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As I woke I where back to having the full meta-paradigm back in it's place. I have much better control over the meta-paradigm and it's placement. I have been checking some traveling video's out... I know how I want to live and such, my old goal's are back in to place after all that crazy shit that happend after Jeffy Hot Seat 2. It's like the last 2 and a half year did not happen and more. I am back looking at evil as it is again, people who desided's that the world is unfair, favor unconsciussness, out for cheap kicks from pushing down on others all the way to possible murder. I have been really going in to dept where I want to travel, I know where I want to go, I know where I am supposed to live and be as it feel's.

I found an old definision of evil to.
1. Evil is its own reality (Not in conntact with reality)
2. Disguises itself (Lie's)
3. Creates false perceptions (Manipulate)
4. Is seductive
5. Is contagious (Make you want to act out in a simelar way)
6. Is present long before you realize it (Hide's it self)
7. Erodes your personal and social life
8. Corrupts your creativity and vitality (Steal ideas rather then create then)
9. It denies mortality and all human limitations (Can not take reality)
10 Shows it effects on everyone around it (Family and friends)

I have meet evil many time's.... And yeah all the above exept the seductive is what they carry.

How to create the better culture.
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I speed up the process, of reinstallment instead..... But with out this, no mind office. Just I life trapped in the mind as an ego locking in Beingness.  Kind of seem's like our universe is a prison somehow.

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It's the Nick Boström paradigm or hypostasis of universe being something digital, that is the stem of what make's the climb all the way up the beanstalk. Spiritually metaphorically I mean then. It is what makes all the mind tool(software) possible to develop, I need to find way's to hammer the stem in to a fucking red wood trunk. I think I know how now, hmm. At the current moment it's just about repeating it in, because it take's me out by the knee's. But things seem to fall back in to order after it get's put back in order, just some Cookie monster activity in da house sort of speak.

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Do I need to Point out here that I am tearing my heart out here to get what I have to teach to humanity. My biggest fear as it is that LifeGameOS (Need's a better title) does not get to be inherent knowledge to humanity. What if a meteor where to strike down an smite me away in the chair I am sitting in right now. To change over to a meta-paradigm really changes the perspective of humanity and I have developed the way in witch it is possible to do so. Dr. Ken Wilber "only" developed tool's of understanding while also working them up to some higher level of things. But I restructure human beings after the miracle of Christ, passing by the level of St. John of the cross. Over to a digital universe and understanding of things.

I just made a movie clip to show how bad it would look.

Fuck, Yeah.... Just wake up and save te world or some.

I found out that
If you hurt somebody
They'll leave you alone
Good guys do finish last

I shouldn't have done it that way
I don't think about it
If I think about it
It will wind up hurting me
So I don't think about it

If I had a choice
I would like to be different than what I am
But I can't change yesterday
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Finding myself unable to express anything, I am speechless and ready for my night meal then sleep. I let ​Russell Watson express it for me with WHERE MY HEART WILL TAKE ME. 
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I belive I have found my Commercial Gimmick for the LifeGameOS, sorry for the bad release but it was due to need.

From a philosophical standpoint of viewing your self from a Nick Boström perspective of living in a simulation. As with the assassin's creed facing the loading room. Isolated from the universe we live in, who are you in this moment then, reflect on this. As you once more return to seeing yourself apart of this universe, this with all the follow up questions explain's what the LifeGameOS is really about. Learn more, take the globalist view and a global responsibility on a local level even. While also learn how to succeed with in your with your private dreams and goal's. Learn all the essentials you need to survive here on earth, while learning to leave a good foot print after yourself. With LifeGameOS you get all this, learn how to view reality as a video game. Learn how to achive your private dream's, hope's and passion's, as well learn how to lead to create a sustainable future here on earth.

* If you read this, please leave a comment on this and tell me what you think about it? *

I need to figure out how I should design the logo for the product, like to what level of hightechy would you need to portrait in that type of logo.

This explain it in so much way's to, they fit so well together.

And as you can understand, hmm, Tai, Tyler, Jeff? I really want to take a boot camp now.
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As the turn of thing's have taken place here in Sweden facing the threath that are IS, now the fight has gone over to something much more proactive. Finding IS terrorist before they have gone to make a deal.

At least two of the three men who were recently arrested suspected of preparing for terrorism have been found to have links with extremist Islamism, according to a review of Ekot.

On April 30, three men between the ages of 30 and 45 were arrested for preparing for terrorist offenses in Sweden, Strömsund and Stockholm. It is not known what kind of crime it is about.

One of the men, a 38-year-old from Kyrgyzstan, uses various aliases on social media, and he is there friend of several violence-making accounts, shows a review Ekot done.

These accounts include images of killed people, weapons and the flag of the Islamic state.

Another of the men, a 45-year-old from Uzbekistan, has the IS flag as a profile picture of the message pin Telegram.

In private chat conversations, the 38-year-old writes that he has a close relationship with the 45-year-old.

If the violent accounts of the 38-year-old turned out to be in contact, terrorist researcher Magnus Ranstorp said to Ekot:

 "It is quite clear that these people have deep sympathies for IS.
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I am done with the pick up part's of things as it seem's.... The level I have it on now it feel's nailed to the wood sort of speak.

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I was watching Stockholm Poliserna on the TV4 channel, I spotted something intressting.... A track of F J in action, but it was not him. He had created a follower of his way of being. More of that shitty behavior is now showing on that tv show.

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So, the effect's of the LifeGameOS when taking it live sort of speak. They are amazing, the Signs of wetness (flags, IOI's) are very frequent around me, women seem's to simply love me. Young girls look at me, then up to the left. Meaning I am what they imagining as a possible spouse. I feel great the majority of time, the only time it feels sort of bad is for the short time it take's to remember to reforgive.

Either how, it's done.
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