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33 fuck...
Music, girls, sex, gym, health, general awesomeness and happiness
being a closet gay boy, mental masturbation, spending too much time on RSDNation, miniature golf, making electronic music, gym
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Californication, Entourage, Ally McBeal
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Life, Borat

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I just noticed this page is PR1 :D

So is a great site. And so is tämä sivu

Please dont shut down my account for this..

Just trying to accomplish my goals here and spamming my own profile is probably not forbidden?
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Dude, text game and normal game aren't that different. With text,  you gotta control the frame like always but your vehicle is text and not BL & tonality & whatever else IRL.
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Very Good Post on Text Game



Lil update on feisty eyes. I'll let this conversation do all the talking.

Me: Lol so I just watched our little video. When can you sign the paperwork? You're going to be famous

couple of hours later....

Her: Haha sorry i've been at work. Why do you say that?

Me: Channel 72, editor may want to use that footage because its reality TV material. What trouble are you getting into tonight?

Her: hahaha omg. I probably look so nasty! I'm waiting to get off work then go to bed. You?

Me: Early bedtime before a holiday huh. Rookie. Live close to campus?

Her: Haha i'm exausted i've been here since 330. ): (Notice how she diddn't answer my question. She ain't ready yo)

Me: Our conversation was cut short last night. No bueno. Come watch netflix and make some new friends, greek housing on peidmont (: (Plow anyways. Plow plow plow)

Her: Lol we can keep our convo on the phone for now. i'm way too tired

Me: I saw undercover boss, I know what yall go through. Baha, good money but people suck alot of the time. We'll hang out soon then :) (Making connections AKA trust me I know what it feels like to be a server blah blah also, no more plowing)

Her: Hell yea I had to get an attitude with a few people today lol. I did pretty good moneywise. We should though :) (Making connections...she lit up. She's investing more and more into her replies)

Me: Bahah I once got a 2 dollar bill for a tip on a 70 dollar bartab and the dude thought it was okay because people consider them "rare". Retarded (Again, making connections)

Her: WTF id kick somebodies ass. Hahah, you bartend?

Me: Yea depends on if were slammed or not. Boss man is weird cause i'm only 20. But once july hits its on (Notice how I try to stray away from sounding like i'm bragging or qualifying myself to this girl. If I was like "Oh yea im a bartender so cool yayaya huge cock" shit would have been gay)

Her: Haha awwww where at?

Me: Park tavern. Remind me to tell you a funny story next time I see you. We fit an ice skating rink inside the bar! (Seeding.....our day 2)

Her: Idk where that is. But okay hahah. You need to make it soon then because i'm a very forgetful person :) (pew pew pew)

Me: Hey now, could have been tonight. But you're "too tired". ;) (tease tease tease)

Her: Haha sorry, my bed was calling my name. Lol. (: (See right here I totally would have gone sexual on this girl. Something like "Oh wait....I think i can hear it calling my name too" or some equally sleezy line. Shit works. But because i'm somewhat outcome dependent on this girl cause shes so fucking fine I diddn't.)

Me: Ha I see you were in my buddies photoshoot. I was going to go to that. Small world (Making connections, mutual friends, blazi blazi)

Her: Lol yea it was fun! Why diddn't you go?

Me: Something else came up last min. Wait so you're a freshy, do you live in the dorms? (Boom again with the question about where she lives. She's now ready to answer because she's already invested)

Her: It was that gf of yours wasnt it? Haha jk. Yea, I do. (Small shit test. Question answered.)

Me: Yea....I had to drop her off at the hospital because the baby was due. Nothing big. Bahaha hey, looks like we're naibors (: (Shit test destroyed with humor. Tyler talks about it, its call the if-then theory. Exagiration used as humor...IF I had a girlfriend THEN she could have been preggo and i could have drove her to the hospital. Get it?)

Her: Haha don't play like that lol. Where do you live?

Me: I play alot. You'll learn to love it. Uhh right behind the dorms, greek houses

Her: Haha yea we will see about that. Yea i know where you're talking about. Do you like it there? (Lol shes starting to go chode interview on me. Very very good sign)

Me: It's interesting. Haha, arent you supposed to be in bed? I'm about to be. See you soon jersey girl ;) (And bam, its time to cut the conversation. Always be the first one to cut the conversation. Plus name calling is always good)

Her: Haha facebook got my attention. But okay, goodnight! (: (I never answer this text. She's the last one to text me, puts the ball in my court)

Next day I knew she would text me back. The fact that I diddn't respond to her last text just iches away at her until she gives in. Next day around 6pm I get this

Her: Hey. (: (If a girl ever sends you a text with just HEY and a smily face, its fucking on)

Me: Well hello there (:

Her: What are you up to?

Me: Prison break and laundry. But i'm getting hungry. You? (Seeding for the day two)

Her: Is that a movie? Lol i'm just reading with shelly

Me: Lol no but it should be. Tell shelly I said hey. Plans for tonight? (Shelly is the wing girl that was like "KISS HIM YAYAY". So, i told feisty eyes to tell her I said hello. This gets them talking about me and sets me up for shelly to make me look good)

Her: Oh what is it? haha. She says hey. I just have homework to do. You? ( SOUNDS LIKE A DAY TWO INVITATION TO ME)

Me: Its a show. I'm going to finish this laundry then find some food. Wear something cute, you're coming with me ;) (textbook shit)

Her: Ohh ok! I really wanna go but I really shouldn't! Maybe you could come chill here and order pizza or something? (YAY)

Me: Mmm even better. Pizza sounds great. Not sure how long this laundry will be though

Her: Well just let me know! I'm gunna be reading for a while then I gotta write a paper!

Havn't responded to that yet. Probably will with something about me buying beer for underage girls but its alright cause she's paying for the pizza.
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