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"Hi it's Steve from last night. Did you have a good night?"
Never, ever, send a text like this.
Things to do after number closing but before leaving the set:

1. Tell her you're going to text her tomorrow so it cancels out the whole 'timing of the text' situation.
2. Give her a missed call, so she has your number too.

Things you should never open with:

1. A text including 'Do you remember me?" She has the option to say 'No' even if she does.
2. Interview questions 'So what are your hobbies?" It's not match.com.
3. A long essay text.

Here's an AMAZING resource full of "text message openers".

Here are a few things that I have found to work from experience. I am sure there are more successful methods, but this is only my experience. Feel free to comment your suggesstions in the comments section.

The Text-Her-As-Soon-As-You-Get-Her-Number Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Reminding her of who you are.
2. Conveying a fun personality.

Personally, I would say do this everytime. Julien tends to always text his name to the girl, which is effective because a hot girl will give out her number to more guys than you think. This also saves you the trouble of the awkard, 'Hey, it's X from last night', opener. You can effectively open the next day with whatever you want. Julien tends to go with:

what are you doing tonight
I, however, go with something that Jeffy suggests, which is to send her a picture of yourself and tell her that it's so she remember who you are. The picture MUST be a ridiculous joke picture so that she knows you're only messing about, and that it doesn't seem as if you're 'taking precautionary measures' for not being memorable enough. I tend to send a picture of myself, photoshopped onto Superman's body. (See below... lol)


The Curiosity Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

Building on a quick number close.
Getting her to invest in texting you.
Stirring up intrigue.

I use this opener mainly when I've had a really quick number close, or when I think the interaction didn't go too well. I usually don't expect her to reply when I use this one, so you might as well call this opener a 'might as well' opener. I send a very simple text that would cause enough curiosity for her to send a text back. If she does reply, I send a another and build on this curiosity until she has invested enough of her time texting me, that it wouldn't make sense not to text further.


Me: OMG!
Girl: whaa?
Me: you are such a party pooper
Girl: How?
Me: You don't remember? Wow.. this is going to be so embarrassing for you...
Girl: What did I do??
Me: I'll tell you later, where are you from again?
Girl: North West London, you? Tell me what I did

The Snapchat Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Conveying a fun personality.
2. Getting closer to the girl.

Download Snapchat. This is an app where you can take pictures, and then either include a line of text or draw something with 'paint' tools. The picture, however, has a timer which the sender can select up to 10 seconds. So if you play your cards right, you have the potential for some saucy flashes from her.

That's a knee by the way.
While you're actually talking to the girl in person, tell her you want to add her on Snapchat. (It requires confirmation of a friend request). Girls sometimes give out their numbers to get rid of guys, however, the beauty of the confirmation also implies that you have her approval to message her before actually messaging! Snapchat is also a fun app that is commonly only used between people that know each other, so now that you have her as a contact, you are one step further away from 'just that guy from last night'.

The Whatsapp Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Stopping long essay messages.
2. Reminding her of who you are through a picture.

Download Whatsapp. I see sending texts as old as sending letters by mail. Whatsapp is an instant messaging service and therefore you can almost converse with each other like a face-to-face conversation, instead of long essays. The fact that you can upload a profile picture on Whatsapp also means you have a way of just saying "Hey" and she will know who you are, hopefully.

The Continue-The-Joke Opener!

Serves the purpose of:

1. Reminding her of who you are, without actually telling her.
2. Reminding her of your fun personality.

If you and the girl shared an inside joke when you met, simply open along the same theme. DO NOT persist on the joke, otherwise it communicates you're treasuring the initial interaction far too much.

Example: I created a scenario between me and a girl that we should fly to Vegas, get drunk and get married.
Text opener: Hi hunny, I've got the flights booked.

After a bit of banter over about 2 or three texts, I changed the topic to when we should actually meet up.

Click here for a more detailed description of how to text girls and set up dates.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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If you're reading this, you're either a member of RSDnation, or you've come across this article via Google. Either way, you will learn some important information!

If you have a problem or a query and you're not too sure where to go for help: what do you do? You get on Google and you type in: Can you microwave chicken after five days? This is because the internet is now the most easy accessible, as well as the largest, and most rapidly growing source of information that you can get. You'd probably do this for any part of life, whether it's advice on interview skills for a job, or how to cope with depression. 

So why would you want to dismiss the massive archives of dating advice?

I know why. It's your big, fat, stupid ego.

If you were, or are, part of the RSDnation dating advice forums, you would understand that there are two things in life that that all guys think they can do. All guys think that, if it came down to it, they can win a fight and that they can talk to girls. Therefore seeking help on the internet in talking to women, is something that goes against your ego and your sense of manhood.

Well, just like how you need to learn a martial art in order to win consistently, you need to learn to talk to women in order to score consistently. There is no shame in seeking help from dating advice forums and when you're getting the 10s in clubs, your friends will look at you in amazement from this secret knowledge!

For more information on letting go of your ego.

Talking To Women Is A Skill!

I'm sure that if you play a musical instrument, you would sometimes go on YouTube and look up how to play a certain piece of music, or look at other musicians for inspiration. Let's say you're stuck on a particular level of a video game, we'll go with Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you would go on gaming forum in order to find out how to pass the Water Temple. (What a with all those water switches eh?)

Dating advice forums should be viewed in the same context. This is a database where you can find the answers to whatever questions are haunting you about women. If you have a specific question, the beauty of these forums is that you can actually post yourself and get an answer back within minutes!

As with any other skill you wish to get better at, you must learn off other people. Even if you learned to play the guitar yourself, you probably still watched and listened to guitar players in order to learn from them. With women, you could watch successful guys with girls at clubs, sure, but success with women is a lot more complicated than just 'doing stuff.'

How would you understand their mentality, why they did what they did? They probably don't even know!

Dating advice forums can break this down step by step.

Why RSDnation?

RSDnation is a dating advice forum where you are sure to get information based on expert experience. You could go to other dating advice forums, where a lot of the answers are from people who assume they are good with women, but how can you be sure of their credentials?

With RSD
 nation, the users are followers of Real Social Dynamics principles which come from the observations of the instructors who have spent years devoting their life, going out every night, and mastering the art of pick up and dating.

Try posting on the forums of another website, and you will find that you get contradicting answers. Which one is correct? When you post on RSDnation, the fundamentals of the answers will all be similar, although they may be expressed through different styles. All of which are proven to work!

The Benefits Of Dating Advice Forums

1. More Information Than You Know Existed: Especially with RSDnation, you will be shocked at the amount of things you are doing wrong with women. When you see posts on a regular dating advice forum, they tend to have simple solutions to complicated problems.

2. Expert knowledge: Dating advice forums are a place where knowledgeable people are committed to helping you. This is the sole reason for the website. You could ask your friends who are good with women for help, but they will tell you something generic like, 'be confident dude,' or, 'just don't give a fuck.' 

However, they don't even know how they are confident! An issue such as confidence can be broken down into so many layers, and if you don't have any, then you're going to need to do some studying!

3. The Truth About Women: On the RSDnation dating advice forums, you get answers from men. Believe it or not, if you ask the average women she will know absolutely NOTHING about what attracts her to a guy. She may think she does, however, I can guarantee it's wrong.

Guy: How would you want a guy to approach you in a bar?
Girl: He should just be himself and say 'hello'. That way I'll know he's a nice guy.

This is absolute bullshit. When you talk to guys on these forums, they can give you an honest and scientific response based on the evidence from their experiences.

4. Field Reports: Once you get on the dating advice forums, if you start a blog of writing 'field reports', meaning keeping a log of your interactions with women, you can literally increase your skill just by the taking on board the feedback given online!

5. Inspiration: By reading the field reports of other people, you can read about their successes and some of the stories are so insane, that they should inspire you! You'll find stories of the average Joe finally getting that dream girl he's always wanted, to stories of freaky looking college students seducing MILFS. You may even find stories concerning threesomes and foursomes! Give it ago, you'll be surprised!

6. Grow From Your Successes: A lot of guys involved in the pick up community have lots of friends, however, many of these friends are sceptical towards the idea of learning to be successful with women for the reasons mentioned earlier on in this article. Dating advice forums give you a space where you can not only improve your game via feedback on your sticking points, but you can also describe your successes, which is a healthy part of growth in any skill! Even if you don't know who is congratulating you, it is better than no applause whatsoever!


To reiterate: Let go of your ego. If you want to be good at anything in life, you must study and master it. Dating advice forums are the key to learning process.


Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.

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You've seen it on television. Charlie Harper flirting with women in the grocery store. Barney Stinson picking up women on the street. Will Smith charming ladies in the doctor's office. There is no reason why you cannot do the same!


A lot of people have this assumption that you can only talk to women in places they expect to be talked to, such as a nightclub. However, if you look at this in a positive light and take advantage of this social conditioning, then you can achieve wonders in meeting women anywhere, because everybody likes a pleasant surprise!

Advantages of talking to women during the day:

1. In a nighttime social environment, the woman expects to be hit on and therefore she has options.

2. Talking to a woman during the day goes against the norm, and therefore displays incredible confidence.

3. You don't need to be 'different' from the other guys during the day, so you can use more conventional methods of 'game'.

4. A lot of girls assume that the endless guys that hit on them at night clubs are clones. They might reject you at night for this reason, but will actually give you a shot during the day because you're not going to fall into this category.

You can talk to girls anywhere, but here are some suggestions.

1. The Street


Everybody assumes that nobody wants to be interrupted on the street. This is because people are usually on their way somewhere and therefore must not have the time to talk. You must adopt the mentality of self-worth and delude yourself into thinking, "why wouldn't she want to stop and talk to me?" Of course, there could be a variety of reasons for why she wouldn't, however, if you think about all these reasons then you will never approach. Ignorance is bliss.

On the street, simply walk up to a girl like you would at night. You don't need the high-energy openers than you would use in a nightclub because you don't need to match the high energy level of the environment.

As you are going to surprise her by talking to her during the day, you can literally tell her, "I just had to stop you right there because you're quite intriguing!" This might come across as 'lower value' at night because of the endless guys telling her that in the space of five hours, however, there is no competition during the day and therefore, you just come across as confident, but more importantly, you come across genuine.

Social conditioning doesn't always have to be seen in a negative light as previously mentioned. She is probably living under the same assumptions that everybody is in a rush. You could actually imply this to her too!

Stop her and tell her, "Look I'm in a massive rush and I wish I could talk to you more, but you're very pretty and I'd kick myself later if I didn't attempt to ask you for your number." Once again, you're indicating that you are genuine, but because of the time constraint you want to continue the conversation later!

2. The Park


If you see a girl alone in the park, let's say she's going for a walk, simply adopt the same mind-set as the previous example! However, the good thing about a park is that you can also use the environment to your advantage.

A park is a place suited to fun and relaxation. If you're with your mates, you could simply invite some girls to join in on whatever you're doing. It could be kicking a ball, or a picnic or whatever! The beauty in this is that, like in a nightclub, you are simply being fun. This is what girls are attracted to.

3. A Restaurant


This is a tricky one. For me personally, I don't like to interrupt people whilst they are eating. Not particularly because I'm scared that she'll throw her boiling hot soup in my face, but because I know how much I personally like to enjoy a good meal without focussing on anything else. Also, if you interrupt her during a meal, there's a possibility that she might reject you simply because she's too embarrassed to talk to you if she's eating something like garlic or onions!

What I'd do is make my move before she receives her dish, ideally as she enters, or if you're still there as she's leaving, approach her then.

Before: "Hi. I'm going to talk to you now before you get your meal..."

After: "Hi. I didn't want to interrupt you whilst you were eating, but now that you've finished, I had to talk to you..."

Depending on the type of restaurant, I'd say either fast food or a cafe for this one, if you see a girl eating alone then don't be afraid to approach her and just say, 'You look like you hate eating alone. Come join me, I'm X." Remember to tell to join you, instead of asking if you can join her, because this way it will seem as if you're trying to do a nice thing for her!

4. The Gym


AMOGs and testosterone EVERYWHERE. However, there is no harm in trying. The thing about the gym is that it is a members only environment, so you'll be sure to bump into the girl again if you hit on her. You can't let this become awkward if it fails. You could go about this one of two ways.

1. Just have some general banter with the girl, not getting too sexual, but obviously show intent; not enough for her to reject you for that reason anyway. You could build up a friendly, yet flirtatious, relationship with the girl over the next few visits to the gym. Once she gets to know you, you could make plans to meet up.

2. Hit on her straight away. If she rejects you, just like in a nightclub, shrug it off and just re open her the next time you come to the gym. At least the second time, you're not that 'one off guy' who hit on her at the gym. Show persistence!

5. The Grocery Store


Once again, you could open in any way you want, however, here's your chance to be cheesy, if that's your style.

Admittedly I did this when I was tipsy doing a beer run at the supermarket at 9PM. I walked up to a girl, purposely from behind, with two bags of peanuts and asked her, "Excuse me, could you help me with my nuts?" She turned around looked baffled. "Yeah, I can't pick between chilli or honey roasted... Wait, why are you looking like that? Oh! No! You have a dirty mind!"

With the amount of products available, the possibilities are endless!

6. A Class


No, this doesn't mean go back to school. This means any kind of class that you take, even as an adult. At university, I joined the boxing club. I was expecting to spend two hours every Tuesday and Thursday surrounded by giant guys. However, what I found was that I also met some pretty normal girls who happened to be into boxing, which is rare to find! I didn't try to sleep with them, but the point is that you could meet girls of any kind of interest you may have if you go and take a class on it!

7. The Theatre or Museum


Similar to the point above. The key point about the theatre or museum, is that you in an environment where people share a common interest! After the play finishes, or as you're looking at a painting, strike up a conversation about it because you're lucky that you already know that you share something in common. Remember though, just like in a nightclub, make sure not agree with everything she says if you do have a different opinion, and obviously, show intent! Otherwise, you're just going to end up with a new friend to see plays with.

Telling you that 'the night club' is a good place to pick up girls is too vague. Let's break it down.

1. The Line


I mean this is in a completely non-rapey way, but take advantage of the fact that in the nightclub line, she cannot walk away from you! Even if you get rejected, keep talking! There is nothing more awkward than standing next to a set of girls for twenty minutes after they've rejected you! You might as well try to recover the set!

2. The Smoking Area


If you like to complain that clubs are too noisy, then you'll love this one. Even if you don't smoke, this is the one part of the club where you can actually have a conversation with a girl without having to yell. Just remember, people are typically a lot more chilled out in the smoking area, and there's usually a lot more light than the rest of the club, so keep in mind that girls will be less prone to high-energy openers! They could still work though, but use common sense!

3. The Dance Floor


Stop complaining that the dance floor is too noisy to have a conversation with a girl. The phrase, 'time and place' could not be more appropriate. Since it's too noisy to talk: Don't! This is your chance to skip all the dialogue and just be physical straight away! If people are having high-energy fun on the dance floor, you have to match this, otherwise you're not going to grab the set's attention.

Do not go in to a set expecting a conversation. Your opener should be anything physical, whether it's simply dancing WITH them, NOT around them, or taking a girl's hand and pulling her towards you.

4. The Street... Again!


If you notice that before people get into the club at 10pm, they are often crazier than when they are actually inside. Why? People tend to have 'pre-drinks' before entering the club, usually to save money on expensive club prices and, more importantly, to get into the mood for a night out. When they get inside, they have either sobered up slightly from standing in a queue for ages, or they need to act a little more civilised to avoid being thrown out by the bouncer.

If you approach girls before they get in the club, they may be in a friskier mood, and although they won't home with you right at the beginning of the night, this is a great opportunity to have some fun and create rapport.

Similarly at the end of the night, the street is where people can let loose because they are no longer in a crowded in environment and therefore less self-conscious. They have also built up their 'buying temperature' from the hours of positive emotions from being in the club.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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To answer the question, 'what is a real man', we must first define what 'real man' means. This is quite an ambiguous question as 'real' could mean so many different things. Is the man on television? Is he even alive? Is he a figment of your imagination? I think the most sensible rephrasing of 'real man', in this context anyway, is to ask: 

'What Is An Alpha-Male?'


Warning: This is not a real man. This is a Lego man.

So what is an 'alpha-male' then you ask? Well, most people would think it's biggest fella in the room. Well they're not completely wrong, because once upon a time this was true when the small tribes of the human race needed the leadership of a physically dominant figure to perform tasks such as hunting.

The characteristics of an alpha-male remain the same, however, as the human race has advanced its technology, the physically dominant alpha-male has become an anachronism. In a modern situation anybody, regardless of genetics, can be an alpha-male. Let's define the timeless characteristics of an alpha-male using examples of how you can use these qualities in a social setting, and let's use this knowledge to bring out the potential in YOU to become a real man!

1) Leadership

In a social setting, you don't necessarily have to demonstrate leadership like an RSD instructor on boot camp leading his troops 'in field' to do this.

The Answer: Being The Center Of Attention!


Being the center of attention requires you to lead the character of the entire group interaction. The key to this is being able to express your thoughts and opinions with passion and enthusiasm on a completely open basis in whatever conversation you're having.

A key part of being the center of attention is to truly speak your mind. Forget about the unspoken rules of social conditioning, for example, being polite and avoiding taboo topics with strangers. Obviously you don't have to be controversial for the sake of it, so don't start telling racist jokes, however, if you have a thought that counters the opinion of the majority, then you should contribute it to the conversation.

For example: If everyone in your conversation is appreciating the music of Michael Jackson, however, you have your doubts about his innocence in the paedophile accusations, don't be afraid to go against the MJ fans and speak your mind. This is what will make you interesting. Even if everyone is hating on you, and you're not scoring compatibility points with the group, you're being a real man and indicating that you're not afraid to express your opinions! You can always recover a set.

If there is a conversation occurring that you don't want to take part in, as a real man, you don't have the option to sit back and listen. You lead the character and therefore you must change it according to your needs. Don't see this as being selfish or narcissistic, because if you're not leading the interaction, then somebody else will!

2) Protection

I've got two years of boxing experience up my sleeve. I may not be able to knock out Floyd Mayweather Jr., but this will probably keep me relatively safe in a nightclub should anything kick off. You won't, however, see me initiate a fight. Ever. This is because prevention is better than the cure!

The Answer: Being Able To Diffuse Other Potentially Hostile Alpha Males.


In order to do this, you need to play with banter in the sport of AMOGing. This is the art of being able to fend off other alpha-males in a nonviolent manner. As anybody can be an alpha-male, you don't have to show any dominant physical attributes to do this; you just need to develop your wit! There are so many possible ways in which you could AMOG, but Jeffy will probably explain it better!

Watch 11:30 onwards for the relevant section.

3) Genuine Happiness

You can be in a state of happiness at a club whilst you're dancing to your favourite tune, or when alcohol takes over and makes you that little bit merrier, but is that genuine happiness really going to be portrayed when you're conversing with a lady? What about if you've had a night of endless rejections?

The Answer: Maintain A Positive Lifestyle!


Alpha-males, or real men, are designated the responsibility of dealing with external threats, however, you cannot deal with external threats, if you have internal threats haunting you. Well, in a way, not being able to get a woman is an external threat to you because you cannot pass your genes on to the next generation!

Alpha-males throughout history have maintained positive lifestyles. For example, if the caveman did not have a successful hunt, then wouldn't just give up and let the tribe starve, he would remain positive and hunt again because people are depending on him!

When you are rejected, the mentality of maintaining a positive lifestyle should kick in, because you are the person that you behave as the most. If you're a positive person in the other areas of your life, then when it comes to rejection, you will see it as nothing but a learning experience. In fact, you should be positive to the point that you should be happy that you were rejected because it allows you to identify your flaws, which is all part of the learning process.

4) Confidence

You could muster up all your courage and go talk to the girl whilst trying to regulate your heart beat and remain cool so she doesn't see the giant sweat patches. It could work, sure, however it's not genuine and if you do get rejected, she'll see the switch back to your original pathetic state.

The answer: Develop A True Sense Of Self-Worth.


What a real man understands is that he is enough for any woman, and although some may not like him, he, as a person, is enough to be with them. This is the core of what confidence is. It is not how you look on a particular occasion that gives you confidence or what you can do for the woman. 

This confidence comes from truly knowing who you are as individual. When you truly know your passions, your successes, your failures, your interests and your general path in life, then you can develop this inner confidence.

This is why real men have such a laid back view of rejection. Rejection is so insignificant to their lives that confident guys that they have learned to let go of the outcome of an interaction and just be themselves. Why? Because their value in the interaction is superior and therefore feel no need to impress anybody to feel good about themselves!

Being rejected by another human being, who you know nothing about and knows nothing you, should be such an insignificant occurrence. It's the girl's loss for not wanting to know a guy who knows who he is and what he wants from life!

5) Choice Of Women

Don't get this point wrong. I'm not advocating that you can simply 'have' any woman you like as if they're commodities. This point is more in the mentality and how you present yourself in the social environment.

The Answer: Display Social Proof


A real man is somebody who can display that he desirable to other females. By talking to many women in a social environment through the evening, you will display this image to the entire room.

When it comes to being rejected in a social setting, if you let the rejection alter your mood and your self-worth, then this will be apparent to the entire room. Your 'social proof' amongst women will decline and so will your attraction. Just laugh it off and hit on the next girl!

A common flaw in 'beta-males' is that they believe, through the influence of social conditioning, that the woman has higher value, that she must be chased, and that she must be impressed. A real man does not seek to impress as we have previously discussed, and instead of being the one selling himself, he becomes the buyer. This doesn't mean that he plays 'hard to get' because that is still a selling technique.

As discussed, the real man will know that he enough for any woman. He also, importantly, understands that there is no guy on the planet that every woman will be attracted to. He therefore simply picks woman he likes best out of the ones that appreciate him for himself.

This doesn't mean that he just simply won't try to get women, but it means that he won't jump on the first one that responds positively to him. If you want to be a real man, you cannot be afraid to even reject girls. If you're feeling particularly ballsy, you could even stop talking to a girl mid-conversation if you see a girl walking by that you prefer! It's not mean. Women do it to you all the time. Why? They know they have a choice of men!


Now that you know what defines a real man, please refer to the articles on my blog, in particular keywords referring to 'body language' and 'intent' on how specific behaviours of an alpha-male!


Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.

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Knowing how to read body language is perhaps one of the greatest skills you could ever possess in life. Imagine having the superpower to be able to know what somebody is really thinking, if they are concealing information, or being able to know what they're planning on doing before they do it!

It's you and your wingman!

You can learn about specific body languages that can benefit you in any role, whether you are a poker player, a police officer or a teacher. There is so much you could study that you'd need some serious research to cover it all, however, here are a few tips that will help you to read body language in a social environment that not many people know about. 

1. The Head!

I'm not going to go through reading the body language of the eyes and the 'poker face' because there are so many references to this in modern culture that people sometimes make a conscious effort to conceal their 'tells'. Instead, I will point out how to read the body languages that people are not aware of, which will give you a much truthful insight to their feelings and intentions.

Revelation 1 - The Head Tilt: People tilt their heads when they are comfortable. Think of a couple watching television. You'll often find the girl, it can be the guy sometimes, resting her head on the guy's shoulder. Now think of it the other way around. When you wake up in the middle of the night because you've heard something, your body is on full alert because it is preparing for danger and your neck will be upright.


If you're trying to read body language and you notice that a girl's head is tilted whilst talking to you, then this is a very good indication that she feels comfortable around you!

Revelation 2 - The Fake Smile: When you're on the look out for a real or fake smile, you need to examine how the face looks as a whole. A real smile will naturally make the corners of the mouth move up towards the eyes and forcing them to gently squint. The ears will also slightly rise.


A fake smile will have the corners of the mouth heading for the ears. There will be little movement in the eyes and ears. It will basically look like nothing has changed about their face apart from their mouth.

2. The Legs And Feet!


Revelation 1 - Crossing of the Legs: If you notice that somebody is crossing their legs whilst in conversation with you, this is a good thing. When you cross your legs, you are disabling yourself from using them and diminishing your balance. This is a subconscious indication that the person feels safe enough around you to abandon their getaway vehicle! (The legs) Think about why boxers put so much emphasis on their stance and footwork! They do it to allow maximum freedom and balance to avoid the danger that they are in!


Revelation 2 - Feet Positioning: Evolution has taught us that our legs have been crucial to our survival. They are you in the fight or flight mechanism that kicks in when we are confronted with danger. They have been used to escape predators through the action of running, or if needed, to fight them off through kicking. We still use them in same way today in the face of modern threats.

Let's say you're talking to a pretty girl at the bar, and you think the conversation is going well because she's still standing there. The direction of her feet can tell you exactly if she truly wants to continue talking to you or not. If you're talking to her and her torso is facing you, yet he feet are pointing away from you and towards the nearest exit, then that is the direction she wants to go in.

Now let's say you tell her a hilarious joke about the bartender looks like 'fat Jesus' from The Hangover, and she changes the direction of her feet towards you, you will now know that you have her attention!

Revelation 3 - Weight Shifting: If you're sitting down with a girl and talking over a few drinks, but you're not sure if she wants to remain with you, observe where how her weight is balanced. A good way of spotting this is if she puts both hands on the knees and leans forwards. She is shifting the weight onto her feet in preparation to stand up, even if she doesn't know it!


Conversely, look at it the other way around. If you're relaxing watching your favourite television programme, then you are going to be sitting lounged back with your weight placed on your back, leaning against the cushion, because you have no intention of leaving! In this position, you may even put your legs up on the coffee table to rid yourself of any weight placed upon them and, once again, you are disabling your legs.

3. The Arms And Hands!

Revelation 1 - The Guard: Just like how the primary function of our legs is our means of transportation, which can help us to escape in the face of danger, the primary purpose of our arms is for defence against danger. Back to the boxing example: Boxers put their guard up against their chest and chin to protect the most vulnerable parts of their anatomy. Therefore, when you 'guard' in a social environment, you diminish rapport with everybody by communicating that you feel threatened.


Who would you rather have a conversation with?

A common stance for beta-males in a bar is to stand with a drink against the chest. You must have seen this before, and the idea is to look cool, however, it just doesn't look right. It's the same principle with crossing your arms. You're blocking off your torso and indicating that you are not comfortable with people having access to your vital organs.

Revelation 2 - The Thumbs: Another common reading of body language is the visibility of the thumbs. If you want to stand with your hands in your pockets, that's fine, however, if you want to convey comfort and confidence, then put all your fingers in your pockets and leave the thumbs hanging out. Concealing the thumbs shows a sign of weakness because you are fully disabling your arms should a danger arise. At least with the thumbs out, you have easy access to a 'guard position.' With the thumbs out, it also stops the shoulders from sinking down because as the thumb rests on the pocket itself, the shoulders have something to hold them up.

null                               null
Who looks more confident?

Revelation 3 - The Palms: The palms are a huge indicator of trust. Think about the situations where you would desperately want to indicate trust.

Perhaps you're a soldier; you would surrender with your palms facing the enemy.


Perhaps you're a soldier whose now been caught and you're pleading with the enemy on your knees, with your palms facing up.

When you're talking to a girl in a bar, if you want to see if she trusts you or not, try to gauge how much exposure you have to her palms. You should also try to show your palms as much as possible because it all counts in the sub communication! Tip: If you want to hold a girl's hand, you're much more likely to have success offering your hand with the palm facing up than down. (Sounds obvious doesn't it? Well, now you know for sure!)

For more information regarding how to read body language, please refer to my article specifically on body language attraction, which deals more with how to look like an alpha-male and to portray confidence.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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 Let's define what the 'F' word actually means. Flirting is basically behaving in a manner that creates sexual tension. A lot of guys do not realise that men and women flirt in different ways. They simply see flirting as making suggestive comments to a woman, and although you may find that as a sign of flirting when a woman does it to you, it's not going to work on her. Read on and be enlightened!


Women are turned on not by what you say, but rather the vibe you create in the sub communication. Your whole attitude should be playful with an underlying tone of sexual intent. You don't need to be Shakespeare so here are some essential flirting tips you be adopting when talking to women that will increase your success!

Please note: Every girl is different so if something doesn't work on one, don't give up, go home, and cry to Lisa Ann because you know she'll always love you.

Flirting Tip 1 - Creating A Sexual Vibe From The Beginning!

If you start flirting with the girl ten minutes into the interaction, it's going to be weird not only for her, but also for you! She's going to be thinking, "Wait, we were just talking. Where did that come from?" She thought you were good old average Joe, who came to the club to talk to strangers about the awesomeness of bananas. She doesn't want to sleep with you because you never put the idea in her head that you guys have a potential to hook up!


You need to hit on her, personally I'd say, within the first minute of your interaction so she knows why you are talking to her, and that you are a flirtatious character. Any flirting that occurs afterwards is just regarded as normal to the interaction.

Important: Even if she rejects your initial flirting attempts, if she's carrying on the conversation, then you haven't necessarily been 'friend zoned'. Stay in set! Keep flirting with her and show her that you're persistent. She may like it!

Flirting Tip 2 - The Girl's Buying Temperature!

Following on from my last point about staying persistent; girls are not always going to flirt back instantly, however, it does not mean that they are a lost cause. When talking to a girl, you must consider the other variables that will affect her 'buying temperate'. Her 'buying temperature' is the likelihood that she will respond to you in a sexual manner.


Let's say you go out on a Friday evening. At 10 PM, people are still trying to de-stress after being at work all day so they are simply relaxing and blowing off steam. Around 12 AM, people are getting more influenced to have fun by the chaotic environment in the bar. By around 1 AM, after a build up of good emotions from partying for a few hours, people are really letting themselves loose.

If you try to flirt with a girl at 10 PM, but she does not reciprocate, however, you do manage to have a decent interaction with her, you can re approach and flirt with her later on in the night when her buy temperature is higher. If you maintain your flirtatious vibe, then she may respond well at this point.

Flirting Tip 3 - Negative Emotions Turn Into Sexual Tension!

If flirting is creating sexual tension, you need to create a certain degree of tension to begin with! Stop constantly telling the girl that she's beautiful. Once in a while, yes, compliment her, however don't become a broken record. Complimenting a girl too much subconsciously communicates a begging vibe. 

It's also okay to have a girl not like you during the whole interaction. If you're teasing her about her make up, it's still more exciting and she'll still more engaged in the interaction than if she had some guy going all Romeo and Juliet on her. If your conversation is like a light-hearted argument, she's subconsciously, or even consciously, going to think, "This guy has some balls! This is what he's probably like all the time, maybe even in the bedroom." Tension creates sexual tension!


My favourite example:
 I like to approach a girl in the smoking area and give her a lecture on how disgusting smoking is, how filthy she looks to me, and how disgusting her breath smells. About two minutes or so later, mid-conversation, I pull out a cigarette and start smoking. The reactions either go one of two ways:

1. "What the fuck! You fucking hipocrite! You gave this whole lecture..." (I deny it ever happened)
2. "Hahahahahahaha. That's a good one!"

Isn't this far more interesting and exciting than, "Yeah, I love smoking too! Smoking is so cool and relaxing. Girl's who smoke are really sexy."

What you need to understand is that it's not necessarily the words that are flirtatious, in fact there was nothing suggestive about anything I said, but rather the cheekiness and playfulness behind my actions that created the emotions.

Flirting Tip 4 - Body Language Is Sub-Communication Gold

Here's a fun task: Go up to a girl and just don't say anything. Obviously don't just stand there like an idiot, but try being flirty through just facial expressions and suggestive gestures. The reason you should do this is because you will realise how little words play in flirting. By not saying anything to her, first of all, you're indicating that you're confident enough to do such a strange thing. By eliminating words, you're forced to find other ways of flirting that are far more effective anyway.

You could charm a girl simply by walking over to her, smiling, and looking into her eyes. She'll probably say something like, "Okay..." Now you raise an eyebrow. She may start to find it funny! You can even compliment her without words. It can be something as simple as closing your eyes and placing your hands against your chest where your heart is. Then you can create a negative emotion by pointing at her and doing the bad smell sign with your hand!

"The Rock think's you've been a bad, bad girl."

This is just one example where you can create a flirtatious, playful vibe with words
. Don't memorise that routine. Go with the flow and flirt with body language! Obviously, after a while you can start talking... if you want to!

Body language is a vast topic, and for more information please refer to an article specifically on the subject in my blog.

Flirting Tip 5 - Vocal Tonality

Here's another fun task! Let's say you're in a really, really noisy environment, perhaps the dance floor. Go up to a girl and literally mumble some gibberish at her. Again, instead of focussing on the words, say everything in a suggestive tone.

If you think I'm starting go mad, here's evidence of what I mean.

"A boo boo, boo boo. Booo, boo, boo, BOO! boo.." I'm not saying this will work to get you laid, it might though, however the exercise is to prove to yourself that words mean nothing! She probably won't be able to hear what you are saying, however, she will understand the vibe that you are creating. You don't need words at all.

Half the time when I am on the dance floor and before I
 make out with a girl, I'm shouting random words at her in a suggestive manner, for instance, "EXCITED!" or "FUN!" with a smile. Girls usually have a much higher buying temperature while dancing, and most of the time they hate stupid conversations that interrupt their fun. She doesn't care, she just needs to know that you're confident and your intentions are to woo her.

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.

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In this article you will discover how to get a girl to like you using the methods that girls use to get guys with the freedom to choose who you can actually date! Once upon a time, most people thought that the world was flat. Although there had always been a few who had challenged the status quo, they were met with either hostility or ignored. The idea that you must find ways to get a girl to like you is as extinct, and as wrong, as claiming that the world is flat. [/b]Read on and be enlightened.

devil Which worthless loser shall I choose today? devil

Nowadays, the objections come from social conditioning. Hollywood and music lyrics are the chief culprits who indoctrinate society into believing that the man must impress the girl. The girl has higher value and she is a delicate flower blossoming in the spring, whilst you, you dirty-perverted-worthless-mut, must prove that you are worthy of her.

Lucky for you, the idea that you don't need to try and get a girl to like you, in order for her to like you, only affects you. So fuck the haters, read on, and enjoy your supreme sex life!


Now before you start thinking that my whole introduction can be summed up as 'Play Hard To Get', what I want to clear up is that the point of my article is: 'Don't Play Anything.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What Does 'Start Buying' Mean?


Why do you think it is easier for girls to get a guy they like, than vice-versa?

Do you really think that when a girl gets hit on ten times a night, every time that she is approached she thinks, 'Right. Another guy. How do I impress this one? Time to play hard to get!'

If you notice, most girls aren't really doing anything extraordinary when a guy starts talking to them except being themselves. What she is probably thinking is, 'Okay, let's see what this next loser has to say.' If she is surprised and sees some potential, only then she will begin to even think about how she will get the guy.

Even unattractive girls have this mentality because even they get hit on by countless guys, and the bottom line is that they know: There is no shortage of guys - there will always be another one.

When you go to the supermarket, you don't buy every single product. You buy the things you want based on how they will benefit you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are some changes you should make to your mentality in order to get a girl to like you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. You Have A Choice:

Guys will often get upset when they are rejected by a girl they don't even like! Think about how retarded that is! You don't even like her and you're getting upset!

It's like somebody shooting you in the arm and then crying that the experience is over!

Why should you need the validation of somebody you don't even know or like? Stop thinking that you didn't do enough to get her to continue a conversation and start thinking, 'Wow, I really don't like that bitch.' If you really can't stand talking to a girl, just don't bother! Don't even be afraid to reject her! Just walk away from the conversation like the countless number of girls have done to you. Just because you are a guy, it doesn't mean you can't have what you want.


2. Knowing That There Is An Abundance Of Women:

Following on from my point about being the buyer, the more you go out and speak to women, the more you will realise that you have an endless supply of women to talk to in the world. If you have found a girl who you have great chemistry with and find her easy to talk to, however she's just not interested, then don't force it!

Think of it like this: There is more than one bullet at a firing range, so go Rambo-mode and shoot everywhere. If you do happen to run out, come back the next day. (You might find a lot of gun references in this article. I'm not a psychopath, I'm just doing really well on Call of Duty today).

3. Letting Go Of The Outcome:

Remember when you are in a social environment, you are just socialising. You shouldn't see interacting with a girl as an obstacle to her pants. A lot of dating advice websites will tell you that in order to get a girl to like you, you should 'be yourself'.

The problem is not so much with the, 'be yourself' bit, but more the, 'in order to get a girl to like you, you must...', bit. You're using 'be yourself' as a method, a disguised method if I should add, of impressing her as if you're coming from this lower value position. If you're doing this, ironically, you are not actually 'being yourself'.

In order to truly be yourself, you must let go of focussing on the outcome of the interaction. If you're thinking too much about the goal, then you're not thinking of simply having fun in the moment. This is what girls are fundamentally attracted to. When talking to a girl, you need to just enjoy expressing your personality, your values, your interests, and basically, you.

Have fun being yourself. If she doesn't like it, she can go screw herself! shades


Stop seeing your interactions like this!

4. Be Yourself, Without Being The Dancing Monkey:

If you have interests and talents you want to show off to the girl, you should be showing them off because you are proud of them and the fact that you love talking about them or doing them. They should not be a bargaining chip for her panties. This is probably best explained through an unbelievably cringe example:

I love to sing and I know I'm pretty good at it. This is a big part of who I am. However, before I started learning all this stuff, I remember a girl telling me how she loves singers. Like the fat kid desperately running up to the ice cream van, I told tell her, "I can sing!". The standard response was, "Oh yay! I want to hear!" At this point, I would think, "Yes! I'm in! All I need to do is sing, which I'm awesome at so she'll be impressed!" 


So, of course, I would awkwardly sing my rendition of Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston and she'd be momentarily entertained. She wouldn't be attracted to me though, and in fact, she'd probably lose attraction. She's now thinking, "Wow, look how hard this guy is trying to impress me, he's even singing!"

A term used frequently by RSD Julien is that with whatever you want to do, "Your thoughts, words and actions must be aligned." In essence, you do what you want to, because it's YOUR decision to do so.

If I am talking to a girl now, and she mentions Michael Jackson, for instance, I'm not going to tell her, "I do a really good version of The Way You Make Me Feel. Want to hear?" I'll just start singing mid-conversation, "Tha Weey Ja Mayka Meh Feel, Ah Hee Hee Hee" I'll do it because I wanted to do it. If she gets weirded out, then she's not my type!

Say what you're thinking. Do what you want. Have fun. Let go of the outcome.

5. Stop Agreeing With Her:

Stop trying to be every girl's soul mate. 'The Game', like I frequently reiterate in my articles, is literally a game. Imagine you are playing a video game. You want some parts of the level to be easy so you can actually progress to the next stage, however, you do want to encounter challenges because this is what makes 'the game' exciting! This is how women see it too!

If you genuinely are into, for instance, politics and you find a girl who shares this interest, then yes you can tell her that. However, if you find out she's a conservative lady and you're a new age liberal hipster dude, don't alter you world view in order gain compatibility points with her. She's not going to think, "Oh my god! I finally found another conservative guy! I love him!" Remember, when girls are out socialising, they are just there to have fun. They are not hunting for their life partner! That's what dating websites are for.

Feisty! My kind of woman!

Exaggeration and sarcasm is a useful skill because it creates more emotions. Let's go back to the politics girl. What I would do is exaggerate how awesome it is that she is into politics, so for example, I would say, "Omg, we have so much in common. We should get married" Then let's when I find out that she's a conservative and I'm pretty liberal, I would exaggerate my dissapointment, "Oh my god! No no no! We are getting divorced tomorrow morning! How will we ever raise the kids!" The conversation is light-hearted and playful, and this is far more likely to gain you compatibility points anyway!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.

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angry OI YOU FUCKING CUNT! angry



Now That I Have Your Attention!

It is easy to get a girl's attention.

You could be that guy who goes up to her and taps her on the back followed by a friendly, 'Hello'. smile 

There you go. She acknowledged that you exist.

How to keep a girl's attention, however, is a secret that most guys will never, ever, know.

The problem that a lot of guys have is that they conquer approach anxiety, then when they talk to girls they don't get her heart rate racing. They don't want
to take risks, step over the line and break the boundaries of social conditioning!

Accept that if you truly want to 'be yourself' you are not going to be able to have a successful interaction with every girl. If you try to be neutral in hopes of getting good responses from all girls, then you will not be exciting. If you're exciting, you will get a huge range of different reactions - some terrible and some incredible. But bad reactions are not necessarily a bad thing!
 They are arouse interest.

 Potential For Success - High Low

Broken Rapport - Attention will be high because they are focussed on not liking you.

Neutral Rapport - Attention will be medium to low because nothing is really going on.

Good Rapport - Attention will be high because they focus on why they like you.


But how can you get laid from broken rapport? WTF?

What is the feeling when you orgasm? 

An orgasm a massive relief of tension, either good or bad. 

How are you going to get her in a position with a potential to orgasm if there is no tension to begin with?

If there is no excitement, you just become another conversation for the girl. She'd probably rather stare at the wall and save her voice for when she's screaming in bed with the exciting guy.

You can be exciting in so many different ways, but here are some unconventional ways that most guys don't know about.

1. Shock Her In Your Initial Approach.


The Three Second Rule: This beautiful rule is used to often treat sufferers of 'approach anxiety' so that they don't allow more than three seconds for the excuses to pile up in their heads. However, this rule should also be used so that it eliminates the time that a girl can notice you.

Some people say you need to approach directly in front of her, some say you need to walk at an angle, some say you need position yourself 42.7 degrees to the left of her first born child and approach her when the sun aligns with the moon only on a Sunday afternoon... Yeah, you have three seconds. Stop thinking and just go talk to her.

If you want to get and keep a girl's attention, then you can't let her build up her own idea of what you're like before you show her! It's okay if you're having fun with your friends and not really thinking of approaching her, however, if you're standing in the corner of a room gawking at her for five minutes forming an eclectic cocktail of jizz and drool on the floor below you, believe me, she will find it a lot creepier than if you go up instantly and tell her, 'Nice day isn't it. Love the tits. Good job.' She may find it funny.

Be Unbelievably Forward. Not Everything Is Rape: 'The Game' is literrally a game. Most guys will act like Goombas (see below). They will mindlessly walk around, and from time to time they'll do something mildly exciting. You need to be Super Mario. Think about when you have played a Super Mario game, you are literally running through the level like a lunatic and when you see a target, you don't think about what you're going to do, you just go jump on it! This is the mentality you need in order to shock a girl.

For example, while you're following the three second rule on the dance floor, just go up to your target and stick your arm out at her because you know she will hold it. When she does, you have her attention to interact with her so just yank her close to you! How many Goombas you reckon will act like this with a girl? 

null    null   nullnull

 do this all the time, and the other night I went up to girls, in their face, all night on the dance floor yelling, "You! Come on! Let's go!" You don't have to do this specifically but the reason I chose that example is because it shows why this is so effective. If you're suddenly demanding action from the girl with a sense of urgency, just like you, she doesn't have time to think either! She is suddenly in a new reality and you are the focus of it. One second she was dancing with her friends, and before she even realises, she's will this super confident guy! Although girls get hit on a lot, only a very small percentage of guys are that confident.

Super confidence and the ability to be forward is shocking and will command attention.

2. Excuse Me, Please Stop Being So Polite You Fucking Cuntburger.


If you want to keep a girl's attention, then you need to be the center of attention. This should not only be with your wingman, but with her friends too. How do you become the center of attention?
 Fuck social conditioning - go against the rules and people will be intrigued.

Society has programmed you to believe:

Don't be impolite.
Don't talk back.
Don't assume girls want sex.
Don't talk about taboos.
Don't swear.
Don't touch.
Don't demand.
Don't, Don't, Don't, Don't, Don't...

The only 'Don't' you need to obey is:

Don't Give A Fuck

This doesn't necessarily mean you have be a dick to the girl, I mean if you want to you can, but generally just ease up on the manners. Say what you want to say, even if it outrageous or taboo. The whole conversation should revolve around you. Girls absolutely hate making small talk and imagine the amount of conversations a night they have about their job, or where they are from. Talk about yourself! They already know who they are and, come on lets be honest, if you've just met the girl you don't really care about her job or if she comes to the venue often.

If you're talking to a girl and she's talking about something you don't want to talk about: change the topic mid-conversation! Even tell her, 'Okay, let's talk about me some more.' It's highly unlikely that she'll get pissed off and walk away. She may find your cheekiness attractive because, once again, you're shocking her to get attention.

When I say talk what you want to talk about, I mean it. If you have a really explicit story about how you got shat on by a girl in doggy style (happened to somebody I know!), just say it. Deal with the reaction after you've said it, because the more explicit or taboo the content is, the more attention you will command. If in doubt, do it anyway!

I highly recommend watching this Julien video for more information on being the center of attention.

3. What To Do If You Really Step Too Far:


Step 1. Humour: This will be best explained through an example.

The other night some girls were admiring my novelty hammer lighter in the smoking area. The girl that I wanted said, 'This is the coolest thing I have ever seen,' so I replied, 'yeah, so you sleep with me now.' Her friend instantly came to save the day like fucking Captain Cockblock and lectures me, "That's very offensive! I don't like your tone at all and you can't say that women!"

How did I react? I point out the absurdity of the joke.

"Of course I don't expect her to sleep with me! It's a fucking lighter! That's outrageous! You really think if I was being serious I would be standing in the smoking area at 3am? I would have pulled that bad boy out at 10pm and gone home with the first pretty girl I saw! But anyways..."

She'll start rationalising that if it's funny, it can't be that offensive. But if she doesn't...

Step 2. Be Genuine: If humour doesn't work, then take a step back and show some sincerity. Let her know you're aware that you stepped over the line and that you didn't mean to offend anybody. She may appreciate it. She will have fulfilled her objective of letting her feelings be known. Don't, whatever you do, give up and walk away. Stay in set!

Step 3: Change The Importance Of The Conversation: This can be a last resort if humour and being genuine do not work, or you can use it as a first resort. Change the subject of the conversation with a sense of urgency. Think about if you're talking to your friend, and he suddenly hears something and says, "Hold up," and looks around the room. If he's interrupting your conversation, you're thinking whatever he heard must be more important than what you were just talking about.

Girl: "Durr Durr Durr"
You: "Oh my god, you won't believe this!"
Girl: "What?"

Conversation changed.

Fundamental Advice. Do Not Freak Out With Her:

When I first read 'The Game' I remember opening a set where this girl I was talking to had a bit of an attitude. I eventually turn to the friends and use an old Mystery line: "Wow, is she always such a or just to people cooler than her?" Although her friends were laughing, the girl with the attitude didn't take kindly to this and decided to go all Joe-Pesci-in-Goodfellas at me. She started making a huge scene screaming:

Watch 2:20 - 2:50 then imagine that with text below. LOL

"What the, what the fuck did you just call me? Don't call me a fucking bitch, who fuck are you? Who the fuck do you think you are?! It's always the fucking short guys as well! Don't fucking talk like that to me you asshole! bla bla bla..."

To be honest I was a little frightened, however, I didn't let her change my emotional state because that's surrendering to her and would ultimately lose any attraction. I simply replied with:

"Yeah, Hitler was pretty short too. He was so rude! Stalin too! Man, I am just that bad."

Although the girl was still pissed off, she wasn't making a scene anymore because she knew that I wasn't going to change my mood. I didn't get any success with her but it did allow me to re-open the set later and get the number of one of her friends.

4. Body Language


Approach the girl from whatever direction you like, but when you're interacting with her, make sure you are in front of her! I have written another article specifically on body language and for more information please refer to my blog, but here are two very important tips for maintaining a girl's attention.

Eye Contact: Eye contact obviously is very important in indicating alpha male traits such as confidence and intent, however, we're talking about how to get a girl's attention.

Tip: If you feel awkward looking directly into a person's eyes, here's a little tip: Look between their eyes. They won't notice and it will still look like you're looking into their eyes.

Think about when people say, "I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me the truth." When you're making good eye contact, it engages the person with what you are saying because it seems like what you are talking about is important and genuine. Also, eye contact is very one-to-one behaviour.

If you're focussing solely on the girl, then she will focus solely on you. If you're talking to a group and you turn to face different people, make sure to look in their eyes. It will make them feel like you are including them.

Stop Standing Still: When you are talking, you need to become familiar with using arm gestures and keep a subtle rhythm in your general movement. In order to get a girl's full attention, you need to satisfy as many senses as you can. You could be telling the most interesting content of a story in the world, but if you're not moving, then she will begin to feed her visual sense by looking around the room.

Let's say you hear a new song that intrigues you for the first time. Are you more likely to stand up and do random tasks around the house with the radio on or if the television is showing the music video?

To expand on keeping a subtle rhythm, you could be telling the really cool story and using some arm gestures, but after a while, this becomes normal to her. If you're moving about from time to time, for example, by stepping in an out, then you are refreshing her attention by doing something different. The more you consciously do this, the better you will get at it.

Don't be worried about doing this wrong either. Just do it, and if you're doing it subtly, it's highly unlikely that somebody will ask, 'why are you moving around so much?' If they do, it's actually a good thing because you were different from all the other chodes and you commanded so much attention for them to ask the question! There's an opportunity for a joke there too!

"I'm on crack, that's why."

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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Gentlemen, Welcome to Ku's Kitchen!

Today we'll be cooking a delicious
Healthy Confidence Pizza!


You're probably reading this and thinking, dafuq? Well, believe it or not, acting confident is very much like a fatty pizza. Pizza is the best thing ever, isn't it? However, it's unhealthy as fuck. You may enjoy it while you're eating it, however, it does a hell of a lot of damage to your well being. Here's a shocker though: Pizza can be healthy and tasty... and so can confidence!

Healthy confidence is being confident.

So What Exactly Is Healthy Confidence? Healthy confidence is genuinely knowing that you are comfortable with being who you are, and the actions you take, all the time.

Today we're going to cut down the tremendous amount of unnecessary calories weighing down your confidence. A few calories will always remain on the pizza, just like how a small amount of approach anxiety, and general fear, will still sometimes circulate the heads of even the best players.


My assistant chef... No, not really.

Step 1: The Base, The Dough, The Inner Game.

If you're feeling unconfident or feel like you're faking confidence, then it's like you're having pizza with white dough. You're not getting all the nutrients from the dough, the base of your pizza. You need to switch the base to whole-grain dough. Using the whole of the grain means you get more of the yummy nutrients, which is much healthier for you. In order to get yummy, true confidence you need to be comfortable with yourself in all areas of your life. You need to use the whole of your grain.

Be Confident, Don't Act Confident: Nobody can actually act confident. You can do a shit impression, but you won't be able to pull it off because it is impossible to act confident. How can you possibly act like somebody who is genuinely comfortable with themselves if you have no inspiration to draw from?

If you're trying to act like you're 'the shit', ask yourself if you even know what would make you 'the shit.'

For me, the first things I can think of that make me 'the shit' is the fact that I play several musical instruments, I'm pretty witty, I go to the gym five times a week, I've travelled solo around Asia so I'm independent, I'm mature and although I'm not too successful career-wise yet, as I'm only twenty two years old, I will get there very soon! The list goes on. I go out with the mentality thinking, "Why on Earth would somebody not find me attractive?'

With this attitude, you genuinely should feel sorry for the girl who rejects you because she's missing out on the experience of meeting an awesome person!


You should feel like this all the time.

Remember: When you are talking to a girl, confidence is not necessarily 'not being nervous' - It's the ability to express your personality to another person with genuine passion and enthusiasm.

Positivity Equals Pussy: One part of your life will affect the others. Think about if you had fridge full of delicious food. Yet in the center of the fridge, there was a big old green lump of mouldy cheese just rotting away. It's not physically affecting the other products in the fridge... but it's there. Ew. Every time you go to the fridge, you're less comfortable about eating something because the presence of mouldy cheese is there. What's the only way you're going to feel comfortable? Sort out the cheese problem.

If you have a strict gym regime and your relationship with your friends is pretty good, however, you just got fired at work. How is that going to affect your other areas of life? You may still go to the gym, but your motivation may decrease over time as you lose your daily routine. Maybe your friends may not find you as fun to hang out with as much as before because you're negative all the time while being unemployed. How are you going suddenly going to feel comfortable with who you are when you talk to women?

Scientific studies have shown that you are most influenced by the five people you get most exposure to. If you are surrounded by positive people, you are more likely to be a positive person yourself because you will constantly be exposed to encouragement and happiness. On the contrary, if you are surrounded by negative people, it is more likely that no matter how positive of a person you naturally are, you will be a less positive person.

If you truly want to get healthy confidence, you should examine the qualities of the five people you gain most exposure to and think about what kind of people they are and what impact they are making on your life. If you are surrounded by constantly negative people, it may be an idea to make some changes to your life. Please note that the five people do not necessarily have to be your best friends, but the people you spend most time with.


Remember: A positive lifestyle is not a by-product of good game, but rather, good game is a by-product of a positive lifestyle.

You Are The Person You Are Most: Think about the character of Barney Stinson from the television sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. If you don't know Barney, he is basically a pick up artist who works in a bank. The reason why Barney does all the elaborate pick ups that you see on the show, is because he loves tackling challenges. You will often hear him say his catchphrase, 'challenge accepted' when faced with any task that somebody doubts he can do, regardless to whether or not they are pick up related.

If you are the sort of person who avoids doing things until the last minute, then it is likely you won't talk to any girls in a bar until closing time.

If you are the sort of person who dwells on mistakes, then it is likely you will beat yourself up over rejections.

If you are the kind of person who embraces challenges, then it is likely you will see a group of ten girls and open the set.


Step 2: A Sprinkle Of Cheesy Approach Anxiety.

To be honest, I actually like that approach anxiety exists and if you conquer it, it's like a super power! You will find the rare person who likes to eat a pizza without cheese, just like how you can find the rare person who claims to be completely free of approach anxiety. For most people, the sad truth is that approach anxiety will never completely fade because this is a survival instinct in men (even some RSD instructors have admitted to getting a little bit of approach anxiety at the start of the night). 

You can, however, lessen the anxiety to almost non-existent levels just like how you can lessen the cheese to get a healthier pizza.

Practice Makes Perfect: The best way to rid your fear of talking to women is to simply approach more! What this does is, first of all, prove to you that there is an abundance of women. Second, although step one explains to you the logic behind not letting rejection affect you, by simply approaching lots of women, you will get rejected more frequently. This will build up a numbness to rejection, where you will have experienced it so many times, that consequent rejections are just 'another one to the list'.

Set A Target: Most successful people will tell you that if you want to get anywhere in life, you need to set realistic targets in anything you want to better yourself at. This is no different with pick up. Instead of going out and hoping to get lucky, simply concentrate on opening conversations all night.

If you go out with the attitude, 'I'll see how it goes', then you are not identifying your flaws and hence, you won't improve your game. By identifying your flaws, you can also identify your successes and mark your milestones. I used to approach a lot of girls, yet never realised that I was doing so because I was still in the mind set that, 'I am a guy who is scared of talking to girls.' Once I actually set the target and accomplished overcoming my fear of approaching, I now have the mind set that 'I am the guy who can approach girls easily.'

You could literally just go up to girls all night and say, 'hello', then walk off because you still fulfilled your objective for the night. The more times you approach, the more references you build for approaching and therefore you realise if you did it once, twice or three times without shrivelling into a fetal position on the floor, then you can do it again.


Step 3: Eliminate The Toppings, The Comfort Zones.

The word 'topping' is perfect to describe comfort zones. Most people like a topping, such as pepperoni, on pizza just like how most people like a comfort zone, such as good hair, when going out and talking to women. Personally,
 I don't believe there is anything wrong with any of the 'toppings' below, however, if you were on a weight loss mission, or on a mission to get some confidence, you want to cut out as many of these unnecessary calories as possible!

 Depending on what kind of drunk you are, alcohol goes one of two ways. You either get emotional over rejections, or you develop a false sense of confidence. You may get results from being drunk, however, you're not tackling the doubts you have in your head; you're merely temporarily silencing them. Once again, if you want real, healthy confidence, it needs to come from you.

Until very recently, I too used to rely on alcohol to talk to women. I felt that it made me more fun and helped me to loosen up. However, when I tried talking to women at a club without alcohol, I actually had more success. I'm not going to lie, I found it a lot harder to handle rejections and stay in a positive state when I was sober, however, when I did get successes on the same night, they felt so much better because I had the pride that the women were genuinely attracted to me, and not a fake drunk personality. With the references I had collected from my sober successes, the rejections did not seem that bad.


Cut out alcohol if your sole purpose of the night is to talk to women or get confidence. If you're going out to party with your friends and have a general good time, then drink away! 

Appearance: If you depend too much on your appearance, then you are undermining the entire philosophy of 'the game'. Self-pride is a good thing, however, relying on your hair (I too am guilty of this) or your body to feel good about yourself is unhealthy. If you happen to go bald one day or get really fat, your entire self-worth will go down the drain.

When I
 was travelling Vietnam, I stupidly decided to get a haircut from a barber in a run down shack on the side of the road in a small town. I asked for short sides and a trim on the top... The buzzes my entire hair off. Any one of my friends will tell you that I used to believe that my hair was the 'source of all my power' with women.

I spent the next six weeks of my travel looking like an Indian, midget version of Bane. After about a week, I stopped worrying how I looked when I went out, because I knew I looked bad and there was nothing I could do about it. This meant I could just be my purest self without expecting any results. I found that I was actually getting the attention from more, and hotter girls.



Your Crowd:
 Believe it or not, friends are a comfort zone. People often have a 'favourite wingman' when they talk to girls, for example, somebody who it is easy to have banter with in front of girls. If you rely too much on the influence of your friends with girls, this can also give you a false sense of confidence.

I'm not saying you must go out solo and talk to girls completely alone, although that would be a massive short cut to boosting confidence, however, you should open sets by yourself, when out with your friends, and try to hold a conversation for about five minutes or so before your friends join in. You should also vary which friends you approach girls with, just so you get used to being in different social situations.

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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Where's Stewie? Didn't you hear? The Bird Is The Word?



How could that heartless friend zone Stewie, I mean, why is she allowed to pick and choose who she is attracted to?

...She's worse than Hitler... That stupid cow!...

Well, you can about it all you like but it's not her choice to put you in the friend zone.


Luckily, if it's YOUR choice to be in the friend zone, it means YOU can do something about it!

This article will explain, first of all, how to never get placed into the dreaded arena of male acquaintances, and second, it will explain why you should not even worry too much about getting out of the friend zone, if you do happen to fall into it. Third, the article will offer some solutions to increase your odds of getting out of the friend zone if you really, really want to. But before we go on to that, here's Keira Knightley:


1. Show Your Intentions Early: First Impressions Are Important!

A common thing a lot of guys do is that when they meet a girl they try to win compatibility points with her in order to build attraction. Well, I have lots of compatibility points with my friends who are guys, and that's why I hang out with them. But it doesn't mean that I'm going to fuck them.

I talk to my friends like a Man to Man. Women talk to their friends (even male friends!) like a Woman to Woman. Talk to her like a Man to a Woman!


If you spend the whole night talking to a girl about how you both use the same fabric softener and how you both love whole wheat pasta but never actually hit on her, then well done, you now have a pair of tits to share healthy food with, and use the energy from all those yummy carbohydrates to do laundry with. thumbs up

This is perfect for her! She's now got somebody to join her in doing all the shit she normally does alone, when she's bored and not being mounted by her fuck buddy. Don't worry though, when they get bored of each other you'll be there to change the batteries in her dildo. thumbs up

"So when should I hit on her?"

There is no secret formula for this. It's not like you have to wait for the moon to align with Jupiter so your star signs can mingle, or some stupid shit like that, and then she'll drop her panties.

Do not wait until her friends have gone. null

Do not wait until you text her. null

Do not wait until the first date (if you even get one). null

Hit on her when you meet her. null

It doesn't have to be as soon as you enter the set, but make sure when you're setting the tone of the conversation, it's flirtatious. It doesn't have to be the first thing you say, but make sure you do it very early into the conversation.

For example, when a girl I'm interested in asks for my name, all I say is, "I'll tell you in the morning." Boom. Intentions are shown.

If you want evidence of this method working, gather round children, it's story time:

When I was fifteen, I really liked this girl. When I met her, I had indicated this to her and she felt the same. I can't remember why now, but we didn't actually end up going out. However, I did become friends with her. One day somebody commented on our friendship and said it's like we're brother and sister. She instantly exclaimed, 'No way!' I then asked her later why she so adamantly said that and she replied with:

"Well, you're always going to be the guy who hit on me."

The point is if you follow this advice from the start, there will always be a potential for you to get out of the friend zone.

For more information on how to hit on a girl physically, check out Julien's video:

Possbile Chode Objection:

I love eating food, but you know, it's just not my style to insert it into my mouth first. It's just not me.

Sound retarded? Yeah, so now you know how I feel when people have the attitude:

I really want to get laid, but you know, it's just not my style to hit on the girl. It's just not me.

People have this strange opposition to learning about how to talk to women because they feel it goes against their personality, or they way they are used to talking to people. However, when they want to prepare for a job interview, they'll happily take any advice on how to charm the interviewer. Isn't talking in a professional manner unnatural to most people? Who really talks like this to their friends and family:

"Hello John. Nice to see you again. I believe I am the preferable candidate to accompany you to the venue tonight to converse with the desirable women."

Well, apart from this guy.

Don't think of hitting on the girl as changing you, but instead, it's an addition to your personality. You can hit on her however you want, letting your personality shine.

If you're a touchy person, touch her.

If you're good with words, make a sexual innuendo in her endo.

If you're into, I dunno, Scooby Doo, tell her you want to be Fred and she can be Daphne, and you want to do her Scooby style.

2. The Friend Zone Is Insignificant To Your Life


So you got put in the friend zone. Why are you sitting at home, upset, listening to Boys II Men?

"Because she was my ideal woman. I'll never meet a girl like her again."

Don't worry buddy, there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Seriously, not only are there plenty of fish in the sea, there are plenty of fish that you would like in the sea.

What tends to happen a lot of the time with guys who haven't really talked to a lot of women, is that they finally speak to a few, and out of those few they get some good responses from one. They happen to share some of the same interests, and the guy thinks he's found 'the one.' When the guy gets friend zoned, he feels like he's lost his one true hope of happiness in life. It's like turning on a television that has hundreds of channels, browsing through the first five, and complaining 'nothing's on tv.'

The more you go out, and the more exposure you have to women, the more you will realise that the girl you're keeping on a pedestal right now is not as unique as you think she is. Think about it, if you think she's the only one in the world who shares your love for country music... then there wouldn't be a market for country music.

If you get friend zoned, yes, try and get out the friend zone, but if it doesn't work then simply just go meet more women!

3. Getting Out Of The Friend Zone


After reading this article so far, you should know how to never make your mistakes that got you into the friend zone again and that you should probably abandon the cause for that girl on the pedestal. However, if you're begging for a way to get out of the friend zone, then there are some methods that may work. Every girl is different, and I cannot guarantee this to work depending on how long you've been in the friend zone and other variables. I can only recommend a couple of things that you could do based on what all girls find attractive:

Show her you are desirable to other women: This means you need to indicate to her that although she sees you as a friend, other women certainly don't. If you get the opportunity to hang out with her, whether it's at a bar or in a shopping mall, approach other women.

This isn't simply a way to make her jealous because, if anything, you're doing this for yourself to get more potential hook ups or dates. Remember the last point of this article: you should try to get out of the friend zone, but if you can't, then move on. If she happens to respond well, then well done! Not only does this indicate to her that you are desirable to other women, it implies that she's not as special to you as she thought. She's just another one of your approaches, and now she might try to validate herself to you to win back that special feeling.

Stay Persistent Because You Want Her!: Maybe the reason you were friend zoned is because you gave up too quickly. When she told you she doesn't see you in that way, you may have just said, 'Okay, fair enough'. 

Alex explains how to avoid the friend zone by being persistent in this awesome video from 2:20 onwards:

Credit to all of the RSD instructors for their combined knowledge in writing this article.

Cheers for reading my article and I hope you found it interesting! - Any comments would be greatly appreciated in the box below.
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