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Goals for 2night solo:
- Beast (remove the time between wanting something and doing something)
- 30 sec out of sets.
- Self amuse ( do crazy shit, at least one time shaking my ass to a group of girls )
- Go for the pull every set.
- Therefore stay in set till they tell you to leave. Don't leave out of yourself, its either Fucking or burn the set. Getting validation because a set is going well and you dont want to fuck up, doesnt get you anything.

I will report tomorrow. And tell you about my pull or failed pulls.
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Did one approach.
Still statisfied I did go out, cuz I had to walk sometimes because the snow was so thick and icy. But I just did want to go. Didnt feel like talking after 1 hour walking/biking in the snow and cold.
I will reset these goals and do them the next time I go out.
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