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Having sex with an attractive girl is actually pretty easy, Given you have put the work in and gained the reference expirience. It usually goes like this. You spend some time with her, develope a connection, Set up day 2, Build comfort, Bring to sex location, Go for sex. This is socially acceptable and is less likely to spark defenses. But some of you sick cunts are impatient and say "naw fuck that shit I want to get laid TONIGHT." Alright brother. I will tell you how.

Pick your venue.

Some people will say there are certain places in which you meet a girl When going for a Quick close.
In my expirience this is bullshit. Whether it be a park, Cafe (my personal favorite) Or a bar/nightclub
You CAN Fuck her the same day/night. It all depends on her logistics, How far away your sex location is, And the emotional state of mind she is in.


Theres always a catch.. Just kidding. Don't be a little bitch. Talk to the girl and express yourself. Showcase your personality and be unapologetic in your actions. If you have approach anxiety, You are in luck! I have a magic pill that will instantly fix it. APPROACH

Waste time.
Most girls aren't going to go home with you at the beginning of the interaction. Some will, (sluts.. Don't fuck thos girls.) You need to spend time with her, Be empathetic towards her feelings and objections and ease her into a state of mind that is going to help her comply to bringing her to the sex location and doing things she's only read about in cosmo. Literally just waste time. Chill with your buddies and fuck around. Tell jokes be creative and HAVE FUN

Surf logistics

Alot of guys have the problem of not surfing logistics. This leads to wasted time, Loss of results, And masterbation. Asking Question like, Who are you here with, Do you have a boyfriend, Where are you staying tonight, Will give you a good idea of your chance of fucking her tonight. Surf logistics with multiple girls (in the bar/nightclub scene) to better your chances of taking someone home, Or keep approaching and meeting girls until you find a girl with solid chemistry and solid logistics. When doing *daygame* Always Surf logistics at the beginning of the interaction. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Take that girl to the sex location and close that shit!
Whether it be an ally, A bed , Or a car, CLOSE THAT SHIT.

Now that you have the knowledge, Put it to good use and fuck some high quality girls.

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