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I went out last night to a bar at the OU campus in the city of Norman, OK where I live. My older brother came along with me to just go out.

We got there close to 12 AM. It took me awhile to get acclimated to bar again, since I haven't been there in 9 months. For about 20 or 25 minutes. I was just talking to my brother. And eventually I had to stop talking to him and start approaching, because I was there to get laid and have fun of course.

It took me another good 20 to 25 minutes to start approaching. The first girl I approached, I touched her arm and she turned around. I asked how she was doing. She smile and said no, dissapearing into the crowd. I laughed and it felt good as always to get my first approach over with.

Now I waited another 10 - 15 minutes to approach another girl grabbing her hand while talking to her, small talking, asking her is she had the times and money where would she travel, jokingly telling her I was from Sierra Leone(Africa. While doing this I keep hand firmly planted on her waist and ass kinda. However I believe she was not DTF or not interested enough in me. Since she eventually went with her friend to go dance.

Another 20 - 25 minutes past before I approach this girl who I thought was cute taht I wanted to approach earlier. Plus she was checking me out earlier, but I couldn't must the courage the time to approach her. Anyway I walked up to her and touched her arm to get her attention. We talk for a little bit, small talk, and I touch her boobs. Damn they were nice, just thinking about them gets hard. I wanted to fuck her bad haha.

Anyway I ask where she is from and she tells me from this and she has a bed that folds out. She was joking, so I went along with it. Telling her should show me her bed and give me a tour. She knows I want to fuck her. I as her name. Which I tell her I like her name(I honestly did). And she ask me my name. Then she told me if her name was Susan, would I still like it and I tell her no. She laughs. 

 I tell her she wil forget it in 3 seconds, but she remembers and then ask me what her name was. And the her fat unattractive friends comes and says something.

And Sobrea, the girl I was tlaking to said she would talk to me and find me later. But i've heard that line several times. But maybe, shed want to talk me again that night and I could've fucked her fat booty and had my way with her tounge.

Eventually my brother and I left around 1:40 A.M. That night, I believed my problem for not getting laid is because I took to long to get acclimated and not enough approaching (my brother told me a lot of girls were staring at me hard), or none fo the girls I approached were DTF, and other variables.

Anyway, I look forward to a lot of approaching this week, new experiences, and the possibility of sex with a girl I find attractive.
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 I finally decided to start a field report/approach log after being out of the "game' for 10 fucking months. Another big time span of losing a lot of momentum and gaining some rust.

I'll ive a brief introduction even though I believe I made one in my first post back in November last year. Anway I find the "pick up"community back in November 2010, when I was living in my small town of 6000 called Anadarko in Oklahoma. And in December I made the decision to start improving my social life and skills with girls.

My only opportunity for meeting women during that time was when I was going to college in bigger cites Oklahoma. Being El Reno, Lawton, Norman, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. And when I went to the malls, or bars I could get into when I was 20. For 6 months I approached girls at college, bars and the malls.

Then I decided to take a 4 month break which I shouldn't have done. I got involved with this girl who was a little older than me. That eventually went bad, it angered me, it blood fists fucked my mind and it angered me.

By this time i'm 21, and I dive into the night clubs from 3 months hard as I could from October until the end of December. Driving up to the Oklahoma City going out to meet women and living in my car eating dery oats, protein bars, bananas, sunflower seeds, cheerios and peanut butter. Being there form Friday to Sunday approaching women, to get laid, numbers etc so I didn't have to drive 50  miles back to Anadarko. During  that span I got laid 18 times from cold approaching during that period . I was also traveled out of the state twice.

Unfortunately on the first day of 2012 leaving Phoenix, Arizona on the way back to Oklahoma. I had an accident in Flagstaff, Arizona. Which it took me out the game for a little bit and then I made a bad choice, got lazy and was jobless for 2 months.

Eventually I got a job again, went out hard for a month in May and then took another break in June. Because I was going to live in  Medellín, Colombia for 3 months and to celebrate my 22 birthday. Which I was only able to live there for a month and it was hard trying to talk to latinas when your Spanish isn't great haha.

After being there for a month, I came back jobless in August, got a crappy job with terrible hours. After being there for awhile a customer, liked my conversationally skills and told me to check out this financial company called Primerica. I gave it a shot, and then I realized it wasn't something I wanted to do. Even though you can build your own business, I wanted to build a business online that I can take with me anywhere.

Anyway I left that, it's now November and I got a job from a staffing agency. So now i'm building my money back up in December and not is January. Which they let me go, because where I worked, they didn't need me anymore.

Now being January, and I found a company that distributes a powerful vaccum cleaner called a Kirby. I deced to do that and sell Kirbiies. Which that only lasted 2 months and I only made $130 dollars out of those 2 months. I decided to stop, because during the time of coming back from Colombia. I've been living with my older brother.

Which he told me I needed to get a job that pays me weekly for I can have mone to help him pay the bills. And get back on my feet. Or I would being going back to my hometown of 6000 people. I did'nt wanat to go back and eventually I got a job in a week investing 10 hours a day applying for jobs. 

So now, it feels fucking pimp to be back in the game even though I have to work on getting rid of my approach anxiety. I really miised going out and meeting women. I'm kind angry at myself causing the majority of these breaks. I sometimes wonder, what would my level of game be right now and girls I would'vefucked.

Anway can't dwell on the past events, only thing that matters is I'm back to doing something I enjoy a shit load and focusing on 3 goals I set to achieve this year.
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Today I obviously realized something a while back last year. That every women will not be attracted to me, and that goes for you too. From approaching a little over 500. That I 've approached in almost 2 years of working on myself and meeting women on and off.
Because you could be dressed the 8's,9's,10's, have a nice muscular, be tall, big muscles, a bad boy with a golden heart, have a great personality, have a big penis, a lot of life experience from traveling the world, you could have created your own business, inspired millions of people, or made the world a better and so on. And still some women will not find you attractive at all.

Unless your a famous celebrity, or they already know about the cool things you've done.I have a story for example remember this women I met at club .And I ended with one of them who was the oldest of the group and most attractive. That was 5 years older me. When I was making out with her back the hotel where here 3 other friends were at. She kept saying I was hot, sexy, beautiful et cetera. However one her friends didn't share the same delightful feeling. Also a another scenario I encountered. when I first started going out to meet women, back in my early days of getting better with women.

 I remember I was working at this fast food place when I was 20, and this girl thought I was cute, but she said she couldn't be with a man if he was of African ancestry .So that sent a signal off in my head, that not every women will not find me attractive no matter what I do to improve myself. And tell you the truth guys, there's so many reasons why a woman might not find  you or me attractive.

Based on her life experiences.Because you might look like her old ex boyfriend, you might remind her of her guy friend, your too muscular, because your complexion/ethnicity, you look like an ass hole, she has a boyfriend, a husband, she's a lesbian, you look better than her, she might think your gay, she's having a shitty day,  her dog died, and so on.

There's so many variables that could be the reason why she doesn't you find attractive or not interested.Which you can't take it personally if a woman rejects you, and doesn't find you attractive. You just have to move on the fuck on, because you could've been doing everything right talking to her, in attracting her, and so on. But you could've caught her on a bad day, wrong time, she's married or weren't simply her type.So if it happens, just move on because it's a waste of energy to think about why she wouldn't want to be with you. Which you might be one the best and most attractive man on the planet.

You just have to move on to find the women that are into men like you. Because the majority of the time, it's not your fault.But you have to keep going out and make the effort to approach women you find attractive to find ones that will be into you, or when out shopping, at the mall, night clubs, college campuses et cetera.So next time if a girls rejects, don't take it personally.

Just laugh it off, shake your head while smiling, or handle the rejection playfully and move on. the fuck on Because eventually you'll find a women who think your the fucking shit, or who will fuck you. Especially if always continuously working on yourself, achieving more goals/dreams, traveling, taking care of yourself and have other aspiring dreams that your working on banging out. 
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Beautiful song, nice beat, laid back, and makes you want to move head and dance ...definitely check it out! Plus that's a beautiful picture for this video. 


“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.” She may reject you but the rejection hurts way less then the beating your going to give yourself for the next week." - Unknown

(This might only cater to somebody whose developing their skills with women and is new. But you never know, you might learn something new regardless of your experience. Take what you need and discard the rest Bruce Lee Style.)

Being able to approach a woman is a very important fundamental in meeting women. How can you get better with women if you never go out, approach them, going to venues to find them, or find them online to meet.Because the majority of the time; a woman will not approach you. I repeat the majority of the time, you will not be approached.How many women have approached you? Because I’ve only been approached by 8 - 12, in almost 2 years! 

No matter how good or attractive you look to them (It’s rare and it doesn’t happen very often). So that lets you know, the majority of women will approach you. No matter damn good you look during the day, or at night.So that's when you need to start approaching women during the day, and at night. So you have more chances of meeting women your compatible with, the women who  you will be surprised that will like you, want have sex, a relationship et cetera.

Because if you can do the skill of approaching women. It will make you stand out from other men, because most men are scared to approach women their attracted to and want to meet.When you grow you skill of being able to approach women. It opens the field of women up to you, giving you a significant advantage over other men, who lacks the balls to do it. 

In a way there’s not a lot of competition if you can approach women, since many men don't do it.Anyway the cool thing about approaching. Is it become easier the more you do it; like any other skill you learn and do repetitively.Yes you still might get nervous approaching sometimes, but you will still do it anyway. It teaches you to get use to getting rejected, because you will get rejected. 

No matter how good you become, good looking you are, or how many you have cold approached. It's better to know truth, then a unrealistic reality of never being rejected.However, approaching women will make you a better conversationalist from talking to so many; you get more comfortable talking to them, being sexual, aware their body languages, higher chance of meeting a women  with chemistry between yall, potentiality of sex, potential girlfriend,  make outs, or wife if want to get married eventually  et cetera.

Making your first approach for your first time, can be total your comfort zone, scary as fuck to terrifying, because you don’t want to get rejected, and you’re not use to doing, or you never been taught.They might be wondering if that girl will like them, she probably has boyfriend/married, she looks like a bitch, looks fake, et cetera normally thoughts that men think when they see a girl they want to meet.Which that can stop you, make you hesitate, and never make the approach.

And you’ll never know if that girl would’ve have liked you, or not.A method for countering that from happening is just to make the damn approach. Soon as you see her, just go for it. Easier said than done, but just go for it. You see her and just go...don't think, don't think, don't fucking thinkOnce you do the approach it’s, that bad anymore, because you made approach.

Which it feels good too, regardless of how the conversations goes good, or bad. Just say whatever is on your mind, start vomiting words, or the words down below.“Hi my name is "insert name" what's yours?, "Who are you?" "I saw you and I just had to come meet you, what's your name" I came over to see what you were like, you look interesting"  "Hi I like oatmeal, I bet you do too" "Hi, you have some stunning legs" etc cetera.”You don’t have to doing to impress her, just be the best naturally man you can be, and say whatever that's on your mind. But to a degree still have some common sense ;).

Anyway she'll either to talk to you, or not. You have nothing lose and gain vital experience for the next approaches will do. It’s win win situation regardless of the outcome, because you did what most guy can’t freakin do it, so be proud of yourself.Which women respect you a lot more, for having the confidence to do it. 

Especially during the day time, because I have never seen a man approach a woman during the day, never! It’s rare as hell, or I’m not paying attention lol.Personally when I see guy, go approach a women regardless of the outcome, I have a lot of respect for that man for going after what he desired, and not being afraid of showing his masculine sexuality.Having some approach anxiety will never go away, will never go away.

However if you start the habit of approaching as much as you can; it becomes a natural things over time. It’s basically a skill and you fight your brain that’s trying to protect you(which it’s actually it’s hurting you; what the fuck brain).The more you approach, the higher skill grows, going up levels like in a video game, and so does everything involved in attracting a woman.

Eventually approaching women pays off. Especially when you finally get a girl, and you fuck her and she’s telling you (fuck me, fuck me harder, slap me with you cock).Or you get a girl whose giving you the sexy eye look. While giving head on your veiny cock 2 times in one night and swallowing  your load saying “it taste good” in a hotel room, while her 3 friends are fucking sleeping. How fucking cool would that be to happen to you? Pretty damn awesome right?

Anway I don’t know about you, but that’s sexy as fuck, and makes you appreciate beauty of woman. When they can just be themselves sexual around you without judging them. The sexual feminine energy she’s giving off towards your masculine energy.

I could go on passionately about, how I like ending up with a woman I find attractive and her personality. Because I put in the work of doing approaches, getting rejected, women flaking on me, flake numbers getting brutally blown off, having girls taken away from me by men who are better than me and so on.

Overall if you decide to on this journey, it’s worth it regardless of what people will think of you.This my experience, but if I wouldn't never made decision to improve my skills with women. I wouldn't be who I am today, if wouldn't have found Johnathan manwhore, All the RSD instructors , Mark Manson, Chase Amante, DJ Fuji and other men who are highly skilled with seducing and have a great psychological understanding of them.

When I stumbled upon them I thought "Cool, I want to do that, I think I will" and that's kind of mindset you need to have. No matter what age you start and experience level. Let your experiences be your guru, but still learn things from the other men whether they're better than your, or not . That you could incorporate into your game.

Anyway I hope you got something useful from this, especially if your new. 
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(Bumping to Drake, i'm floating in and out consicousness. It sounds pimp as fuck with the  guitar)
 [=Vegur, sans-serif]I went to a night club last week and approached  17 women. I only had 10 conversations that lasted from 5 minutes to  30 minutes.

[/]The 10 out of 17  women were asking me questions.  Like what’s your name, what do you do, and they were comfortable with me touching them, etc cetera. That’s a good thing, but somewhere in those interaction I messed up,  and lost their interests. Or maybe it it wasn't my fault at all.

Maybe they weren't interested in having sex, worried about what their friends would think of them, just wanted to dance and so on. But anyway I handled it in a fun playful way.  I still had a blast last night, and I asked a guy to dare me to approach a few girls. That were attractive to build my momentum in the beginning of the night.  Which I gained some new experiences and insights I on what I possible need to improve on.

However i'm sure making some kind of error, that i'm not aware of yet. Been considering taking a boot camp, to have some vital visual feed back, on what i'm possible doing wrong. Or hire somebody to video tape me in field, or meet some guys that enjoy improving their skills with women too(Anybody from Oklahoma?).However as always main motha fuckin priority is always focus on doing better next time, and challenging myself. Even it's a brutal night of being crited for 10,000 damage from every critical rejection. As long as i'm not dead, there another day to improve son!

Which I highly recommend this kind of mindset to anybody whose working improving skills with women, or anything else you do in life. The more your risks you take in approaching, the higher your odds of success, which I’m starting to see as I progress in my journey. Which also applies to other scenarios in life, and past successes of mine I noticed.

Anyway I want to tell you about how handling rejection, and not letting it mind screw you from not approaching anymore.Because if you’re not a mentally tough person, and been through hardships to achieve success. It will make you quit learning how to get better with woman, and I don’t want that to happen to you. Anyway this is my perspective and attitude on handling rejection. That you might learn something new from, or find it somewhat useful to you .Take what you need and discard the rest Bruce Lee style. 

So becoming better with women can you make you a better man that will spread into other areas of your life if you stick to the journey, and stay persistent. Quick short explanation of why being rejected hurts because it makes you feel like your not enough, and cut straight to your ego and self-esteem like a sword cutting through metal. Plus your not use to handling, if your new to pick up. Overall there's so many reasons why it can bother a man, which I'm not going to go into depth about. Maybe some other time.

So when you get rejected don’t take it personal, it just means you didn’t come off the right way to them when you approached them. Most women have never been approached before in the day time. Which they get scared. Sometimes they won’t be interested in talking, and remember not every girl is going to like you, or react to you same way other women that have that showed interests in you. There will be women who like you, and show no interest.

Also you must remember that they have be in a relationship too, or married. And they want go out and have fun, be alone, et cetera. So many damn reasons.Anyway finding women who like you, have a connection with, the chemistry is basically a journey looking for the pot of gold. It's a big number game, which your obviously aware of that. 

The thing with approaching is you have to have fun doing it, and be positive in having the right attitude about it.Like I said before it will mind screw you brutally if you’re not handling rejection with a positive mindset. If you let it get the best of you, you'll start to question if there’s something wrong with you, is it the way your dressing, your body language, etc cetera.

 Which that might be the problem, but like said above my scenario...sometimes it’s not your fault.But there will still be times, when you still question yourself even if you have a positive mindset in handling rejection, because I questioning myself after leaving the club alone to contemplate on the experience. Of what I could've did better. So when you get rejected here some things I do, and have learned to make if fun instead of painful, that will help you keep on stepping to meet girls who would want to actually get know you and talk. Make a sad face, do a fist pump, do fist pump saying "yeah i got rejected", crack a  smile, pretend to cry, smile + shrug your eyebrows, or shrug, and if you want to be creative you can make up your own things to help make it more fun.

Also be glad that a woman was receptive to your approach and talked to you. Because every woman you talk, you gain more conversationalists skills,you get more comfortably with talking to women, it stops you from wasting time with women who aren't attracted to you and improves your approaching skills et cetera. Which I believe is one best ways to look at cold approaching women.

You find attractive, that end up not being interested in you.Plus getting rejected with make you mentally stronger, than if you were just to easily get any women to like you.It would be a system overload if every woman was attracted to you, wanted to make out,  be in a relationship with you and get impaled by your veiny snake ;). Anyway I hope you got something useful out of this...peace out 
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[=Vegur, sans-serif]Being a "nice guy"when I was a fresh 20 and younger to women was detrimental to gave me some painful memories that make me wince and laugh. And the reason why you shouldn't be a nice guy is; because women will not see you as lover and relationship material (well they might see you as relationship material later on).

[/]You'll be the amazing platonic friend; that she depends on for support, for long talks on the phone/text messaging, her telling stories of the ass holes, playas or whatever type of man she's dated.  You'll be shopping guy with her when drags out to try on outfits,  and she'll tell you about her menstrual cycles etc cetra.

Which you will never the escape the black hole of friendship; don't get me wrong you can escape if you work your hardest to get out, or if your a cool guy and got lots things going on for yourself. But overall being nice for wanting something in return from a woman. Unfortunately will not woo her over in real life and make fall in love with you in the movies. Which y'all will live happily ever after.

So supplicating to her won't make her attracted you, and buying her food/gifts especially if she doesn't deserve it. Won't make her liked you, want to date you, fuck your brains and so on ...she doesn't owe you anything. She might fuck you for doing all that, if she's ready to settle down after being fucked by other men. To have babies with you and have security in her life. So from here on, if your still a "nice guy" stop immediately. I'm not saying become an asshole to women, calling women derogative names, being physically get the point.

However you can say that to them being playful, or when your pumping them depending on her personality.Anyway, you still should and can still be a good person, caring, loving, kind, generous to get with women because you want to. But don't do any of that if your coming from a place of neediness, and wanting her to pay you back in some sexual way.  

The thing is you can't be scared to be masculine, aggressive, assertive around woman you find attractive, and want to be with. Because I was scared that being too masculine, aggressive, assertive around woman would horrify them. Because I didn't want to come off as an ass hole, be Mr Douche Baggings,  or lose the girl because I was coming from a place of non abundance. When I was freshly 20 and younger.

A woman will, or might ask a "nice guy , what does he want from her and he will say nothing,  say I like chilling with you, or might say something lame going into his defense mode to not tell her the truth, or his true intentions/desires. And the woman will instantly loose attraction for that man, which she will write him off for being scared for telling her what you wants from her.

Reason why because it happen to me, there was girl that I knew from high school and she liked me for a long time. We made out few times, when she was with her long term boyfriend before breaking up. She invited me to come visit her at the dorms. To meet her and her friends. Later on that night, when we were alone and cudding. I got a stiff vein snake. She ask me, what did I have on mind, and said some bull shit. Guess what? I could've banged her that night. But I didnt and she dismissed me to find a suitor. Who make some bullshit excuse.

Lesson of story being...women can sense unattractive traits in men; especially if she gets approached by a lot of men, or hit on if she's sexually attractive.Which she will move on and find a suitor who's not afraid to tell her what he wants from her and not afraid to express himself to her. 

It's funny now because I was that guy, and I can relate to other men who have went through those painful experiences. That made me realized the brutal reality that hurt me to the core, that shattered my reality of women, and beliefs.Is that women don't find a supplicating - neediness nice guy sexy and attractive. But when I started going out meeting women and being the true me, taking risks, being too masculine, very aggressive at times, and assertive it weeded out the woman weren't attracted to me and that never will be.

However the crazy thing attracted the women that liked me, wanted intimacy with me and revolutionized a new perspective about  women for me. So you can't be afraid of doing this, because women will have more respect for you putting your balls on line. The reason being, because your being truly authentic with your actions and intentions.You must remember, women have the social awareness to smell weakness and fear in men from just being more socially attuned. 

Women want a man whose, who has a heart of gold, independent, a dreamer, full of aspirations, challenging, takes risks, a who has achieve success in areas of his life, strong, knows what he wants, and unapologetic about his wants and desires.
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This would be for anybody starting out, or still fairly new in picking up women.  In the beginning stages of learning how to become good with women is approaching. It will be the number one main ingredient in becoming continuously better.

It’s the skill you need to work on to get a feel for the game and how cold conversations and cold approaching works. During the stages 1 – 100 approaches might be rough because you might not get any phones numbers, dates, kisses, sex et cetera.

Remember everyman, who became good with women, have gone through this phase to get the hang of the game and how cold approaching works. I recommend when you go out everyday, or as much as you can. To approach 1 - 20 women you’re attracted to It can be during the day time, night time, or both. Do not approach a women to just to approach; do it because you’re genuinely attracted to her.

Also keep a count of how many women you have approached. By  writing on paper, saving it as draft in your cell phone, typing it on the computer et cetera. It's optional, but I think it's great to keep progress on how many women you approached. It can show you, how far you've came along in approaching women. Because I do :)

It can always be good motivate you to approach 200,300,400 and so on. Because the more you do it, the better you get. Increasing your chances of getting numbers, dates, make outs, sex, and good quality women in your life.

However always remember there is  no magic pills to approaching women, you have to be confident, be your BEST self, courageous and take risks to approach to meet and improve with women. There are no short cuts to success, which you obviously know that.

Not every woman will be attracted to you, or interested so embrace rejection and failure like champion and keep on going because you will eventually start getting numbers, dates, sex, and relationships if you want one et cetera.

You and me are cut from the same cloth, becoming good with women is a skill that can always improved so don’t make any -excuses. If you keep on putting in the work, you will eventually reap the benefits eventually.
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Welcome to my blog, I been working improving myself with women when I was 20 for a year and 11 months.

That’s not a very long time; I’ve only approach up to little over 500 something women being on and off over the 2 years. Because of not having the dought to travel 60 miles to Oklahoma City everyday. But it has been a very rewarding journey that I've enjoyed, even though I’m not where I want to be yet.I still got a long way to go.

However I went through some good experiences, and bad experiences, which I take the bad experiences as positive good learning experiences since they teach me important things in the game of improving with women, myself, and so many other things.

That I would've never learned, if I wouldn't have made the decision to start going out , and meeting women

Personally I believe everyman should strive to improve his skills with women because it teaches you a lot of pimps things. That you will never  be taught by an average dad, at school, by the media et cetera. Here’s what I learned and got out of meeting that many women in that time period.

1.The Sexual Experience

You will gain sexual experience of knowing how to fuck hopefully,  and have a psychological understanding of women better than majority of male population in the world. And experiencing different flavors of women and personalities that you value and are attracted to genuiely .

To me, I believe it's a great philosphy mindset experience any kind of ethncity. Instead of being picky. If the wome is cute and has a nice personality I liked, and has the values I find attractive. Then i'm going to do my best to attract her and give her my gift of banging her.

Which also, it teaches a man not to settle first women who wants to have sex with you, who accepts for who you are and so on. That you believe is perfect for you, because there is no such thing as a "perfect women" for you. 

There always a woman you will find more attractive and aligned with you values you screen for.Plus it’s good be sexual experience for you can fuck a woman you meet well done...because obvbiously  if you fuck her better than other men you will stand out especially if you make her cum. She will become...addicted yayyyyy.

Also you have stronger understanding of female quality of being with so many flavors of women. You got your native american flavor, african flavor, european flavor, middle easter flavor, asian flavor, hispanic flavor and so on. Don't discriminate....

2. It will help you approach women you find attractive

Cold approaching a woman for your first time in your life, outside your social can be a scary thing because you’re not use to doing it. You never been taught, so it’s completely alien, if you haven’t done it before.Also it can be scary, because you’re worried about getting rejecting, getting laughed at, slapped, your worried about people watching youor whatever you might be afraid that stops you from approaching a women you find attractive.

However when you summon the courage to approach, and talk to her it’s not bad anymore. Unless your a hardcase noob slice.However If you get rejected, you realize you won’t die, won’t get laughed, punched or whatever the majority of time. And how ever the outcome ends from the approach goes, you’ll be glad you had the balls to do it.

Because most guys, don't have the balls to do it...especially during the day time I notice in Oklahoma.Because the majority of men cannot cold approach woman because of fear of rejection is in their minds. Which I can related to that, because how I felt before I started finally doing, and not caring what some women thought about me.The thing is, the more you approach the easier it gets, but the adrenaline of approaching women will never subside, and there will still be times when you don’t, or want to able to approach sometimes. So don't beat yourself about that either, even the guys that are bad asses at this do it.

3. Breeds motha fuckin confidence

When you start out you might not be that confident with women with talking, being sexual, and being the best you.But when you start achieving success in having longer conversations (fun, intriguing, hilarious, etc) able to approach more women in daytime/nightiem, get make outs/club make outs, dates, more numbers, notice women that attracted to you, or that want to have sex with you.It will boost your confidence that will spill into other areas of your life, enriching it, and making successful in other things you want to achieve out of life.Plus women like confident men, who are confident in themselves, their sexuality, and know what they want.

4. Mental Toughness

Getting good with women is a slow process, for a lot of people. Even if you are good and naturally talented, it’s still process of growth 0f 0.0001 but those points add up. Which eventually you'll level up, like playing RPG game like the final fantasy series, Legend of Dragoon, or Mass Effect series.

[There might be times, when you want to quit. Because you’re not seeing the results you want to see, and you’re not looking at the small details of improvement you have made.You’re getting rejected a lot, blown out before you can even say word, you might not get laid for weeks to months, you’ll had bad days, et cetera.

It's part of the experience in getting better with women, you will have your up and downs in journey of it. That’s when you step up, and sitll continously courageously determined as hell, and going the distance like Rocky Balboa.You could be terrible with women, but stick with, and don’t give up. 

And eventually you'll start achieving success.If you’re an ugly to women it will be harder, but it will make you become that much greater to make up for what you lack face wise, which can make you better than man  who women think are cute, hot, or sexy. Overall you will succeed and make improvements sticking with it. Especially if it really if you like, love, or are very passionate about the game and personal development.

5. Being Yourself

After awhile of going out and meeting  women, you become more comfortable as times goes on in your skins, and your personality.You express yourself without worrying about what women or other people think about you. You don’t try to anything to impress women, or people in genernal. If a girl doesn’t like you that’s fine, and you just move on to next the one.

Stops you from wasting time/energy on her.Because there’s always going to be one who’s going to give you chance, like you automatically, make out with you, and fuck your brains out.Things that women said to you, or people say to you won’t bother you like it use to, and bust through girls who shit tests you. 

Also you won’t put with that woman, that are disrespectful to you, and you walk away if she keeps on doing something annoying/immature, or you give a look that she's not being cool.They either stop childness, or walk away. If she walks,'ll find somebody who's cooler than her.

6.Most women won't like you, or have sex with you.

Some women will like you, but they have a boyfriend, or their married.( sometimes you can still have success with them if relationship isn't going well, and you happen to solution to satisfy her needs). I've happepn to been that guy who was cooler/funner than her husband/boyfriend.

Which I didn't know about until after sex, or last minute resistance. Also some might not like you because your remind them of a friend, an ex boyfriend, they don't hook up with men outside their ethnicity, or date their own ethnicity group. 

You might be boring, you might have more value than them that it scares them, their scared of getting their feelings hurt, or rejected.There's so many fucking reasons why a women might not want to date you, make out, blow you, or fuck you et cetera. So when you get rejected, don't take it personally. Because she will forget your face in 3 -10 minutes.

Women have horrible face memory....and names.So just move on and be proud you made the approach, because you would've never know unless you found out.The more women you approach, the higher chances you have of finding the treasure(women) who will digg you the hell out of youAnyway I hope you enjoyed this, and it’s been helpful to you.

This is what I’ve learn, and changes I’ve noticed within that happen to other men who decide to improve with women.I’m not bad and I’m not good either. But I will be good if I keep working it since its skill just like learning to write/blog/type, building muscle, building a business, and so on.Just bust yo ass, go out as much as you can, approach women you find attractive in public, the mall, night clubs, school, college wherever, be patient, and don’t become frustrated. 

Enjoy the process of becoming good, and being a man stories. I enjoy telling my older brother and friends about the success not to brag, and getting destroyed. My getting destroyed stories are pretty funny when I look back on them haha.

Anyway enjoy the journey, and make the best of it. Because your doing something most men will never do, or being discourage after getting destroyed by women from a few approaches.So Cheers to becoming the best you can be with the opposite sex, developing to be the BEST you, and enriching other people's lives et cetera. Deuces! 
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Yo RSD Nation, what's poppin?

Well, I finally decided to become a member of RSD. I remember finding this website by accident through Manwhore(Jonathan) back in December 2010 when I was 20. One night searching on the internet, on how to become a manwhore myself. When some girl critically mind fucked my emotions for 99,000 damage back in Septemeber2010.

 I remebered reading about Alex first, then Owen, Ryan, Nathan, Brad, Papa, Tim, Ozzie, Jeffy. And I was like this is pimp. These guys are balla. Which it inspired me. That I could become great like them if I put in the work. So I started putting in the work. And eventually I started getting results and success.

Anyway The cool about finding RSD by accident. It eventually got me involved into the endless abyss of personal development. To continuously becoming the BEST me and always growing as a man. Which that significantly helped me with attracting women and becoming more grounded/centered within. And since 2010 of December, I've never looked back.
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