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I discovered old fuzzy hat my freshman year in high school, spent 2 years in the shitter, not understanding the real game truly until this past summer from 10th to 11th grade. It's been trial and error, and there is still much to learn. In general, I'm a cool guy who likes hanging out with my boys and socializing. It seems that for the past 2 years, social dynamics are my main focus, whether that's totally healthy or a bit unhealthy? I have decent skills, especially for a high school student, but I have yet to swipe that "V-Card" I'm sure you guys can help me with that! (buttsayx?:p) I don't take myself too seriously, I like to joke around and radiate my essence of awesome. School seems to make my state fluctuate from high to low. I love to make connections with people, it's what I FUCKING live for. I love to brighten people's days, I have my sticking points, and I'm lookingFUCKIN'fo'ward to give and take from this community of badasses. :)
Fe-mulz, Franzz, Jerkin it, Etc.
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Anything porno.

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