I write this and most of my blog entry  for myself,if you have any others write them bellow  these are some that work for me:
-Trying to see the good being, child like-silly side in everyone.  (this is hard if my ego is big that day or if i am having bad mood) but very effective when applied. tips: look them intense in their upper side of the eyes (just bellow their eyebrows) and start thinking that they are little silly kids who don't really know what they are doing in life.  i mean nothing is serious and evil it's just people communicate with their egos and their intellectual capability is not very big. so when someone is taking himself very serious and is acting mean just remember this.

-Asking myself this question:  What is funny here and how can i make this fun?   think of it like having a stand up comic guy in the back making fun of everything around  ( this works much better if you believe people are good and you are in relaxed focused mood.  i say focused and present because this requires controlling some parts of your thoughts)     if you are having hard time with this start at first thinking funny about yourself.  when you laugh at yourself it's much easier to laugh at others. from all the books i've read,from all my experiences and thinking  and trying to understand the world  LAUGHTER is closest to the truth i've come by far.

-Assume  attraction.  this is not like egoic thought of i am the shit bitches love me. it's more like these female homosapiens are arroused by me.and i am enough the way i am.  it's more of a knowing.     (watching alex stuff made me understand this deeper)  ( i still havent deeply internilized this)

-say: i don't care.. who gives a fuck anyway?who cares! who gives a fuck!? or any permutation of this before you do something stupid and out of your comfort zone.  when i care  this thought gets me going :D 

have fun ! 
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