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So president Trump calls in his doughter Ivanka Trump, no likely he feels solece with his doughter near as the noose grow tighter around his neck. Ivanka most likley unknowing of what will happen are going to share champage at the White house with her new co-workers. So the time gap is becoming shorter before I can take action's, I have the chance here to tear a sick system here in Sweden when Nato support is becoming available again. That of course if the system can be turned to some use for the good of Sweden and me getting myself Justice.

New's reports
During congressional hearings on Monday, confirmed FBI Director James Comey and NSA chief Michael Rogers virtually everything that has previously come out in the press: Russia really tried to turn the outcome of the presidential election in 2016 to Trump's advantage, including by hacking the Democratic Party's computers, and there is indeed a criminal investigation into a possible coordination between the Kremlin and Trump's close surroundings. However entertained Comey most concrete tasks for himself, before carrying confidentiality.
Disclaimer: The trials have collapsed, and instead expose new details about the Russian involvement in last year's US elections almost daily, while more and more former and current employees of the Trump drawn into the Russian harness.
Some of the known key figures for the interaction between Trump and Moscow. Other key players, especially those that move on the populist and anti-globalist arena, is difficult to put into a chart. Such is Trump's key employees, the president's chief strategist Steve Bannon, who are ideologically very close to Alexander Dugin, a Russian nationalist right. The common worldview is perhaps a more important factor than the various commercial relationships between the Trump camp and the Kremlin. Bannon is just one of the Putin Friendly people in the Trump Administration. It has made Trump the most Kremlin-positive president, the United States have had so far.

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I have come to an momentary end with writing self-help book. I need to find new challenges in order to keep evolving with that. I have been going thru some video's from Jeff that have helped spark some more memories from his hot seat. Also some of my own soon after me attending, I know I will come back to that level of being attractive to girls. I am already a 9 here in Sweden but I want to be a Hollywood/Miami/Las vegas 10. I am a bit peved at the moment I don't like leaving things over to others... Trust. Anyhow, I will focus more on climbing the "ladder" of sociaty. Grrr, fuck, fuck, fuck... Wait, patience and trust.

Sex is for fun a girl mind-set, be out to share the fun. I want to go out on a romp again.

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Figuratively.. But with is all time low Trust from the American people and his false accusations towards Obama it seems to me his direction is set.

Swedish news writes:
- I have received Justice Department mandate to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, investigating the Russian government's efforts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. This includes investigating the possible links between looked Trump's campaign staff and the Russian government, and whether there have been any coordination between the campaign and the Russian efforts, said Comey to the Committee.

Meanwhile Trump twitters: LOOK AT OBAMA! and Fake news.
I had better diversion technics when I was 6 years old.

So, I am guessing door disqualification by Treason. Can you put a bet on that, I mean that is punished by death.

Yeah, so as soon that happen I will pull the plugg on the windsor system and my story.

Katy Parry have the mary all go along captured.
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I have clear memory now, still I need to get reminded about things for me to know its there. I will not go thru my memories day by day, if only for self biography. Oh yes. I have a nightmare of having to witnessing him being killed. This senario he guarded his tree and got shot over and over again by a bb-gun. Well, I prefer the good memories of him waking me up in the morning.

So, this Trump possible Russian affair really creeps up in the media. I belive that Trump has have had an affair with at least the prostitute. All pissing on the mattres Obama and his wife sleept in. Now the possible leak, might die not by accident more by Trump fans or CNN employes. If a girl checks you out, does that mean she is 18? I need to investigate this.

200 seconds is a new tv-series launching here in Sweden investigating corruption. That is where the Windsor anlysis will head out.
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I have been contemplating about my journey to here, I have done where few mistakes. I tock a chance and pulled thru a really tight gap, with me taking a chance of fucking up Putins hybrid warfare. Half-ganster focusing on trying to sell AK-47. My first encounter with the Windsor system was with a girl, it was a few days before ink bash. That was 2015 aug that is a long time. I have not been poisoned again but the system is so fucked up I feel like going to the news with it. But if a big scandal hits news that could question Swedish leader, then Russia basiclly can valse over Sweden ready to fuck the fontanelle of the earth. On the streets of stockholm I could collect all the data needed to point out where the attacks came from.

I will have to wait untill easter sale out until getting a new computer from Monica. 

The awsome thing right now is I really can make a woman/girls day/year by saying Hi after eye contact. I feel like a hot girl.
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Yeah, so now the free offer of The self-empowered you 2 downloads so far, well I feel satisfide with this book. So far I have not found even one error in the book. That would there for be my perfect book :)
The self-empowered

I am watching a 9/11 full day special at National geographic, its emotional. I have been out there spying on my student's. Some do better then others. I kind of feel like merlin in that scen where he throw excalibur back in to the lake. Any how I am ready to freeze down the spirit I have created sort of speak.

I am going thru all I have experinced to get the work of my life out in the world. Now I guess all is a question of maybe more effective means of spreading. I had a train dream, I got kicked out when I was at the end destination, that a cup sucked me up.
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So, I am happy with what I have succeded with in only 6 month. I have not reverted to my old self other then the smoking, that would be easier to work with if a work was around. When I get stressed or when I start to feel the high effect of increas of energy from not smoking, I just need some but this city and having fuck buddies does not work that well. There comes the cigarette again.

I am grinding on and husseling on, with what my current set enviromental varibles give's. I need to get back to Stockholm okay, Fuck. I am really hoping for this next job, they have a lovely American corporate culture.

It's so fucked up with this scandal I could unleach but there must be a better solution to this.

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Well, now it's finished The self-empowered you: A paradigm change, to become one of the free, brave and self-empowered, it went so fast this time. Yeah, that was what your mom said. 
Here's my sales pitch:
This here is your nerd guide in to becoming a self-empowered individual.This paradigm will give you an empowered mind-set and tools that needed with it to succed and achive in life under self-steward ship.
You will also learn and what it means to have:
Social Empowerment, Sexual Empowerment, Spiritual Empowerment, Memory empowerment and Writing empowerment.
Become a Self-Empowerment man or woman today.

I will really start to focus on game more, I would like to cultivate a greate autmosphere around me. But that is hard under current circumstances, now I really hope I get a job soon. From the streets and with loss of memory to work as a programer in 6 month.

Here is the result:

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President grab her by the puss* Trump did it again his wild accusation throwing, was yet but a ruse. He still holds strong to not paying a prostitute to pissing on a bed. While he start to show muscles and provocation on the global arena. The American people is known to fall behind their president during time of war. Now can the American people trust that Trump can make good decisions?

Clear goals with day game approaches, number.

Hmm, Alf tie's both to half ganster and the windsor system and if half gangster did as he said he would. Run some ak-47's, all I have seen is a K-pist a Swedish military weapon.

*windsor system is a big scandal* 
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Leaving thoughts of Mo behind. There one obstacle less.
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