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December 14th, 2018


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About Me: 
I was born in Albania (1994), a little country in the Balkan peninsula. I moved in North of Italy when I was ten years old and I'm actually studying business in Trento. It wuold be a blessing working for RSD instructor. My life consists in studying, working out, reading self-development books, and working as a waiter to maintain myself.
Working-out, Eastern philosophy, Italian trap music, manga, TV-series, running, meditation, reading self development books.
Same as above.
Favorite Music: 
Hip Hop, Italian trap music, electronic music, classic music, Reggaeton.
Favorite TV Shows: 
Breaking Bad, Vikings, Game of Thrones, One Piece, Naruto and Hunter X Hunter.
Favorite Movies: 
Fight Club, Into the wild, Gladiator, Watchman, Primal fear.
Favorite Books: 
Think and grow rich, Seduction, Mastery, 50's law, the history of philosophy, The 48 laws of power.

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