Paradox on Pilgrimage


4 chicks, 3 days.

Last night was a two-fer. Went out, met up with my friend from RSDN @ a fine watering hole and diddled around till around 1am. Blowouts, makeouts, and girls trying to get my dong hard with some hard grindin'. My best friend got blown out at the cab (sucks), then almost groped to oblivion a few minutes later. Funny how this shit is a god damn rollercoaster. We leave and hit our favorite bar to end with, and roll in drunk as fuck off that Southern Comfort. I'm shitted, spittin game at everything with my dong out like the Hammer of God. Pull a girl from the bar @ last call and walk her back, dealin with some friends and other bullshits as I parade her up to her door. Glory glory. Check my phone on the way out, and I'm getting hit up by a girl I met at the first venue. I oblige her request (more like call her an hour late, wake her up, and make her sign me in). Double glory - had to wash my cock off in the bathroom between girls. Luckily both my condoms were banana so there wasn't much of a discrepency in flavor. 

So that was my Thursday. This makes 4 in 3 days, and I got the whole weekend left...

This is gonna get dirty.

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