Soul Bourne

Presentation for the work set, now the path is clear. I know where this waterslide will end up.... Puter, taktical speedos on... Time for a deep dive. Just need to scratch this ticket a bit more :* pause in between. Get used to the emotions bubbling up, ask to not be interupted due to studering.

Your still waiting for bombs away - Jonathan Thulin
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Yeah, I will speak with a doctor. To write out the red thread. I am worried that I will scratch to deep in between. One thing keeps taking up my FOCUS, when I had to protect Iva from getting raped by a Swedish man.

I understand now, what this is.... It's a have to talk about.
While I feel that Elliot's from Mr. Robot's character easy to identify with since the software is connected to that culture. BitchX the best IRC console client, UNIX and Linux system's.

I see why now, (Suspence music in background.) it has to be a Doctor from here.
Like pwning planet Earth's social system, the thrill of it all.
^ ^ ^ Inspiered by Mr. Robot - HBO Series ^ ^ ^
the mIRC in it all.

Feel my fucking PAIN!
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Hmm, yeah. I know the approch from here. Sitting with it all infront of me now. #metoo have really shown that the analysis bear truth. Anyalysis boner... I see a time table resorted.

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Well, yesterday it came Palle (Parley). I will go soft forward from here then. Björns red thread, then two way fuck theory.
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The only way I am going to fight for and not against Sweden is if I get what was promised. Period, if you understand what I can really do now when the memory is intact.
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Mikael, have had a tradition to make people who are likely to loose their "SHIT" through long time provocation or creating the kind of senario I was in with Juha flushing my poker system. Then he got to punish the person for it, because Mikael did not like to be jealus he liked to pick out guys for that. It was missed by DISK KM....
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So, in the morning I remember. I am here, still..... But, again what am I doing this for Moby and Sweden's hotest SIngel market Stockholm.

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My heart beats for nothing any more, the thing I have left... Yeah, that road. I am on it again, I know how I need to play this. That makes me feel content, shadows is all that remains when I look at it right now... I'll will get even.
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One thing that is wrong in the analysis is the lack of cruilty of those who get the choosen place as I... Don't get shit from the system, they just show what they have taken and what they have done to that person.... That was why Pouya forced his dick in to my mouth and that was why it was filmed.
So yesterday as I left Kista by the subway the plan was actually to go to farsta forest where I used to meditate to come in contact with dess one station down a dude screams and shreiks like a girl he runs past my seat where he fell and continued to run down the train 3 guys followed calm, really sturdy, focus and sharp looking they staid and waited besides me.
The dude who had run past me started to screem no! help help!
The 3 guys moved further down the carriage.
I dont know, But help,
on the next stop he yelpt No, what is that when then door opend
he cried no. I dont know.
Then when the door cloesed he yelped no again
then he keept repeating
What is that, what is that.
The 3 dudes moved in besides him.
The guy jumps out of the train the 3 guys follow and put him down on the platform.
The subway of course does not leave becouse of "ordnings störningar"
Later when the things come back to order a guy who had run out come back, I ask him what happend. He said
these guys have been seeing that guy in Kista alot and he had seemed to have a psycosis.
I don't forget things and it is rare that I forgive.. This will not go away easy. I am back to how it was before A,sorry. 

[despair was here]
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The reach analysis

Yeah, so did I do this.... The #MeToo thing came like a mail on in to the box, sort of speak. What I learned from being at the American Embacy... Yeah, not much really but enugh to feel content.

I have mailed the analysis to the Swedish defence. Lets see how this turns things around if at all. At least I have an overview understanding of the situation, here in Motala, about corruption. Things start to shape up either how....

I had a dream of no one coming for me today....
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