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Made some big improvement with the YT stuff I made yesterday.

- The first one isn't, which is why it lags a bit during loading. This one doesn't lag anymore and even shows the loading progress.

Appealing GUI.
- I just thought that putting the instructor's pics there as header would make it little more cool. I took them from, screenshots from the header. I also increased the size of displayed thumbnails.

By the way guys, check out - It's something viewable on your browser, technically the sole purpose on the app I made is to assist in copying of the youtube links.

Hence, for those who're interested here it is:

Video of it:

Download Links:
Application -
Project Source(For Dev) -
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i frequently check out rsd's vids and i usually keep some of it in my old laptop. well me being kinda skilled with programming, i gave it a shot on giving myself more ease on this. took me roughly 4-8 hours making this, spent most of the time solving the xml stuff i've never encountered before and ample moments too on my meals and other chores.

the problem it solves is the hassle of looking for other articles just to know what vid I've watched, what vid contains the context that clicked. this one enlists the vids from various rsd youtube channels and sorts them by the date they're published(newest first), shows the title, description, num of views, date published and total duration(hour:minute:seconds).. and with a nice thumbnail pic too. it just solves the problem.

anyways, here it is guys..


download link: -> just run it, that's it.  -> the project source, coded in .Net 4.0(not needed, but if you're a dev you might check this and improve it to suite your needs)

note: all rsd youtube channels are already embeded there so you just have to select it and click the 'load' button, few seconds and there it is. right clicking on items shows you stuffs to do with links(iether visit them or copy them to the clipboard).

have fun.
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because its hard to search 4 it..
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