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new Video up!

Nice and short chill talk in the Munich Zoo about two important topics:
1. How to deal with guys in a Nightclub
2. Why you should stay late when you go to a Nightclub

Dealing with guys is a vital skill, because I assure you, guys will come and try to take off girls from you, especially when you try to get with hotter girls. You have to have a defence plan! In the video I explain the basics.

Secondly, you should always stay as long as you can in a nightclub. Don't you ever underestimate social momentum and what it does to you AND the GIRL!
Girls build social momentum,too, and once they get out of their shy group-dependent mood, they open up significantly easier to guys and they are way more receptive to getting picked up.

Check it out!

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what’s up?

I just released my next Video.

The first principle “Get in the Rythm of the Club”
is a principle that very much works for me. It gets me in a very nice fun vibe, where I 100% build my own party.Especially for me, it was always hard to let loose and JUST HAVE FUN in the nightclub. I was this closed-up introverted approach-guy, who handpicked the hot girls and solely approached those. This is what a lot of guys do.You CAN do that and get really good, but eventually you’ll realize that you will never get consistent results by doing that. It is way to result oriented and when off-nights hit, you can hardly perform, plus it is also a very poor tool to work yourself out of a persisting low state. Another important point is, that lots of sets won’t even open, because you come across as a valueleech/seeking value when you haven’t got your own party going own already. You come off as boring/uncool.

What’s cool about building the party around you is, that you can get in touch with an insane amount of girls and you crystalize yourself as THE COOL GUY. You inevitable will attract hot girls, and their friends are way more likely to play on your team, because you are THE COOL GUY. Also, through the huge number of girls you meet and attract you get into abundance, where you get to be the buyer, not the guy who tries to sell himself to one specific girl. (This last point was so hard to grasp for me, but it is such a vital distinction!)

Second Principle “Build Social Momentum”
This is maybe harder to act upon consistently, but it is FULLY UNDER YOUR CONTROL and when you take the action, you will experience great states more often and consistently. You can be in the shittiest mood, but you can still commit to walking up to strangers/girls and talk to them. Even when they react poorly and blow you off, you raised your social momentum. Keep doing that and no matter what persistent state you were in in the beginning, after a few hours of that, you will most likely be in a BETTER STATE, plus what momentum does is, that you loose the nervousness, because taking action becomes more normal. Without nervousness, you become confident.
Now when you kept hitting at it for several hours and find yourself in a later hour of the club, you will experience the awesome mixture of warmed-up, flirty girls and a state that is already strengthened from having survived harsh situations troughout the night.

Related Video:

For nights where you are in a good state already, conciously building social momentum sometimes might seem as a threat to your state, because you don’t want to risk loosing state by approaching a mean girl or get rejected. It is important that you do it anyway then, because what this fear means is that your state is very unstable and not anchored in you, but in your results.
Get the mindset “It might run like this, good or bad, now, but ultimately I have no control over what feedback comes next, so all I must do is to keep focusing on what I know works best and trust that.”

You always want to stay in your power, not giving it away to chance, if you are in a good mood or not!

Upcoming vid: How to handle guys and why you should stay late!

See you!

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Hey guys,

I just released my 3rd Video about the topic "Being Process Oriented" and today's topic is about how you can actually pick up the girls that you actually want to pick up, while silmutaniously you keep your focus on the process.

Check it OUT!

I explain how you can attract the women that you actually would like to pick up, while you are focused on the Process (1.Get in the rythm of the club/Have fun, and 2. Build Social Momentum), NOT Results!
I didn't say in the video, that when you are deeply engrained in the process, usually all the male intent comes out automatically. Once you feel very comfortable in the club (by getting in the rythm of it) and very comfortable approaching strangers (by building social momentum), most of the common inhibitions fall off naturally and more pure male instincts come out. This goes back to "Trust in your Faculties!", where you have trust, that when you follow your process rigorously, your brain will activate certain areas, that are extremely well able to deal with what you put it through.
The results which come with it usually are amazing, plus you get away with many things you wouldn't normally do and you get the reference experience for the future.

In the video, I go in depth about how to build sexual tension, why you need it and why so many guys lack to build&hold it. Sexual Tension is the exact wavelength that girls respond to in a flirty way and it is the only way to get with the hotter girls.
Hot girls are used to getting approached by lame guys, who are not able to express male polarity.
Male polarity creates a lot of sexual tension and thus creates AROUSAL and interest in the girl and if you are not comfortable expressing that, you are simply NOT INTERESTING.

The best way to become comfortable with that, is by building and holding this tension over and over and desensitize yourself progressively. Like I said before, becoming comfortable in talking to strangers and having fun on your own, is a great way to let out your male instincts naturally. The best chance to get there, is by focusing on the process during the night.

Lack of SEXUAL TENSION in the set is a very very important issue that I see every night I go out to coach guys. I would say it is the Nr.1 thing, why guys don't close many girls who were initially attracted to them, even when they've made out.
(Making out releases the tension often times and you have a hard time to keep her interested after that)

Related Video about  "Trust in your Faculties":

So guys,
I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you practical advice to improve your results quickly.

See you guys next time.
I intend to put out videos every 2nd Tuesday from now on. I just got my camcorder, which is great stuff, and so future videos will be in great picture quality, I hope.


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Hey guys,

I just put up my second video about "Being Process Oriented" and today's topic is: "Trust your own Faculties"


This is a concept from the Blueprint Decoded by Tyler. I never really understood that concept in former days of my pickup journey, even though I watched the Blueprint 8 times (yes, 160hours).
I finally got a deep understanding of it, once I understood the benefits from being completely process oriented, and not result oriented.

Trusting in your faculties means, that you believe in your brain's ability to adapt to any stressful situation, that you might face. Especially in Pick-Up, we go out many nights and we start talking to girls, mostly with no alcohol and sometimes even alone. Speaking to a lot of strangers can be quite stressful at times and many nights you "just don't feel like it tonight". In those nights, your emotions somehow just won't follow and it seems as if you are a social retard/weirdo, talking to all those people and you seem to not get in a social mood.
A lot of guys then go home early, when they realize that they have an OFF-Night. They take action for a little bit, maybe 1 or 2 hours, and if they haven't produced a result until then or gotten in a better state, they go home thinking that they are not able to do it tonight, and oftentimes they are frustrated with themselves, their reality destroyed.

Now here is a crucial difference between a guy who produces consistent awesome results and a guy who gets mediocre inconsistent results. The consistent guy KNOWS, that when he just keeps hitting, ignoring his lagging emotions and stays focused on his proven, right path, then he WILL change into a better state eventually. He doesn't quit when the sea gets rough, he keeps his sails tight and keeps going, just trusting that calm, sunny waters lie ahead.

When you experience that, you gained a very powerful reference experience. You realize, that you actually have the control over your emotions, that you can win the battle, that OFF-nights can end well. There are few moments in this game where you feel so much pride about your own faculties, when you find yourself in a great empowering state or with a hot girl, after a rough night.
That's defenitely a reference experience that you want to have.

Don't go home when things are not working as you want them to. Don't give up. Keep pushing and get on the Warrior Frame! Be your own hero and force your brain to adapt.

Trust your own Faculties!
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Hi guys,

I just finished my next vBlog.

It is the first part of a three Video-Series, that I will release the next two Tuesdays.
The main topic is the idea of being PROCESS ORIENTED vs. RESULT ORIENTED.

These are concepts I mainly learned on my recent Bootcamp with Tyler in Miami. Since I engrained them, my results got pretty consistent, no matter how my nights start off.

It is a shift you have to make in your mindset. You stop focusing so much on the external input, and instead put your entire focus on how you feel and your output, the stuff that you can actually control. You have no control over the input, you can only use it to make certain calibrations.
So when you want to get consistent results in the field, you have to put yourself in the right mindset, which will put you in the best chance position to attract a girl that fits you.
Getting into the mindset I am talking about here is totally under your control, if you follow two main actions:

1. Get in the Rythm of the Club
2. Build Social Momentum

'Get in the Rythm of the Club' means, that you get on the same wavelength of the club's always pumping positive energy, through dancing or pumping to its music, sing along, or whatever you find, just to create your own party and basically always convey at least the same or slightly higher energy than the club itself.
Basically: Just have fun in the club.

This will help you 1) open a lot of sets, because it helps you not to try to get into their party, but rather already bringing the party and a fun vibe and 2) bringing your positive emotions from within, than trying to get them from the girls.
It is the frame of 'GIVING VALUE' vs. 'TAKING VALUE'.
Also, your nights out become a lot more fun and lesser stress, because you learn how to actually enjoy the club itself, even though you are not getting social validation, yet.
It's kind of like the girls' motivation, who go out to clubs to dance and have fun.

'Build Social Momentum' is a proactive way to get your head used to approaching and talking to strangers. Start talking to everybody. The fat, the ugly, the old, the beautiful, the models, whoever. Make it short and sweet, don't harrass girls early in the night. The only focus is building social momentum. Every approach you do with full commitment ('I am here to talk to you!') will build this momentum, even when it runs super shitty. Stay congruent and don't try to fake something. When you're boring, you're boring; when you're fun, you're fun.

Usually, in the beginning of the night, you can't open girls too well, because they lack social momentum as well and they feel uncomfortable talking to strangers. You could think they reject you, but in reality they are just shy themselves. When you approach them you put them in the 'position of power' where they can reject you, but really it is just an expression of their own introvertedness. They rather stay among their friends.
Later, when the social energy in the clubs starts to shift in a more flirty mood, you then already have a lot of social momentum going on and you have already seen many blowouts, which will make you super-confident when sets start to open up.

This, plus your own positive energy and party going on, will massively increase your chances of meeting a hot girl, just like that. Two things you perfectly have under your control.

You don't need to get in 'STATE'. Getting in 'STATE' is mostly reaction dependent. That's why guys who are result oriented have super ON-Nights, as well as super OFF-Nights. When they get some good reactions, they KILL IT, when they get blown out a little bit too often, they go home sad. There is no consistency and control in this mindset.
Focusing on the two actions you can control, getting in the rythm of the club, plus building social momentum, will give you the best chance to enter a great state consistently.

I hope you enjoyed the content and learned something from it. If you have any questions, shout them out. I will get back to you.


Inner Circle Munich
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Hi guys,

I switched my medium to vBlog. I love it that much more. 

Check out my first video, which is not openly listed on youtube, because camera quality and also delivery are not good enough.
The content though, is great stuff for any newbie, in my opinion.
It's quite long, but just jump to the topic you are interested in.

The video has 6 parts.
1. Commit fully! Your half-heartedly approaches are Bullshit. You are putting yourself out there and the girls see that you are not sincererly interested in getting to know her.
2. Cut the Space! Get in close to the girl, as close as tension starts to build and then learn to be comfortable with it. This is co-related to Point 1.
3. Use False Time Constraints. Tell the girl that she should stay for x seconds/minutes longer. It gives you a high chance to get her back when she wants to walk away and also puts you in a dominant frame.
4. A nice technique how to shift smoothly from friendzone to man-to-woman.
5. Escalate intellegently. Make it a huge joke, independently from results.
6. How to Pull

I will invest into a camcorder very soon, to produce higher quality videos. 
I intend to put out videos on tuesdays every 2 weeks. Maybe Tuesdays in between here and there, depending on how well I am able to edit my videos and come up with high quality content.

Feedback is very welcomed.

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Expand the timeline of your thoughts and emotions to make yourself do the approach

Once you've reached the end of the tunnel and live a more abundant and rich life, you weirdly cant remember all the hard times and failures you had to go through to get to this place. You only have a faint knowledge that it wasn't easy. You know you have done endless amounts of humiliating things and you know you failed twice as much - but you can't really bring up a memory or feeling of it.
It makes you wonder why you didn't hit it harder and why you don't hit it hard with everything else and accept embarrassing situations as nothing, because that's all it is after all: Nothing.
It is only this short manifestation of a weird unpleasant feeling in your stomach and chest. The people involved in such a moment give even less of a fuck.
Do people care when a drunk guy comes and makes a fool out of himself? Do they remember?
Pain and fear are a private experience.

That's what you must do:
Become aware of the fact that every "bad-feeling"-situation you find yourself in, you won't even remember or feel in a few days, weeks or months. And noone else neither.

Why should I approach this girl? There is x,y,z reasons why she will blow me off.

Why shouldn't I? When she blows me off, I won't even remember the next day. But I have references where the girl actually was free to approach and she liked me - I just misinterpreted the whole thing.

When you put yourself in taff situations, with a high risk of humiliation, in the end, you only get the benefits of growing stronger. There is no feeling of embarrasment or pain, it is only awesomeness.

Did you ever wake up and think "Damn, if I had just done everything I wanted to do, it would all be over by now."?

Exactly. Pain is a momentary thing. Your personal growth is a long term thing.

A very common thing you see is that people, when they are at risk to loose big or get humiliated, they tend to do something that makes them look like they are in a winning position and cuts off the possibility of big failure.

Example:  When a guy approaches a girl and it looks good, but she leaves for some reason, the next time he sees her he is likely to ignore her, because now he is at risk that she blows him off because she maybe left him before because she thought he wasn't that cool.

He would risk looking like a looser.
It would the good feeling he had before when the interaction "looked good".
Instead of reapproaching her and move the set forward, he now acts "as if he was no longer interested", and probably wishes that she approaches him now. This assures him "to look cool" at all times. The pain of looking bad in the moment is greater than the pain of regret that he'll have.

This behavior,of course, is complete bullshit. You cut off every possibility to actually win and get the girl.
But in the field, this is the common behavior you see.
It comes from the basic human drive that people want to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

That's why people get fat. Loosing weight would mean pain and eating gives pleasure. It is only when the pain of being fat becomes so strong, that it outweighs the pain of loosing weight.
Like when the pain of regret of not getting with the girl sometimes becomes greater than the risk of looking like a looser.

In conclusion, to become effective in the field, you have to let go of the momentary pleasure of nice sets, good reactions, no risks of loosing, etc.
My Mantra: Loose big, Win big.
I have learned from my experiences, that however cool I am or how much I grow, I will always find myself in situations where I "loose", in the sense of "looking like a looser". It will always be like that. When I do or do not take action, it doesn't matter. That's the constant.
But if I want to win and have great things and experiences in my life, I have to be willing to put myself under the risk of loosing big, because then I will grow and learn and increase my chances to WIN BIG.

So coming back to my example:
If a girl that I want leaves and I thought the interaction went well, I will go and look for that girl. I will chase her down, I will do everything I can to get with her. I will take her off guys and friends, I will try again and again and again, and only if she blows me off in a very clear unmisinterpretable way or I go home with her, it is done.

Only then you give yourself the chance to get what you want. If you don't get her, you get the lessons. It will improve your outer and inner game in the right way. I also understand that going after what you want is a highly attractive character trait and thus plays in my favor to get with girls.

Expand your timeline, think of the longterm effects and know about what happens with shortterm effects.
This will give you another reason to do the approach!

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Get your Claw working like an AK-47!  Effective, Penetrating and Solid!

Did you ever think about why "the Claw" is one of the greatest techniques in PU, yet so many guys get blown out harshly over and over because they want to utilize it?

When you look at all the resources out there in the internet about how to pick up women, you know why so many guys who try this stuff, look like the biggest creeps in the bars and clubs.

It is not because all the advice is flawed. A lot of it is, but a lot is very accurate.
The main issue here is, that the Newbie looks at every concept at a superficial layer.
When he hears he has to be dominant and assertive and yelling at girls is good, he thinks he has to approach every single girl by yelling and grabbing her and that this would do the trick to get her attracted.
Then he hits massive incongruency and feels akward, he runs out of techniques, the girl gets creeped out and the set blows up.

The Newbie fails to realize that he is interacting with a human being. He took the PU-advice on board as a button-push technique. He didn't understand that it is still his core being as a man that attracts the girl and he should ultimately do nothing to attract her.
The first important concept for him would be: "I am enough, there is no reason why I am not attractive."
From there, he should learn that he has core desires and actions as a man that he usually suppresses. For example sometimes a man feels like grabbing a girl, pull her in and let her feel your intent - utilizing the claw. But who really dares to do so? Social conditioning tells us not to.
The Newbie is so confined by Social conditioning (SC) that the PU community is a new source of SC for him.
PU-SC tells him, that he should act in certain ways, as described above, and then he wonders why it doesn't work.
But he should really let go of everything and trust in his natural ability to attract a girl. Every advice he gets should be a signpost to a deeper understanding of principles and it should help him get rid of wrong SC-concepts.
The only important thing is to gather reference experiences that he is enough. Experiences that he can link to his core personality, not to any learned technique.
Once a man feels anchored in his natural ability to attract a girl, he will automatically start doing things like yelling at girls, be super dominant and assertive naturally and then it clicks and it works.
Because then it comes from the right place. It is not something that you do, it is something that you are.
And I am not saying that it will come up in every single guy. No!
Everyone has his unique style, some are quiet and nice, some are loud and shocking.
You should dig deep and expand your personality in every direction to find your true core qualities, but overall you will find a certain style that fits you and usually you have a broad arsenal of personality traits, that you can coxe out in different situations.
It is not a contradiction to be quiet and nice in the daytime, but loud and assertive in the club, when it flows freely from your core.

To trust in your natural attractiveness as a man, to think for yourself and to gather reference experiences that reinforce this believe, that is the major difference why Advanced guys produce results with women and Newbies don't.

Newbies think they have to master techniques.
Advanced guys understand they are enough and they just express their natural traits.

Why do I like writing about the difference between the Newbie and the Advanced?
Because it makes all the difference.
You have to understand those differences because you don't need to make those mistakes as a Newbie, or at least you should be concious of them right away and increase your learning speed!

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How to learn this game (even on your own)


I like going out alone. My main learning process in the first 2-3 years was basically me going out alone.

The learning curve is lower and you have a lot more bullshit going on in your head and it is very hard to get out of it on your own. You spend a lot of time trying to get in a social state and even approach at all. This blocks your actual learning of the game itself.

But what is great about going out alone is the mindset that you develop when you do. Everything you do falls back onto you. You loose, your fault. You win, your fault. If you want to win alone, you are forced to take 100% responsibility, there are no excuses left.

When you are with friends it so easy to rationalize that you are doing sth productive, doing few approaches and then circlejerking why it didnt work etc... It is vitally important to find the right people to go out with. people who are playing to win.

When out alone, reality hits you straight on. If you fail to get into state you look like a retard and people show you. To succeed, your brain has to find a way how to make it happen. You must be 100% honest with yourself and discover all the fake rationalization that you allow in your head.
You grow in the most healthy way, you loose weaknesses and you gain self-trust and selfesteem. You learn how to cope with social pressure, you learn how to hold your state in uncomfortable situations, you learn how to be confident on your own. And you learn to weed out all the Bullshit in the community and focus on what really works.
In my conclusion, going out alone is great for the commited newbie who really wants to succeed with women. The lessons that you get, when out alone, build the most basic foundation you need to learn the skill properly.

For advanced guys in the community, going out in groups kicks ass. The mix of skill and fun promotes incredible results. But I wouldnt recommend going out with newbies who havent built the personality-foundations, yet, like described above.

How you go out alone. What to focus on.

There are two adaption processes. Both are crucial.
One is easy, the second is hard.

The first starts when you enter the club.
It is a completely different environment than before. Loud hectic club VS. chill comfy home environment. Anxiety rises.
It is easy to adapt because you can just stand there and wait. After 5 to 10 minutes your brain accepts it and relaxes. Your brain is now OK with the environment because it sees that there is no immediate danger as long as you are not taking action in some way that puts the attention on you.
The only thing left which raises anxiety is creating social attention/pressure.
(Example: You feel comfortable standing or walking in the club, but thinking about dancing or talking to somebody makes you uncomfortable)

The second adaption process comes with building social momentum.
This part is crucial because if you are not putting that pressure onto you, your brain adapts further into the specator-mode, where it is more like being a ghost which can only see whats going on but not affect/be affected.
When you take the action the brain starts adepting again. This process can ONLY start when you are actually talking to somebody or proactively do something that puts attention on you. Every thought in your head, NEGATIVE or POSITIVE, makes no difference to your state. (Proof, not promises)
Whatever the outcome of the initial action, the brain activates personality parts that have the ressources to cope with social pressure. You gain momentum.
Rejection no longer is something that has to be avoided by any means. It just becomes what it is, useless information. You become "free out outcome".
Focus on being congruent. Don't force anything out of you, just let your brain do the adaption subconciously.
The more evidence and momentum your brain gains, the more stable your social extroverted personality will be.
In the short term, action will raise extrovertedness, self-confidence and boldness.
In the long term, more action builds the social-personality-part, so that the next time you go out, your brain activates faster.
Be aware! It activates faster, but the activation must be initiated.

As you see, there are two hills to climb. Make it easier for yourself and climb them one after another.
Making a commitment to approach the first girl you see in the club is great, but the chance, that the pressure before going out fucks you up and you wind up staying at home, is higher.
Consistency is more important than anything in this game. You can rule one night, but unless you go out and try it consistently, that one night doesnt add much to your progress.
"90% of success is just showing up"
Getting out there is the first hill. Building momentum is the second. Both are equally important.
Once you have built a comfort zone adapting to the club environment, your brain can start learning to adapt to the second step consistently: getting used to approach girls and especially the first few ones.

When you have mastered the two adaption processes, the real learning begins.
You can now focus on building your game. Being afraid to approach only interferes with that.

Thanks for reading. Please comment.
This is my best advice on how to learn this game - especially when you are all on your own.

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Success in the field depends on 3 main focuses: Process Positivity Presence

Process and Positivity are very important and good to focus on. But we tend to forget the 3rd component, Presence, which really makes the game work and everything come together.

Your Process is the work you have to do. It is the narrow path through the seemingly rough lands ahead of you when you walk towards the club. It gets you out of your head and is your guideline to success. You gain momentum and it coxes out your extroverted personality.

Positivity puts your focus on fun, light-heartendness, optimism. All key charismatic traits that draw people in by the law of state-transference. It is also your vital tool to step into a upward spiral despite facing akward or hard sets in the beginning of your night.

The number one thing that makes a girl attracted to you and ready to go home with you is when she feels comfortable with you.
You need to be comfortable FIRST, for her to feel comfortable with you. Unless you stop thinking ahead and let it just happen through you, with a complete trust that you are enough, girls will hold back and not comply with your pull attempts. You will fuck it up somewhere down the road.
Presence is the key to bang through this sticking point.

Process and Positivity are fairly easy to live every night. You just need to work at it and gain momentum. Soon it will be your basic night. But even though you are extroverted and spread positivity, very commonly you still have a feeling inside of you, that wants to pull back, an anxiety and nervousness that blocks you from slipping into the moment and fully trust your faculties. Then you always carry around a mild paranoia that you might "loose your state".
Only when you step beyond that, it is when you rock full go.

How do you slip into that final zone of complete relaxation and trust - called presence

It is the harder part to understand and consistently get into.
Oftentimes it happens when a lot of positive feedback hammers down on you
and you step into presence "by accident". It is when you have fun and get great results, when your brain says: "OK, I have all the proof here that I am the Shit, I can let go now.", and you loose all feeling of anxiety and nervousness.
It is the difference between being the "raging bushfire" vs. the "searing hot coal"

By consistently meditating you can train to put your mind in a non-thinking present state. But it won't do it all for you. A club or social environment is hectic and stressful. You can not just start meditating here. To become present, you must take action and give your brain proof that nothing here is going to threaten you, but in fact that you are at home in this environment and you can be completely at ease.
A nice catchphrase for this: "The brain wants proof, not promises."

How do you make it most likely to get into that state every night you go out?
Despite of mixed feedback and hard conditions?

While going through your process of gaining momentum, you keep focusing on being present. Detach yourself from your thoughts and worries. In the field it is way harder to stay in a present headspace with all the social pressure around you. Like in meditation, you won't slip into full presence right away and you have to force your focus back onto it again and again once you realize that you've lost it.
Most importantly here again: reference experiences. The more you have experienced the right process all the way, and found yourself in the full present relaxed mode, the easier it is to stay on the process and trust that your mind will eventually slip into that state.

Being present in the field and in any interaction, is the key factor when your game supercharges.
I know that I am in the zone, when I am at a high level of momentum and in a extroverted super fun and positive state, PLUS being completely in the NOW, and there's no feeling of anxiety or nervousness anymore. There is 0 thinking ahead. It is pure enjoyment. These are the times when the club gets the most beautiful place to be on earth.


You suddenly can talk and relate to anybody and you are the source of good emotions. This feeling is the ultimate drug that hooked me to the game. Since I have experienced that feeling, all the common activities of what guys my age usually do, becomes soooo BORING.
Usually then, I am the ultimate Man. I am the coolest guy, period.
Unfortunately, the next day you wake up... and you start all over again. The fear is back, the momentum and your trust... gone .
As a man though, you have the power, through training, knowledge and focus, to put yourself in the right state when YOU WANT IT. Have you ever heard the phrase "Draw state from within."? :)Focus on the 3 P's.
That is real great power.

Two sidenotes:

- Of course presence is not a must have to pull. Girls will sometimes comply with pulls despite of you being in your head and nervous. Persistence alone can get you very far.  But if you want to be consistent and get hotter girls, being present and relaxed in sets is essential.
- You fluctuate in and out of every state, even when you have reached full presence. But by the law of state preservation your brain wants to keep you in the current state. Bad emotions provide more bad emotions, good emotions provide good emotions.
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