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Hello Chodes "aka beta males" Do you feel like a boring person? When talking with a girl do you run out of things to say? Do you cry yourself to sleep because you're a virgin that masterbates to weird ass porn in his parents basement. It's alright I'm here to help you. In this Blog entry I will be talking about ways to make yourself interesting, By doing things like assuming value (self worth) Having fun among other things, And building a lifestyle that makes you eager to get up every morning.

1. Assuming value
I will assume because you are reading this article that you feel as if you are a piece of shit. When people talk to you they are annoyed or bored with what you are saying because quite frankly your just not that interesting.. WRONG. You are a fucking sick cunt. Everything that you say is awesome and FUARKING gold. Why? Because you are enough. Once you have internalized this belief You will be confident in most situiations you are thrown into.

2. Being non-reactive.
Nothing is more annoying than a guy that can be easily fucked with. Being non reactive is intriguing and attractive to not only girls being people in general. An example of being non reactive is "Girl: I can't believe you just said that!"  "You: I can't believe it's not butter!" Being non reactive is more than just saying witty shit that the girl can feed off of. It is to truly not give a fuck. When a girl throws an emotional curve ball your way and you stay very centered in yourself  and remain in the same emotional state that you were in before.

3. Having an abundance
When you go into a social situation do you scream of desperation? Do you say things like " Plsss plsss help mee" Timf bhraownh.jpg.. Or are you a little more adundant in your interactions with people. Remember that desperation is the most unnattractive emotion to both genders. When talking with people don't try and qualify youself to prove you are worth talking to. Ask questions that makes them question themselfs and qualify themselves to you. Get her to chase you instead of it being the other way around."You: That Is an interesting dress." "Girl: What is interesting about it"

4. Taking action.
It does matter what you do. what matters is that you take action. Don't be that guy that sits at home watching movies everynight scared to go out and try new things. Everyday do something that you haven't done before or something that scares you. It is a great way to break out of your comfort zone.

5.Being passionate.
What are some things you are passionate about. Music,dance, Fucking as many women possible before you die, It doesn't matter! humans are stimulus junkies and feed off of other each others emotions. If you are passionate about something and it shows people will be naturally drawn to you.

6. Relaxing
When you go out with people Take a step back and really look at yourself. Are you complaining, Acting needy, Overthinking the interaction? Or are you carefree, expressive both positively and negatively. and free of outcome. It is crazy how by just being relaxed, or *in state*  people flock to you like you are some sort of Idol.

7. Being expressive.
To truly express ones self is a rare thing among humans. That's why when someone does do it they are highly praise or highly shunned. No inbetween. Just remember all publicity is good publicity. If you are having troubles expressing yourself or don't really know what it means to "express ones self" Here are some examples of positive and negative expressions. "I love those trees. Do you see how they sway in the wind. It reminds me just how beautiful the world really is." "I fucking hate coffee! I want to slap it's mother in the face with my Cackk" both good ways of expressing yourself verbally. Other ways of expressing yourself is through art, music Filming Etc.

8. Being open minded.
Not everyone is going to agree with each other.  Everyone has different opinions and they all view the world differently. Being closed minded or ignorant will not getting you anymore or increase your ifluence when socializing with people. Every week Read a book on a topic you are unfamiliar with or disagree with on a superficial level. This will help expand your openess and reinforce The opinions That are true to yourself.

9. Building an intriguing lifestyle.
Do you have free time? Why.. You should be busy doing things, seeing people, reading books, expressing yourself through the many types of art. Having a strong lifestyle is another way to be interesting to other people. Since most people don't even have a life, It is intriguing to them and makes them want to cling on to you said " interesting person.

10. Sharing your awesomeness with everyone
Lets face it. After thoroughly applying the concept's presented in this article, Your life is fucking awesome
Don't be afraid to show and express just how awesome YOU are.

Alright former beta males. Get out there and make a change!
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