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 So I really admire the lifestyle that people like Brad Branson have. So much that I want to pursue the lifestyle.
Fuck trying to have a life without money. Jobs are dumb time wasters. I'm doing internet marketing forever. Like for the rest of my life until I get financial independence. Say 500 a day type independence. Jobs are so dumb. I know that I want to be an actor.. But I still see it as a hobby. In fact, I see everything as a hobby. Just skills I can pick up and do but I don't want to hold my breath that I will be infatuated with acting forever. I have just fallen in love with basketball (because I just started getting good) so I'm going to make a basketball blog. Do I want to pursue being a basketball pro? No. 
Do I dream of being famous? No.
Do I dream of riches? Like millions? No.
Do I dream of passive income? Like no job and money just shows up? Yes. Internet marketing is just another skill and you can make money from it. And money that will keep showing up for months and years. 
First things first. I will work for the next year/s on a few things. Mainly college, I'm getting back into theatre and trying it out to see if I still click with it. Also building a passive income stream through Internet marketing means. I have not made any money yet. I"M LAZY. and I have outsourced just about everything and paying for it with money I make at my job. I'm seeing some results though with the help of the Alchemists at 
I'm 19 now. When I get financial independence, Which I think is going to be very soon if I buckle down and get my grind on, I will take a bootcamp. No time to be watching videos on this stuff or reading forums when I can't afford my next meal at times. Also there's no point in making plans so early. I should keep my eye on the target. Make money.

Don't worry I'm not too worried that I will starve. I have family that loves me. They may not know me but I feel the love when I get the occasional $30 in my bank acc. Food is going to be straight for the next few months. I got the unlimited plan at the cafeteria at the college I'm going to. Many bitches coming this thursday. I"m so excited! and I've got a possible athletic10 in the body 8 in the face girlfriend in the works. She also likes listengin to rap. Though when I met her I found out she was a christian and I was blabbing about how I was an atheist. She gave me a big hug saying she wanted to take me to church. HOW CUTE! lol. god; what a joke. Also, I got a txt from my older brother saying he could get me work if I moved back he could put me to work. He's rags to riches but he works a job. LAME! Sure him and his wife have this years chargers and challengers. But he works 80 hrs a week.
Also my mom just quit her job working for a hospice and now runs her own concierge service. She quit her job just a few weeks ago when she finally makes about 500 a week from her business with just 2 clients and works 36 hrs a week. That's only 26K a year. But my mom could turn this into a fastlane business if done properly. I'm going to buy her the millionaire fastlane in hardcover when I get the moolah for such expenses. But I still am very proud of her. Born in the last year of the baby boomer generation her life is entangled with poverty and there always seems to be a sad story behind the females in my family. She finds her own work and has a well deserved intrinsic value at 15$ an hour. So that's another job that could be waiting for me. I will wait a year and see how her business is doing then. For now I'm focusing on my internet marketing, theatre, and basketball.

When I get myself out of my situation I will be back with a new blogpost to let you know how far I've gotten. For now I'm going to stay offline and live life up. First year in college baby! Until next time fans. Peace Peeps.
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 Whats up Taylor Gang!

Alright guys I have finally gotten a summer job on campus painting dorms. YAY me!
I have finally gotten out of newbie stage and I am beggining to make moves! YAY me!

I have an upcoming project to work on that will be really valuble once I put in the work and make it amazing. 
It deals with choosing the perfect girl. It will be a while before it's done. That's all I can say.

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 Buddy Love wrote:
Think you got the game figured out? You can meet every PUA, attend every seminar, study every ebook, read every page of every forum, and memorize every routine. There is only ONE way you can put it all to use.


With all the pickup theory out there, its easy to get an INFORMATION OVERLOAD and end up more confused then when you started. I know, because I've actually got WORSE by studying too much shit. You have to keep it SIMPLE. SIMPLE= EASY. And pickup IS relatively easy once you've got game.

ALL pickup techniques stem from a few basic principles and mindsets. And you should ONLY memorize the MOST IMPORTANT parts of the game. Everything else is just fluff. Fun stuff to try out.

It's just like any other game. They all have rules. You have to know certain rules in order to play. If your learning to play basketball, lay-up techniques mite help you, but all you need to really KNOW are the rules. Then after you got some game you can throw in a lil Kobe Bryant shit.

So in order to keep MY mind on track, after soaking up ALL the pickup knowledge I could get my hands on in the last 4 years, I've simplified it down into the 10 most important rules of the game. I keep a written copy of these with me at all times and read them often before going out. Now I've decided to share them with RSD Nation, in the hopes that they might help some of you the way they've helped me. Here they are:

"The 10 Commandments of the Game"

1. Do NOT give a FUCK what ANYBODY thinks about you (the #1 rule of pickup!!!)

2. In ALL that you do, always be seeking to OFFER VALUE.

3. Always assume that you WILL SUCCEED. Think positive. (You're irresistable. It's always on! You're game is a perfect 10)

4. Focus ALL of your attention on the present moment

5. Be 100% HONEST!!! That means putting your TRUE personality out there, never making up excuses, and NOT LYING! (No shame in that right?)

6. VOCAL PROJECTION!!! Be LOUD and avoid a tone of voice that is seeking rapport.

7. Maintain eye contact

8. Stimulate emotions. Make sure they are reacting to you. BE THE PARTY

9. Always LEAD. You make the decisions. YOU call the shots.

10. Constantly escalate and CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE THE FUCKING DEAL!!! Run the train, claw, caveman that hoe. JUST CLOSE!!!

FUCK repeating affirmations in an effort to "internalize" them. If your gonna repeat anything, repeat these rules. Any ONE of these rules ALONE can get you laid. Forgetting any of these rules can blow the deal. INTERNALIZING ALL of these rules is the KEY to solid game.

And these "10 Commandments of Game" are modelled after the Jewish "10 Commandments". See, the original Hebrews had THOUSANDS of laws that covered nearly every aspect of their life. Yet, all these laws REVOLVED around the original "Ten Commandments". And the "Ten Commandments" were divided. The first 5 commandments were based on love for God, and the last 5 were based on love for your neighbor. Likewise, the first 5 "Commandments of Game" are based on innergame/mindsets, and the last 5 on your ACTIONS. The THOUSANDS of pickup "laws" revolve around these 10 principles.

This is ALL I worry about remembering when I go out, and it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Feel free to share any critiques you may have or anything I might of missed.

-Devin aka Buddy Love

I use this list as a guideline to solid game. When you feel your grasp on these concepts are slipping you need to self-coach yourself back and internalize these concepts.
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Alright I'm going to officially stop smoking weed at social events altogether now. I'm starting to just get tired and very self concious and I can't self coach myself as well as I can when I'm sober. You would think it would chill me out but as of now it's doing the opposite and I just don't want to be the quiet stoned dude at parties anymore. I like to drink and I like to smoke but smoking socially is something that my mental state just can't handle anymore. I've been smoking for a few years now but when I'm around other people when I'm stoned I just don't feel like talking anymore. I think smoking should just be a spiritual thing for me and from now on I'm only going to smoke alone now. Yes this is a big deal to me becuase I enjoy smoking alone so much and I thought I would enjoy smoking with people but now I'm just going to accept that I can't do it.

A hb I've been talking to told me last night "Fuck me" I was stoned and the best my battered mind could think of was to say "Alright"
She giggled with one of her friends and said "I need a real man" the girl  was very drunk and I saw her passed out a few hours later in one of the beds. After she said that I just walked away and went outside to chill with one of my friends girls. Trying to stay unstifled as best I could. One of my problems with this party was I didn't prepare. I didn't have a hoodie and I get cold easily. Is preparation for the night as important as it sounds? That's an opinion and it probably doesn't matter but for someone new any added confidence such as not being hungry or not being cold will help my game 110%.

Ganja is great but I'm only smoking solo now. It used to be hard for me to turn it down but I believe I'm good now. I see the error of my ways and I'm ready to change. Weed puts me in my mind and It's much harder to control when you're faded. 

Starting College in may. No job still. Savannah is great. I love my life. Less than $700 bucks and my roomies are assholes who use me and my best friend can be a dick. Every one is expendable and I should be looking after myself. My skin is thickening and a new canvas to paint on called my life is opening to me. No apologies for who I am.
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Just a short update for this week, nothing too spectacular going on right now.. Other than me of course.. aha. Anyway I've got something going with a cutie SCAD student I hit up on POF and she's 20 and has a nice little body. I'm thinking netflix one night. Problem is my logistics are wack at the moment. I do have a bed that's pretty comfy but it's located in the middle of my friend's apartment living room. I don't get much privacy and one of my bitchy roomies is bitching cause she's a about me being broke because I have yet to find a job and I told everyone I couldn't make rent this month. Everyone is on my side so I'm good on living logistics right now.

Sorting out FinAid stuff for college and still on the hunt for a job is what I'm doing as of lately. Just read the first 50 pages of the Physical Game by the brilliant Mr. Ozzie and I'm lovin it so far. That's all for now fellas.

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 Writing is helping me so much. I can get so much out and it really eases me.

Anyway, I have just had a pretty big realization. Let me explain. My best friend seems to being a douche to me and is stifling me all the time in front of people. He's always mocking me how I talk. It's a bit monotone with a bit of a southern accent. At first I was self concious about it and thought what was wrong with how I talk. I will still probably look into some type of program to change the sound and tonality of my voice, but I soon realized I should probably expunge him from my social life as he is creating negativity in me and it's impacting my ability to be comfortable. I will confront him about this, and if he doesn't stop I'm eventually going to have to expunge him.

He is in fact my only true friend right now. Not that I've lost my friends, but I just moved to Savannah, GA and he's here so I mainly chill with him. I've known him since high school and we'll be going to college together. I really don't want to lose him as a friend, but to be honest I feel a lot better when I made a personal decision to expunge anyone from my life who is bringing me negativity and that includes my best friend.

There will be more friends to be made and I still have my older brother and younger brother as true friends. Hopefully they don't fall to the wayside as well.

I have a job interview at Target on Monday. Just waiting for my hope scholarship to come through and to see if I got accepted to AASU.

I'm really liking Savannah, GA so far. No it's not a metro-city but it's a lot like New Orleans. There's a really pretty side to the city, and then there's a trashy side. Crime is high among us in certain areas. Plenty of trim on campus and Oglethorpe mall too. Plenty of trash as well. It is what you make it though. Some people hate it. Some people love it.

I'll update next week to let you guys know how my job interview went and any other progress on my life. 

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 So I just finished The Blueprint Decoded. Definitely worth my time, and it's worth your time too (: anyway I just need to start cold aproaching so I can internalize this stuff. I've already had some click by hitting up a female on facebook, with success, and I just know there's more for me to learn and more to click for me. Any suggestions for day game as I'm 18 and there are no bars/clubs in Savannah for 18+. I figured I'd just start hitting girls up at the mall, retail stores, and downtown. I've had hotties approach me before, actually two light skinned 9s and said hey. I made good eye contact but like a dork I said absolutely nothing back and kept walking. How VERY lame of me. Lol. 

Anyway, still no job. Put in an application to walmart. Waiting for my last check from my previous employer to get here. I'm about to be broke af here soon. Cross my fingers I guess. Waiting for my w2 as well so I can get my taxes done, and do my FAFSA to put in for college. I'm serious about building some real determination for getting my life handled. So far I've quit smoking cigs, and stopped drinking all sodas. Just filtered water and weed for me.

Just a reminder for all youngins out there with girls in your social circle that want to fuck you. Don't bother texting her/ trying to get to know her. None of that needy shit. Especially when she's in your social circle. Also you need to decide if you would hook up with a girl in a closet/bathroom right now cause the chance will be given at some point and if you don't take it now you might have to settle for just fingering her under the covers with 1 dude on the other side of the bed and about 6 other people sleeping in the room on the floor. LAAAME. I even knew about the closet downstairs which has plenty of room to fuck in and didn't do it. I could have just grabbed her hand, she would have followed and I would have gotten some trim. Please don't make the mistake like I did kids.

See you sometime next week guys, I know I said every sunday but I'm just gonna say fuck keeping a schedule to a blog. I have better things to be doing.

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 Yo it's a new day. I'm a poet, I like to write and rap my silly teenage ideas into songs. I'm slim white male, dirty blonde hair. I like girls. My blogging/writing style is a bit sporadic so bare with me here.

Still no job. Savannah is alright. not too shab of a place to move to spontaneously. uh my roomies are a bit lame. they dont care for the social scene as much as i do. theyre what I refer to as LAMES. to put it nicely. LAMES can take any shape. jock. douche. nerd. "thugs". goons. and the like. basically any stereotype that is so core to the sterotypes that you wonder how someone turned out that way.

From TBD I learned that basically authenticy is GOOD. Got it?

So I dont like lames. I live with them. I put up with them. I talk to them. but to be honest I dont like how they think. 

My best friend we'll call Jbiggs.I'm 18, he's 20. hes black. im white. when we walk around oglethorpe mall people have to think we must be important if we're friends. at least thats what Jbiggs told me. and I agree. neither of us are in college atm. hes trying to start in armstrong in the summer. I'm still set on finding a job. my savings are getting low, but I'm interested in college just as much as he is. You might be wondering why I'm talking about my best friend so much. well atm he is my UNO friend. and I'm totally cool with that. I'm already to the point where I don't stress out about much of anything. People have told me I enjoy the simple things. And I already knew that. I pretty much chill/party with him all the time. We're homies from high school. when he graduated I moved my senior year to Pickens Co ga. awful place. GREAT drug connecs. He stayed in Mtown for a while. then moved to savannah. XMAS day I spontaneously get off my ass and score some rides across the state to land in savannah ga. I'll be here for a few years. I'm planning on going to armstrong then the coast guard. I want to travel and see the world. at least some of it. CAMPING is vacation for poor people. trust me I've been camping plenty of times.haha. I would love to be wealthy mainly because I hate poverty with a passion. right now as I'm writing this I have 428 dollars in my chase bank acc. and a check from the walmart I worked at for 5 months worth a tottal of $144.44. once again. not the type of guy to stress out about these things. But coast guard I'm sure will give me adequate pay to feed myself and clothe me and eventually lead a very nice lifestyle. also TRAVELING is high importance to me. The only thing I would miss when I join up is not being able to smoke trees. seriously. imma stoner but im not your average one. I love maryjane more than most things, she has never let me down. You only live once and this is my life. Fame sounds great but popularity is found among friends much easier. also I'm well aware of haters and they never get me down. I welcome any hate. cause I'm a very nice individual and frankly.. who has time to hate? its too much energy.

I've been lazy. still trying to break that habit. I've been a ghost. ive been stuck the computer screen until I disgust myself. FACEBOOK will KILL you. Cartpushing for walmart is a great job. You walk all day, get water and maybe gatorade provided thoughout the day. You get to go to work high all day as well. and a nice tan as well.

I'm always looking to party and meet new people these days. My social skills aren't the best but I'm more focused on my own life and myself nowadays and will continue with that mindset.

Ok. so Im just gonna give you some progress that I've accomplished in life so far. in LIST FORM. YAYYY

1 Quit drinking all sodas
2 Not afraid to approach people
3 my self esteem is at its highest

I need to eat healthy cheaply and I need a job. also need to enroll myself into college. I will update this next sunday on any accomplishments.

If you have any suggestions on where I can get a job in savannah GA. or some meal plans for cheap healthy food, send me a PM. I will reply and any and all suggestions are highly appreciated.
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