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An improvised talk on the importance of results and how the fuck to utilize it

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One of the most important success components in my own work I notice to be tracking my effectiveness.
I always used to keep track of my results you know, whether it was about Pick Up, or Fitness, or Health, or School, or Reading or whatever, I kept track of my results and that always lead to greater results than if I hadn't tracked my effectiveness.

So in this video I'm talking about why I think tracking your effectiveness is so important to long term success and how you can do it. I'm literally convinced that this video will help you out massively, I would putty a triple money back guarantee on it, but it is free! Enoy guys!

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So guys, I decided to assemble a whole bunch of my favorite success quotes and put them in a video so I could watch them on my phone wherever I am.

These include quotes from famous and truly successful people who have accomplished great things in their lifes. Most of these men continue to have great influence to this day...picture a world without Henry Ford...we'd probably still be riding bikes because cars would be too expensive...or a world without Albert Einstein, gosh....Japan might have won WW2 and there would be no Quantum Physics Quack Talk... 

Either way....Enjoy this stuff, it's a great way to spend your next 3 minutes!

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The Title pretty much describes what you will find in this new video.
I used these 3 simple rules to really get productive and create change 
in my life.
I'm convinced it will be equally useful to you.

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Hi RSDNation,

I love RSD and am a long time follower of this wonderful cult.
I recently started a project of my own which aims to help people feel fantastic.

Check out this video for some great advice on how to achieve deeper sleep and totally recharge after long nights out with your mates. You will be surprised how you'll feel after applying some of these simple steps. All my knowledge about sleep is taken from science. I finetuned it by trying many techniques that are advocated online and in Psychology and Health books & magazinies. This formula works for me and it will work for you!

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