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"Well, hello there!"

"It's been a while..."

I've been spending these last couple of days here in Italy, in a small city called Orvieto...

It's quiet...

It's isolated...

It's peaceful...

And the view is just amazing...

It's the perfect place to take a break from the "hamster wheel of life" in order to recenter yourself before getting back into it all, once again...

(This is something that I personally try to do every once in a while in order to balance things out...)

On that note however, I'm headed off to London THIS WEEKEND where I'm going to be running my very last Live Program with Alexander~ this year which is going to be OFF THE FUCKING HOOK!

In case you've missed it, he's also just released his very own Hot Seat featuring some of the most mind-blowing INFIELD FOOTAGE that I've ever seen!

Check it out RIGHT NOW!


Here are my next Free Tour / Hot Seat 2 / Bootcamp dates…

October 25 – 27, 2012: London, United Kingdom (taught with Alexander~)
November 8 – 10, 2012: Rotterdam, Netherlands
November 15 – 17, 2012: Barcelona, Spain
November 22 – 24, 2012: Kiev, Ukraine
November 29 – December 1, 2012: Moscow, Russia
December 6 – 8, 2012: Budapest, Hungary
December 13 – 15, 2012: Tel Aviv, Israel

www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

You can also check out all of the cities that I'm going to be traveling to after this in the "Where I'll be next..." section at the very bottom of this article.

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305




Why So Serious? Learn The Right Way To Flirt With Women

I absolutely love this video... ;]

Even though this might seem somewhat "basic" at first glance, this is actually something that I always have to repeat and focus on at every single RSD Free Tour that I've been doing as they're always someone who just simply can't accept the fact that women aren't like men.

And no matter what I say, there's always going to be someone who's going to be asking me something along these lines...

"Well, I understand what you're saying here. But how is this authentic?"

"How is this congruent?"

"Isn't this considered lying?"

"You're not telling her the truth..."

They just simply can't accept that whenever you're interacting with women, it ultimately all comes down to what's being SUBCOMMUNICATED!

Women aren't as concerned by the surface layer of the interaction as much as we are, and ultimately only care about the depth.

They're not looking at the material context of the interaction.

Don't confuse "telling her the truth" on a surface layer of communication with "telling her the truth" on a deeper layer of communication...

If you decide to tell a girl that you're a sexual predator who lives in his mom's basement, she KNOWS that you're not telling the truth. 

It's based on what's being subcommunicated.

As long as you're TRUE TO YOURSELF by acting through your own intentions and by having all of your thoughts, words and actions aligned, then you have nothing to worry about!

Stop thinking that women are like men and start shifting your current perception of reality.

Stop viewing women as logical creatures and start viewing them as emotional creatures instead.




On that note, I also thought that I'd leave you with couple more videos that I recorded these past couple of weeks and that touch some of the most crucial concepts to grasp when it comes to success with women in general...

Getting Good At Game Vs Getting The Girl




Take The Easy Route To Picking Up Girls: Harness Your Blind Spots




Let me know what you think of this video and if you have any specific topics that you’d like to hear me cover in any future RSDNATION article!

And as always, don’t forget to check out the Hot Seat 2 event dates over at www.rsdhotseat.com as well!

United States
November 3, 2012: San Francisco, California, USA
November 17, 2012: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
December 8, 2012: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
December 22, 2012: Orlando, Florida, USA

October 27, 2012: London, United Kingdom
November 17, 2012: Barcelona, Spain
November 24, 2012: Kiev, Ukraine
December 1, 2012: Moscow, Russia
December 8, 2012: Budapest, Hungary
February 2, 2012: Helsinki, Finland

Middle East
December 15, 2012: Tel Aviv, Israel
January 5, 2013: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

South Africa
January 12, 2013: Cape Town, South Africa
January 19, 2013: Johannesburg, South Africa






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Senior Member

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 Awesome as always
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Respected Member

Join Date: 10/18/2012 | Posts: 332

haha i love it;)

P.S.Nice mustache bro,can we expect
to see you in a porn soon??
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Thanks for going in detail about emotions and memory for girls, it's so important. A good example is often I can't get girls responsive by text but if I happen to get them while they are about to go party/done with exams/drinking than they are like omg yes I want to see you again! Or if I see them out, after being unresponsive by text I see them at the bar/club and then pull/fuck, the same girl that basically ignored me for weeks!

It's something that when you first hear about in pickup you maybe believe 10% but until you see how girls REALLY rely on the emotions of the interaction and not the words many many times you finally start believing it. I probably believe it like 70% now, I still "value" my exact words even if a lot less than before...
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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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Your videos have been looking like National Geographic documentaries lately.

I was hoping the pope would come out there in Rome and hit you on the head with his crucifix for inciting the lust in young boys with your ruthless speeches.
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Love all 3 of the vids!

Locations are incredible, as is the light of God peering from behind you, as is the STACHE.  Totally top notch.

Something I've been teaching lately.

People have 2 sides to them.  1) their human personality, 2) their DNA (ie: vitality and safety of the physical entity, ability to reproduce into new bodies, etc).

The personality and DNA are a team.  They both have to WIN.  If you're good to your body (DNA) by giving it food, shelter, social status, etc, it'll be good to YOU -- take you around the world, let you have lots of cool experiences, etc.

So let's say you and I are friends.  Your personality says "I'm friends with Owen".

But then say I'm a horrible guy to work with.  Well then your personality says "I like Owen, but he's creating a problem for my DNA cause I can't get ahead in my work life cause of him."

At that point I've been a good friend to you, but ABUSED your DNA.

So that being the case, if you're going to work with friends, you have to "honor" both the personality by being a good friend, and the DNA by being a reasonable and good person to work with -- so by working with you they have lots of opportunity to get ahead.

(This will also help keep the DNA from triggering the RAS to distort perception / create rationalizations to gain it's interests).

Likewise the girl may like your PERSONALITY if you're a NICE GUY.

But you also have to honor her DNA, which needs to see what are known in evolution as "HONEST SIGNALS" that you're really "that cool guy".

An "honest signal" is something that is hard to fake.

So let's say you tell a girl "I'm high status" or "I'll do you a lot of favors to compensate for lack of status" -- those are both easy to fake, so not honest signals.

But if you walk up to her fully in state, look her in the eyes and say "DOG.... SUCH A SLUT..." while being self amused and needing nothing, and in a way that makes the people around you laugh, that is a VERY HONEST SIGNAL cause it's HARD TO FAKE.

(Let's see someone who isn't good with girls FAKE something like that with "congruence". It's damned near impossible, which is why it triggers attraction so quickly.)

So it's actually very honest communication to the *DNA*.

In fact it's a lot more honest than being a nice guy, which while the PERSONALITY of the girl may like, it's very ARBITRARY (take it or leave it) to the DNA cause that's not it's priority.

So to honor both the girls' personality and DNA you want to have BOTH of these types of qualities.  Be cool to talk to, but also show HONEST SIGNALS of status to her DNA.

This is the same as during sex, where you can be "tender" with her, but she also wants to see you grab her hard and fuck her brains out, because that type of physical fitness is HARD TO FAKE.  She usually won't orgasm otherwise.  The pickup is the same as sex in that regard.

PS:  This weekend I shot a new infield video of me walking up to a girl going "SLUT... DOG... COME HERE DOG..." then I grab her and drag her from her friends kicking and screaming to a pizza store, make her text them that she's gone for the night, and pick her up over my head for the whole pizza store yelling "This stupid dog just texted her friends to ditch them to get fucked by me..." as she shreiked with glee.

Then I drag her to the cab as I continually say "COME HERE DOG... GOOD DOG..."

This girl is in a graduate degree program and highly intelligent.  Probably the smartest girl I met all night, but she loves it.


Too bad I was shooting with alkaline batteries in the mic and not lithium, cause I lost the audio from right after I dragged her from the friends, so it won't make Hot Seat, but I'll use a short clip from it in a vblog.


And yet I know I can do this so consistently I'll get more so who gives a fuck.  And shot tons more awesome footage this weekend as well.

Anyway look up "honest signals" and think about incorporating that for anyone who has issues with hardcore flirting as not being honest, cause ultimately you gotta honor both the personality and DNA of the girl.

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Instructor | Trusted Member

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You don't have to read the book (it's very dry) but here's the amazon link and description...


How can you know when someone is bluffing? Paying attention? Genuinely interested?
The answer, writes Alex Pentland in Honest Signals, is that subtle patterns in how we interact with
other people reveal our attitudes toward them. These unconscious social signals are not just a back
channel or a complement to our conscious language; they form a separate communication network.
Biologically based "honest signaling," evolved from ancient primate signaling mechanisms,
offers an unmatched window into our intentions, goals, and values. If we understand this ancient
channel of communication, Pentland claims, we can accurately predict the outcomes of situations
ranging from job interviews to first dates. Pentland, an MIT professor, has used a specially
designed digital sensor worn like an ID badge--a "sociometer"--to monitor and analyze the
back-and-forth patterns of signaling among groups of people. He and his researchers found that this
second channel of communication, revolving not around words but around social relations, profoundly
influences major decisions in our lives--even though we are largely unaware of it. Pentland presents
the scientific background necessary for understanding this form of communication, applies it to
examples of group behavior in real organizations, and shows how by "reading" our social
networks we can become more successful at pitching an idea, getting a job, or closing a deal. Using
this "network intelligence" theory of social signaling, Pentland describes how we can
harness the intelligence of our social network to become better managers, workers, and
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Jake Green


Join Date: 10/12/2012 | Posts: 46

 Julien amazing vids.. What Tyler said WOW, such a great complement to Juliens vid on being honest on the sub-comms.
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Join Date: 07/02/2012 | Posts: 96

Unslected blindspots i.e. the truth as jeffy reveals... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEafDmdID70
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Join Date: 10/08/2012 | Posts: 64

Julien, and Owen the info is Gold!
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@Julien Cool vid and cool examples of the logical level and subcommunication. Because logical doesn't matter you lose the tunnelvision mode and you can the say what the fuck you want. Awesome how easily you explain this concept.

Getting Good At Game Vs Getting The Girl vid.
I totally agree with you how some guys view game as a secret society. When I first started out I also did that, but is the same as oo tonight I'm going to put on my secret special pickup mask to fuck girls who don't  know shit about what I learned in a couple months. I realised that the more Game I do the more Game is becoming me. Being not doing. So I told my parents and friends. It just a part of me. This was for me the "next level" and by doing this I told everybody this is me so deal with it.

I also tried to restructure my live to benefit my game/getting girls. So I joined a Commission of psychology with a couple girls in it :D . I travel alot to the major cities to learn from other guys who are good at game. I tried to improve my dancing so I did hiphop dancing for half a year and I'm still doing Salsa , I read everyday and I joined rsdinnercircle.

What game has learned is that when you give it 100 % you wil achieve the thing you want. So I use this mindset in other things in live too. Always give it my best and not give up when the results are not yet their. The results will come just trust the process.

@Tyler awesome quote "This stupid dog just texted her friends to ditch them to get fucked by me..."

Is the ebook about noticing the non-verbal behaviour and the incongruency between non-verbal behaviour and  verbal behavior?

Game on.
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 you used to have Prague, CZ in February 2013 on yout schedule... Is it canceled?
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The blind spots video is epic, I'm going out now to try that!. Love your work .
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EDINBORO! Ha ha! Your so American Julien your pronunciation cracks me up! Good vids though
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 It's funny because I did that emotional flake thing to a chick yesterday. 

When I saw her I was in a extra horney state. Her breasts and ass looked great in what she was wearing. But when the hormons subsided she lost her appeal. 

She started texting me and I was just like "meh". She's only got any worth when I'm in the moment and really horny. 
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Hey Julien, what happened to the Hotseat in Gothenburg January 2013? There used to be a hotseat along with freetour and bootcamp, now it's gone :(
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Join Date: 07/02/2012 | Posts: 7

Fucking tight stuff on emotion. Could you cover something on how to let the girl know you're attracted to her, especially when you met her in a daytime setting? A lot of uni times when I'm going for the number after meeting her through class etc., although she's been attracted, it's kind of like shes a deer in headlights, (and then 'oh, facebooks probably better'. FUCK)
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Anthony John

Anthony John

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Join Date: 05/20/2011 | Posts: 131

 Thanks for dumbing down and simplifying everything for me  thumbs up
I feel smarter now.
I used this as a crutch for so long; from now on, I will use this as a tool.
You are a great teacher.
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Join Date: 04/18/2012 | Posts: 7

Fantastic info-women being emotional-minded. Making decisions by mood swing. Heck guys do the same thing too-just not as much, and when we do do it, we don't realize it. How many have ever been looking forward to a party for so long then on the day of had a day filled with events that just made you feel tired or bummed? Yah, big downer. Hard to go be high energy after a strong tired or "overworked" mindset.

The big deterrent I've been facing for myself recently is finding avenues with women I value and/or can relate to. If I'm gonna push myself to change, I want it to be for something worthwhile, not for some girl I'm gonna fuck and forget about or just use as a side lay.  My time is too precious to waste it on people I don't care about. So my focus is developing a tool that locates groups of women or people who I value and/or relate to. Higher chance of connection, less friction, more fulfilling. Any ideas to add?
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Awesome man thanks for posting the good at game vs. getting the girl vid, I really related to this when you spoke about it at free tour/hot seat.
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Join Date: 05/19/2011 | Posts: 768

getting good at game vs getting the girl is definitely something i teeter on
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Join Date: 03/29/2012 | Posts: 181

love the vids Julien, love the long vids and the short ones
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Join Date: 10/05/2009 | Posts: 34

Thanks for the wake up call.
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