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I can comfortably describe my game in one word now: "Blitzkrieg"
Me and my bro Pat go to Whitby for a new years party he heard about. The Volley ball teams from some of the schools in whitby were the ones hosting it. So fit girls and guys left and right. But I couldn't let it intimidate me.
After popping my first set on the left, I mission to the dance floor. What I saw was almost appaling to me. The dance floor AKA the kitchen. (gotta love house parties.) was lined with dudes on the outer rim just texting. Clasic wall flower mode. I, having never been to a club, have never seen this phenomenon. Not only that, but there were atleast 12 hot girls grinding hard in the middle. I gave a look to one of the dudes txting. Lemme show you how its done. I immediatly start introducing myself to the group.
Me: "On a scale of 1 - Rick James how drunk are you?"
*very short pause*
Me: "Brittany spears?! Yeah?!"
*Turn to my left, some chode pushes a girl into me and says "MAKE OOOOUT" (This would normally blow someone out)
I wrap my arms around her like a bear.
I talk in her ear "HEY IM JOSH, WHATS YOUR NAME?" (all the while she is protesting) she says her name
I wrap my arms around her head. MAKE OUT TIMMMEE
Her: "noooo"
Me: "Its comming! Its comming!" she laughs
*Pull her closer, brush her cheek with mine BOOM MAKEOUT

I leave the dance floor after macking some dudes target, good game man XD. Walk to a room that's a little quieter. By now Im fucking ontop of the world, I love when I close. Im in state so I take a shot. Pop open a three set, introduce myself, pull in Mr Pat Harris. Pat luckly (and unknowingly)  distracts the phatty and non target. My target starts walking away and gets like three steps, I step back and put my arm around her "claw" style (for those familiar with "the claw")
HEY Where do you think you're going?! YOU CANT LEAVE WITHOUT TALKING TO ME :D That's rude. Im Josh.
we exchange names , I neg her on having a shitty handshake,  and then show her how to do it properly
Pull her in close (part of showing her how to handshake). Get some resistance, so I leave.I take a  walk to the door where I spot this cute brown girl. Yep, this ones for me.
Me: HEY Im Josh, You looked cool so I had to come meet you.
Her: Im ____ (forgot the name)
Me: HEEEEYYYY :D , *Hug her and stay locked,
In her ear: "Are you single?"
Her: Yes
Me: Good.
*Wrap arms around her head, THE MAKEOUT LOOOOOOOOOOCKKKK!
I stay and chat for a while. Leave but grab her number.

Mr. Pat agreed to drive two girls to thier houses. Phatty freind jumps in shotgun.
I jump in the back with HB8 Blonde. I take middle seat.
As we're moving stuff out of the way she picks up a towel and says "Whats this?"
She takes it and puts it on her lap.
Me: HEY, share :D *I take some of it and put it across my leg, then I lean my leg into hers and rub it back and forth a little and engage laser eyes.
She meets my eyes and smiles. Its on.
I lean in and ask if she's ticklish
Her: noooooo :D *giggle*
Me: Really? * Precedes to tickle her feet and sides.
I get close to her face and give her a peck on the cheek (heavy attraction going)
Her: I dont even know yoooouuuu!
While centimeters away from her face I say "Im Josh, I like blue"
BOOM HEAVY MAKEOUT. I pull her hair. She reaches for my pants and starts rubbing, but her phatty freind informs us that "we're here -_-".
Feel like superman. TAKE ANOTHER SHOT.
I later find out that girl had a boyfriend that was at the party.
Unfortunately when we got back we had to start clearing out because some idiot got thrown into a wall and put a massive whole in it. Me and second close spend the remainder of the party chatting dancing rubbin and kissing.
Me and Pat dip to his lady freinds house. Pat after seeing me work goes: "yeah my friend is off limits." 
So I just cuddled at night with the other girl that came with us.
I only wish we came to the party earlier and that I would have pulled close #2 down stairs for some increased fun.
It was my first party with multiple new girls so I got to try out some really cool new things. The biggest things for me were:
1. No canned lines. All me baby.
I'm especially proud of this one because it was really my first time EVER opening sets without canned openers, and It was a huge step. I will never use a canned opener again.
2. Being in the moment, not giving a fuck, and conveying intent all by being genuinely horny (calibrated ofc)
I was rocking a full-on to semi hard boner all the while I was in set. Nice mental image for you all ;D I've actually been working on this for a while. Its maybe not something to go tell all your guys friends, but it works.
3. Not being an idiot and refraining from getting drunk as fuck or baked.
This has actually been a huge problem for me in the past. Being intoxicated kills game like everything kills whales. ESPECIALLY if you get drunk while your not in state, or get drunk and not talk to girls. It can be a night ruin-er. Jeffys rule is only drink after you have yourself instate. I did take a couple of shots, but only after being in state and nothing I couldn't handle. Pat kept trying to get me to drink more but I had to turn him down.

The Day after we went for breakfast and pool.
The Day after that I ran some day game on this cute chick in a tim hortans, closed her. 

Pulled a girl to my house on the 14th of January. We're dating now. 
For the first time in 2 years im in a committed relationship. 2012 is awesome.
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