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Getting a girlfriend is the kind of thing every man should be able to do. It is a sad reality that most men go full retard when interaction with women. This is fucking pathetic and if you are a man with this problem you NEED to do something about it. Luckily for you there is a company called Real social dynamics that specializes in just that.
Real social dynamics Gives away 100's of hours of free content from a variety of styles and opinions. You would literally be learning from the best in the world when it comes to dating advice. That being said, I will now teach your some not so *secret* tips on getting a girlfriend. This is not for the faint of heart. This will be a hard, long, and painful journey. If you are not someone to fully commit to social dynamics directed at woman you will not have much success. It can be done, So you can do it. Put in the work and you will achieve the results.

Now on to the advice about getting a stunning girlfriend that you actually want to be with, And not because you are desperate, can't attract a worth while girl, Or lack the social skills meet interesting women.

First things first. This may hurt but it's somethings you may just need to admit to yourself.

Are you a beta male?
What makes a beta male you may ask? Not taking action. Following instead of leading. Taking it up the ass via girls (metaphorically speaking) "Buying drinks out neediness, Giving her all of your power, etc"
Being a needy little and treating the girl like she is a princess even though she is just like every other girl you meet with. The only difference is that She has traits you are attracted to, Which is nice but ultimately a burden since it makes you emotionally invested in a girl you don't even know. Seroiusly think about it. Why would a girl want to be with a guy that thinks he is beneath her. It's one thing to fuck that guy and never see him again but to be in a commited relationship with a chode? she would be stupid to do something like that. Why would she want to integrate a socially retarded monkey into her life and share her deepest and most sincere feelings with him. Don't be that daft. If you have symptoms of beta male sydrome it is adviced you attend your nearest freetour with Real social dynamics and listen to what they have to say. It could save you life.

Are you interesting?

Take a step back and look at your life. Do you have hobbies? Are you passionate about anything? When having a conversation with people do you express your full opinion regardless of the backlash? If not This is a problem. Why would you expect a woman to want to date a boring guy. It's like your saying plsss plsss help me. I'm soo fucking below you, If I could just be with you I would feel happy inside and give My beta male existence meaning. Fuck that shit brah. If you want a quality girl you have to be a quality guy. Pick up a fucking guitar. Take some dancing lessons. make videos of your stupid adventures in your major city. Do anything and you will start to become more interesting. Girls like men not boys. Be a man.

Do you have an abundant lifestyle?

 A girl wants to be with a guy that has options. Someone that is already pre selected by woman So she knows that you are a cool guy without having to really know that much about you. When you have abundance you put off a certain vibe. She can feel the energy you give off and it puts her into a comfortable headspace when around you knowing she doesn't have to worry about you being a fucking chode. When you give off abundant vibes girls will literally throw themselves at you. It's a nice position to be in and if handled properly will put you in the right state of mind to get the high class girl you want.

If you build an interesting and abundant life while work at bettering yourself as a man everyday girls will always be wanting to date you since you are one of the lucky few to get past social conditioning and change your shitty fucking life. Good luck brother.
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