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Unlike when you were a kid, now that you've had pubes for several years, getting a number really is not that big a deal. The ironic part is if you want to get numbers, you have to see it this way.


Stop Seeing Getting The Number Like This:


Fuck me! This task is huge!... Wow, this is hard to open.


If I try hard enough, I will eventually get the treasure.


Instead See It Like This!



A key reason why some guys tend to put so much emphasis on getting a girl's number is because they don't even realise why they are asking for it. When you don't know why you're getting the number, the girl won't know why either. So even if you get a girl's number, it does not mean you have scored, and neither does it guarantee that you will.

Instead of simply teaching you how to get a number, this article will explain how to get a number AND improve your results from the number.

There are only three reasons for why you would want to get a girl's number:

1. You want to see her again and go on a date.

2. You didn't get to fuck her on the night, but there's still hope!

3. You want to build up confidence, so you're just getting the reference.

In each scenario, if you just simply ask the girl for her number, there is a high chance that you'll get it. However, the likelihood of her responding afterwards is debatable.

However, girls also give out their number for three reasons:

1. They want to get rid of you.

2. They think that you're kind of cool, and maybe in the moment or due to alcohol, they'll give you a shot.

3. They genuinely want to further the interaction. (This is the one you want!)

1. You Want To See Her Again And Go On A Date.

Okay, so you've been talking to a girl for around twenty minutes or so. You think you can see yourself going on a date with this girl because you both like the exact same type of Subway sandwich; chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, lots of jalapeños, pickles, a bit of black pepper, and shit loads of Southwest sauce. Yum. thumbs up

But can she see you guys going on a date? This may just be a fun conversation to her, because remember, girls get hit on all the time.

You need to put the idea in her head that you guys should actually meet up. It doesn't have to be some Inception mind manipulation shit, but you need to do it in a light-hearted manner. If you're too serious, then you're putting too much pressure on the date.

Example: "You know what, I can't stand Subway with my friends. They just don't understand my needs! We should have a Subway appreciation society. We'll be the founding members. First meeting, let's say Thursday?"(You can always change the details of the date later).

Now, how to actually get the number:

If the interaction has been going reasonably well, don't be surprised if she says, "So here's my number, so call me maybe?" This is because she now has a reason to give you her number.

However, if you need to get the number, don't ruin everything by auto piloting the line: "So, can I have your number?"

When you ask a girl for her number, it's like you're saying:
"Have I done enough to impress you for your number?"

You need to assume that she will give you her number and convey this feeling to her. I just get my phone out mid-conversation and give it to her! You need to tell her that you are taking her number down. Don't think of this as her having to give you her number out of politeness.

When you tell a girl you're taking her number down, it's like you're saying:
"I don't need your permission to take your number down because it's obvious we're on the same wavelength."

As a bonus, this also builds attraction because you're showing intent, you're not beating around the bush and you generally have good social skills.


2. You Didn't Get To Fuck Her On The Night, But There's Still Hope!

If your plan is to fuck a girl on the night, then the number should be like the fat kid in a marathon, the last thing to cross your mind... and the finish line. Again, when you assume that you will fuck the girl on the night, you shouldn't even want the number.

The point of getting a number is so that you have a way to continue a successful interaction at a more convenient time. If your aim is to fuck the girl, and you get the girl's number, what does this communicate? You don't intend on fucking her tonight. Instead, you could be using this time to escalate so you're making out with her and turning her on.

If your aim is to fuck her, then you should only even think of getting the number after you've tried to fuck her, (by this I mean when you know you won't be seeing her again, so maybe at the end of the night) but the circumstances would not allow you to do so. So, for example, she can't abandon her friend on her birthday, or you've got no where to go with some privacy, or, I dunno, somebody stole your cock and you'll get it back tomorrow.

Follow the advice from the previous point on how to actually get a number. Remember to indicate to her why you want her number. If you want to be only want to be physical with her when you meet up, tell her! This way there are no surprises when you meet up. So, for example, if you've been making out with her, then tell her something as simple and retarded as, 'We should do this again some time.'


3. You Want To Build Up Confidence, So You're Just Getting The Reference.

If you're new to 'pick up' and you don't have much experience with women, you probably just want to focus on improving your confidence when it comes to getting a number before trying to improve results. Like any skill, you can't attempt to learn everything at once.

Follow the advice on the right way to actually get the number, however, if you are truly terrified of getting a girl's number then do this:

Practice Makes Perfect: Make it your aim for the night to get as many numbers as you can. This doesn't mean if there's an opportunity to pull then you reject it, however, it should not be a priority.

At this point you're focussing on quantity, not quality: Your aim is to improve your confidence in getting numbers, so however well a set is going attempt to get a number. Most of them won't reply, but you don't care about the results, you just want to win a personal battle.


I'm not saying that I'm the Superman of pick-up, but when I go clubbing I will always leave with at least a number or two. Why? Because it's so damn easy to get a girl's number. This means my phone memory gets full very quickly, but it also means that I can become a bit lazy when it comes to getting better with women.

I think that just because I have a whole phone book full of random girl's numbers, that I have got great game. What you need to do to overcome this plateau, is to delete the numbers of girls who are a lost cause. If you weren't successful with a girl: delete her! There will always be more girls, and if you got all those numbers once, you can do it again. That's what a reference is.

The reason I write this is because of RSD Julien's video about 'comfort cushions' and bringing yourself back down to 'ground zero'. Keeping all of those numbers will the leverage you need to get better with women! They are merely a comfort cushion feeding your ego.

For more information on this, here's Julien's video!

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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Creationism or Evolution? Are we alone in the universe? Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Who Shot JFK?

Do Pick Up Lines Work?

One of man's greatest debates.

Oh Beethoven, you're so silly!

Let's define what a pick up line actually is.
A pick up line is a line you say to a girl to indicate you are interested in her.

I know what you're thinking, and yeah, I agree! Why is that such a bad thing? Why has the term got such a bad name?

It's because of retarded websites that target the less socially savvy into thinking that one line will get them laid, and it's usually some lame line that has been heard over and over on television.

"Damn girl, yo legs must be tired 'cos you've been running through my mind all day!"
- Will Smith

A lot of people say that you shouldn't use pick up lines, and a lot of people say they use them and have success. There is no correct way of starting a conversation with a woman and, unless you're Obi-Wan Kenobi using a Jedi mind trick, you will not get laid from one line. What determines if she will fuck you is the whole experience of meeting you.

These are the balls you're looking for....

You're probably thinking I'm making a pretty strong case against the title of my article, however, although using recycled pick up lines are as socially awkward as masturbating in an internet cafe, the idea behind a pick up line is actually one I would advocate.

A pick up line can basically be anything said to a girl that shows intent, but it's usually your opening sentence. However, when you randomly start talking to a girl, nine times out of ten, the girl will know that you are interested in her. So the fact that you even approached her is kind of a pick up line... minus the line.



Peanut Butter

That's pretty much the main point of my article.... but if you insist on using a 'line', I'll help you anyway...

Using Recycled Pick Up Lines

If you really, really want to use a generic cheesy line, you can still probably get laid because let me reiterate that your opener won't affect her decision. However, you do want to get off to a good start with her, here are some things that I would do (there's no one right way of doing it). So let's say you walk up to the girl and say:

You know what winks and screws like a gorilla? *Wink*

- Make sure you're not saying it as if you actually mean it and actually believe that it's a good line.

- Say it with as much sarcasm as you possibly can, just in case she doesn't realise what you're trying to convey.

- Stay in Set! If she looks unimpressed and asks you something like, 'How original,' don't think you've ruined the interaction already and leave the conversation.

- Don't get defensive at all. Even if you're light heartedly trying to act as if you didn't know it was a pick up line, it's so obvious that it is. You can try to be funny with this, but I'm just warning you that you run the risk of giving her the impression you think she's stupid. Instead, do the opposite and exaggerate how lame you are. Let her think she's caught you out.

E.g. Yeah, I totally used the first line off pick-up-lines-that-will-get-me-laid-like-a-rabbit.com! (Don't use the real website you got the line from!)

Yep, it's time for your daily dose of Daisy.

The Old 'Hi, My Name Is...'

Some people (idiots) self-righteously proclaim that you should just 'be yourself' and introduce yourself like a civilised human being. Just 'be yourself' and walk over to her and say, 'Hi, I'm (Name). Nice to meet you.'

I have no problem with 'being yourself', in fact I condone it, but let me tell you my beef with this.

- First, that advice is as retarded as getting a deaf girl some headphones for her birthday, expecting her to put them on, turn them to full volume then shout at her, "NOW CAN I HAVE A BLOWJOB?". People go to bars to have fun after being civilised all day. If there is going to be one rule about opening girls, is to not bring a downer on their fun.

- Second, assuming that 'being yourself' is being civilised is a bit of generalisation, isn't it?! When I'm partying, if being civilised is planet Earth, then I'm on the fucking moon. Don't let people tell you what 'being yourself' is. If somebody were to make a film about you, how would you open a girl in the film? Do it that way.

- Third, how many guys do you reckon will go down the civilised, 'down-to-earth' route? Girls get this open all the time and, in fact, they get it far more than when a guy uses pick up lines. It's been used so much that it's sort of become a line, hence, my sub-heading.

It's just plain boring.
It's not genuine.
It's not original.

It's not you.

...But if you think you are that civilised fella by all means use that open, and if the rest of your interaction goes well, you can still get laid because, once again, your opening line counts for fuck all. shades

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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Sit down Luke. We all care about you and we're only having this intervention because we love you - We think you may have Approach Anxiety.


The scary thing about approach anxiety, like chlamydia, is you may not even realise you have it! You may not realise you're scared of talking to girls! Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

"Dude, go talk to her!"
"Nah man, she's dirt..."  null

"Dude go talk to her!"
"Nah man, she knows she's hot... I don't like girls who know they're hot..." null

"Dude go talk to her!"
"Nah man, she's not DTF... she looks frigid..." null

Not to worry, Doctor Ku (Trust me, I'm Indian) is here to help with a prescription of new antibiotics, fresh from the lab!

My god, we've got it!

Let's discuss the causes of approach anxiety first:

- Evolution Has Got The Better Of You -

The physical appearance of human beings, as well as society's values, are constantly changing, however, our brain's internal hardwiring is still pretty similar to our caveman days. When civilisation was merely tribes consisting of around 50 people, approach anxiety was, and sadly remains, a survival instinct. Therefore in this society if there were only about 25 women, and you hit on one and you got rejected, she would tell all of her 24 friends and you die a virgin, meaning your genes don't get passed on to the next generation!

This is why when you're in a club or in a cafe, either consciously or subconsciously, you're scared that other people will see your failure of not being able to charm that pretty blonde in the red dress. But think about it, how many people live in your city or town? Even if she does tell her friends about you, so you can't hit on her social circle. Oh well, there are BILLIONS of women in the world!

My friend, however, made an interesting point. What about Facebook? Everyone is getting connected. Well, the way I see it: I would much rather be the guy who approaches, gets rejected, gets ridiculed by the population of a small island but still gets laid, than the guy who just doesn't get laid. You know why? I'm currently on a lifetime prescription of:


Another reason why approach anxiety is a survival instinct is because of the big dumb caveman who controlled the tribe. The leader of the tribe, aka the Bane looking fella killing the lions and feeding the cave bitches, had first pick of the women in the society. If you approached one of his women, you basically got clubbed on the head.

So many men have died throughout history because of the big dumb caveman, and his big dumb descendants, that man has developed a natural instinct of not approaching to avoid death.


This is why when you're at a club you think, "Ah, what if she has a boyfriend?" Or, "Oh, another guy is trying to flirt with her. I'll just wait here until he's done because he'll probably start a fight." You reason with yourself as you wait, "I'm doing the right thing. She'll reject him any minute and I'll just swoop in." Then you follow them out of the club, "Any minute she'll reject him. She won't get in the cab with him. Oh. Wait. Well. Look at that." *Sigh* "Shit." 

If that's your cause of approach anxiety, then let me tell you, there is even a cure for that! You have to learn to master the fun-as-hell art of disarming the 'alpha male of the group'. As a short guy, I fucking love this sport as there is nothing more fun than humiliating a big douchebag, getting the girl and getting away with it! For more information on AMOGing, please refer to RSD instructor Alex's awesome video below.

- Social Conditioning Has Devalued Men -

Do you ever wonder why you may have approach anxiety for the really hot girls; the eights, the nines and the tens, but you feel more comfortable approaching the fives, the sixes and the sevens. Either consciously or subconsciously, you feel that the hotter girls are better than you and that they can do better.

Throughout our lives, the media has instilled certain unspoken rules upon us. For example, Hollywood has reinforced the idea of chivalry - the idea that a man must be a gentleman in order to get the girl. By doing this, it's created a mind-set where men believe the woman must have higher value, and he must therefore prove himself to her in order to get her... Yeah, well:


You know nothing about the girl you're about to approach except that she is hot. Nobody is better than you, and I'm not just saying that to make you feel good, I genuinely believe it and so should you! Each person has passions, interests, achievements and values that define them, and this is what makes them interesting and unique. Why should you throw that all out of the window and become upset because you didn't get some random girl's validation who you conversed with for two minutes? Think about it.

Okay - Now you're aware of the causes, I'm going to prescribe some pills.

- Lower Your Reaction Time: The Three Second Rule -

The 'Three Second Rule' doesn't mean that when you drop that piece of salami on the floor, you have three seconds before the germs take over and give you the shits (I don't even know how accurate that is). This 'Three Second Rule' means, you shouldn't think for more than three seconds about approaching a girl. If you a see a pretty girl: 1, 2, 3 - APPROACH.

The reason behind this is the longer you wait, the excuses pile up in your head. "What if she doesn't like my opener? What if she's with a guy but he's not there right now? What if she doesn't like my hair? What if she is actually a fucking alien, eats me, and shits me out on her boyfriend as a sexual fantasy?"

I can only recommend one answer to this; ready? Worry about everything afterwards. If she doesn't like you, then oh well, you tried. You started an interaction. The next one won't be so scary. Keep practicing and you just won't care.

Did you really think I'd deprive you of boobs in this article?

If you're waiting for that perfect moment, where you can conveniently hit on her while her friends are in the toilet or as she's coming off the dance floor, you're building up pressure on yourself and if the interaction does flop, because you've invested so much effort in thinking about the opener, you're going to beat yourself up over it. The less you care about opener, the less you'll care about the rejection.

If your issue is that you don't know what to say - Say anything. My friend recently walked straight up to a girl and said, 'Errr, peanut butter?' She instantly chopped his head off with a machete and breathed fire. May he rest in peace. JUST KIDDING - She replied and said, 'Nutella!' They started talking normally eventually and he got the number! In fact, saying random shit is funnier than some smooth situational line!

- Have Fun Partying, But Set A Goal For The Night -

If you're new to the whole art of pick-up and you read many of these articles and watch loads of videos, you may go insane and explode from trying to do everything in one night.

Okay, so I need to do the 'three second rule', push-pull, create drama, act like a caveman, read her body language... ah... ah... ah...


If you do have approach anxiety, then solely focus on opening sets of girls. Just do this all night. Obviously if you do get the opportunity to pull, then fucking do it! But your goal should simply be opening as many times as you can to build up a bunch of references so that next time you want to approach, you'll know that you've done it so many times before, you can do it again!

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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Before you start thinking that this article is probably written by some Jersey-Shore-steroid-monkey-pretty-boy, let me first explain my authority to write about the topic of physical attraction. I don't consider myself to be a bad looking guy, however, I am only five foot five inches/165cm tall, which is even shorter than Tyler and Neil Strauss, and this obviously is a natural setback when trying to attract women.


I'm guessing some of you guys who already know a little bit about pick-up are thinking, "I don't need this article because 'the game' is all about personality." Yep. It is a lot about personality, and you can fuck a girl looking like Shrek, but wouldn't it make life so much easier if you could look that little bit more attractive?

I'm not promising you that you'll look like David Beckham, but follow these tips and you can look like a better you!

Flaunt Your Personality Through Style (Less Extreme Peacocking)

To understand physical attraction, let's put you in the shoes of the buyer (which you should be in anyway), so we'll discuss an example of the physical attraction of two girls.

Imagine a slightly chubby and overall less than average looking girl who we'll call Rachel. Imagine her in the supermarket dropping a pack of eggs everywhere (let's imagine Rachel is a bit retarded too, no reason, just for fun) and she's looking as plain as she possibly can. Her hair is naturally brownish blonde and it isn't brushed or styled. She has no make up on and she's wearing a dull grey T-shirt and some old pair of jeans that she just bought because she needed something to cover up her very average legs. Apart from the egg dropping fiasco, you probably wouldn't even notice her.

Ugly Betty ain't so ugly is she!

Now, she has an identical twin who we'll call Sophie, who you see in another isle. Sophie has the same personality as Rachel (so... just as retarded), but everything about her physical appearance seems to have a purpose. Her hair is dyed blonde, but she doesn't look like a Barbie doll. She has make up on to cover up the flaws in her skin, but not too much because she doesn't like looking like a hooker, and as she walks past you, you smell the scent of Chanel. She is wearing some respectable heels, a black skirt, a white formal shirt and a cream blazer. Sophie is trying to communicate her personality through her physical appearance.

What can we learn about Sophie? That she's a probably a professional with a job, and that she knows who she is and what she likes. Are you going to open Sophie or Rachel?

It's the same Jonah Hill!

I was recently sitting in the audience of an RSD free tour event in London, and I overheard a guy telling his friend that he's glad he found RSD because he doesn't think he's the best looking guy. Naturally, I quickly glanced around to look at him.

He wasn't the greatest looking guy on the planet, but I thought he could potentially look a lot better if he actually took pride in his appearance. If he simply just gave himself a hairstyle that he felt comfortable with, instead of the random flop of a mop that he had on top, not only would he be more attractive to others, he would also be more attractive to himself.

People say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but the sad truth is, they do. It's better to attempt to convey your personality, stand out of the crowd and sometimes be seen in a way you don't want to, than not be seen at all if you want to attract women.

Attractive People Are Healthy People

You could be born with great facial features, true, but what good is that if you have greasy skin and pimples everywhere?

You could be born with a great metabolism, but what good is that if you smell like mouldy cheese?

Compare the two pictures: Her features remain the same in both pictures. Yet as she put on weight, her physical attraction has decreased.

You are lucky to be living in an age where access to a gym is so easy.

"No man! I'm not one of those meathead douchebags who hit the gym. That's just not who I am! My personality is playing Call of Duty and eating Chinese food. 'The Game' will teach me to find a girl who appreciates me for that! Nurrrr Nurrrr Nurrrr, Chode Chode Chode..." If you have this world view, then I will personally get you some crayons so you can grasp one in your fist and write 'DICK' on your forehead, while I get laid and still kick your ass on Black Ops II when I'm bored.

Play WoW if you want! Just don't end up like this!

Going to the gym does not simply make you slimmer or turn you into Vin Diesel. Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best natural cures for bad skin. Exercising at least three times a week will relieve the stress that jerking off just won’t hit and it will, again, impact on your skin!


By drinking at least 2L of water a day, your skin will become much clearer and you will flush out the water weight stored in your body, so you'll probably lose a few pounds too.

A lot of my friends have this assumption that if you do weights, you’re going to get ‘too bulky.’ It takes a lot; I mean a lot, of effort to put on the amount of muscle to look ‘too bulky.’ Having a little bit of muscle is a very attractive physical quality for a man (duh!). If you haven’t got the prettiest face, and you’re crying yourself to sleep every night after jerking into your special silk sock (oh it's so, so soft), you should be using your face as motivation to improve the aspect of physical attraction you can improve! When you put on muscle, it’s not like you’re photo shopping your face onto Will Smith’s body. When you get lean, your face also slims down and your facial features such as your jawline or cheekbones become more prominent.

It's Jonah again! Look at his face, before and after!

Social Conditioning Is A Bitch. Be It's Pimp!

Television and film have created certain stereotypes of people, which although a lot of the time are bad and cause a lot of problems, you can actually use some to your advantage. There is a common stereotype that ugly people are shy and weird, while good looking people are cool and confident. So imagine you're not the best looking guy, yet you go up to a girl giving off the impression that you are a really hot guy. She won't think you're David Beckham, sorry, but she will ease off placing you within that initial ugly guy stereotype.

She will try to rationalise: Hot people act like this. He is not hot. But he is acting like somebody who is hot. Why does he act hot then? (She'll start looking for the positives in your physical appearance.) I guess he's got a nice smile. Actually, yeah, he's okay. I see why he's acting like a hot guy.

Social condition in action.

P.S. You can even do this if you're a short guy like me. A girl once told me that my personality makes me three inches taller. wink

Posture Will Make You Look More Alpha

Having good posture creates a lot of physical attraction, however, you have probably never really noticed or thought about it. Imagine two identical guys talking to two identical girls. They both have the same personality and use the same words, same vocal tonality.... well, imagine every part of the interaction is the same except the posture. Look at the pictures below.


Which guy do you think would be more successful with the girl? Obviously the guy on the right, with the better posture, is conveying more confidence and self worth, which is going to create physical attraction.

Personally, I think the most important aspect of posture is simply sticking your chest out. If you're worried about bad posture during an interaction, or you notice your shoulders drooping down, a simple trick by RSD Ozzie is to simply stick your your hands into your back pockets. This forces you to stick your chest out!

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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People are always telling you to 'be confident and be yourself' -  So, you put on the big boy pants, muster up the courage to talk to Tits McGee, and mid-conversation about your epic travels her mouth is wide open and making way for the gigantic log that is your penis.


Sorry that's not a gigantic log. It's a gigantic typo. *She's just yawning.

Have you ever thought: "I'm way more interesting than the douchebag that she's talking to! Why is his story about the gym more interesting than my story about my travels in India? I mean, I was telling her about how I wrestled a fucking cobra! Why won't she wrestle mine?" Heh. wink

Here are some tits, sorry, tips to help you improve the three elements that form communication skills: Body language, vocal tonality and words.

Yes. Even she will pay attention to you if you read this.

How To Improve Body Language Communication

Sixty per cent of our communication comes from body language. In order to improve your communication skills, this is the area that you are going to have to work on the most. I have written another article that deals specifically with body language attraction, and for more information please refer to that. I'll explain in this article certain body languages that will improve you communication skills to make you more interesting.

Use arm gestures to help illustrate your words: You need to be satisfying the girl visually and audibly to fully grab her attention. Why do you think people don't watch films and television whilst driving? Because if you full attention was devoted to the visual and audio entertainment, you wouldn't be able to drive and you'd crash your car. Similarly, think of the difference between an identical boring Skype video call, and a regular telephone call. Which one are you more likely to be paying attention to? Take advantage of the fact that you're in the girl's presence.


If you're simply standing still like the fucking Statue of Liberty when talking to a girl, she is going to start looking around the environment to satisfy her visual sense. If you're standing in front of her and you're telling her a story about how small your mate's dick is (only an example), and you're actually showing her the rice grain size of his cock with your fingers, not only will she find the story funnier, but she'll be able to visualise the little fella between your finger tips!

The poor guy. Probably still bigger than a grain of rice, but you get the idea.

As simple as it sounds, STAND IN FRONT OF HER: Don't stand behind the girl, or to the side of her, or in the next fucking room. When you see President Obama give a speech on television, is he standing beside the camera? NO. He is looking slap bang down the middle of it to capture your undivided attention!

As long as you don't show signs of desperation, for example, by leaning in too much, she will not think you are desperate. Remember most people know fuck all about body language, and although a lot of it is to do with sub communication, a girl is not going to think, "Hmmm. He seems confident, he's pretty cool too and I really get along well with him. However, he is positioned right in front of me and I'm going to have to reject him because he is in too much of a rapport building position." 

Which Jeffy looks more desperate and which one is commanding more attention?

Another point about body language is make sure you open up your body because the visibility of your torso determines how much rapport you build subconsciously. Think about when you want to hug somebody. Your arms are spread out and your torso is on display, which indicates that you feel safe enough around the person to let one of the most vulnerable parts of your anatomy be on show. Evolution has taught us that our arms are used to protect our body from danger, which is why when you are upset with somebody you fold your arms in front of your body, or when you're in a fight you put your guard up!

If you're standing with your arms folded whilst talking to a girl, you are breaking rapport with her by subconsciously communicating that you see her as danger. Even when you stand with a beer against your chest, you are doing the same thing.

Clearly breaking rapport!

Another useful by-product of opening up, is that you will mark more territory. Our subconscious mind registers the amount of space taken up by an individual as a sign of power. This is why girls are naturally attracted to taller and bigger guys! HOWEVER, if you're a shorter guy like me (I'm five foot five inches tall), you can still come across as an alpha male by creating this illusion. Guys who display that they are an alpha male tend to command more attention when conversing with a woman.


Who looks more alpha?

How To Improve Your Vocal Tonality

If vocal tonality accounts for thirty per cent of our communication and you're unaware, or ignoring this fact, then you are seriously hindering your communication skills. Vocal tonality is a powerful weapon for girls to identify if you are desperately trying to build rapport. When saying anything, if your tone of voice gets higher then it indicates rapport building. Conversely, if it slips down, then you're breaking rapport.

Imagine a girl tells you that her favourite song is Baby by Justin Beiber (let's assume that she's not fourteen years old, but just plain old retarded) and your response is, "oh really?". If you try saying it aloud with a rising vocal tone, you'll notice that it sounds like you're trying to build rapport and what you're actually saying is, "Yeah me too!" Now say it with a diminishing vocal tone, where you're breaking rapport and you'll convey to her that, "I'm disappointed and slightly bored." Say the same phrase again, but in a neutral tone - somewhere between raising your tone and diminishing it - and you convey the message, "Interesting." The neutral tone is the most ambiguous tone and it is difficult to work out what the true meaning of the speech is.

If you want an audible example of what I'm talking about.

If you combine vocal tonality with the push-pull method of seducing a woman, you will definitely increase your results. Imagine the idea of being able to push and pull her emotions without thinking of the exact words needed to convey what you're trying to do!

Look at the example below, (not the finest example of push-pull, but basic enough to understand) and imagine whatever the guy says in the three different vocal tones and it completely changes the tone of the conversation. If you switch up the vocal tone with each sentence then you get push-pull.

Girl: My name's Julie.
Guy: Interesting.
Girl: What do you mean?
Guy: Nothing. That dress is alright.
Girl: Really?
Guy: No. It's horrible, what were you thinking?

Speak Louder!

You're probably looking at this one and thinking, "Cool, an easy one!" Well, there's more to it than simply just shouting at the girl the whole time as if she's got a defective hearing aid. Instead, there are ways to make your voice louder, whilst maintaining control of your vocal tonality.

Think about singers and stage actors (not so much film actors). They need to project their voices to entire theatres, yet maintain the emotions behind the lines they are speaking or singing. What these guys do is they project their voice from their diaphragm... you're probably thinking this is getting waaaaaaay too technical. Well, if you want to understand what I'm talking about, try doing an impression of an opera singer. There you go, you're using your diaphragm. It's that tense feeling in your stomach which projects your voice.

Obviously, it's hard to describe stuff related to sound through words so I've picked out the perfect video for you guys. teeth

When I used to take vocal lessons to strengthen my singing voice, my teacher would tell me to sing as if I'm aiming at something. Seriously try this while you are talking to a girl. Aim your voice at the wall behind her,  you will see the difference and it will improve your communication skills.

How To Tell Your Really Cool Story

Let's say you've got your body language sorted, you've become familiar with vocal tonaility and you want to play with your shiny new toys. You want to tell the girl a really cool story but you're one of those people who just can't tell it properly on the spot. It's not due to pressure, but more because all the thoughts are jumbled up in your head.

Don't treat socialising as if it were an exam, but for the sake of an analogy, listen up. You wouldn't go into an essay exam with simply a vague knowledge of what you want to write about, you'd learn the main points and the structure to your argument then adapt it to the question.

The reason I
 say don't memorise your story is because unless you are an exceptional actor, the girl will see right through this and she won't believe you are a genuine guy.
What I would do, if you have this problem, is to explain the story a few times to different friends, but in different ways. Like anything, practice makes perfect, and you'll eventually rid the training wheels and you'll become a better storyteller!

As you can tell, I've got a thing for Daisy Marie.

Remember that when you're talking to a girl, you are just interacting with another human being. Speak to her however you would speak to your friends. Don't get so nervous if you make a mistake in your presentation of a fact in your story, it doesn't matter!
 If you were wearing a red hat, a red blazer, a red shirt, a red tie, blue gloves, red pants and red shoes. If somebody was going to point you out they wouldn't say, 'Yeah, he's the guy with the blue gloves.' One mistake is not noticeable if you are a good storyteller!

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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We've all probably had that moment at some point in our lives, (if you haven't, read this and you won't!) where the girl is blabbering away about her dreams and ambitions and her supervisor's cousin's mechanic's wife's handbag's favourite salad, but all that's going through our head is, "Should I ask her? No, fuck, the moment's gone!"

They've got the right idea. Thought this would grab your attention.

Or maybe you two are sitting alone, you're looking deep into her eyes and you're hearing in your head, "Hmmm, what would be the smoothest thing I could say to kiss her? Maybe, if I drop something on the floor, and we both go down to pick it up and I say 'hello there' like James Bond and lean in?" All this time that you're thinking, the silence is becoming unbearable and you can almost hear the sound of her drying up like tofu on a fucking beach.

This article is going to talk about how to create a setting where you don't even need to say anything before you kiss a girl. Help is on it's way to get rid of all those anxieties in your head before the wonderful joining of your mouth and hers. Read on!

Dafuq do I say?

1. Show Intent So There Are No Surprises When You Kiss A Girl!

Kissing a girl should not be an awkward moment. If you think kissing her is a big deal then so will she! However, if you think of it in the mind-set that this is the twenty-first century, where kissing is really nothing at all except a fun and casual experience, then so will she!

If she knows that you're trying to seduce her from the start of your interaction, then when it comes to the kiss, she's almost expecting it. The keyword here is to show intent. You're probably thinking, "I don't want to come across desperate though!" Remember that words are not the only factor that will influence how desperate you are, so for example, if your body language is relaxed and comfortable, she will NOT think you are desperate.

I cannot recommend a better video to illustrate this point. WATCH THIS.

The only reason you feel you need to use a line before you kiss a girl, is because you think it's too random if you don't. Show intent and eliminate the randomness!

A line may work to get you the rare kiss, however, you'll get into a lazy habit of doing this and when it comes to making the move to have sex, you're just going to kill the mood!

2. Showing Intent Via Body Language

What you say has to have intent, however, you need to also be indicating intent with your body language. If you're going to kiss a girl, make sure you damn well take control of the kiss. Believe it or not, but straight girls are attracted to men! Most want men to take control of the interaction and to make the moves.

If you're about to kiss a girl and you're shaking and sweating showing that you're horny and nervous like a paedophile in a nursery built next to a police station, then it's not going to turn her on for the kiss. Like I explained earlier, kissing is really not a big deal! You need to be clear in your actions that you are the man and you're taking control of the situation. So if you want to kiss a girl, don't just lean in, close your eyes and hope you feel her lips. You need to tell her to sit next to you, you should have the eye of the tiger and physically, but gently bring her face towards yours (obviously don't go grabbing her neck). You'll indicate to her that you're an alpha male and you'll look like a fucking bowss.

Observe Tim's body language from 3:15 onwards.

3. Being Alone Or Infront Of Her Friends Doesn't Matter

A few months ago, I was at a nightclub and I kissed a girl in front of her sister and her aunt. Why she decided to have a family reunion in a nightclub smoking area, I don't know, but I was making out with her for a good five minutes in front of them. Similarly, when I was at a party in Thailand, I was making out with a girl and her friends were even encouraging us to make out more so that they could take pictures. Was anybody calling the girl a slut? Was anybody telling me to fuck off? No.

Don't get me wrong, being alone is certainly a preferable option, as it eliminates the possibility of cockblocks and you can be more intimate, but it's not the only option! We all hate those friends with the 'bubbly personality', to put it nicely, dragging their hot mates away because they feel it's their 'duty' to protect them. Fuck off you thwomp!

This is literally how I see the big friend.

However, most of the time this is because you've focussed all of your attention on the girl you want to kiss, and ignored her friends. If you want to kiss a girl, you have to win over her friends too. Don't think of this as more work to do, because when you're trying to flirt with and kiss a girl, it should be fun. Read about this stuff for tips, but socialising should not be a mechanical process. Have a bit of banter with everyone and flirt with her during this banter before trying to kiss her, this way if you can't kiss her right there, her friends will be more likely to let her walk away with you to get some privacy.

You want this reaction with the friends:

Girl 1: Where's Olivia gone?
Girl 2: She's with that really cool and funny guy from earlier!
Girl 1: Omgomgomg, I loved that guy! Go on Olivia!

4. Do Not Ask For Permission To Kiss A Girl!

To be honest, if you follow the advice about intent, then this point should not even be a problem, however, I'll explain it anyway. Unless you have some serious issues, if you're in a position where you're contemplating kissing a girl, the interaction must be going reasonably well for this thought process to occur. I mean, if the girl has rejected you five times, she's telling you to fuck off and her friends are physically blocking you - you wouldn't think, "This is the moment, I'm going in!"

So let's say you've taken the girl away from her friends, you've held her hand and guided her to a quiet spot and you're all alone with her. What can we infer? She's voluntarily chosen to be alone with you! Why on earth would you need to even think of an excuse or line to kiss her? It's like somebody giving you a box of chocolates with your name on it and you ask, "Is it okay if I have one?"

Now, let's say you're in front of her friends. It could be on the dance floor, or it could be in the smoking area of a club like my earlier example. As
 I was sitting on a table with the girl who was with her aunt (remember I'm actually sitting on the table and not on a chair to understand the story), she was laughing to everything I said and she was giving me the 'anime eyes' as they're called in RSD lingo. 

When a girl looks like this, it's on!

I could easily tell that should I lean in, she would kiss me. So interrupting her mid-conversation, I did... but she leaned back! This doesn't mean I got rejected, but it's more a sort of quick shit test. The entire smoking area was looking at me, and if you're one of those old school pick-up guys, you could say my 'social proof' was on the line. However, from simply reading her body language - the smile on her face as she leaned back, the hand lightly on my chest - I just followed her down until she was actually lying down on the table, kissing me and damn well enjoying it! The point being - stay in set!

Be brave, use your common sense, read the situation and it might just work out! Also you'll get to tell an awesome story later!

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.

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If you're reading about text game, you've probably had a few experiences where you've thought, "Yeah, so last night was awesome! I got a make out and she gave me her number after!" Then you text Katie the next day and you're sitting playing Call of Duty with your chums and every time your phone buzzes, you grab it like a fat kid snatching the last piece of the family bucket. Nope, sorry - It's only your mum. You need to visit more often. 

Want her to text you? Read on, my friend.

What went wrong? Why does she not want to talk to you again? You laughed at something together! You had so much in common! You made out for Christ's sake! Your whole lives were set out together! You were going to live in a cosy cottage in the Austrian countryside and have four children - Arnold, Alexander, Sophia and Nicole.

Before we talk about how to actually text a girl, you need to understand why she wouldn't text back.

Remember her? Yeah, that's Kelly from Saved by the Bell. Damn.

There Has To Be A Reason For Her To Text Back!

Girls give their numbers out all the time and it's because:

A) They want to get rid of you.
B) They think that you're kind of cool, and maybe in the moment or due to alcohol, they'll give you a shot.
C) They genuinely want to further the interaction.

I'm not even going to bother explaining situation A because if that's the case, then you need to read an article on how to talk to women in person. If the situation is C, then she's going to text back numb nuts!

So, lets talk about B.

I'm guessing most of you are probably hitting on girls that are in their twenties and thirties. These girls have been getting hit on for several years now, and they have given their number out hundreds of times.

You have to have made a connection with the girl, if she's going to text back. You can't just be that-guy-she-gave-her-number-to, but instead, you need to be that guy who almost made her pee her pants from laughter! I'm not saying that laughter is the only way to make a connection (it's certainly up there!), but the bottom line is be memorable.

This is only an explanation for why a girl wouldn't text back - Text her anyway!

Random hot girl picture. She has a phone so it's relevant to the article....

The Timing Of Your Texts!

First of all, the 'three day rule' is dumb as fuck, and it's just as bad as using predictable pick-up lines.

"Hey, is your dad a theif? He stole the stars and put them in your eyes" Fuck off.

Most girls know about this rule and there is nothing more pathetic than a girl being bombarded by texts three days later, right on cue. If you're worried about the timing of a text, just casually tell the girl on the night you meet her that you're going to text her the next day.

"You're pretty cool! I'm going to text you tomorrow."

The beauty about texting the next day, especially when you've made the connection, is that you're still fresh in her mind. If you wait too long, the emotions that you built with her will begin to fade.

Now, let's say she has replied to your first text. How long should you wait until you text her back? This shouldn't be a question really. Don't put texting her as a priority over whatever you're doing and don't overthink about your timing. This will drive you crazy. The words that you write, and how you write them, will indicate how desperate or cool you seem to her, and we'll cover this later on in the article. If you're hanging out with your mates, just text her later. If you're watching TV later on in the day, then text her as you please. It doesn't really matter, and this will give your timing a bit of variety too.

Keep The Same Attitude You Used To Get Her Number!

Just like the interaction at the club, your conversation should be fun, light-hearted and casual. Don't actually do this because it's lame as fuck, but for the sake of learning, when you get a girl's number imagine you get 10 'intrigue points' if you're in situation B (see above). As the alcohol wears off, and time passes, let's say you lose 5 points by the time it comes to texting her. You need to re-earn those points before you can ask her out or whatever your intentions are.

Remember you are re-opening the set: If you were at the club and you wanted to re-open a girl, you wouldn't (I hope) walk over to her and say, "Hey it's Ku from earlier. Really nice to meet you, and would love to get to know you a bit more."

Check out RSD Tim's advice for flirting over text!

Don't Interview Her: The main problem I used to have was that I had done all the hard work of intriguing her in the nightclub, I used to get lazy when it came to texting. By lazy, I mean I would think, "Now that the hard part is over, I can get to know her over texting." WRONG. Texting is not a fucking interview process.

Don't Send Really Wordy Texts: Don’t be the dancing monkey who's trying to entertain. It shows that you're probably thinking long and hard for that perfect line. Keep it short and snappy.

A cringe text I sent a few months ago: "Yeah, not bad yourself? I'm struggling at the gym now! Trying to recover from the copious amounts of alcohol consumed last night, but gotta keep fit, eh? So you local?" Yeah, I didn't see her again!

Stay In Set: Yes. This applies to texting as well as real life interactions. The other night I got a girl's number and I sent a text with just her name. She didn't reply to me, but a few hours later I sent a message simply saying, "party pooper". Nobody wants to be a party pooper. I didn't need a long wordy text to convey the message that we were having some fun and she's gone and ruined it. Surprise, surprise - An hour later she replied and after a few more texts, I have a double date with my friend and her friend.

Fuck your ego - There is nothing wrong with texting a girl if she does not reply. If she doesn't reply the second time, then you're still as pussy-less as you were when she didn't reply the first time.

Flirting Over Text

Let me point out that flirting doesn't simply mean making suggestive comments to a girl. Flirting is more about your whole attitude! This is certainly the case with text messaging too. You may not have body language on your side anymore, but you can still convey a flirtatious attitude through words.

Push-Pull: When you're flirting, you should be putting her emotions on a roller coaster. She should hate you one minute, and then love you the next. This is not mean, it just arouses interest for her, and besides if you're doing it right it just comes across playful, so for example, don't go saying: "I'm going to you, haha kidding. I want to buy you flowers because you're a really interesting person." If you're constantly nice to her, then she is going to get bored, and if you're constantly a dick to her, then she just won't like you.

This is the girl from earlier who didn't reply to me.

If you look at the pictures above, you can notice pushing and pulling going on. For example, every time I write a short, snappy text, I'm not ending it with a question! It's as if I'm ending the conversation every time, which is pushing her away. It's like I don't want a reply. However, the fact that I am replying to her pretty quickly while being sarcastic and funny is pulling her in! Please note that the whole time I was texting this girl, I wasn't even thinking about this technical stuff, I was just having fun!

The Conversation Does Not Have To Be About Anything: You can learn all this theory and the science and bla bla behind game, but at the end of the day, it's just a dude dicking around really. Look at those texts again, has the girl actually learned anything about me?


- Ha! Bet you weren't expecting that.

We've learned more about each other's personalities from just general banter than the standard boring questions guys ask girls over texts about what they do for a living, or how many brothers and sisters they have, or if they love white bread or brown bread. Yeah, because brown bread is a real turn on.

If you want to have success with flirting with a girl over text messaging, then she should be having fun whilst texting you! You should also be having fun, and if shit doesn't really work out, then go out and get more numbers! Ta-Da!

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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Stop thinking what you say will get you laid. If that were the case, I would be my wallet at a photocopier making a gazillion copies of the smoothest paper pick up in history, handing one over to the pretty blonde at the bar, unzipping my pants and giving her the pen I wrote it with as a filthy souvenir. (Actually, with the right body language, I can see that working...)

It's better to look like this, than a stationary plank!

Sixty per cent of communication is non-verbal, thirty per cent is vocal tonality, and only ten per cent is words. 

If you want to cum across to a girl as confident, you have to physically indicate it! You need to master your subconscious mind because this is the fucker that will rat you out to the girl. Body language is such a vast topic that it would be impossible to cover every aspect of it in one article so I'm just going to point out some of the common bad body language habits that most guys don't realise.

I put a lot of hard work into this article so you have my permission to jerk off AFTER you've read the rest. :)

1. Open Up To Build Rapport!

Our arms are tools designed to protect us from harm. Think about if you get into a street fight - your first instincts (I hope!) would be to put your arms up to protect yourself from any incoming blows.

So, let's say you're talking to a girl and you think you're looking cool and confident by crossing your arms, or you're that geezer with the beer up to your chest standing up against the wall wondering why no girls are looking at you're awesome style. Well, you're putting your guard up and diminishing rapport with the entire room by subconsciously communicating that you're threatened. Hold that beer bottle down by your leg!

N...No. Not quite the right idea, but we're getting there!

2. Defy Gravity To Show How Comfortable You Are!

You've probably heard the phrase, "chin up mate!", but you've never really thought what it actually means, right? Defying gravity is such a simple body language concept and builds huge attraction. Think about these examples of which guy would build more attraction when talking to a girl:

The guy looking at the floor, or the guy with his chip up, looking into her eyes and nodding along?
The guy slouching on his chair, or the guy sitting upright?
The guy slumping over the bar, or the guy doing the Ace Ventura dance? (See above)
The guy expressing himself with arms gestures, or the guy with his hands sinking into his pockets?

Just take a look at the audience!

When you're feeling blue and listening to some depressing ballad by Adele, hoping that nevermind you'll find someone like her, is your body defying gravity? No. All that negativity makes you feel unenergetic and you surrender to gravity. When you're rapping along to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, you're bobbing your head and moving your arms like you're a lyrical G (word up homie), you're defying gravity because you're filled with positive emotions. This is the body language you should be communicating to a woman if you wish to build attraction.

3. The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You... Laid!

If you look at public speakers, take the RSD instructors for example, they are often talking for long stretches of time, yet they remain visually interesting because of the rhythm they display.

When in conversation with a woman, try to avoid simply standing still and cemented to the ground. Instead, move about subtly and naturally, and if you're talking to a group, make sure this rhythm enables you to communicate with all the members of the interaction, for example, by turning to different people and stepping in and out. The purpose of this is to satisfy our need for variety.

Think about when you're watching TV or a film, how often does the camera angle change? If we continuously focused on one shot, then we would start to lose interest.

Observe Julien's rhythm

When you're on the dance floor, if you can dance, then good for you. You don't need be Justin Timberlake but make some attempt to move to the beat because if you stand still like a goat and leer at the pretty girls, you're going to creep them out! The more space you cover, the more territory you mark, and the subconscious mind registers this as an alpha male trait. Remember the phrase, "girls equate dancing to sex!"

4. Leaning In Too Much Destroys Attraction!

When you see something shocking on the news, what do you do? You lean closer to the television.
When you're driving a car and you can't see around the corner, what do you do? You lean in to get a better view.
When you smell your mate's dirty protein shake fart, what do you do? You lean away.

This is what you look like to a girl if you lean in!

When we want more of something, what do we do? We lean in to absorb more information. When you're talking to a girl and you're leaning in too much, you're conveying to her that you desperately want her and this will not create body language attraction. 

The next time you're talking to a girl and you can't hear her because Justin Beiber is spewing shit out of the speakers, stand your ground, point to your ear, tell her to repeat herself and she'll probably lean into you. No girl is going to say, "No! I'm not going to lean into you!"

5. Stop Fidgeting. Just Stop it!


This is probably the hardest body language to control, but it can be done with a conscious effort and some practice. You've probably played poker before and you've heard the term 'poker face'. Everyone knows the obvious 'tells' of the face, however, nobody really concentrates on what's going on with the rest of their body. Successful poker players notice other obvious body language signals such as the shaking of a leg, or the stroking of the wrist or neck.

If you notice that you're doing some of these things, a good tip by RSD instructor Ozzie is to put your hands into your back pockets when talking to a girl. This disables you from using your arms and also forces you to stick your chest out.

If you decide to do this, the more you talk to women and become comfortable around them over time, you can begin to release your arms and start using them to be expressive as explained above!

6. Do It Like You Mean It!

If you want to do something physical with a girl, as RSD instructor Julien reiterates over and over: Your thoughts, words and actions must be aligned!

If you want to touch the girl's arm, don't force yourself to mechanically place your palm on her like you're trying to see if the fucking radiator is hot yet just so you can check, 'touched her', off your if-I-do-these-things-then-she'll-fuck-me list. If you're going to touch her, do it because you actually want to touch her, and don't give that bullshit that you don't want to because you wouldn't be talking to her in first place if that were the case!

One of my favourite RSD videos about body language.

Half hearted body language gestures indicate a sense of nervousness and disbelief in yourself and will any attraction you've built up so far.


Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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How To Be A Player: Dissecting The Mind Of Barney Stinson

This article is going to be LEGENDARY!


I would like to point out at the start that my definition of a 'player' does not mean cheating on your girlfriend. This article addresses 'players' as guys who are good at 'playing' 'the game' and can consistently get laid on a regular basis.

When you think of a player, who comes to mind? Let's talk in terms of television characters: Barney Stinson, of course! James Bond would be up there too! You're probably thinking that they're only players because the writers can come up with smooth lines for them and make the women interested in them. However, putting the lines aside, think about the personalities of our two examples. You don't really know what it is, but they share a lot of the same qualities, don't they? You can see this mysterious quality in real life players too - Look at some of your friends, or celebrities such as Russell Brand.

Only douchebags will tell you: "Hey brah, to be a player you gotta have sick abs and shit loads of dough!"

The fundamental quality that players share, which they probably don't even realise, is not necessarily what they say or do with women, but what kind of mindset and lifestyle they maintain both in and out of 'the game'. In the community, this is called having 'inner game'. To try and be a player without the right mindset is like trying to be an Olympic athlete on a Burger King diet. Here are five points of what I believe are the foundations of being a player:

1. Players Are Genuinely Positive People!

Think about your friends who you would classify as players. I don't mean the ones who get girls every now and then, I'm talking about the guys who consistently get with stunning girls. What are they like when you're just hanging out playing Xbox or having a drink? I bet they are happy, positive people. The reason you like chilling with them is because they make you feel good; their positive energy is contagious. This is why they do so well with women, because they make them also feel this way.

This is actually an awesome quote for positivity!

Let's look at it the other way now. Don't you find it irritating hanging out with pessimistic people who are constantly complaining about something? This kind of attitude brings the mood of the room down and it is not a desirable quality in anyone. Don't just try to be positive when you're gaming, because it's fake and obvious. I've noticed that when I've woken up early, been to the gym, and done something productive during the day, I often do better with women at night because I build up a momentum of positive thoughts in my head, which radiates onto the women when I talk to them. You need to stay positive in your life outside of the game in order to adopt the kind of positive mentality need to be a player.

2. Understanding That You Are Awesome!

How is any woman going to find you attractive if you don't find yourself attractive? If you don't find yourself attractive, you limit your approaches both consciously, and subconsciously, because you feel that she can do better. To repeat the fundamental lesson that RSD attempt to teach you: there is no reason why you are not good enough. Unless you're watching her every night through a telescope and drooling over a box of Krispy Kremes, you don't know anything about the girl you're about to talk to; she could look like Beyonce with the personality of Mother Theresa, or she could look as innocent as Norah Jones and have the personality of The Joker. Yet when you’re in set, you think so damn hard about if you will impress her or not. That Krispy Kreme comment I just wrote has no relevance to the article whatsoever, well now it kind of does, yet I decided to include it because I thought it was funny. And because I thought it was funny, it's likely you will. Laugh, go on, laugh! Smile at least... There we go, I knew you'd smile. :D

This whole video by Tyler is pretty awesome, but watch in particular 1:17 - 2:22 on how much he adores himself.

When players talk to girls, they are not trying to get a desired result from them. Players never think: "YES! She laughed at my joke! Okay, so that's one indicator of interest. Check. Now, two more to go." Instead, they love their own personality so they take pleasure in expressing themselves to a new person. If you want to talk about the best cup of tea (I feel so English) you’ve ever had, do it! Tell her whatever you want but express the enthusiasm and other emotions that you feel about the subject and she will be interested. One of my friends genuinely laughs at his own jokes, and let me point out that he's no Chris Rock, but because he's laughing so hard at them I can't help but to find them funny.

She wants your snake because you're so awesome...
(Well actually she's a lesbian, but nevertheless, still hot.)

With this mind-set, players have less fear than most guys of approaching girls because they believe that they are so awesome that they are allowed to interrupt a girl from whatever she is doing to hit on her. Why would she not want to talk to you? You're so cool!

3. Players Don't See Rejection As A Big Deal!

What happens when a woman rejects James Bond? He just smiles, drinks his martini (shaken, not stirred) and probably fucks her later anyway. Why? Because he just does not give a fuck. Rejection should not be a humiliating experience, in fact, see it as a learning experience. Treat 'the game' as any other skill that you want to develop. When you get rejected, think about where you went wrong and how you could improve it on your next approach. Let's say you go out and get rejected nine times but get one phone number. You'd probably see the entire night as a 90% failure. A player would see it as a great night of partying with his friends where he was successful with 10% of the girls he approached.

Does this look like being a player to you?

The more women you approach, the tally will increase on your life long list of rejections. However, RSD's instructors are some of the best players in the world, yet they have been rejected probably hundreds, no, thousands of times more than you. The more you get rejected, the less you will care about it. It will become like white noise to you. When I started boxing at university, I remember my first sparring session. I got punched in the face pretty hard and thought, “Holy shit! I just got punched in the face!" In fact, I used to count how many times I got punched in a two minute round! Two years later, every time I get punched (I don't count anymore, but the number has certainly decreased) I forget about it in a split second and get back to focussing on sparring. If you can link the boxing example with being a player, keep reading! If not, then... I dunno, make me a sandwich.


4. Practice Makes Perfect.

What is a player? Somebody who is an expert in the art of seduction. Whether it's studying English, playing the piano or being a player - to be an expert at something takes a lot of practice. Even the guys who are naturals with women were once unable to talk to girls. You may find it terrifying talking to girls at whatever age you are now, but it's because you probably haven't made the effort to actually do it. The naturals felt all the same terrifying feelings you feel now, but probably in their early teens. They simply had more interactions with women that have taught them some of the same stuff that you are currently learning. If you keep reading all this theory and watching all the instructor videos, but never actually put any of it to practice then you will never be a player. It's like jerking off ten times a day and thinking you can be a porn star.

Motivation to keep reading!

So how do you practice being a player? Err, go out and talk to women!

thumbs down But I have work the next day: Go out for even twenty minutes instead of watching TV. If this is truly your hobby, treat it like one. thumbs up
thumbs down But alcohol costs money: Don't drink then. In fact, this will help your confidence as you won't need to rely on alcohol in future. thumbs up

Remember: You can get good at playing guitar by tuition or you can be a natural. It is the same with being a player. It makes no difference but the only factor is practice!

5. Realising There Really Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Following up from my earlier point of simply talking to more and more women, players often find that they tend to get less hooked on one particular girl because the experience of meeting that one perfect lady fades as you meet more and more similar to the first one. When you are clicking really well with a girl in a bar, you still know nothing about her! Yes, she may share your enthusiasm for the musical talent of Rebecca Black, and no other girl you’ve ever met has agreed with you and has appreciated the brilliant lyrics of ‘Friday’, but there will be another fish equally stupid out there in big dumb sea.


What you are doing is embodying everything you want in a partner in this girl. It’s all in your head. Now of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to try and get her, but if it flops, forget it! Relax; take a deep breath; wipe the tears and jizz stains off; you are not going to die alone. Players realise that there is not simply one person out there for everyone because they meet these kinds of girls all the fucking time. Now by saying this, it doesn’t entail that players are sceptical about the concept, it’s the opposite in fact (remember players are a positive bunch!), they realise that if they met five, six or seven of these types of girls that there will certainly be more.


If you watch How I Met Your Mother and the James Bond films, you will realise that, yes, Barney and Mr Bond do have a few relationships, and I should point out that players do get into relationships from time to time and that’s OK. However, look at how many girls they go through before they actually find a relationship worthy woman. To be a player, don’t jump on the first girl you have a connection with, metaphorically speaking. If you literally want to jump into bed with her, yeah, go for it you legend.

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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8 Simple Truths To What Turns Women On So They Jump On Your Dick And Ride You Like An Animal

What Turns Women On

I bet you're sick of hearing“Just be yourself and be confident!” thumbs up

You’ve probably heard this million times while you’ve been furiously masturbating using your tears as lube, hearing flashbacks of your mom’s advice when you got shot down by the prom queen.

Well, what if I told you there actually was a way you could maintain your beloved 2.0 ratio on Call of Duty (mine is currently 1.2), and still get laid by hot girls at night. You don’t need to change who you are, in fact, RSD advocates that you let your personality shine. What you need to do to turn women on is simply correct some bad habits that most guys tend to fall into.

1. Being interesting and expressive is super rare! (Duh)

Stop thinking that “Hi, my name is X” is the only thing you’re allowed to say to a girl in order to ‘be yourself’. Think about how many guys use this tactic. How many times a night do you think a girl hears that and thinks, “Oh my, this guy is so genuine! He didn’t use a pick up line!” The bottom line is that it’s boring and it won’t turn her on.

Don’t be that guy either....

Conversely, the so-called “pick up lines” have a bad name for a reason. Don’t creep over to a girl and chant your favourite line off miraclelinesthatwillgetmelaid.com. It indicates that you’re lazy, lacking social skills and, well, slightly stupid. Here’s an idea: Say something interesting. Like what you ask? Anything! Shit, no way?
“Hey, have you ever been bungee jumping?” “Twilight sucks.” “Don’t you think Snoop Lion sounds better than Snoop Dogg.” I don’t know, those are the first things that popped into my mind right now, but say anything!

2. What turns most women on is persistence!

Stop giving up so easily. A girl can reject you four times before it starts to get really creepy (This is a tested method by RSD instructors!) If you screw up an interaction once, try again – she’ll probably think she wasn’t clear enough – but for you, you lucky dog, you can use ignorance to your advantage. Try again. If she starts to get annoyed the second or third time, now you’re in the cheeky zone and she might even find your persistence funny or impressive because most guys will walk away. But not you, because you’re awesome.

A real example of me following the Four Times Rule:

Me: Hey, I need an opinion on something really, really important to me. I hold it very dear to my heart.
Her: Sorry I’m just chilling with my mates right now.
Me: Cool. Who are you?
Her: Erm, Jess. I told you I’m just with my mates.
Me: Yeah anyway, so what I wanted to ask you was what’s your favourite Harry Potter book?

Jess: I love the first one!
Me: Oh, you’re one of those girls... (This doesn’t even make sense!)
Jess: What do you mean one of those girls? (She says in an intrigued way)
Me: Oh... Nothing. ☺

There you go conversation started.

Remember: There is no harm in attempting to continue a conversation. If you get rejected the first time, being rejected the fourth time is no different!

3) Be a challenge to her, you are the buyer!

This is the correct way to be yourself. Too many guys will agree with everything a girl says as if she's the fucking oracle of all knowledge. If a girl says, for example, “I love dogs”, and you hate dogs, tell her that you think dogs are dicks. In fact, tell her she’s a dog! (Obviously as a joke). A bit of tension creates sexual tension and it will turn her on!

Keep agreeing with her and this is how you’ll spend your weekend

Take it a step further and create some drama with the girl. Your relationship with the girl should be a love-hate relationship. Take some risks and say something outrageous that will send chills down her spine, but make sure you let her know you’re joking afterwards. Now outrageous doesn’t mean, “Damn girl, you need to hit the gym!” No. Outrageous means “So I was banging this girl last night and she took some Valium before drinking a bottle of vodka. When she orgasmed her muscles were so relaxed, she shat all over me. I loved it.”


“Haha. Just Kidding.” The purpose of this is so that the girl feels some emotional attachment to you. Even it’s negative, it’s something that she doesn’t feel with most guys and it will keep her intrigued! Just note, all people are different, but on the rare occasion if she does react REALLY negatively (screaming and making a huge scene) make sure you do apologise, but stay in set.

4. Talk to her like a man to a woman!

Stop trying to talk to the girl as if you’re not hitting on her. You want to be in her pants. Come on, you know it and she knows it. If you keep beating around the bush, you’ll never get to beat around her bush. Heh giggedy. If you keep talking like a friend she’ll treat you like a friend, so unless you want to braid her hair and about her fuck buddy, show her you’re not that guy! When talking to a girl, she should know from something you’ve said or done within the first minute that your aim is to turn her on.

For more information – This is one of my favourite videos by Jeffy.

5. Women love when a man is leading the interaction

Do you about the fact girls don’t hit on guys as much as guys hit on girls? Well, this is never going to change mate because most girls like to be girls, and they expect men to make the move. You don’t need to be six foot and on steroids to demonstrate that you’re an alpha male!

When it comes to escalating physically: STOP BEING A PUSSY. If you want her to follow you to another part of the club, for example, start walking away from her with your hand out as if you know she will hold it. Imagine you’re a sprinter expecting the baton in a relay race; you run with your arm out because you assume you know you’ll get it.

Notice how she’s walking towards him?

When it comes to a conversation, don’t just let her ramble on and on because if you do this, she won’t discover your super awesome personality. If a girl is talking about hair, don’t start contributing your limited knowledge about your sister’s L’Oreal hairspray and hope it wins you compatibility points. Just change the conversation, and in fact, interrupt her with whatever you’re thinking. Of course, if you're interested in the topic, then talk about it!

Girl: I get all these split ends when I straighten my hair too much...
Guy: Yeah totally, that reminds me when I was in Thailand you won’t believe what I saw at this Ping-Pong show! A budgie flew out of this girl’s.... etc.

6. Be relaxed and comfortable when talking about things like “taboos!”

If you think that talking about sex is awkward – so will she. If you think that mentioning your cock is awkward – so will she. If you think telling her really loudly in a public place that you had sex last night is normal – so will she. Are you seeing a pattern here? Women are turned on by guys who get laid frequently because they typically have alpha male personality traits, and if you talk casually about these so called “taboos”, then what will that indicate to her? You don’t see sex as a big deal because you’re so used to it! You don’t have to talk about sex with her, but just by mentioning it, she will start thinking about it and you’ll be on your way to turning her on.

Remember: Girls want sex just as much as guys do.


7. Leading her physically will turn any women on!

Let’s say you’ve been talking to a girl for a good twenty minutes and you’ve both professed your love for Quentin Tarantino films. However, you’ve kept your hands in your pockets the entire time. Do you think just because you bonded by both impersonating Brad Pitt’s southern accent in Inglorious Basterds is going to turn her on and leave her dripping wet? Err, No? There’s no spark in the interaction, and in fact, you may as well have looked up a random number in the phonebook and had this conversation.


You need to break the touch barrier early on in the conversation, if you’re going to touch her later on in the boudoir. By doing this early, she’s aware that you’re just a touchy kind of guy and it’s not awkward when you begin to escalate. By touch, don’t go grabbing her tits at hello, and it doesn’t have to be some elaborate palm reading scheme. It can be as simple as, “I want to tell you a secret” and then you put your arm on her back or arm briefly while you whisper in her ear. Sorted.


8. Endure her shit tests and challenges without flinching!

Often when a girl is interested in you, her survival instincts will halt the interaction and her attitude will temporarily change in a way that it will seem to you that you’ve fucked up somewhere. If you manage to get through this temporary phase, it will drive her crazy and turn her on because you’re indicating to her that you’re not insecure. Unfortunately, this is the part where girls will start to target your flaws and a lot of guys will get pissed off, walk away, go home and spend some quality time with Lisa Ann. Just think about it, if the interaction has already been going well for so long, unless she has a split personality, why would she try to offend you so blatantly. She’s only joking about so just go along with it!

I didn’t really want to put a shit related picture so here’s my desktop background. ☺

An example of a shit test against me:

Girl: You’re pretty short; you must have a tiny cock. (I’m only 5 foot 5 inches/167cm tall)
Me: Yeah, miniscule. I have special cock tweezers when I need a wank.
Girl: Hahahaha.

Shit Test Passed. I made out with her and, sorry to be so crude but for the sake honesty and brag rights, I got smelly fingers in the club. I could have become defensive and said something along the lines of, ‘Fuck you, you have a manly jawline and no, I have a huge cock! I’ll prove it! Did you know the size of a cock is not relative to the height of the individual... bla bla bla.’ Yeah, I would have probably lost the girl.

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

I hope you find this article interesting, leave all your comments are greatly appreciated in the box below!
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