Platoon fans will remember Charlie Sheen's epic line:

"You want sometin to smile at??? DANCE MUTTAFUCKAAAA"
SKIP to 1:25 min

He tried to animate a Vietnamese village chode to dance but he
would not. So he basically forced him to dance and self amuse.

Those of us who watched the Jeffy show are aware of Superstar,
the Indian looking guy who literally danced the fuck out of the club and
became an inspiration to Jeff Allen, influencing his game.

I recently figured that I want to learn to dance too, because there are times
in the club when everybody is dancing and I want to do it in a cool way.

Now the first style I have looked at and which I am practicing is the Shuffle:
This can be used to all kinds of dance music and looks pretty cool besides being
a good workout. Dance a shuffle 30min a day and you can say you have done some
good cardio.

You can choose another Dance style if you like. In either case, what I'm trying to say is:
Learn to dance! It will teach you to handle your body in a more graceful way, similar to
Martial Arts, and besides that you will enjoy yourself more and get more attention and
attraction inside the club/environment you are in.

I hope this helps and always remember: DANCE MOTHERFUCKKAAAAA

Skip to 0:11min for my pronunciation of Mutafucka

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