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Letting go.

Think about it.

It's the only way to know that you can fly.

The only way to quell whatever uncertainty you have is to let go of it.

Unleash the fury.

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I'll make this entry very short. I don't need to elaborate much.

I'll just share a very very powerful attitude that separates who gets good, really good and those who don't.

Read the entry title again. Whatever it is, this is the attitude. First and foremost. First and foremost.

It needs to be repeated.

Think about it. Whatever it is, just cultivate this attitude.

Believe me, coz this is my number one attitude.

Alright. End of entry.

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So right now, it's midnight, friday night. And I'm home. :D no big deal. Sipping a cup of coffee and a cig.

I'm thinking about my life. Just several minutes ago, I re-watched the movie "The Family Man" since I didn't finish it years ago. Very very awesome movie. Very hilarious too. And it is relevant since rsdnation is about us guys. :) I highly recommend a rerun on your dvd. ;)

Alright. We all know that life is about making choices. Every day we are presented with a set of circumstances and we make choices on what to do with them. So far, I am presented with a curious set of circumstances.

Last year I was very busy. I worked my ass off for a real estate company and so far, its been really good. Despite the fact that im still waiting for my earnings. I met a lot of people and dealt with a lot of situations that I learned so much that I think combine five to ten years of my past years, it will be matched.

Now, im resting at home thinking about which line of work to pursue next since I took time to cool off and Im not on regular schedule. This happens all the time. I will be ultra busy then later ill wake up having a lot of time to think about my life. Limbo then massive activity. Im on the limbo side right now.

I'm so used to it that I came to expect it. Maybe it's a part of my overall strategy of managing time,energy and resources and adjusting to circumstance.

When im on limbo, I think alot. I read a lot. I introspect and study a lot. AND PLAY alot.  This gives me insight on what to do next, kill time, relax and all sorts of stuff. Limbo is not a bad thing for me. Though I get bored sometimes. ;)

It doesn't matter if I don't go out four or five weeks. When I get back into the field, I never lose it like the newbies. Game is a part me. It is who I am. I think most guys that are striving to get good at the game, the social game should just be "there" in the moment so that they learn everything that is to be learned. Your mind must be there to SEE what is going on. I guess that's what separates who retains the skill and others who flounder. If your mind is floating, you won't learn the lessons, just like in class.

Ok. Right now, things have been REALLY changing. There is a girl that I feel is trying to catch me for "husbandry" (is there a word like that lol). A needy fb that wants a kid. :D She's been around for years that she literally loves me to death. A LOT of girls to choose from, AND a very special girl that is still in the complicated side of the story.

uhhh things are sometimes complicated. It's the WAY YOU HANDLE IT that makes it simple.

I'm thinking about which work to do now. Go abroad or continue more real estate or pursue more business ventures.

I really enjoy life. And NO matter what it presents me, I WORK with it. And in the end this brings good awesome results. That's what I mean on the poker face thingy. You are not attached to circumstances that whatever pitch life throws at you, you still hit it. Life is always changing things for you. It's your choice to collaborate and cooperate with it or let it continue this enigmatic habit . :)

So im 27 right now. I look at my cousins and they already have babies. One friend had problems. He had a baby and they got separated, wife took the kid. Another friend who I used to hit the venues with is already married. He's abroad and away from his wife and kid here, who later on will take them with him. Choices,choices,circumstances,circumstances.. Btw, Im still glad and totally fine with the fact that im not wearing a ring yet. Coz I am preparing for it and wants to have awesome control of my life. I don't jump into situations that I estimate would complicate things more.

We as we all do this stuff, meeting women, we are all striving to meet that 'perfect match' girl. I guess that is the point of all this. We will all eventually end up there I guess. So that's a good thing. This striving to be a better evolved person that can share value in all facets of our lives.

This is a really good friday night for me. Just thinking about what's important in life and my plans.

Only one thing I know that really gets me going is the way I pursue my goals. I am relentless and I KEEP GOING. That's what important guys. KEEP GOING.

What I really LEARNED recently is that nothing should upset you that much. Nothing should get on your nerves. Life is meant to look at the pretty things in life. The good things. We only get upset or "suffer" if we are attached to things. Making things an identified version of ourselves. If somebody messes with it, people gets irked. 

I learned that most things are impermanent. They don't last that much. Only one thing I guess lasts. And it's "love". LOL but seriously there is truth in it.  in a totally mysterious sense of the word. whatever form it takes.

Believe me, the player that I am, I have experienced and continue to experience it. In many forms ;)


O-k. Now, I urge you to do the same. Just reflect on yourself, your life and your plans. IT is refreshing and helps you gain perspective in this sometimes confusing world.

I'm looking forward to the massive activity again. To do my best and be my best in whatever I do.

Coz it's coming.

But right now, in this moment. I gotta do what I gotta do. And that is to better myself, study, meditate, relax, gain perspective AND FEEL GOOD. :)

Cheers to gaining perspective. Cheers to the peace that is always inside of you.

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Hey, I'm just such in a good state. Might as well make an entry. smile

This reminds me of a pattern of my life. Limbo and Activity.

I frequently experience periods of intense extroversion and then intense introversion. I dunno it just keeps occuring. It's more like a cycle of rebirth.

Over and over again. It's just, uh, interesting.

I'll expound on that later since im so not feeling to write much. tounge

Now, here is the expression of my inner state.

Let's Rock. wink
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As a first blog post, im going to repost my most recent epiphany, I think it's worthy to be on my blog.

This is very cool btw. RSDN 2.0. Looks good, feels good and a very sleek design. :)

For me this blog thing is a very cool opportunity to express yourself, your style and your experiences.

Ok, the epiphany is this (and it's very simple that you've heard  it a hundred times or so.)

There is no spoon.

Like, for real bro.

It just hit me one day that most things, (take note : MOST) are just in your head.

I took it as far as saying that whatever happened in your life didn't really happen. That 95% of it happened in your head. (Erika said it's 100% btw. :D)

Anyway, this epiphany has been useful in forgetting certain bad circumstances that you think that may have hindered you in some way in your life.

Accepting it as it is, and then starting fresh and anew.

Starting to look at the world with your "fresh eyes" and carefully travelling through the mist of your subjectivity.

As for the good things, yeah it could be subjective. i.e. (that girl could have been just smiling at you but she didn't really like you), the point of my realization is that you can never ATTACH yourself to things as a means to enlarge your image of self. On the other end, 'suffering' or deriving a sense of identity from it. Because it only means that your basis are illusions(subjective) and the activity itself is pointless.

Pointless being it serves no purpose except to feed itself in a loop.

The illusions are not who you are so to speak.

We were born into subjectivity. We were born with ready made culture and principles and subjects to study.

And it's like a dream that we couldn't wake up from.

We must realize that it's just a dream and just wake up.

Alright that's it.



I figure I squeeze in my second post so it's just one post. :) Only one blog post for a day. Seems much cooler. ;)

Alright. Something new happened today.

I was at the bathroom. I was looking at the water flowing. Then bam! another realization. it's not surprising, not like a eureka of some sort. It's like something "familiar". Something that i've always seen and experienced.

And something that I never acknowledged..until now.

Btw, it's like a meaningful coincidence. The new RSDn, the inauguration, the new feel.

I feel like WE are literally "evolving". Something new is happening to all of us. =)

Now here is the realization. Remembering what Tyler said in a past blog entry of was something like this:

"I am not the doer, this is happening through me."

It's like I saw my hands moving..and it's like im just WATCHING it. Dude, I know some you may be like, "what? that's stupid, I see my hands move all the time."

Realize that it's like IM REALLY WATCHING. Yeah I am moving my hands....YeahI am making it move... My brain is making it move... Yeah unconscious competence...

However, I WAS THERE. 

Watching it.

It's like, I simply understood the phrase. I experienced it.

Then I continued watching. And thought about it. It's as if we are in this world as agents of some kind.

Maybe an agent of the Higher Self or catalysts of some sort. Whatever.

O-K. hehe

I was haunted by this gnawing little anxiety way back. And sometimes intermittently. This anxiety about uncertainty. What the future holds etc

So I go back to Right Now....and be present and accept the present moment.

Then I am at peace.

I just realize that this life is beautiful with all it's imperfections. And we make it that way.

We make it pretty. We make it sleek. Add we choose to live that way.

Cheers to the new RSD. smile

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