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Shy guys always have insane game. It seems strange though. They don't say much or do "anything"( or so you would think) and they still get gorgeous classy girls. They out-game any of the intense energetic *fun* guys and will steal your girl just by looking at them. It seems so surreal But makes alot of sense when you know what their secret is. Congruence. Confidence.  Consistency. Social awareness. reference expiriences.
If you are one of the shy guys that isn't good with women maybe you are lacking these 5 things. Being good with women shouldn't be an option. It should be a neccisity. Make it a priority in life so you don't end up like most men either unhappy, Or even worse, Alone.


Congruence is the holy grail of meeting women. It takes all techniques and lines and fucks them in the ass. Being congruent is to be completely honest in everything you do and feel. If you are feeling shy. Show that you are shy. If you are feeling expressing and outgoing, By all means show it. You can even be nervous as hell and still pull it off as long as you congruent with the fact that you are nervous. Nothing is worse than someone who tries to be super high energy and crazy when all they really want to do is relax. It comes off as try hard and results oriented, Those are both very unnattractive traits to girls. Project how you feel to the girl and she will know that you are being honest with not only her, But yourself. It's better to just chill out and relaxed instead of trying to force yourself into state. Meeting women should be fun and stress releaving, The other way around. Just relax and be true to yourself in the situation you are in the with the girl.

2. Confidence

There is no reason why you are not enough. So why would it matter if you were shy? Girls like a guy that is confident in the actions that he makes. Being shy is just a reflection of your personality and does not affect your ability with women. What does affect your "game is what you think of yourself. If you are able to go talk to girls and enjoy yourself rather than be deathly afraid of them. Just because you are a natural introvert instead of extrovert doesn't mean you are incapable of having social skills. Building self worth, self asteem and personal boundries will change the way that people look and interact with you no matter what kind of personality you have.

3. Consistency

Consistency to me is keeping a consistent state of mind Or Having a consistent frame. This is turn gives you consistent results with women because they know what kind of guy you are and what to expect from you on an emotional level. You aren't the kind of guy to go all bi polar on her when she does something stupid and when she gives you tests you are consistent with who you are and what you believe. being shy does not affect this but in alot of ways could benefit you because it would make alot of girls chase.

4. social awareness

Being socially aware is very important when meeting women. To be good with women and date quality girls you need to be able to meet alot of them. Going into a social situation and knowing what you are up against is a good skill to have. Nothing is worse than being a socially retarded monkey that doesn't know what to do when thrown into a situation with other people. It's quite sad but most people are like this and social conditioning re-enforces it. Don't be one of those people. They are pathetic and Unless they have things deemed valuable by society "good looks, money, Etc"  Usally never get a girl, let alone a girl of quality.

5. Reference expiriences

The number one way to get good with women fast Is Gaining as many reference expiriences as possible. What this does is gives you a database of memories which you can access at any time. It is always easier to get the girl when you have gotten close 3-4 times. It helps you push yourself alot harder when the results right there in front of you and then having them taken away. Pain is a great motivator and reference expiriences are full of pain. Make no mistake though, They also hold great knowledge. Nothing is better than real life expirience in the field. So go out and test what works and does not work for you. If you are shy see how people react to you being congruent and confident in your shyness. You will be surprised once you have implimented these 5 "secrets" how peoples opinion and dominor change when being around you.

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