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Faith is a confident, positive expectancy or trust in God/universal law/Nature that you can be successful, at Joy and living with effortless ease in the world.

A person who believes it is possible to be successful is going to look for, focus on, and remember the things that went well, find insight & inspiration and recall what he has learned. A person who does not believe it to be possible and is identified with the concept of being unsuccessful or struggling will look for proof that he/she sucks and that he didn’t learn anything and focus and interpret things that will prove that he is still struggling, sucks and is frustrated.

This process is called self-verification:
You have a self-concept and you look at life’s situations and interpret them in a way that confirms/validates your existing self-concept. If you believe you suck, your mind will create a reality that confirms that. If you trust that you’re destined for Greatness, your mind will just as readily start looking for verification of that kind of a reality.

The way you become successful is to embody it first, you become it NOW. As you do that external success will follow naturally. All lasting success comes from within.
You’ll get what you’re looking for, just like the observer effect in quantum physics.

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owesome concept man... thats like a prerequisite for being a emotionaly healthy and succesful person..you know if theres a way to send this to your email or mail it to soembody else through this site.?
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Thanks, maybe you could just copy-paste the URL to that other person, or just copy-paste the entire text into an email.
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