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 Whatup cats and kittens. Well the new year's been off to a great start... really switching into work mode this month and while there's always a ton to do with RSD, my main priority is finally getting this damn online program together. Shooting back to Texas tomorrow and then I got my work cut out for me over the next few months:

January 24-26: Austin, TX
February 1-3: San Francisco
February 7-9: Toronto
February 15-17: San Francisco
February 12-16: New Orleans, LA (5 Day Alumni Program)
February 19-23: Miami Model Season Alumni BC (w/ Tyler and Julien)
Feb 26-Mar 2: Miami Model Season Alumni BC (w/ Tyler and Julien)
March 8-10: San Francisco
March 15-17: San Francisco
March 21-23: Seattle, WA
March 28-30: Los Angeles
April 5-7: San Francisco
April 12-14: Vancouver (w/ Alexander)
April 19-21: Calgary (w/ Alexander)
April 26-28: San Francisco
May 3-5: Montreal (w/ Alexander)
May 10-12: Toronto (w/ Alexander)
May 17-19: San Francisco

Also note that we have added a new free tour date in Austin this Thursday, JUST BECAUSE. Hope to see you there!

www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

RSD OFFICE (toll free): +1 (888) 546 7286

Anyways, today's topic is about the increasingly grating and butthurt whingeing I see on the forum, more and more frequently these days. Specifically, the whining about womens' supposedly callous and mailicious nature. How feminists are trying to men. Guys gleefully talking about their plans to make them PAY. How BITCHES AINT SHIT YO. 

When I see this I automatically dismiss the poster as a child likely posting from mother's cellar. However, it's common enough that there's obviously something going on here, a deep resentment that is ubiquitous enough to warrant exploration. Hell, back when I started up on the old fastseduction usenet boards, I was probably one of the worst offenders, throwing out casual chauvinism like it was going out of style.

Maybe that's why it strikes such a nerve with me... because it reminds me of the old, unsuccessful, wounded me.... of the thought patterns I ultimately had to discard and move away from in order to gain true success with women. 

So that's the topic of today's video blog.... 

Male Chauvinism and Misogyny

Tyler even pops in to give his thoughts, which happen to include a bit of "devil's advocate"' stuff in favor of the boy's club.... check it out:

So yeah that's it. When you first get into game, it can be easy to get seduced by this kind of thinking, because it seems like you've been granted a power that finally lets you get out from under what you perceive to be the oppressive thumb of the evil feminists that have held power over you, or some shit. It's real easy to go overboard with this, and next thing you know, you're a goddamn cartoon character that's just as bad as the wackiest feminists out there.

But ultimately, it's best to adopt a more mature outlook and move beyond these cardboard characterizations. Since I'm heading to Texas, I'll leave you with a bible verse:

I Corinthians 13:11 - "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." 

So yup. That's it for today. Off to get a sexii new haircut, then the gym, then dig into the massive pile of receipts that constitute my tax return for 2012. wish me luck. lol
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Feminism also unintentedly encourages caveman-like hierarchy structures in society. Without economic pressure women have no reason to hook up with a beta male anymore. Thus the beta-males are getting screwed over left and right (divorced etc...) and have no idea why this is happening to them.

In the long run, this is somewhat problematic, because if society isn't willing to guarantee the beta-male at least the PROSPECT of getting one girl (aka "wife") anymore, the beta-male has no reason to invest ANYTHING back into society at all.

Think about it: If you had the prospect of never getting laid at all, would you be motivated to do anything for the benefit of society? I sure as fuck know i wouldn't lol - also funny how you can feel this vibe off of films like "fight club" etc.

In a certain way, the "Pickup-movement" has started off as a movement of beta-males trying to get access to women without the help of societal restraints (marriage etc).

So yeah, feminism and Pickup are indeed interwined and the examination of this topic is worthwile to us.
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Tyler wrote:
Feminism accomplished a lot of AMAZING things --  I don't want my future daughters living like Kate Winslet in the movie "Revolutionary Road".

But OTOH it's become extremely retarded in many areas as the pendulum can go overly far, and women wind up with a situation they never would have wanted -- like divorce laws so absurd that most of the attractive guys they'd want to be with simply avoiding marriage, etc.

Exactly,  films lik e "Revolutionary Road" (and, btw, every other film novel etc. feminism / the womans rights movement has ever produced or influenced) show us how cruel it must have been for all those woman to be FORCED BY SOCIETY to hook up with or stick to beta-males.

like, imagine you had to have sex and live with a fat uggster for the rest of your life lol

As by definition, not everybody can be an alpha male, i wonder where all of this will lead us in the future...
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Lovin' it how Tyler aka "ugly duckling" pops in to give quality advice. There's not a topic in the world the RSD team doesn't have an opinion on. Tyler & the rest for presidents.
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 Love it 
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 This video is weak, sorry. 

There is no length you American guys wouldn't go to in order to not face your anger, admit it and express it. 

Sometimes I get the feeling females in your society are like those holy cows that can do no evil...  haha ;-)

While it IS pathetic to be butthurt, you must be able to say in no ucnertain terms that some/most bitches, well... you guessed it, AIN'T SHIT.
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 Good vid, but Jeff get out of the way when someone else is on camera.
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hi jeffy,

watched the video and thought it had convincing points.

then i found an articel at  jezebel, where it says you wrote a flaky girl:

"Why am I not surprised. Eat a bag of dicks"
"Also, I guarantee your date with me would be far more horrifying than these last two amateurs you went out with. I drive a fucking VAN. Ps you're fat."

(Copied from  jezebel  - i'm not allowed to post the link)

i was wondering, is the quote really coming from you and how does that fit what you say in the video. it seems to contradict it?


 (i don't care about the article itself, just what you wrote the girl, presumably)
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Jeffy is the dude that made my game.  Still the man.  Yr Fucking genius, made me register just to tell you that.
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Erroneous Static

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Though rejection is hurtful to some, I only agree that it would be pathetic if the guy were to become angry about it.
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The best guys i know are Missogynists- Even if they dont Show it on the outside but at their Heart they know bitches aint shit lol

the worst combination is butthurt+ misogyny =no pussy 

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