way on the way to drop a stone paper weight over his head. That would have killed him. I stop myself. I cant go to prison now, I am so close to my goal. I had to keep myself for check while working 160 hours for two weeks. During that time he setup rules for thoughts, what I should think, repeatedly threatening to strangle Moby (My and Iva's friend the cat Moby) with cable stripes that he called "cat strangler" and he locks himself on the toilet to talk on the phone a lot, he calls it the party. Eventually Alf and Warija gets in a fight over that. Alf had by the way also converted to Moderaterna (Orange meme). He uses a lot of prevention focus, I constantly work with reaffirmation to the best of my ability. The two day I am working night shift I had started to have a burning fire so strong in my chest that I was so sure that if I did not leave soon I would kill him. I stole one stilnoc split it on the middle for these two day so I could sleep thru the pain.

*here it is a bit fuzzy. I am going to be get this in a real abstract way, that because I don't want to mess the memory of what hapend up. *
So prevention focus works if you run from pain and run towards pleasure. I face pain. I face pleasure.
Alf calls in total 3 times during the night for pain medication.
The nights first shot for father I walk in give him his double needle of painkillers. Father wants to talk about Kertu since she died 2 days before recently she had talked about missing grandpa. Alf starts Crying, he tells me he misses her and that he is really sad, your sisters are really sad to. (they had a sadness contest in front of Alf). How can you be so strong he asked me. I said: I meditate a lot, train physical and try to eat well.
- Can you give me some of you strength and energy? he asked me.
- What, you don't want the energy I have right now. I was very aware of that fireball in my chest on its way to tear out of my chest cage.
// back and forward
- Just give me it now!
- Okay, I push my energy over to him.
- That is the only thing I have. I replied disappointed.
- No its how I feel about how you treat me, you have violated my psychological boundaries.
- That thing that you did at the table when we talked.
- Eh, give me 2 stilnoc and go to bed.
I go to bed I keep getting thoughts about hurting father. I get thought about Moby. I get thought about seeing Moby dead. I think I really hope that the Manifesto can fix this. I feel fear of it not going to work. I feel how good it feels that this is the last time I am going to need to fix it. It repeat it's self.
Second time father calls I have sleept 30 minutes.
- I want a double shot, but first fix my feet my heal is hurting me so much.
I do as he says a fix a double needle.
As a do that father tells me how I should feel and what my opinions should be. (cant remember exactly how it transpire)
- Well, okay. I reply patiently.
- Good he says.
As I giving him the needle he start to talk about me following to Thailand. He wants me to come with so he knows I am there when he die's.
I say no. I cant do that. My book, the webpage is to important. I cant let you ruin this it all to important.
I give him the shot.

- Why and who will you thank?
- Hells Angel's
Alf outburst!: But your not going to kill the boy!?
I ask, who?
- Nothing.
I give him the two chots 1 stilnoc and go to bed.
Third time. I want answers
I come in to the room.
- I give you the shot if you tell me who it is.
- No my son give me the shot.
- No tell me who.
- Damn if I had your heart how long I would have come, something about what my heart creates for Hells Angels. That I dont deserve the gift I have goten.
- I don’t remember what I replied. I believed it just came thru me or close to that.

Alf talks something about he having a bullet left after asking him of the boy.
Alf says he is going to get me to Thailand anyways.

I don’t remember that much more of the night I give him a shot but Alf said something about what if it does not work in Stockholm then.

And here is the dream from the night after the "Traditional Discipline system" event to verify the analysis:
In the Little house I live in is built on top of my big house, I stand there minding my biz as two girls comes and tell me come down, a police is standing down there. You are not alowed to be there. I walk down in to my big house. Its empty on furnuture. I tell the police he cant come in and go up. The Girls stands down there and points. He got in to your house! I go down the police forcefully push me aside. I will live on your roof. The dream ends

The day after Alf had an heart attack I got a ride from the Alf’s neighbor to the air port.
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I have started to have less and less cravings for ciggaretts or snus as I see it now I should be able to be free of nikotine by Febuary. I have started to look on apartments up in Stockholm, I will start to put up post for possible living quarters RSDnation innercircle Stockholm. To be honest I am prepared to live as a homeless student. Nothing really frightens me anymore. But that is hard to have that focus needed then... But *prrf* fuck it... This is a have to now, with the final minutel adds to the analysis with Alf:
When my big brother came out from prison this year he started to ask things that later come to be about half gangster. He told me he had been sitting with him, he had sent half gangster to ruin my shit It is what is called prison justice. As soon half gangster came out he was set to seek me out. That tie's Alf to two different system's going at me. Half gangster is a fucking source of chaos in stockholm, he comes from the more violent criminal city of gothenburg. 

This crazy shit will be all solved. I just trust in Goddess.

Shit is so fucking unfair right now....
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