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College girls are arguably the most promiscuous girls out there. They are in there prime in terms of looks. They are young enough to do stupid shit Like sucking your dick in a hot tub But old enough to still be a pleasure to talk to. This them quite desireable by most men. The problem is most men don't even know how to talk to a girl let alone sleep with them. In this article I will give you some helpful advice on sleeping with College girls. From The approach, To the social circle, And finally to the CLOSE.

The approach

This is the scariest part for alot of guys out there. It is also the easiest, and least important. Just go up to her and say "Hey whatsup" And then continue the coversation with her. Find out logistics to either number close or go for an insta-date ( If it is possible, Always go for an insta-date. Why not see her now instead of later)

The social circle.
You can go around getting numbers from girls at a college campus and being that guy She knows nothing about, Maybe even getting success. Or you could
be the guy that Talks with her friends Socializes with the guys and the girls of the group and let her get to know you as a Person Instead of that arousing guy she just met. Joining social circles is the best way to get laid In my opinion.  The reason for this (assuming you are a guy of influence *alphamale*) You have not only 1 girl but multiple girls. Especially if you are in multiple social circles. There is so many to choose from, and since you are an alpha male with abundance and the belief that there is no reason why you are not enough They will fight to be with you. (Most guys are fucking chodes.) Infiltrate the social circle and You will never here things like "I don't even know you" "I'm here with my friends" "I can't leave with you" "I don't have sex with people I just met"

Party, After party, CLOSING

Find out what everyone is going on the weekend and be social enough to go with them. If you are part of the social circle you won't spark defenses by being that guy that is trying to fuck one or multiple girls, You will just be a socially well adjusted guy that is sex worthy and Fun. By just showing up, Having fun, Expressing yourself positively and negatively, Being physical the girl and socializing with her and her friends You are half way to closing. Now to the most Important part of this article. The front door. Leaving with the girl at the end of the night and walking through the front door of wherever it is are you WITH her is the difference between Fucking her that night and fucking her in the future. (assuming you are friends with the social circle and have just cause to see her again. You need to be the guy that leads her to the after party and get her in isolation with you.

Alright guys. Make me proud.
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