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 How to Look Good and Get the Girl(s)!


Looking your best ideally, should never be used as the sole way for you to meet women and gain confidence when you’re around them. However, if you’re anything like me and some of those confidence barriers around your looks still exist then there this. This article will teach you how to make use of them and help you to look your best all the time!


Step into the water with me!

     If you're not to much into the fashion scene a lot of the concepts I'm about to give you might seem a bit foreign. Don't panic! I only mean to immerse you into the water just enough to get you looking amazing! Feel free to throw out anything you deem "over the top"!

Whether you’re going out for a night in the town, clubbing, or a job interview looking your best is a must! 

So let's get started!

    The Food you Eat!

You know that old expression “you are what you eat” your great-grandpa used?

Well it’s back in style Grandma! Eating right is the way to go as far as acne prevention, skin softness, shine, and tanning.

Eating can be a very complex thing. However I recommend this booklist on it:


Vitamins are usually thought of as only things for the older. However recently, many movies as well as documentaries and books have proven the positive effect that they can have on your body as a whole.

I’ve followed this guy for a number of years and he really knows his stuff:


    Whitening your teeth:

Whitening your teeth is an important part of looking your best. This is due to a number of reasons but the most common one is the how you look when you smile.

Notice that this is place right after the food you eat! This is because the food you eat matters if you want to have and maintain white teeth!

Things that you should try to stay away from:

     =[- Coffee (unless you are trying to focus) [Note: if you have ADHD it can actually do the opposite]

     =[- Tea (unless it’s green tea. That can actually help)

     =[- High fructose corn syrup drinks

     =[- Dark sauces

The best product on the market for this is Crest 3D toothpaste, mouth wash, floss and white strips.

It’s pretty pricy so if you insist on being a cheap as*. Here’s a site that gives out the best deals on EVERYTHING it’ll take a while but most of the products will pop up about three times a month:

    The Exercise You Do:

There are a number of benefits to the body as well as the complexion that can be attributed to the exercises you do. The best exercise that you can do is of course, simply walking.

Walk for at least 20 minutes a day. I you want, listen to music. Though personally I prefer to just gather my thoughts on things or mediate (practice not thinking)

If you really want to work out, which really in general will just make you look better look into joining a gym.

Here’s two websites to get you started,    OR


As “gay” as it sounds plucking your eye-brows, especially if you have a mono-brow ;], can increase your looks a ton!

Make sure that you don’t go overboard, in essence it should be barely noticeable.

Here’s a quick video on doing it again from one of my favorites:


    Hair Maintenance:

Your hair is your defining feature. It determines whether you will be seen as a “bandit” or as a man of class in. Whatever your circumstances may be here’s what you should do to make your hair look its best. Most of it revolves around when your hair is wet. This is because hair is most fragile when it’s wet.

Do and don’t to keep your hair at its best:
     A- When taking a show never pull you hair back or against its natural gradient.  

It damages the roots of the hair, you won’t notice it but when you get out of the shower and try to spike it or put it a certain way it won’t go
     B- Let your hair “air dry” when you get out of the shower. If you must… Just pat dry it.

It’ll take a few months to notice results on this one. But once you do… “WUUU” is the only reaction you’ll have. Your hair will look healthier, feel better, and style way better
     C- Don’t play with your hair!

On top of it being a bad habit playing with your hair constantly can easily damage it from its actual texture to its roots!

[Note: Don't forget to use some sort of a conditioner, on top of strengthing and softening your hair it also helps to make it shine]

    Styling your hair:

Styling your hair is depends solely on your own personality! I can’t tell you what that is but I can certainly point you in the direction of some cool hair styles!

A number of people have asked how to do the Julian look, here’s how:


Here’s a high confidence look for long hair:


And, of course, a high confidence look for short hair:


Your Nails Should Always be cut:

No one wants someone with disgusting fungus ridden nails touching them! So simple clip your nails and toenails! Other reason include the girl getting an irritating feeling when you finger her or rub your hand along her face.

It’s just that simple!

     1- Start with the outside of your fingernails and
work your way in
     2- After finishing “cutting” don’t for get to “sand”
them down a bit ;]

     3- Finally work to cut all of the cuticles on the
skin =D

Put Lotion on!

Lotion is usually on thought of as being necessary for people with rough skin. It’s not! If your with a girl, you are going to be touching her!!!

Try putting on lotion immediately after you get out of the shower. Or just before bed. The general gist is that you don’t want to be oily when you go out. Just soft to the touch ;].

Apply it to:

     I- Your hands

     II- Your elbows

     III- Your knees

     IV- Your feet

While some recommend it as an everyday activity I think it’s better as an add on.

If you do choose to use lotion the most recommended brand I’ve found by dermatologists is “Eucerin intensive care.”

Nose Hair:

Chest hair may be “sexy” to some women, but chest hair is certainly not!

To fix this use a nose hair trimmer and if you want to go cheap on me again you can simply use tweezers.


Cleaning your ears can certainly help you to hear better! But more importantly it can help you to look better.

I’d recommend that you clean your ears at least once a week and use a chemical compound cleaner to brush out anything that could cause an infection once every 1 to 2 months.  


Clothing depends from person to person.

For sexual clothing
that you can go out and buy at your nearest Kohls! I recommend Mark Anthony.

For more expensive I recommend Burberry, though there recent fall fashion series is a little outdated.

Style usually varies from person to person. If your interested in looking through a bunch of urban styles, go with this website:     OR

If you really want to look good it’ll take time energy and practice. Beauty doesn’t come over night. But you certainly don't have to be born with it!

Good luck!


Thanks for reading! As always! Feel free to post in the comments below!

[Note to the reader: Obviously looks, by themselves, do not equal attraction. Many times I've pulled stuners looking like an acne infested dog. This article is simply a forward to help you become the best possible version of yourself.]

A special thanks to Nyal who will be doing my in-field video editing in the future!
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