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Someone sent me a message after reading my last blog and it gave me an idea for my next article. 

It reminded me of one of my most common frustrations during my virgin days: I’d find myself talking to a girl a girl I’d like to have sex with, but clueless of how to turn the conversation in a sexual direction. Too scared to flirt, I’d inevitably find myself friend-zoned.

Sophomore year of college year I find myself seated in the back row of the lecture hall next to the hottest girl in class. She’s a tall, thin, a Reese Witherspoon look-alike. On the first day of class, I miraculously summon the nerve to ask her name. As the semester progresses we develop a rapport. I make her giggle with my laconic wit. When she sees that I’ve aced the first test, she demands my number so that we can study for the next one together. “Holy shit, this never happens to me,” I think. “Maybe we’ll fall in love.” Of course when the study sesh does happen, it’s just that: a study sesh. We sit at a table in the student center and platonically quiz each other while I worry about whether our knees are touching.

My college career contains a litany of such incidents. Since then I’ve become remorselessly and relentlessly sexual. The downside of this transformation is that girls never invite me to study sessions. The upside is that I occasionally get laid.

Here are a few tips on how to get sexual with a girl. These are just some observations on what works for me:

1. Be Physical

Hover hand = virgin detector

Physicality is hugely important. Touching the girl shows that you’re comfortable with her and would probably be comfortable inserting your penis into her vagina. Examples of physicality:

- Shaking hands – Protip: if you meet a girl and you shake her hand, don’t just drop it. See if she’ll let you keep holding it. She’ll probably giggle. Bitches love giggling.

- Hugging – “That’s right, press those magnificent breasts against me.”

- Touching arm for emphasis during conversation – Girls do this all the time. They’ll be like “OMG!” while touching your shoulder.

- Picking her up – Man, I love doing this. I’ll say something like “OK, I’m kidnapping you now” and carry her away from her friends.

- Playfully pushing, shoving, cockslapping (just kidding about the cockslapping) – She says something dumb, so you push her away and tease her, “we can’t be friends anymore.”

- Inspecting her guns – i.e. “Damn girl, do you work out?” while you’re squeezing her biceps.

- Placing your hand on her lower back to guide her through a door way – so chivalrous.

- Etc.

Eventually much of this willl become unconcsious. I always try to see how much physicality I can get away with. You’ll learn to calibrate and adjust to how comfortable the girl feels. 

2. Be Inappropriate

Bitches love double entendres

You know those times when you’re talking to a really hot girl and you think of something hilarious and sexual to say? If you we were with your friends, you’d say it and everybody would laugh. But since you’re talking to a hot chick you keep it to yourself, afraid that “she’d think it’s creepy.”

Stop censoring yourself.

If you can hardly focus on the conversation because her cleavage is in your face, tell her the truth: “Damn, I really want to continue this conversation but I’m having trouble resisting the urge to just motorboat you.”

Learn to question that little voice that tells you “that’s no way to speak to a lady.” Sure, you’ll offend some girls. But many girls will appreciate your boldness and honesty. If she calls you creepy, put things in perspective: “Creepy? That’s not creepy. Choking myself with a belt while masturbating outside your bedroom window… now that’s creepy.”

3. Ask Her About Sex

Talking about sex

I always ask girls about their sexual experiences and preferences. I mostly just do this because I’m horny and I want to picture them having sex. But these conversations also succeed in turning the girl on.

Questions such as:

- What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

- What kind of panties are you wearing?

- Have you ever kissed a girl?

- How often do you masturbate?

Talking about these subjects often gives me a boner. For those of you who are new to this, a boner can come in handy if you end up having sex with the girl.

Stay hard,

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There are lots of different ways and places to take girls on dates. Here’s how I do it.

Since I approach girls every day, I’m constantly getting new phone numbers. I’ll text and/or call these numbers throughout the week and try to arrange dates. Since I’m busy during the day time, I usually end up meeting the girls at night. Do whatever fits your schedule. Dates shouldn’t be stressful.

Since you’re a player, you’ll probably end up going on a lot of dates. That’s why always it's wise to do the following:

Keep it Simple and Cheap


I usually take the beezies out for frozen yogurt. You can get two cups of frozen yogurt for less than $5. I usually don’t even finish the yogurt; it’s just an excuse to meet up with the girl. Your dates can be insanely casual. Forget fancy dinners and a movie (unless of course you’d actually enjoy that and wouldn’t mind paying for it).

Some cheap and easy first dates:
- Cheap food (I like going to late-night diners and just sharing an order of pancakes)
- Coffee/tea
- Boba tea
- Drinks (I don’t do this because I don’t live near bars and because drinks are expensive, but lots of guys seem to do this with success)
- Walking in a park
- An activity you both enjoy (if you met her while rock climbing, just go rock climbing together)

*Pro Tip #1: If you guys are getting food at a table, sit next to her – not across from her. That way you can touch each other (you’re not separated by three feet of table) and you don’t have to watch the other person talk with a mouthful of food.

*Pro Tip #2: Avoid eat onions and other food that’s going to give you bad breath. Remember, you’re probably going to end up smooching. Bring gum.

Just the Two of Us

If you’re a noob, it may seem less intimidating to invite a girl out with friends/with a group. But that kind of situation is less conducive to intimacy, smooching, and sex. Get her alone.

It’s OK to Pay

Everyone knows that it’s lame to buy girls drinks when you meet them at bars and stuff. But if you’re the one inviting her out, just pay for it. It’s not a big deal, especially since you’re taking her someplace cheap. If she wants to pay for herself, that’s cool too. Don’t get hung up on principles here.

Be Spontaneous, Change Venues

If you’ve finished your pancakes, but you don’t think she’s ready to get naked yet, take her somewhere else. Maybe you know a romantic lamp-lit garden, a rooftop bar with a view of downtown, or a live music venue where you guys can continue to bond. The mere act of taking a girl somewhere shows that you can lead, that you’re spontaneous, and it makes her feel like she’s on a mini-adventure with you.

Figure Out Your Sex Logistics
"Hey girl, let's go someplace where we can be alone."

Usually when I meet up with a girl, I’m going to try to have sex with her. I can’t do that in the yogurt shop. I sometimes will try to bounce them back to my place, but since I live far away, I normally take them to an empty classroom at my college and try to get busy there. The point is: have at least one place in mind where you guys can go to get naked together.

Go on Lots of Dates

Go on lots of dates and you’ll just figure this stuff out.

Feel free to post any comments, suggestions, or disagreements you may have with my advice.
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Man, I love college. Across every sunlit walkway and grassy quad, girls - young, eager, fresh-faced, and nubile - flounce about in summer dresses. They saunter and sway in yoga pants, or pivot and jog in tiny track-shorts. They lounge seductively in sheer blouses. They charm me. They captivate me.

They give me fucking boner.


College campuses are prime locations for meeting girls. Here’s how I do it:

1. Meet girls when you’re with a friend

The easiest way for me to meet women at school is by simply walking around campus with a friend, joking, goofing off, hollering at girls, and drawing them into your conversation.


Friend: Dude, is it cool to use emoticons whence texting the beezies?
Me: I dunno dude, I suck at texting. Hark! Let us ask this passing female! Ayo girl, would you ever date a guy who uses emoticons?
Random Girl: Tee hee, I dunno. Blah blah. OMG, this is so random. Who are you guys?


Friend: Yo dude, we should cultivate an enormous vibrant social group, then throw a party and get all the beezies.
Me: Yeah man, we’ll even have a bubble machine. We’ll become “those studs with the bubble machine.” Our sexual prowess will become legendary. Hark! Let us invite this passing female! Ayo girl, wanna come to our party?
Random Girl: Tee hee. Sure, when is it?
Me: Not sure yet, but we’re gonna have a bubble machine.
Random Girl: I’m wet.

Then we introduce ourselves, chat, and I possibly get her number and/or take her on an instant-date.

The great thing about approaching girls with a friend is that it tricks females into thinking you’re a well-adjusted member of society who’s capable of forming healthy human relationships. Haha, just kidding. The real advantage is that going out with friends (they don’t even have to be into pickup, by the way) helps put you into the friendly, spontaneous mood that makes it easy to meet and attract girls.

- Pro Tip: Make sure your buddy knows when to get lost. i.e. He knows that when you meet a girl, he needn’t hover there as you try to get her number/seduce her/take her on a date. If he’s cool he’ll know when to say “I’ll catch up with you guys later” and leave you and the girl alone.

That being said, perhaps you - like me - live an austere, lonely existence of focus and dedication, and you don’t really have friends.

Ain’t no thang. Just roll by yourself:

2. Meet girls when you’re by yourself

Most of the time when I meet girls on campus, I’m by myself and picking up girls is not my primary intention at that moment. Basically, if I’m walking to class and I see a girl who looks sexy or cool, I try to meet her (yes, it usually makes me nervous). You can meet girls while walking to class, while waiting for class to start, while grabbing lunch, while waiting in line to register for parking, while masturbating in the library (haha, just kidding about that last one).

You know that awkward situation when you’re walking behind a girl on the sidewalk and you’re wondering whether to pass her quickly or walk really slowly so she doesn’t think you’re stalking her? That awkward situation is a perfect opportunity to walk ahead of her, turn around and say something like: “Hi, we’re both walking the same way. It would be awkward if we just ignored each other, so I figured I’d introduce myself.”

You can open with anything:

- Hi, I thought you were cute and I’d regret it if I didn’t meet you.
- Damn girl, those boots are some pimp boots you’re wearing.
- Are you checking me out?
- Which way is the library? Haha, just kidding I thought you were cute and I wanted to meet you.
- Fuck me or I’ll kill myself (Just kidding. Probably don’t use this one).

3. Instant-Date whenever possible

Normally when I meet girls on campus, I don’t have time to stay and chat, so I get their number and try to arrange a date later. But if I have the time I’ll try to take them on a date right then and there. It used to seem crazy to me that a girl would spontaneously agree to hang out with a guy she just met. But now that I’ve done it, it seems natural and casual.

Here’s how it happens: I have approached the girl. We chat. I make her laugh. We talk about school, finals, our favorite Disney princesses, craziest places we’ve had sex, whatev. Then I’ll say something like, “Hey, I’ve got a little bit of time. Watchu doin’ right now? Let’s grab some frozen yogurt.”

If she’s not busy and she feels comfortable with you, there’s a good chance you can take her on a date (if you’re with a buddy, this would be a good time for him to politely excuse himself).

Instant dates are great because you and the girl can bond immediately instead of texting/calling, hoping that you can both find a time that works.

Meeting random women on a campus where you go to school presents a unique challenge. Unlike clubs, bars, or even malls, college campuses are closed environments. Even at a big school, chances are good that you’ll run into the same girls again.

This leads us to our fourth tip:

4. Be bold; be cool

But dood! What if everyone thinks I’m a creep?
What if she rejects me and I keep running into her?
What if I get kicked out of school for harassing women?

The more bold and honest you are, the less likely you are to creep the girl out. If you leer at a girl, wait until no one’s watching, scuttle up to her, and mumble some indirect bullshit, it will probably be weird.

Just own it. Yes, I approach random girls if I think they’re cute. Yes, I sometimes approach the same girls twice without realizing it. Yes, I approach girls while my classmates are watching. Yes, I walk around campus hitting on girls and if someone asks what I’m doing, I tell them, “I’m hitting on girls.”

Here’s a recent text convo to show that this isn’t a big deal:

Me: Imma with you till you cum all over my fingers.
Girl: Lol I’m sure you’d like that. How many other girls have you said that to/done it to?
Me: Hundreds
Girl: Lol, I’m just asking because you recently made a move on one of my sorority sisters
Me: Haha. Sounds like something I’d do. Tell her I said hi.
Girl: Lol


This is how I meet girls on campus. I meet them through cold approach. Apparently college is really good for meeting girls at in class, at parties, and through social group. But since I don’t have very many classes, I don’t go to parties, and don’t really have a social group, I’m not the guy to ask.
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