Ill minded...


I remember thinking back to when I was little playing sports in the mud, sticks, and stones in what is known as the outlying areas of Shitzburgh, Pennsylvania.

That disease ridden, poor ass of a town helped me learn something helped me learn how to be a genuine man.

<Before you read any further please for the benefit of yourself define what genuine is to you then proceed>

From the time I was a young tot growing up I always hung out with some cool dudes, even if they did beat my ass a lot. They were just your typical neighborhood kids who didn't give a shit about much (including themselves at times). Filming the usual fight or lunch table scene was the norm... or being grounded for a month at a time qualifying as the usual punishment. sad

More realistically it was like this...

However we were instilled with a large amount of alcohol to drink....and pride in what we did.... from a young age.....which has led us/me to be able to have clear, critical thoughts like.....

Usually when I wake up in the morning I have to gather my thoughts about who I am for a second. And for some unknown reason I always look back to the growing times with my friends....which happen to also be the most interesting.

And is doing this identity-shift upon waking it has become a natural sign of who I believe I am at this very moment. And what is that?........

100% Trust In Where I'm at/What I Am.

and I guess you can say that in rap-terms this would be put like: "Hate it or love it the underdog's on top. I'm gon' shine homie until my heart stop. Go'head'n envy me. I'm rap's MVP. And I ain't going no where, So you can get to know me."

So first let's start with where:
Q-Where - What is where? Can I get it in a definition please? And an Origin perhaps? Can you use it in a sentence."
A-Open your eyes.

Now on to who I am:
Q:What is 'who I am'?
A: It's the equivalent of all my life experiences espeially the ones we had while growth timez and interesting timez.

Having this instilled in me while neighborhood'ing and brought to my attention lately is

I feel so grounded like...."yeah...this is my life...proceed if you want to. I can only promise you two things tho...get ready to not give a fuck and have fun doing it."

And I can honestly say that I now know this regardless of the circumstances...because I know the two most important things that no one will ever teach you if you aren't looking...

Definition of: Where I am.... and What I am (Where I'm from)

Growing into this mindset has done unbelievable things for my life because I know I'm the director who's responsible for the whole damn thing. So I can make it however I fucking want...

But there's also another definite definition that I have lodged into my mind....

"I don't use 'and'."

Before anything else this goes for inner-wellness first and foremost.

Why..can some tell me we as guys ever use this word? our mind we use the word 'and' and for that matter 'but' so many times when we think something will go wrong.

And you know usually when thinking that...the only thing it's gunna get u to do is wind up in a little-bitch ball while you suck on your coffe-bucks at fuckin office cubical.

So have fun with that

Nice, tie man.

and for some final motivation

<Don't cry just've got this shit covered cuz you're at this site. This will spring you to where you choose to go...if you to that is..>

But, in all honesty if working in an office is what u want to do then by all means do it. But, you gotta know who you are by knowing where you are and what you are (where you're from.)

Once you can do this there is no telling the amount of insane shit that can flow from your magical brain movement to your vocal chords and out.

U don't even need to know what to say because you don't use and when you talk either. (No...I'm not saying not to use 'and' ever.)

The results of this mindset of this exact moment and the grounding of whatever happens to you can't come between your life, the people you hold close and the times that u've had with them.

Just do it.


Leave a comment if you want me to continue writing additional posts....

I'm somethin like a...

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LucidDic wrote:

Leave a comment if you want me to continue writing additional posts....

dont do it for us mate. do it for your self.
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yea, it'll go both ways, man.

Thanks for the comment. See ya around.
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