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Recently I have noticed patterns in my thought process and peoples in general. When I(or we as in humans) have a impulse so to speak to achieve something beyond the basic neccesitys for life it often occupies the mind and helps it from being negative. Which is kinda sad because I hate the thought that I need to occupie my mind to feel fufiled, because even if happiness is a natural state I can feel happy and unfufiled at the same time. This is why sourounding your self with empowering, meaningful and useful activites is so important and why RSD focuses on the fact that what you do inbetween meeting woman is what can help you the most. 

THE ISSUE:[/] for every action and equal and opposite reaction occurs
Having said that posative activity in life = greater happiness, this also creates room for "problems" for lack of a better word even though there not necissarly negative.These problems arise from your mind realising this fact and delaying and slowing your process of posative activities in hopes to keep you in happiness and out of sadness for as long as possible. This is not a problem if your okay with being unaware that you could probly do everything in your life twice as efficent if you just realized how to do it. I on the other hand would prefer to get to the highest level of profeciancy that I can and achieve and exceed my maximum potential.

Im not sure if I convied my concept clearly enough but its something I strugle with and hope to exceed my expanding my mind to a new level of efficancy and time managment in hopes to progess as fast as possible in all aspects of life and take Brad's article to heart on mind excelence.
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