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Unlike when you were a kid, now that you've had pubes for several years, getting a number really is not that big a deal. The ironic part is if you want to get numbers, you have to see it this way.


Stop Seeing Getting The Number Like This:


Fuck me! This task is huge!... Wow, this is hard to open.


If I try hard enough, I will eventually get the treasure.


Instead See It Like This!



A key reason why some guys tend to put so much emphasis on getting a girl's number is because they don't even realise why they are asking for it. When you don't know why you're getting the number, the girl won't know why either. So even if you get a girl's number, it does not mean you have scored, and neither does it guarantee that you will.

Instead of simply teaching you how to get a number, this article will explain how to get a number AND improve your results from the number.

There are only three reasons for why you would want to get a girl's number:

1. You want to see her again and go on a date.

2. You didn't get to fuck her on the night, but there's still hope!

3. You want to build up confidence, so you're just getting the reference.

In each scenario, if you just simply ask the girl for her number, there is a high chance that you'll get it. However, the likelihood of her responding afterwards is debatable.

However, girls also give out their number for three reasons:

1. They want to get rid of you.

2. They think that you're kind of cool, and maybe in the moment or due to alcohol, they'll give you a shot.

3. They genuinely want to further the interaction. (This is the one you want!)

1. You Want To See Her Again And Go On A Date.

Okay, so you've been talking to a girl for around twenty minutes or so. You think you can see yourself going on a date with this girl because you both like the exact same type of Subway sandwich; chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, lots of jalapeƱos, pickles, a bit of black pepper, and shit loads of Southwest sauce. Yum. thumbs up

But can she see you guys going on a date? This may just be a fun conversation to her, because remember, girls get hit on all the time.

You need to put the idea in her head that you guys should actually meet up. It doesn't have to be some Inception mind manipulation shit, but you need to do it in a light-hearted manner. If you're too serious, then you're putting too much pressure on the date.

Example: "You know what, I can't stand Subway with my friends. They just don't understand my needs! We should have a Subway appreciation society. We'll be the founding members. First meeting, let's say Thursday?"(You can always change the details of the date later).

Now, how to actually get the number:

If the interaction has been going reasonably well, don't be surprised if she says, "So here's my number, so call me maybe?" This is because she now has a reason to give you her number.

However, if you need to get the number, don't ruin everything by auto piloting the line: "So, can I have your number?"

When you ask a girl for her number, it's like you're saying:
"Have I done enough to impress you for your number?"

You need to assume that she will give you her number and convey this feeling to her. I just get my phone out mid-conversation and give it to her! You need to tell her that you are taking her number down. Don't think of this as her having to give you her number out of politeness.

When you tell a girl you're taking her number down, it's like you're saying:
"I don't need your permission to take your number down because it's obvious we're on the same wavelength."

As a bonus, this also builds attraction because you're showing intent, you're not beating around the bush and you generally have good social skills.


2. You Didn't Get To Fuck Her On The Night, But There's Still Hope!

If your plan is to fuck a girl on the night, then the number should be like the fat kid in a marathon, the last thing to cross your mind... and the finish line. Again, when you assume that you will fuck the girl on the night, you shouldn't even want the number.

The point of getting a number is so that you have a way to continue a successful interaction at a more convenient time. If your aim is to fuck the girl, and you get the girl's number, what does this communicate? You don't intend on fucking her tonight. Instead, you could be using this time to escalate so you're making out with her and turning her on.

If your aim is to fuck her, then you should only even think of getting the number after you've tried to fuck her, (by this I mean when you know you won't be seeing her again, so maybe at the end of the night) but the circumstances would not allow you to do so. So, for example, she can't abandon her friend on her birthday, or you've got no where to go with some privacy, or, I dunno, somebody stole your cock and you'll get it back tomorrow.

Follow the advice from the previous point on how to actually get a number. Remember to indicate to her why you want her number. If you want to be only want to be physical with her when you meet up, tell her! This way there are no surprises when you meet up. So, for example, if you've been making out with her, then tell her something as simple and retarded as, 'We should do this again some time.'


3. You Want To Build Up Confidence, So You're Just Getting The Reference.

If you're new to 'pick up' and you don't have much experience with women, you probably just want to focus on improving your confidence when it comes to getting a number before trying to improve results. Like any skill, you can't attempt to learn everything at once.

Follow the advice on the right way to actually get the number, however, if you are truly terrified of getting a girl's number then do this:

Practice Makes Perfect: Make it your aim for the night to get as many numbers as you can. This doesn't mean if there's an opportunity to pull then you reject it, however, it should not be a priority.

At this point you're focussing on quantity, not quality: Your aim is to improve your confidence in getting numbers, so however well a set is going attempt to get a number. Most of them won't reply, but you don't care about the results, you just want to win a personal battle.


I'm not saying that I'm the Superman of pick-up, but when I go clubbing I will always leave with at least a number or two. Why? Because it's so damn easy to get a girl's number. This means my phone memory gets full very quickly, but it also means that I can become a bit lazy when it comes to getting better with women.

I think that just because I have a whole phone book full of random girl's numbers, that I have got great game. What you need to do to overcome this plateau, is to delete the numbers of girls who are a lost cause. If you weren't successful with a girl: delete her! There will always be more girls, and if you got all those numbers once, you can do it again. That's what a reference is.

The reason I write this is because of RSD Julien's video about 'comfort cushions' and bringing yourself back down to 'ground zero'. Keeping all of those numbers will the leverage you need to get better with women! They are merely a comfort cushion feeding your ego.

For more information on this, here's Julien's video!

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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