My experience with alcohol
when i started going out i wasn't drinking at all. i went a year of nights full sober, sometimes on weed. later i found wings and they were always drinking and i started drinking. 
  • Pros
Alcohol makes you stop analyzing and worrying how you are perceived by people. it makes you present to the moment.
When going solo or you're a begginer and have really hard time approaching or you are very shy alcohol tremendously helps :)  (i think it's good to use alcohol just to start the wheel spinning and get your first references because when i went solo for a year there were lot of nights where i couldnt warm up and ended not approaching a single set or not being in state)
Most people drink or are on drugs or very unstifled in the club (especially at second part of night) so if you are 100 % sober it's harder to connect with people.
Lowers your time of getting in state and not always but often bringing your 'A' game (as explained erlier)
  • Cons:
When i go sober i tend to get aware of how am i feeling and could consciously unstifle myself in subtle ways (asking a stranger the time,how full is the club or some question, slowly dancing,doing the golden phone call (caling a buddie and chattin and joking with him on the phone) planing your day and daily activites that are productive or that it will get you focused and in state (having a cofee with friend, going in social place during the day,meditating,eating clean foods...)  when i know i'll drink and drink alcohol does a lot for me in terms of needing to unstifle and be in state so i don't pay attention or neglect most of these  things.
Even thought you are present you are also kind of numb and your senses are not working fully. so your not coming across as fresh and calibrated.
When the alcohol of effect subsides i feel tired and numb,not focused and bored. this ussualy happens in the second part of the night (where it most counts if you're 'ON')
it's unhealthy and i feel really bad the other day sometimes. (every artificial high has a down)
If i continue to drink  couple nights in a row i get very tired and lifeless at the end of the week.(although i have momentum from nights before and i am socially still a bit ON)
-Guys with driving licence and a car are fucked unless they get a cab or live very close to the clubs.
Spending money (Esspecially if you plan on drinking in more expensive nightclubs.)
if you're new and have very hard time opening  and being relaxed or have lost all macro momentum use some alcohol. but make this exception not the rule because you may get addicted to drinking before going out. as long as you plan your week and are aware of the bad sides of alcohol use it carefully. it's not that bad and is positive in MODERATION.
the ideal is being fully sober and being in state and unstifled. eventually as you progress or go out often you have to lower or stop the amount of alcohol you drink.
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i've noticed that if you want to talk to woman and the more it is important to you the more unnatural it becomes. this goes esspecialy for my solo nights. those days going out often feels like a task that i find no pleassure in. or  if i constantly think about approaching and i decide to approach and do. meaningless conversation become more seriouss and unnatural.  i've found out also that if you think about approaching more than few seconds and you approach,your right action muscle does not strengthen. i remember that when i first started and was enthusiastic i would go out and followed the 3 second rule,it got me momentum.  couple times i ended approaching girls without thinking about it. i just approached them or sat down on a table and started a conversation or something. afterwards i felt surprised at myself.      i've been approaching and most of the time i am focused on their reactions and find pleassure if they reacted well. i've been burned so many times i begin to understand that pleassure from approaching should be found in:
-doing a brave thing( the thing that most people would not do because they are pussiess or just not brave enough) and just for the sake of it.  i did a brave thing.
-doing something to them just because it will amuse you to see their reactions or the mere action itself.  (this is hard if you care about their reactions or have a weak frame. or big ego,take yourself too seriously)
-doing spontanious authentic action. this goes from acting upon the first and true thing that goes in your core of mind right away. this gets you out of your mind and in the moment quickly.
drawing state from within-  this is possible when you are indifferent to other people reactions toward you.  good and bad. i repeat GOOD and Bad.  i have had many bad reactions and i slowly become indifferent to them  but  if there is a girl that likes me. it puts  me into my head.  making me want to continue getting good reactions and living to her expectations.

i also understood that pickup all the time makes you weird. you have to take days off and recharge the batteries.

l have problems with building attraction.  also many negative reference experiencess made me less confident. when i wasn't approaching i thought i was a hotshot and appeared more attractive at the begining.

reading many books,being succesfull and self improvement don't really make you better with women.  cool guys who are good with girls often look like the main character of the Big Lebowski, or   Stifler from american pie,

biggest sticking poing and problem as a newbie so far is failing to succesfully warm up.(being in a cheerfull relaxing state of mind and taking action)

clubs have become relaxing to me most of the times. when i get into  a club with my buddies i can see i am much more comfortable than them in those setting.

guys who i see getting girls in my town and who get girls through social circles and social networks most often suck in clubs and cold approach pickup.  cold approaching is a skill and it is for elite players. 

approaching too much and focusing too much on this makes me feel repulsive often toward girls and interacting with them becomes a boring burden. 

i should take it easy on myself.  i started reading dave7 field reports and i can see he didn't go hard on himself and was happy with small progress. and i've read this also in some sucess book and i think tyler or someone talked about this.

maybe i should implement some routines or couple openers and one liners and remember them so when i don't know what to say at the begining or at times to use them. esspecially when suddenly i want to approach or see a girl from nowhere and want to approach her but my mind can't come up with anything.  i happened to think of few exercises that can help with me with this.

Girls are reactive guys are proactive.  this is not a good or  bad. it's just the way things work.

i understand what it  means man to woman communication and friend to friend and how this correlates to friendzone and lack of intent.
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ok so last night i felt very frustrated and started thinking about game and where i am at. i've been in the game for over 5 years but started going out and consistently  approaching since last year (took a pause when my semester ended and when i broke my leg,so it's more like  10 months of going out) since i started counting last year  i've approached over 300 sets.there were also many nights were i went out but i didn't end up approaching or just talked to 1-2 girls through the whole night.  anyway i've had couple makeouts and good moments i still havent got laid through cold approach. in fact i havent had sex since last summer which was with the same girl whom i lost my virginity to 3 years ago.  there are noticable changes and i am definetely not the same guy since i've started but i will write a recap after new year's eve about that.   i was thinking last night how i expected to have more success by far. i see all my roomates getting laid. some of them have gf and still ocassionally cheat on them.  i don't want to compare to others because they don't have the same goals as i do. but damn... after so much time invested in this i wish at least if i had like 1-2 cute(fuckable) girls that i can consistently call  and have sex with. my life around pickup is in good control. i keep a healthy lifestyle where i eat healthy,read books,train very hard,study,meditation  and still no real success. i hear tyler speaking about how it's all about enjoying the process and shit (which i do.. i mean i enjoy a night out more than staying home and watching porn) but that mentality is hard to have when i am not getting laid. i don't know damn it, i really hoped i'll had a girl for new year and christmass. i don't know what to do. this frustration is starting to make me a bit toxic and demotivated  which i try to manage it through my lifestyle and my other passions. also i almost always go out solo because there is noone of my friends who does pickup or wants to go out 4 times a week in nightclubs. i don't like going out alone a lot. there are nights where loneliness and frustration hit me up and i have hard time falling asleep.  anyway i would never quit and i was thinking of starting to chat up girls again on fb too beside going out. 
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Ok so rsd is saying that i need to go out 7 times a week. This great if i can do it and they say it so much to motivate the keyboard jockeys. But Doing this can be too much sometimes. I see i lt the same as training a sport. If i suddenly go to the gym 7 times a week and i havent done this in the past i can burn myself. Overtrain and even injure myself. Now in pickup i've took couple months off and now i am going out reguralry. I've been going out the past 5 nights. Every night was good. I didnt had approach anxiety and was ON. Now this last day i've been feeling very tired and didnt wanted to go out at all. But somehow i managed to put my shoes on and hit the club. Now as i entered the club i had zero willpower to talk to anyone. And left without approaching. I think sometimes i shouldn't go out if i've been so gassed out. Also this week i've had very hard trainings and studied,so my time was fully filled up. If i try to force things so much i can loose my enthusiasm. If i hit the club and i know i am gassed out i know i am not there to have fun. And doing it is a torture. So maybe i should start going out couple times a week and amping it up little by little.  This does not need to be confused with being lazzy to go out when i know i can and should. If i need to go out and dont feel like it i should pump my state up before i leave home. Because if i enter the club feeling shitty i know i wont approach.  (So: keep an eye on my fuel tank)
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I've noticed that if i am dressed classy and bussiness like i act kind of more serious. If you behave all serious and trying to brAke that james bond self image of yourself dress oppossite of that. It helped me. When i wear funny shirts it makes me feel lighter and allows me to express that funny side of me.  So wear something that will activate that side of yourself.  You can also wear crazy hats and really stupid shit.(if you have the balls).  Long story short keep in mind that type of clothing might affect your behavior. 
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ok so i've been off from game for about 3 months because my semester ended and i was back in my hometown.  now during these 3 months i was on vacation and occassionally gamed few girls  and got a makeout in under 15 seconds. the problem is that i am back now and i started going out again and quess what? i freeze like a fucking asshole every night i go out!  i feel good and motivated when i am home but as soon as i enter the club i see these hot girls. get a little intimidated by how hot most of these are and make excuses go to the bathroom and don't follow the 3 second rule. after i get out i make excuses and never end up approaching.   now after opening approximately 300-350 sets by far i hopped i would not have these problems. i  don't know man!  i know i should approach right when i enter the club but i can't commit myself to it.  i don't know what to do? after i come home i get pissed and promise to myself that i will approach the next day but i don't.   what can be the cause of this?my opinion:-i see a set that i think it won't open because in the past it didn't work and i am afraid to make a newbie mistake. it's like i have an ego in the back of afraid of looking bad  in front of the girls.  (i consciously am not)-i've had many bad references  where i got rejected many times and my brain sees the bad side of approaching even before i approach.-in the last months that i gamed i failed to follow the right action 3 second rule and stalked a set too much before approaching. so this lead to after 10 minutes of being infield and not approaching my state crashes and i get in my head and see everyone having fun instead of me and at this point i can't even approach.  (however i try approaching as soon as i get in the club but i can't! i fucking freeze)-something in my psychology is not right and i can't seem to fix it.  approaching girls feels like a big deal. i don't know what can i do to fix this?  yesterday i promised myself that if i don't approach within 10 minutes  it's game over and i must leave the club. i putted a preassure on myself but still didnt ended up approaching.  this shit is driving me nuts!!!  these is the main problem in my game. i've been struggling with this for years! and i remember back 3 months ago when i didn't make this game break  if i didn't approached for 2 days i lost the momentum and the episodes of AA where back again. i will try to do some stuff to relax while at home and get myself into a positive mood so i can be comfortable to approach at least 1-2 sets just so i can start getting momentum. i was planning on screaming in the elevator and doing push ups when i go out would get me into a positive state. maybe because i am always anxious before i go out that i freeze myself. 
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 i noticed when i chat with girls and people i tend to do it with statements and questions and my vocal tonality is either neutral or breaking raport which is good. however i am stating and asking about logical stuff. girls are emotional,therefore i should ask and state about topics and things that provoke an emotional reaction or thoughts that will activate that side of the brain.  
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 It's like understanding that you are not in the matrix. you get out of the matrix by being present and when  you need to do something you get back in the matrix. but this time you shape your relative reality how it suits you,or rather how it helps you achive what it is that you are trying. after you do that you get out and be present again.    so fuck it!  if you need to see the world positive like a big comedy show and see yourself as awesome to get girls you better do that.  don't question if it's the ultimate truth.  it's relative,but it's also relative that you suck.  this 2 videos explain this really good.  i wanted to put this out to remind myself if i forget it sometimes, and to hammer it into my head.  also most people are stuck in their reality and think it's the ultimate truth and they communicate through their self image and interpret everything throught their relative perception.  it's not their fault. they do what they know,they are just trying to get with life... have some empathy. don't get mad when they act bad.   ps: let's say that a girl clearly does not like you.  you can't  be fucking blind and believe that she likes you. but see it's like she is throwing a frame of reality: i don't like you,you are a looser.  now you have to think she loves me,she just doesn't want to come across as too easy.  if you believe more in yourself than her stuff  she will buy into it.  it's like she is throwing you relative frame of reality which you ignore it and you throw another frame of reality at her.  whoever is more ceratin wins.      this is what i will conscioussly work these days.  

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 i was gaming out these 3 days straight and many times i got rejected and felt intimidated and bad by the club and  this last day i went into the music festival had full  fun!! i didn't give a fuck about anything.  when i was in the car i was thinking that i should do approahces and get in state and some other bullshit.  but then i said to myself heey i am gonna be there 6 hours, it's a strance music festival.  now i know that if the party energy gets on top of me i will be feeling like shit.   but i say.. why will the club energy got on top of me?   i am part of the club too.. i am here to have fun like everyone.  if their energy gets hirer my will become too.. only i have to be  like the others and just have fun instead of thinking about pickup.  i got 6 hours to game so i can do it later. i remember tyler saying it in one of his videos that you should let the club energize you.  i started dancing and the club energy was leading me higher and higher.  i felt good ..   true state :)   my budies said that i looked like i was on some extremely high ecstazy.    now i don't ussually dance.. i got this self image of a james bond. i am a fighter and dancing is not my stuff. i am a serious guy who also loves philsopny.  but partying these days and the rejections and the makeout made me experience a different reality and fragiled the old one.  this killed a little bit of my ego and  it made me loose :)  that's my interpreteation of this.  it's interesting how when living month without pickup normal life like the others. puts me into such a chode mindset..    when i do pickup i feel like the best side of me is up front.   i am gonna get good at this.  i am laughing a bit  more this 2 days.  i understand that reality is relative and that i should see the funny side in things. and i try to do this.  today it came naturally to me.  i was seing the funny side in things without trying.  i got  makeout  and even if this days were a bit hard for me i still have great optimism and passion to get goot at.   and watced that fb video of real social dynamics and it motivates me greatly.    also i must remark: i was going out this 2 days with social circle. i think this also had a plus on my social skills.
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 i started drinking nettle tea because it's high in iron,potassium,magnesium and because it has anti allergic reaction effect. ( i drink it for  almost a week and i can see i am not sneezing and my nose is getting better,)
i drink green tea,nettle tea and st john wort tea currently.
i bought Omega 3 pills and gonna drink them from now on.

effects of meditation on me.   i am basically the same but i noticed that my thoughts are focused and if i get pissed off or feel worry i can  monitor myself and thus control myself.  also if i am felling tired or depressed a little bit i recognize it as a chemical reaction and nothing beyond that.  (like i know i feel bad and probably will have some bad thoughts, but i won't get them very seriouss because they appeared as reaction to my state)
-i can see beyond the ego in people.i can see beyond their social masks and this allows me to connect with them on some human level. Not always but if i am focused i can. and have empathy for others. i mean they are doing what they know.. so it's like everyone is trying to make himself feel important and feel confident but most of them use the wrong methods and are not too conscious of their thoughts and lives.    it's like i start to understand that people are really people . ps: this is on a little subtle level. it's not like now i don't get pissed at all and my soul connects with the souls of the other beings :D 
it's 5:21 am and i am listening to loose yourself by Eminem. i am off to sleep. (i should really start going to bad earlier,but not to early,  just the right time to hit that sweetspot.)
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