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"Hi it's Steve from last night. Did you have a good night?"
Never, ever, send a text like this.
Things to do after number closing but before leaving the set:

1. Tell her you're going to text her tomorrow so it cancels out the whole 'timing of the text' situation.
2. Give her a missed call, so she has your number too.

Things you should never open with:

1. A text including 'Do you remember me?" She has the option to say 'No' even if she does.
2. Interview questions 'So what are your hobbies?" It's not match.com.
3. A long essay text.

Here's an AMAZING resource full of "text message openers".

Here are a few things that I have found to work from experience. I am sure there are more successful methods, but this is only my experience. Feel free to comment your suggesstions in the comments section.

The Text-Her-As-Soon-As-You-Get-Her-Number Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Reminding her of who you are.
2. Conveying a fun personality.

Personally, I would say do this everytime. Julien tends to always text his name to the girl, which is effective because a hot girl will give out her number to more guys than you think. This also saves you the trouble of the awkard, 'Hey, it's X from last night', opener. You can effectively open the next day with whatever you want. Julien tends to go with:

what are you doing tonight
I, however, go with something that Jeffy suggests, which is to send her a picture of yourself and tell her that it's so she remember who you are. The picture MUST be a ridiculous joke picture so that she knows you're only messing about, and that it doesn't seem as if you're 'taking precautionary measures' for not being memorable enough. I tend to send a picture of myself, photoshopped onto Superman's body. (See below... lol)


The Curiosity Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

Building on a quick number close.
Getting her to invest in texting you.
Stirring up intrigue.

I use this opener mainly when I've had a really quick number close, or when I think the interaction didn't go too well. I usually don't expect her to reply when I use this one, so you might as well call this opener a 'might as well' opener. I send a very simple text that would cause enough curiosity for her to send a text back. If she does reply, I send a another and build on this curiosity until she has invested enough of her time texting me, that it wouldn't make sense not to text further.


Me: OMG!
Girl: whaa?
Me: you are such a party pooper
Girl: How?
Me: You don't remember? Wow.. this is going to be so embarrassing for you...
Girl: What did I do??
Me: I'll tell you later, where are you from again?
Girl: North West London, you? Tell me what I did

The Snapchat Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Conveying a fun personality.
2. Getting closer to the girl.

Download Snapchat. This is an app where you can take pictures, and then either include a line of text or draw something with 'paint' tools. The picture, however, has a timer which the sender can select up to 10 seconds. So if you play your cards right, you have the potential for some saucy flashes from her.

That's a knee by the way.
While you're actually talking to the girl in person, tell her you want to add her on Snapchat. (It requires confirmation of a friend request). Girls sometimes give out their numbers to get rid of guys, however, the beauty of the confirmation also implies that you have her approval to message her before actually messaging! Snapchat is also a fun app that is commonly only used between people that know each other, so now that you have her as a contact, you are one step further away from 'just that guy from last night'.

The Whatsapp Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Stopping long essay messages.
2. Reminding her of who you are through a picture.

Download Whatsapp. I see sending texts as old as sending letters by mail. Whatsapp is an instant messaging service and therefore you can almost converse with each other like a face-to-face conversation, instead of long essays. The fact that you can upload a profile picture on Whatsapp also means you have a way of just saying "Hey" and she will know who you are, hopefully.

The Continue-The-Joke Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Reminding her of who you are, without actually telling her.
2. Reminding her of your fun personality.

If you and the girl shared an inside joke when you met, simply open along the same theme. DO NOT persist on the joke, otherwise it communicates you're treasuring the initial interaction far too much.

Example: I created a scenario between me and a girl that we should fly to Vegas, get drunk and get married.
Text opener: Hi hunny, I've got the flights booked.

After a bit of banter over about 2 or three texts, I changed the topic to when we should actually meet up.

Click here for a more detailed description of how to text girls and set up dates.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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