just had a great night and i made these girls out there have some awesome time... i didn't pull because i am too chode for this yet but  it was wonderfull.. i went solo again btw.
this night makes it worth for every rejection i had the last months.   i know now that with consistent work and time i will have the social lifestyle i want.  it is a skill and the more you practice it the better you get.
a middle finger to all my friends who thought i was weird because i do this and i go alone.   and to the world that teaches us to be rats in a maze.   but hey it is what it is..  today was a celebration of my life.. My real birthday party ( i had birthday on february 4th but no party or anything)    i am awesome,i am 19 and have a whole life in front of me. i am glad i found this and that i kept my standards of living high. i am thankfull that i didn't got swallowed by mediocracy. i studied pick up for the past 4-5 years,but i come from a small town where i couldn't game and i was not ready probably.  but now it's my time to shine!    i am gonna sleep like a baby tonight.
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