Paradox on Pilgrimage


4 chicks, 3 days.

Last night was a two-fer. Went out, met up with my friend from RSDN @ a fine watering hole and diddled around till around 1am. Blowouts, makeouts, and girls trying to get my dong hard with some hard grindin'. My best friend got blown out at the cab (sucks), then almost groped to oblivion a few minutes later. Funny how this shit is a god damn rollercoaster. We leave and hit our favorite bar to end with, and roll in drunk as fuck off that Southern Comfort. I'm shitted, spittin game at everything with my dong out like the Hammer of God. Pull a girl from the bar @ last call and walk her back, dealin with some friends and other bullshits as I parade her up to her door. Glory glory. Check my phone on the way out, and I'm getting hit up by a girl I met at the first venue. I oblige her request (more like call her an hour late, wake her up, and make her sign me in). Double glory - had to wash my cock off in the bathroom between girls. Luckily both my condoms were banana so there wasn't much of a discrepency in flavor. 

So that was my Thursday. This makes 4 in 3 days, and I got the whole weekend left...

This is gonna get dirty.

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So, now I've been back in the game after a year long relationship for about 3 months. The first month was basically just terrible pain calibration and getting by with some social circle lays. Second month was more successful, with my first club pull and getting deeper and deeper calibrated. The last month has been a clusterfuck of insane clicks and learning experiences that I'd like to share.

Nothing that you haven't heard before, but this is the level of depth that I'm internalizing. Some people are probably hitting these on deeper levels, others are just fitting them in for the first time - however, these have drastically changed my life and my game.
STAYING CENTERED - Being in your reality / in your own Movie
The first few times this came up in my learning progression, I equated it to presence and not trying to jump into other people's lives, instead pulling them into yours. However, I have now been seeing this having more to do with how I allocate my attention.

Attention is a limited and finite resource, and we can only focus on one thing at a time. So, where do you focus your attention? On you, and what you're doing. I've been noticing that whenever I see hot women, I can lose my center and my attention focuses on them only. I used to lose all inner body awareness and my grounding, and instead my RAS was all up in their shit. 

What is this? Basically clammoring at their reality, instead of being centered in my own. A few tweaks and CONSTANT work staying centered (infield and throughout life) and my polarity/pull has strengthened greatly.
Comes back to being centered, but it's easy to lose yourself in the constant flux and mess of other people's realities and subjective interpretations of events. I have lost myself and ended up supplicating or chasing for approval one too many times now, so I have developed a trick for myself that works wonders.

Anyone else who used to play WoW will know what I'm talking about. A Paladin can use a spell that makes giant gold wings pop out of his back and increases his damage by x%. Pointless in pickup, but I use it as an interesting aid. Whenever I feel my state drop or start to wane, I invision myself popping wings of pure awesome out my back, and completely dominating the fuck out of my environment. Not only does this pump me up (and cause tremendous positive emotion - ie value), but it also completely cuts out all negativity in my brain and makes me immune to negative social feedback.

Psychotic? Delusional? You betcha.
Now the last thing has been the dramatic increase in abundance that has transpired. I personally have not been crushing my absolute standards of what I ultimately want to be pulling every week, but I have been getting really great results. 

Each week I have typically been getting laid once of cold approach same night lays. I hit up my numbers hard during the week with real non-date Day2's, and on average sleep with 1-2 girls during the weekday that I met the following weekday. Throw in a few fuck-buddies that I keep in the roto and I'm getting laid about 3-4x/wk now. 

My intent is not to brag, but to explain something very interesting. The girls that I have in my phone are extremely attractive, and will hit me up as the week goes on. I hit up my numbers hard when I am horny or the situation permits, but for the most part I am not making an active effort to chase these girls. With the abundance I have been internalizing and actualizing, I find that these girls are actually MORE interested and up for it than before, simply because I am completely unneedy at this point.

I woke up today at a girl's apartment on the 9th floor with a beautiful view of the entire city. I checked my phone and I had two messages from two other girls trying to arrange plans for tonight. Funny thing is - I'm going to blow them off because I'd much rather be going out with my friends having fun meeting new girls and overall enjoying my life. Sex is no longer something that women can dangle infront of my nose like a toy and manipulate me, since it's so fucking abundant that it has little value (compared to a night out being the man I was born to be). 

Just thought I'd share since I haven't made a blog in a while. Probably will upload a hilarious video I took this morning when I was overtired and oversexed. LIfe is fucking awesome guys. Please go out of your way to make those first 2,000 rookie mistakes, because then you can start making your first 10,000 master mistakes. 

God damn it's so fun.

Much love to everyone, seriously.
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Sup Nation,

LS here. Been a heavy few weeks, cut back on the blogging and vlogging. Too validation seeking and honestly creating this weird internal vibe in me that I wanted to get cleared up. So, taking it fresh and a step at a time. Been on some serious romps though, hitting the city real hard and getting some nice lays and pulls.

So, starting that up again. Beast is on Thurs-Sun. Gonna start beasting in the weekday, but making sure my life is in line with my integrity and everything else is going well is far more important to me than social momentum.

Still, Beast never stops.  I'll keep you guys posted on how this weekend goes. Sure to be motherfucking explosive as always. Ain't no one have more fun than us man :)

Later Gators, stay Sharky tho

Also now viscerally understand what it means to be in your own reality/movie/party. 
Blind spot came off the other day, literally blew my shit into oblivion of awesome. Feeling real centered now, can't wait to throw the beast into the fire.
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Fuck it, I'm on One
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 Sup Beasts, 
Landshark. What is one? A shark on land. Why? Because that's where the girls are. 

Anyway, about 2 years in. Good, not great. Getting there. 

This is a throwaway intro blog to build some momentum.
Here's the thing with me;
Out in field almost constantly if I'm not at school or Day2'n. Fun life, living the lifestyle and the success is certainly coming in with the amount that I put into it. 

Started a Youtube Blog of my pilgrimage. I did this for myself, but I'm sure that other people on the same path and in the same area could benefit form this kind of discussion. So, check it out if it suit you. I'm gonna keep increasing the value of it and get infield footage in the next 3 months as I can afford equipment.

I look gross in the vids, love it. At least I won't get that "PFFF BRAD PITTTTTT". Either way, check it out because it's gonna get really fun. Feedback plz, my ass.

Speaking of destroying asses, I need to go out. 
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